Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Coach Ray: coach_rayx
Voice of Armwrestling:
Adam Silver: strengthnet
Sergiu: sergiu.marc...
Fijaz: faijazvp
Oliver: oliverobeid
Ali: ali.diabx
Umesh: umeshkunni
Omar: 3rm_h
Jeff: jeffnicolson
Fayaz: fayez_mtsm
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  • Poor Boi
    Poor Boi15 gün önce

    0:28 lmao

  • Антон Степушин
    Антон Степушин28 gün önce

    Larry became so much stronger! Great job Larry!

  • Semper Fi
    Semper FiAylar önce

    We love you! Good luck! My kids will be watching as well.

  • Derek Estey
    Derek EsteyAylar önce

    Fan of both guys but I think Larry is going to take this match.

  • ✌:


    25 gün önce


  • Felix Oneheim
    Felix OneheimAylar önce

    Andy Steelmountain think`s he can beat Larry in armwrestling. Get him to Dubai. @Andy Steelmountain

  • callumn397
    callumn397Aylar önce

    Boy in the black vest always be flexing lol

    TM MEHEDIAylar önce

    35:21 that is what you waiting for

  • Irving Brown
    Irving BrownAylar önce

    If there were money involved, everyone knows Travis would be there to take that left because he’s the strongest that ever walked the earth in his own mind. Would love to see coach ray destroy Travis , but in reality Travis is scared!! He says he doesn’t arm wrestle unless theirs money on the table, since when recently even remotely recently has he done anything to command any respect on the table. Maybe at one time but it’s a different game now, I d love to see some actual skills and talent to back up that mouth. But that’s all he is mouth! Coach ray would send him packing back to Canada. He’s always on the mic somewhere because that’s what his only way to stay relevant is. Come on coach ray call out the once somebody Travis Bagent on that left hand. If he can’t flash pin someone he’s done and don’t even think he has that anymore! Would love to see It.

  • Irving Brown
    Irving BrownAylar önce

    Thanks again for sharing your journey! I’ve been following it all . I can’t wait to see both matches and already have my ticket. I’m really looking forward to this event. You did an incredible job promoting it and I hope to see lots more in the future. Thanks again, take care, stay safe and healthy!

  • muneer t.p
    muneer t.pAylar önce

    പൊളി മച്ചാനെ

  • Debojyoti Ghosal
    Debojyoti GhosalAylar önce

    I'm ready to support Larry any sports he enters... He represents us... Love u buddy♥️👑

  • Clarke Corvo
    Clarke CorvoAylar önce

    8:43 rays look in the background "what have i created?" 😳

  • Tony Bravo
    Tony BravoAylar önce

    Larry invite plz best arm wrestler ever DC

  • ohurley11
    ohurley11Aylar önce

    Larratt - pronounced like carrot.

  • Suraj Vernekar
    Suraj VernekarAylar önce

    Larry has shown tremendous dedication in a short span of time, he has learned a lot from devon larratt, Michael Todd, coach ray,but schoolboy has experience. Can't wait💥💪🔥..

  • Bharat Terang
    Bharat TerangAylar önce

    Practice with Khaled

  • 3D Designer
    3D DesignerAylar önce

    That Oliver guy looks like Aquaman. 🌊

  • Rodrigo Ribeiro
    Rodrigo RibeiroAylar önce

    Hey, does anyone now at what time the event on the 28th will start?

  • Ben 9
    Ben 9Aylar önce

    This is the end for you coach Ray

  • GR8
    GR8Aylar önce

    I'm more interested how Khaled would do against Larry now

  • YoshJazz Chua88
    YoshJazz Chua88Aylar önce

    Mucchh much strong Larry.. 👍💯

  • MrSaintVehementus
    MrSaintVehementusAylar önce

    I took break from Larrys videos for like 2 weeks, his arm looks so much bigger, have that fullness to it when I look at it, dont get me wrong he looked awesome before armwrestling practice but 2 weeks and his arm looks very diffrent to me

  • dolphin082
    dolphin082Aylar önce

    That pr lifestyle intro is super sick

  • MsRushank
    MsRushankAylar önce

    If larry gains weight he can be too good arnwrestler.

  • snarkyboojum
    snarkyboojumAylar önce

    I love Larry but schoolboy is going to take him to school

  • ahmad wajeeh
    ahmad wajeehAylar önce

    why isn't anyone talking about Khalid nowadays like bro you've got a litmus paper test right there. if you can defeat Khaled you can obviously give schoolboy a hectic match.

  • Tom Burns
    Tom BurnsAylar önce

    Hey armwrestlers new and old, I found a great channel by the name Sandris Sedis. If you're looking for informative and concise content go check him out. Cheers 😊

  • clasifi1
    clasifi1Aylar önce

    Larry has improved a lot. And he'll continue to improve in the near future. Maybe it'll be enough to beat "schoolboy" this time. Maybe not. But it's going to be way more competitive for sure.

