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Larry Wheels








  • Vitalik Saginasvilitin
    Vitalik Saginasvilitin5 saatler önce

    yessssss i am coming :)

  • Sea S
    Sea S5 saatler önce

    Devon is a legend 🙌

  • Joehoe WooW
    Joehoe WooW5 saatler önce

    Did he really said the word healthy😂😂😂

  • Ajay Sharma
    Ajay Sharma5 saatler önce

    David look so skinny shitt those insta pics edit edit edit

  • Александр Это совершенно неважно
    Александр Это совершенно неважно5 saatler önce


  • Eric Gichogo
    Eric Gichogo5 saatler önce

    Happy for you bro

  • Haagen Neldeberg
    Haagen Neldeberg5 saatler önce

    38:40 "do you wanna know how to cheat"? Classic Devon.

  • Sheikh Ul islam
    Sheikh Ul islam5 saatler önce


  • Levente Kolcsar
    Levente Kolcsar6 saatler önce

    that guy with the mask, if you are armwrestling with Laratt you are probably fine against corona

  • J. F. I.
    J. F. I.6 saatler önce

    Bill Goldberg ???

  • Blabla Blabla
    Blabla Blabla6 saatler önce

    Larry can you put the old intro again i love the musix there

  • Trevor Martinz
    Trevor Martinz6 saatler önce

    Larry I need a collab with you

  • CM Punko
    CM Punko6 saatler önce

    Devon’s is a very good ambassador to the sport! Nice to see him giving advise and showing how amazing the sport is.

  • Prince Paul
    Prince Paul6 saatler önce

    What sort of bullshit is this😂😂😂

  • DeeVeeTee583
    DeeVeeTee5836 saatler önce

    Was Larry's logo always 2 crossed "L's", if that's the case, this was damn near destiny.

  • Trevor Martinz
    Trevor Martinz6 saatler önce

    The intro Larry bending over and taking it 😳

  • L Z
    L Z6 saatler önce

    who is the high profile arm wrestler. does anyone know ??????

  • J. F. I.
    J. F. I.6 saatler önce

    No steroids here !!! 😉👍

  • ben ssh
    ben ssh6 saatler önce


  • Sipho Ngono
    Sipho Ngono6 saatler önce

    Hey Larry could you collab with Mike Rashid

  • Amin Ettayeb
    Amin Ettayeb6 saatler önce

    Bodybuilding and health are two things very far from each other... How unhealthy the strongman and powerlifting is, if bodybuilding looks healthy

  • 7Nore7
    7Nore76 saatler önce

    What the fuck is dat Intro :-D

  • Greg Harris
    Greg Harris6 saatler önce

    At 1:55 Larry’s tricep is serrated. Perhaps he should fatten up, bulk up and take arm wrestling seriously. Devons embarrassing loss to Thor has knocked his bravado down a peg or two IMO

  • lovepreet singh
    lovepreet singh6 saatler önce

    Asker Ali ...Suhail Khan 👌they r next level 🔥🔥super strong

  • Brad
    Brad6 saatler önce

    Pretty sure devons arm over the years is just welded shut

  • shashi shekhar singh
    shashi shekhar singh6 saatler önce

    Who is that high profile arm wrestler....? Chaffee..Brzenk...Matt Mask..or someone from Europe.?

  • shashi shekhar singh
    shashi shekhar singh6 saatler önce

    @Ненад Николовски No doubt there are and I would argue level of armwrestling is much higher there right now, as compared to any other part of the world. But he said high profile(well known) so thats my guess.

  • Ненад Николовски
    Ненад Николовски6 saatler önce

    from Europe there are champions

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson7 saatler önce

    Beating Devon at boxing and beating him at arm wrestling are two different things entirely. Which I think we all knew before the boxing match. Different sports really are different.

