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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Mike Ayello: mikey_beachmusc...
Marcio Barboza: barbozaphenom


  • Lofi Wurld
    Lofi Wurld2 gün önce

    I love when Adam goes he’s soo good and put his all in every time, you can tell he’s experienced!

  • TheAvatar
    TheAvatar3 gün önce

    Larry’s left biceps scares me man

  • Lofi Wurld
    Lofi Wurld4 gün önce

    There’s levels to this shit. Marcio demonstrated this nicely.

  • Vinicius Martins
    Vinicius Martins5 gün önce

    Awesome content

  • Garrepalli DANIEL VIVEK
    Garrepalli DANIEL VIVEK13 gün önce

    Man the only guy who beat Larry at both arms .. Nic stone.. 😎.. He looks so much like cold stone.. 😀

  • Marcinspace
    Marcinspace17 gün önce

    Larry you have sooooooo much. If you pulled back or better yet slipped on Mike to straps it would of been a whole different game. I feel like you need to really sit down and study this sport until you really understand the moves. You have the strength, you just need a tad bit more side pressure and as a lot of people say Arm wrestling IQ. That's really the only thing missing to push you forward in the game..

  • 9 circles of MATH
    9 circles of MATH21 gün önce

    wheree can i skip to actual armwrestling??

  • Sean Stubbs
    Sean Stubbs25 gün önce

    Glad you are back in North America. Dubai is only cool for like a week.

  • Jonas f40
    Jonas f4025 gün önce

    Mike Ayello. The only white guy darker than a black guy..

  • Zorc
    Zorc26 gün önce

    Great video bois. You have got to make Mike Vs Shcoolboy happen real soon =D Keep up the amazing work ^^

  • spiegel
    spiegel27 gün önce

    I think that guy with the red hat and grey Adidas shirt could beat Schoolboy easily. He seems super strong. Like next level. How is he not a top 20 world ranked guy?

  • Tal rasha

    Tal rasha

    16 gün önce

    u dont know marcio?

  • spiegel
    spiegel27 gün önce

    It's amazing how Larry can overall be one of the strongest men in the world and set records but in arm wrestling even garden variety guys you've never heard of seem equal to better than him.

  • symba
    symba28 gün önce

    Love ayello t shirt.

  • Cmill
    CmillAylar önce

    Dude on the left got beat hard not long ago. Now you have 2 meatheads that can recognize the real muscleman. JK, you're all juicin!

  • Jeytz Valencia
    Jeytz ValenciaAylar önce

    if barboza is this strong, you can just imagine how strong devon and the other top guys are. whew.

  • The Hitman
    The HitmanAylar önce

    Larry is still 3 times stronger than Mike in any other lift though and he looks much stronger than Mike as well. Arm wrestling is specific....that's it.

  • farmtruck
    farmtruckAylar önce

    Does Ayello even own any shirts.

  • D
    DAylar önce

    I see mike has his favorite shirt on again. 😂

  • Dallas Coryell
    Dallas CoryellAylar önce

    Larry just needs to learn to low hand top roll out of hooks and he will be dangerous af

  • corone2018
    corone2018Aylar önce

    At least Mike wore his favourite shirt , Beast Mode

  • Marcelo Russo
    Marcelo RussoAylar önce

    Marcio Barbosa is killing

  • T M
    T MAylar önce

    feels like i could beat ayello with left xD

  • olteanu alexandru
    olteanu alexandruAylar önce

    everyone gangsta till schoolboy entert in the room

  • Runner Boy

    Runner Boy

    Aylar önce

    @olteanu alexandru lol nice joke

  • olteanu alexandru

    olteanu alexandru

    Aylar önce

    @Runner Boy maybe now...but in 2 years...no chance

  • Runner Boy

    Runner Boy

    Aylar önce

    Marcio would crush him

  • Mighty_Speed
    Mighty_SpeedAylar önce

    Marcio is best. Wow 😮

  • Well Played
    Well PlayedAylar önce

    Wow marcio look so strong now, i want to see him vs todd hutching

  • Kanak Rathore
    Kanak RathoreAylar önce

    the undefeated man of the this game 30:01

  • Tête d'os
    Tête d'osAylar önce

    Larry ce que tu fais pour le bras de fer est vraiment magnifique. Merci.