  • Ale Jandro
    Ale JandroAylar önce

    8:30 Larry still thinks he’ll beat SchoolBoy? Come on let’s be honest... Larry needs LOT OF years to beat SchoolBoy, just be realistic man..

  • Sayanator
    SayanatorAylar önce


  • Văn Khoa Official
    Văn Khoa OfficialAylar önce

    Can you beat Vietnam

  • Nomi Khan
    Nomi KhanAylar önce

    Show how much Larry has improved that shows his commitment

  • Kyle Molotojano
    Kyle MolotojanoAylar önce

    35:57 that's the animalistic mindset you need to dominate, that's what we wanna see! Applause was well earned 👏🏼

  • Haiperr
    HaiperrAylar önce

    So I purchased the ppv for the Armwrestling event. its telling me 2pm 28th on friday. but idk if its 2pm my time or dubai can anyone helps please! trying to plan ahead!

  • Sebastián Hernández
    Sebastián HernándezAylar önce

    El ganador siempre va a hacer denis clipenwo

  • Artek
    ArtekAylar önce

    Larry is looking like hercules

  • Mr Lomeli
    Mr LomeliAylar önce

    It's like Goku seeing Gohan go SSJ2 for the first time in the Time Chamber, great job Coach Ray, Larry looks ready to beat the Tom and Jerry shirt Russian kid.

  • MrRunescapy
    MrRunescapyAylar önce

    Wow, Larry's transformation is incredible

  • Candice & Blue Sloan
    Candice & Blue SloanAylar önce

    Larry is 1 cool dude, I mean he likes to do the craziest shit long as it's a challenge an u can tell he doesn't have his head in the clouds just acts like he's average but he's a freak in reality.

  • ArmSport87
    ArmSport87Aylar önce

    Larry getting stronger and good dynamics. Good job💪

  • regardzz
    regardzzAylar önce

    getting coach ray was the best thing larry couldve done for his development 100%

  • FiZO
    FiZOAylar önce

    I think Larry paid them all to loose this time also😅😂

  • Master chips
    Master chipsAylar önce

    i'm a french i want to tell you, that the french guys here do not represent us ! Too much injures for nothing...

  • Kevin Riley
    Kevin RileyAylar önce

    Almost here Juice vs Skill. My money is on the Russian muscle

  • Danny Espinal
    Danny EspinalAylar önce

    sick intro

  • Dvt Sick Devon
    Dvt Sick DevonAylar önce

    We ll have a good after pull after my match with Micheal. ill make sure I bring my bring my blood thinners

  • Jag Heter
    Jag HeterAylar önce

    31:57 Reminded me what it is like hosting a GTA 5 Adversary Mode.

  • M B
    M BAylar önce

    Coach Ray created a monster!

  • Apelsin M.
    Apelsin M.Aylar önce

    Can Larry beat Khaled now???)))

  • hinhat
    hinhatAylar önce

    Larry is such a humble guy only using 50% of his power

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknownAylar önce

    gogo Larry !

  • Don Mazurenko's love of hairy Ukrainian Men
    Don Mazurenko's love of hairy Ukrainian MenAylar önce

    The supermatches will be epic. I got tickets and lube!

  • YouTube account
    YouTube accountAylar önce

    Thing is larry is still learning. Skool boy is just getting stronger Skewl boy will win

  • neoberi
    neoberiAylar önce

    Larry has grown leaps and bounds over the last few months. Whether you win or lose, you're at least progressing quickly! Good luck!

  • Farhaan Badurdeen
    Farhaan BadurdeenAylar önce

    Iam a Huge Fan of Larry Wheels 🤩💪

  • Craik Evans
    Craik EvansAylar önce

    Show em the POWER Larry

  • Purecast 9
    Purecast 9Aylar önce

    Strangely,one of the reasons the universe grants Larry this much strength is because he continues to remain humble. Never underestimate the power of humility. Wish you all the best Larry.

  • yash shokeen
    yash shokeenAylar önce

    Larry could be the third hodgetwin with that look going

  • lloyd livsey
    lloyd livseyAylar önce

    Red shirt before Larry came on is a great loser lol

  • John R
    John RAylar önce

    Larry from one Bronx boy to another. You look really good bro, major improvements. Can't wait to watch you do you thing...

  • Sylvain Desjardins
    Sylvain DesjardinsAylar önce

    lets go larry

  • Макс Р.
    Макс Р.Aylar önce

    на правой заборет, на левой нет 🙂

  • Muhammad Mussaweer Siddiqui
    Muhammad Mussaweer SiddiquiAylar önce

    I want to see Coach Ray vs School boy left handed

  • Player1
    Player1Aylar önce

    Too big for them boys.

