King of the Table
Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd
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  • Ar Wi
    Ar Wi13 gün önce

    good shape Dima 💪🏼

  • nono user
    nono user21 gün önce

    Larry is the king

  • commantros exetlos
    commantros exetlos21 gün önce

    Bodybuilding is killing power for the looks..

  • arf shesaid
    arf shesaid21 gün önce

    man blue shirt guy, arm looked snapping, not good

  • Jason Boling
    Jason Boling22 gün önce

    Larry just too strong

  • santaclauz2000
    santaclauz200023 gün önce

    Nice chin warmers 😊

  • Goku Black II
    Goku Black II23 gün önce

    The guys that arm wrestled in the purple where in some extreme break arm position nobody was watching I know lol there blessed they didnt snap there forearms hard especially the guy in the white ten top shirt he literally looked away from his arm and did everything wrong the guy in the white

  • Haritsa N
    Haritsa N24 gün önce

    Hey Larry! Make happen: RVJ vs Lachlan Adair

  • Nick Knittle
    Nick Knittle24 gün önce

    Impressive. Considering that bodybuilders are usually at there weakest after a show

  • Cale Aesg
    Cale Aesg26 gün önce

    Larry got the technique now, nice!

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez27 gün önce

    Larry is looking crazy!!!

  • Johan Israelsson
    Johan Israelsson27 gün önce

    I can only agree, the form is looking better and better!

  • Kk Aa
    Kk Aa27 gün önce


  • Роман Бадида
    Роман Бадида28 gün önce


  • xaldin fash
    xaldin fash28 gün önce

    That Ukrainian seems to be on steroids..

  • Keith L
    Keith L28 gün önce

    Why does Adam only put one arm on the table? his other arm for gripping would give him better posture ?

  • Godly Aardvark
    Godly Aardvark28 gün önce

    Oliver with mask= Winter Soldier

  • Ryan Blue Bowen
    Ryan Blue Bowen28 gün önce

    6:42 he needed to start telling Stand Up Rich!

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor28 gün önce

    Big guy but small wrists

  • Daniel Ahmad
    Daniel Ahmad28 gün önce

    Fayaz uses his entire body like geeez

  • Robert Neria
    Robert Neria29 gün önce


  • Dee Nienu
    Dee Nienu29 gün önce

    False grip Larry bug head😂😂😂

  • slevin kolebra
    slevin kolebra29 gün önce

    Drag that elbow Larry, don't lift and place 👌🤙looking good

  • Sinking
    Sinking29 gün önce

    When is the Inaugural Larry Wheels Diamond Hands Invitational?

  • Sinking
    Sinking29 gün önce

    Something has clicked for Larry! Looking awesome on the table now.

  • MrRunescapy
    MrRunescapy29 gün önce

    Wow, much more connected and coordinated

  • Sasha V.
    Sasha V.29 gün önce

    No one can beat school boy 🤦🤣

  • vasile-radu casleanu
    vasile-radu casleanu29 gün önce

    How the heck, I have missed this video 4 days ago???

  • Alec Pozner
    Alec Pozner29 gün önce

    I wonder if Larry can beat Khaled yet.

  • tbjas
    tbjas29 gün önce

    So at what time is the Michael/Devon match happening?

  • Alexander Ishere
    Alexander IshereAylar önce

    Larry working that pronation...figured out the secret

  • Ganetz Krastef
    Ganetz KrastefAylar önce

    Respect Larry you are now armwrestler!

  • Арди Флей
    Арди ФлейAylar önce


  • Slowjamcdub
    SlowjamcdubAylar önce

    Larry is really getting good💪🏻👍

  • Wesley Wolanski
    Wesley WolanskiAylar önce

    Why doesn't Adam hold the peg? Does he have some sort of shoulder injury or nerve issue? No hate at all, just curious

  • corey brown
    corey brownAylar önce

    Brooooo he’s come so far so fast I didn’t think he’d be able to stick to it but damn was I wrong

  • Erwin Smith
    Erwin SmithAylar önce

    Better audio is needed

  • Zoner1nz
    Zoner1nzAylar önce

    2:55 can anyone tell me why they have those chin diapers on? The whole point of a mask is too prevent spittles traveling and the only time spittles are a worry is when you are within range of which they are in range. If they were 6 feet apart it would be safer to use the chin diaper but close up you need the mask. All brawn and no brains still rings true it seems lol.