  • Guilherme Arruda
    Guilherme ArrudaAylar önce


  • Chenzen84
    Chenzen84Aylar önce

    Mike ravioli is fcking strong for a dude that looks like à Jersey Shore character lol

  • David Skinner
    David SkinnerAylar önce

    Look like Larry had a bicep year on his left arm from the shoulder.

  • pwe pwe
    pwe pweAylar önce

    barboza is

  • zedrick zedwick
    zedrick zedwickAylar önce

    big green doodle bear 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

  • custom fitment
    custom fitmentAylar önce

    Would like to see Larratt go up against that guy with the tattoo's at the beginning. He seems to have alot of strength be nice to get him some top training

  • tapouut
    tapouutAylar önce

    Larry I love how you doing armwrestling Bodybuilding Strongman...Mastering all my favorites - Definatley an Alien when it comes to strength - Show little more girls you hangin with and it would be perfect Channel...

  • Bodybuilding Officially
    Bodybuilding OfficiallyAylar önce


  • qwerty ytrewq
    qwerty ytrewqAylar önce

    Anthony Esco is out of this world strong

  • John Vallsater
    John VallsaterAylar önce

    All I see is steroids... horrible

  • Gym Trainer Jake
    Gym Trainer JakeAylar önce

    Why do i feel like Barboza is in better shape now than before the covid crap

  • Z13L
    Z13LAylar önce

    Mike is a world class monster

  • Henrywilliamjr
    HenrywilliamjrAylar önce

    If Devon was here, it'd be "all eyes on him"

  • Boris Odoljevic
    Boris OdoljevicAylar önce

    Ya its like neil pickup said marcio is border between elite and pros

  • gymadict99
    gymadict99Aylar önce

    Monsters in battle!

  • Dewey Alcoran
    Dewey AlcoranAylar önce

    im glad to see larry improvin :)

  • SweeneyTodd
    SweeneyToddAylar önce

    Great stuff Larry 👏 👍 👌 Good Job Everyone 👏 👍 👌

  • Schwepsable
    SchwepsableAylar önce

    Very good session 💪⚡️💥😁


    Marcio is on a whole another level 🙏🤯

  • Afterparty Várnai
    Afterparty VárnaiAylar önce

    Dikk a lerry :D

  • Kk Aa
    Kk AaAylar önce


  • Rogie Chawngthu
    Rogie ChawngthuAylar önce

    I think you're better with top roll (my though)

  • Acik adi
    Acik adiAylar önce

    What happen to Larry...

  • MrQuack811
    MrQuack811Aylar önce

    Just averaged steroid users

  • Made Man
    Made ManAylar önce

    Larry you Lost 👎

  • Brnd
    BrndAylar önce

    Marcio VS Chance shaw make it happen!

  • Usama Maqbool
    Usama MaqboolAylar önce


  • Jay Sin
    Jay SinAylar önce

    It's so weird how styles seem to play a factor.

  • maxxito
    maxxitoAylar önce

    Mike is a beast

  • Manassés Durães
    Manassés DurãesAylar önce

    Marcio Barbosa sinixxtro!!

  • Jonathan Wilkinson
    Jonathan WilkinsonAylar önce

    26:58 when Larry wraps this power lifting phase and comes back to arm wrestling with malice he needs to make pronation the focus and he will become monstrous. his left is looking party status too. Marcio damn.

  • Džef
    DžefAylar önce

    That is some next level tanning.

  • Amerul Al Rashid
    Amerul Al RashidAylar önce

    Larry dont have that arm control yet, keep hustling bruh..

  • salvacion light
    salvacion lightAylar önce

    LARRY WHEELS is a great arm wrestler, but every time I see his battles it seems that he exerts himself too much, sometimes I think he needs to train some part of his arm muscles or some other area to have that boom that he lacks and be really strong, not only in the muscular but above all in the technique

  • Zheng Whye Hui
    Zheng Whye HuiAylar önce

    I can see u dominating soon. Push on!

  • Dewey Alcoran
    Dewey AlcoranAylar önce

    good to see larry pull again

  • Unlimited Powah
    Unlimited PowahAylar önce

    Larry destroyed by this guys need to see them vs larrat

  • JerryS
    JerrySAylar önce

    Jack Black with the red cap is strong!

  • MrMAXcheb
    MrMAXchebAylar önce

    Where is the Brother’s ?

  • Idar Arntsen
    Idar ArntsenAylar önce

    Great video! Really enjoyed it. All friendly and respectful. Barboza is a beast!!