  • Paolo Caso
    Paolo CasoAylar önce

    damn brotha make sure u pickin out that hair

  • Rah1 Kum1
    Rah1 Kum1Aylar önce

    Larry's gonna give a bill 💵 to each competitor in the end like last time😂. Larry's amazing.

  • Alvin Sudewo
    Alvin SudewoAylar önce

    Damn!! You need training with larrat larry

  • 11B Grunt
    11B GruntAylar önce

    Larry is definitely getting ready for schoolbo buy I'm sure he didnt appreciate to comment coming form his racist ass colleague say im ready for you my Nigga!!!!! Thats pissed my off

  • The conjure
    The conjureAylar önce

    Omg!!! These fruit loops... tucking their tank tops in their gym pants.... wtf????????

  • slucas
    slucasAylar önce

    why is the young kid always trying to get in the camera to show off his arms lmao. cringe

  • Cody Crowe
    Cody CroweAylar önce

    Larry, my man, do me a favor, wear more of your merch during your videos. Point out when your wearing it and talk about more. Maybe just like 30 seconds. Ive watches you for years and recently bought some figure 8 straps from you and im about to get fully kitted out, but I need to know what to get! LOL. Stay on that grind my brother!

  • Cody Crowe

    Cody Crowe

    Aylar önce

    Specifically with clothes btw. I already know what lifting gear i want

  • k c
    k cAylar önce

    you tapped the second homie like 4 times in a row. lofl.

  • Pop375
    Pop375Aylar önce

    Does it count that Larry is on riods and schoolboy is not

  • Pop375
    Pop375Aylar önce

    Does it count that Larry is on riods and schoolboy is not

  • matthew wong
    matthew wongAylar önce

    Still think schoolboys gonna whoop his arse.

  • Al G
    Al GAylar önce

    Damn Larry, you're getting good! Watching your progress in arm wrestling has been very exciting, I can't wait to see what you can do in WAL.

  • eldi birting
    eldi birtingAylar önce

    Should test that strength to gasparini

  • Necronaut
    NecronautAylar önce

    Larry finally able to transfer that explosive energy into his arm wrestling, awesome to see.

  • Osi Run
    Osi RunAylar önce

    Always impressive how strong that Oliver guy is.

  • Mike Marino
    Mike MarinoAylar önce

    Jesus dude, you look so incredibly explosive now. I can't wait to see the rematch!

  • Rob Romero
    Rob RomeroAylar önce

    Larry looks much more composed and aggressive. Before the strength you knew was there but couldn’t translate over… you can see he has grown considerably

  • SamTheMan
    SamTheManAylar önce

    Wow you look so improved!! It looks like you’re understanding how to feel different pressures. Amazing bro

  • Abby Branch
    Abby BranchAylar önce

    Elbows down larry

  • Сергей Шевцов
    Сергей ШевцовAylar önce

    Лари за год явно улучшил технику молодец старается через пару лет упорных тренировок может попробовать себя в топ8 но чтоб стать настоящим профи ему помешает слабая кисть я так думаю

  • H Beckham
    H BeckhamAylar önce

    From the first video of arm wrestling, his progression is nuts

  • Tom Cee
    Tom CeeAylar önce

    Larry you look good with hair 😁

  • Austin Wagner
    Austin WagnerAylar önce

    Damn man the improvement is insane... in such a short amount of time. To be honest, I don't know if he can beat schoolboy, but what I do know is he looks damm good on the table now!

  • Carl Little
    Carl LittleAylar önce

    Think Larry might make it a good match by the looks of it now can't wait to see who win the big match

  • Jusbin Gurung
    Jusbin GurungAylar önce

    Have a match with Khaled.

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep SinghAylar önce

    Get the guy in the grey joggers off the screen. No one wants to see his junk

  • Jason Mckibbin
    Jason MckibbinAylar önce

    Schoolboy will win easily

  • Eliot Ortega
    Eliot OrtegaAylar önce

    Bro coach Ray and Adam are beast there bringing the best out of Larry it should be a better match with school boy Larry all the way lol 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Jay Devs
    Jay DevsAylar önce

    larry needs to press, i can see few angles that larry needs to do it those massive delts would help tho

  • mcxxx
    mcxxxAylar önce

    23:45 the earthquake man again

  • Ziz1L
    Ziz1LAylar önce

    Coach Ray's 140kg bench press definitely has carry over to side pressure on left arm

  • Ali Playz
    Ali PlayzAylar önce

    25:25 bro what???

  • Brewster Kyoto
    Brewster KyotoAylar önce

    Choosing coach ray was the best thing Larry did and look how far he has come

  • Junaidi Atta
    Junaidi AttaAylar önce

    Wow is krezy

  • David Resende
    David ResendeAylar önce

    When is the match?

  • 613 TRAPMAN
    613 TRAPMANAylar önce

    The fact that Ray can hold his own with enhanced lifters who outweigh him by like 70lbs is very impressive!