  • Brady Bigley
    Brady Bigley7 saatler önce

    in the first clip the spotter by his head shrugs and says “not bad” when larry finishes the rep. that dude is a hater straight up 😂 probably mad a kid was benching his deadlift

  • roooaadeoo 777
    roooaadeoo 7777 saatler önce

    Damn those are hairs larry

  • Warren LW
    Warren LW7 saatler önce

    Rest up, time for some recovery cheat meals

  • Daniele Ruvolo
    Daniele Ruvolo7 saatler önce

    I hope you don’t quit because you don’t have reached your truly potential in PL, but as your fan I will continue to watch the other beautiful videos you will make!

  • Truey
    Truey7 saatler önce

    Imagine watching NFL for the last 6-7 years and now we must switch the channel to watch Golf 😩

  • Devon Wheels
    Devon Wheels7 saatler önce

    Hey dont blame ya for leaving powerlifting you've already achieved so much all the injuries arent worth it stay healthy larry!! KEEP ARM WRESTLING

  • Zombiecraft
    Zombiecraft7 saatler önce

    i have never understood why people cheat in powerlifting by arching as much as they can. they are just cheating themselves because they know they didn't really press it.

  • Caleb Franks
    Caleb Franks7 saatler önce

    Larry i love your energy here. Keep it up man!

  • RoyalCaoCao
    RoyalCaoCao7 saatler önce

    Being only 24 years old, it feels like Larry has peaked and experienced so much in life, he has to start finding new purpose & meaning to life itself.

  • Jay Mack
    Jay Mack6 saatler önce

    Why are you attacking me? I’ll figure it out leave me alone

  • Dawar Khan
    Dawar Khan7 saatler önce

    Devon is now official chicken 🐔

  • Frank Gutierrez
    Frank Gutierrez8 saatler önce

    Mr. Wheels is no joke

  • Andre Rainone
    Andre Rainone8 saatler önce

    School Boy would WIN. 🤼

  • dolamike584
    dolamike5848 saatler önce

    The pros and cons of wraps, I feel like they can sometimes isolate your muscles in an awkward way that prevents them from contracting properly.

  • Eli-shah Thomas
    Eli-shah Thomas8 saatler önce

    love you bro💙🥰

  • Re!gn
    Re!gn8 saatler önce

    This is what my mom acts like it sounds when I'm deadlifting 180lbs in my bedroom

  • will69forfood
    will69forfood 8 saatler önce

    start doin some cardio for endurance and health. you run out of breath just talking its scary man

  • knowledge_learning
    knowledge_learning8 saatler önce

    What do you mean?? No he don't!

  • Tegi Maghalashvili
    Tegi Maghalashvili8 saatler önce

    levan saginashvili will eat devon

  • Oh Kay
    Oh Kay8 saatler önce

    If that guy was john brzenk... damn that would be epic

  • MrKrekkie
    MrKrekkie8 saatler önce

    Good luck recovering!

  • Rahman Thalib
    Rahman Thalib8 saatler önce


  • Mykhailo Waw
    Mykhailo Waw8 saatler önce

    VITANNJ! Vugljd y Larrtt-Ne zdorovui?! (TAK) (NI)!? GYLKU NA RYKAH DEVONA L.- HTO ZNAE?! DJKYEM!

  • Marco Garcia
    Marco Garcia8 saatler önce

    Fuck, bros… we’re all going to die someday! Live life to the fullest everyday because you never know when your life song will be over.

  • celeroon89
    celeroon898 saatler önce

    The backwards thumb Loz has is accually called carpenters thumb. Well, in my country anyways

  • Gustavo G G
    Gustavo G G8 saatler önce

    uncle Loz in da haus!

  • Rohan
    Rohan8 saatler önce

    Come to India🇮🇳

  • Strongest Fan
    Strongest Fan8 saatler önce

    Who needs lube when you’ve got spit

  • Esteban Aguirre
    Esteban Aguirre8 saatler önce

    Bro Devon is always on go!! 😂 maybe not a good boxer at the moment but he’s still one legendary and top arm wrestler their is ! Super Elite athlete🙅‍♂️❤️!!! We love you Devon !