  • Roshan Varghese
    Roshan VargheseAylar önce

    What a Group!🔥💥🔥

  • Oka Yang
    Oka YangAylar önce

    School boy vs Mike Ayello should be a good match

  • Aziz Baloch
    Aziz BalochAylar önce


  • LilKovy101
    LilKovy101Aylar önce

    Keep it up Larry! Thanks for the awesome content always 🙏

  • Noizy BearBear
    Noizy BearBearAylar önce

    Larry still needs to work on his hook game and strengthen those wrists, these guys been doing this for years Larry so don’t give up you’ll get there soon.

  • Fidel Multo
    Fidel MultoAylar önce

    I really love to see Marcio doing ArmWrestling again 😊

  • Reiner Internistenfreund
    Reiner InternistenfreundAylar önce

    Mother and Father. Good Guys.

  • Sharp Shooter317
    Sharp Shooter317Aylar önce

    Mike said it best a few years ago and it had stuck with me as a puller. Act like your trying to pour a cup of water into your shirt pocket while pulling.

  • Danimal Ross
    Danimal RossAylar önce

    Mike's elbow came off the pad everytime!!

  • akshay xyz
    akshay xyzAylar önce

    Larry u are my fav

  • Robert Van Wie
    Robert Van WieAylar önce

    Larry seems like a pretty good guy but should have invested his money into a trainer that a armwrestler not some one who plays underneath the table

  • Joshua KAZ Fields
    Joshua KAZ FieldsAylar önce

    Larry is great but will never be an elite arm wrestler till he k key trains that

  • Me
    MeAylar önce


  • Thanum Gaming
    Thanum GamingAylar önce

    Damn Ayello is huge!

  • B Team
    B TeamAylar önce

    Barboza super underrated

  • Crusty Bass75
    Crusty Bass75Aylar önce

    This is a great example of a group of guys who are extremely good against a guy who is a world class arm-wrestler. This is exactly what Larry needs to get to the point Marcio is at now. Awesome video.

  • SS85
    SS85Aylar önce

    5:50 not to be mean or anything, but that tattoo is pretty stupid.

  • Angus Macrae
    Angus MacraeAylar önce

    Fuck me that’s some strong humans

  • Justin Smith
    Justin SmithAylar önce

    Nick stone is badass

  • Dwight
    DwightAylar önce

    Next time, call Wagner Bortolato as well. He is real attraction to watch armwrestle.

  • Dwight
    DwightAylar önce

    Marcio is just another class.

  • Clube Poliglota Brasil
    Clube Poliglota BrasilAylar önce

    Olha o Marção mandando ver, muleque.

  • קֹ֖דֶשׁ לַֽיהוָֽה

    קֹ֖דֶשׁ לַֽיהוָֽה

    Aylar önce


  • Bí Bí
    Bí BíAylar önce

    I'm hope to see John Brzenk with Larry Wheels !!!😚

  • eonlub elliott
    eonlub elliottAylar önce


  • eonlub elliott
    eonlub elliottAylar önce


  • Amitabh
    AmitabhAylar önce

    larry need to learn technique, so that he can use full strenght..currently it looks he can't pull arm in right direction or right way... also grip is not good... also very important be calm just before match start and don't store ur strenght in ur arm...and see the opponent position too.. but larry after few matches gets confidence buildup...then he perform much better

  • CWolf20
    CWolf20Aylar önce

    Wow, Ayello is the strongest right hand there and he couldn't even move Marcio. Completely different level.

  • CWolf20
    CWolf20Aylar önce

    Just me or is Ayello cheating the grip to start and the ref isn't doing enough? I still think Ayello wins either way but tough for Larry to overcome a bad starting grip too.

  • Freki Bodgaedir
    Freki BodgaedirAylar önce

    Mike was testing Larry in that 1st go. Larry is an awesome and humble champion. We seen him dominate but he let us see him learn as a journeyman arm wrestler also. You see that nowhere else.

  • Ajaj Jjaj
    Ajaj JjajAylar önce

    Man this arm wrestling videos really feel like we’re watching a tv series that I fell in love with

  • Footballnot Soccer88
    Footballnot Soccer88Aylar önce

    This makes you understand how strong school boy is. He can beat all of them except for barboza and ayello prob

  • Oddball greatest warhero
    Oddball greatest warheroAylar önce

    Larry got some strange looking muscles lol😁👍

  • CALI
    CALIAylar önce

    Larry went from chilling with the A rabs To chilling with the hill Billy's