  • Tyrone Carrigan
    Tyrone Carrigan8 saatler önce

    Immediately thought of mark felix

  • kisbey drones and cars .
    kisbey drones and cars .8 saatler önce

    When Devon shouted GO I got up out of bed and went work . Its sunday ffs

  • Sugara Mrong Marak
    Sugara Mrong Marak8 saatler önce

    Devon is Back

  • scott thomas
    scott thomas8 saatler önce

    Larry is a straight specimen! Dudes got the perfect portions, kind of like a dark Arnold. Lol. Always positive, always in a uplifting mood, kind to everyone is around and very humble!!.. He's got Arnold and all of those categories. Lol. my opinion, those two have the perfect body proportions from head to toe, Arnold and Larry🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Madd Nar
    Madd Nar9 saatler önce

    This dude really love to breaking things, last time i saw this dude helped someone to break his chest.

  • Albert Lacén
    Albert Lacén9 saatler önce

    Lmao wen he said super set I was done

  • Langaw Ph
    Langaw Ph9 saatler önce

    The one guy is from the spiderman

  • Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan8 saatler önce

    *uegcvd slfibgkvf. Oxfifvfndk. Ko bfkok glilkkllkonfkbfklfofkflnffkolf. V ncj v xnbbcc. Vfjc. Hxj vnxkvcnxn jx. Vjxjfcnh vhcbx xnbf f. zxxxx.. f... 🐮 f hxf

  • Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan8 saatler önce


  • Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan8 saatler önce


  • Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan8 saatler önce


  • Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan8 saatler önce

    S'bfjskjrjdifh... 😚😏😏🤡🤡😘😍😍🐮🐂🐎🐃🐫🐃🐎

  • giorgi Rembo
    giorgi Rembo9 saatler önce

    Larry nice power

  • SoFly Win
    SoFly Win9 saatler önce

    At the age Devon is at he is still a fucking beast! And I love him and his wife philosophies

  • Jonathan Chhangte
    Jonathan Chhangte9 saatler önce

    Isn't that Lawrence Shall ei there?

  • Edward Conrey
    Edward Conrey9 saatler önce

    Big Loz has never WON the Worlds Strongest Man. Although, He has competed several times in the event, but has never WON. Highest he has ever finished was 4th in 2011. He was won the Britain's Strongest Man 2012/2013 & Also Europe's Strongest Man in 2016.

  • Transformer Dangar
    Transformer Dangar9 saatler önce

    Maybe it's the house of spongebob square pants

  • assaultk47
    assaultk479 saatler önce

    Looks like its time for Larry VS Schoolboy part 2 :)

  • M R rout
    M R rout9 saatler önce

    I will watch anything that larry will post

  • Cyrus Khalvati
    Cyrus Khalvati9 saatler önce

    1:51 is that gyno???

  • Nilu
    Nilu9 saatler önce

    Larry improved a lot. 👍

    FT_DHIAULHAQUE _9 saatler önce


  • Gi Classic
    Gi Classic9 saatler önce

    Larry should be on the remake of Commando or Predator 🎯💯

  • D S
    D S9 saatler önce


  • Pee 420
    Pee 42010 saatler önce


  • Kaysea Olson
    Kaysea Olson10 saatler önce

    Cutting the two cheats out was hilarious!

  • Felipe Zayas
    Felipe Zayas10 saatler önce

    How come your never support nor back up an American based shows nor promote them

  • tom evenwel
    tom evenwel10 saatler önce

    Why do people still wear these useless mouthmasks.....

  • luther schultz
    luther schultz10 saatler önce

    please try olympic weightlifting larry

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez10 saatler önce

    I know this is gym stuff but would like to see more of the gtr

  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels9 saatler önce

    I literally just bought some g25s for the GTR. Had g35s but they are too laggy for the street. Good for Mile runs only. I’ll do a update video on the GTR once the small turbos are fitted