  • Pentti Hirvonen
    Pentti HirvonenAylar önce

    Trem and Deca gives a nice advantage ;)

  • ArmFighter Journey
    ArmFighter JourneyAylar önce

    Larry is strong in armwrestling now 🔥

  • Remi Andre' Pedersen
    Remi Andre' PedersenAylar önce

    Either one prioritizes one's appearance, or one is strong. That's the way it is. Yes, you are strong, but not super strong. Maybe you can, if you add more carbohydrates and fats to your proteins! It does not necessarily mean to be talking about so much more, but just a little more. And then you also have to be willing to put on a little more fat, but there are probably worse things in the world!

  • Anonymous Bullet
    Anonymous BulletAylar önce

    16:30 I think your too strong for that guy now. He started making excuses lol

  • John Oneill
    John OneillAylar önce

    Looking like a beast larry

  • Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kenpachi ZarakiAylar önce

    He's looking really comfortable and strong on the table. Larry want the Schoolboy rematch.

  • Cory Spence
    Cory SpenceAylar önce

    Would love to see Larry vs khaled now. Larry looking like he’s turning the corner


    *This guy is a big Motivation for others in fitness field ! 🔥*

    SURAJ SUSAylar önce

    Larry is legend all the time

  • saigajv
    saigajvAylar önce

    That guy has an amazing physique

  • Jaydon Hanna
    Jaydon HannaAylar önce

    Oliver looks like the Winter Soldier when he has his mask on

  • Pallin
    PallinAylar önce

    4:31 Holy shit

  • twentyfiveseventeen
    twentyfiveseventeenAylar önce

    That bicep tore in a super aesthetic way lol no cap

  • Worldwide Fitness
    Worldwide FitnessAylar önce

    Hit like if you want Larry become more stronger ❤❤

  • Adam Hastie
    Adam HastieAylar önce

    Larry looking like he has been doing this for years ..

  • Charles F
    Charles FAylar önce

    Larry's starting to look like Larry Cyplenkov 😮

  • Lord Blackwood
    Lord BlackwoodAylar önce

    Fayay is one step away from breaking his arm

  • Henrique Leite
    Henrique LeiteAylar önce

    Just give larry the winner from devon vs micheal hahahahaha The man is getting STRONG AS FUCK!

  • TheMountain
    TheMountainAylar önce

    13:50 kinda dangerous they both look away from their hands...

  • Maximilian Albrecht
    Maximilian AlbrechtAylar önce

    Improvement on Larry is phenomenal

  • expert
    expertAylar önce

    Relly good fight Snibu vs. Fayaz!

  • Володимир Золочевський
    Володимир ЗолочевськийAylar önce

    Слава Україні!!!

  • Real Reasons
    Real ReasonsAylar önce

    Guy in the blue shirt puts himself in some dangerous positions.

  • ken neth
    ken nethAylar önce

    Let see if khaled can beat you right now. Youre on your best shape for arm wrestling

  • Dikcrazy vg
    Dikcrazy vgAylar önce

    Ya we no le ganas a Larry wheels pinche vato aferrado superalo jaja

  • calvintrainer1212
    calvintrainer1212Aylar önce

    New development from Larry: "I'll let you go first"

  • Davy xxx
    Davy xxxAylar önce

    Pancake army 🥯🥯🥯🥞🥞🥞🥞

  • R671kZas w290mvak
    R671kZas w290mvakAylar önce

    I just saw an old video 2013/2014 where a german Fitness guy goes to New York because he wants to Start a Model carrier. There he meets some kinda Manager who wants to help him out. It turns out that Manager was larry wheels camera man Adam. Crazy that hes in Dubai now.

  • R671kZas w290mvak
    R671kZas w290mvakAylar önce

    Leonidas vs larry left hand rematch please. Larry improved a lot in terms of knowledge and technique he had so many pros on his side.

    MARESH BMAylar önce

    Larry is best as always👍

  • Lil AsianEquation
    Lil AsianEquationAylar önce

    the ukrainian guy's built is my dream body

  • J2W
    J2WAylar önce

    idk what to do when im stuck at 10:53 I'm like the red shirt guy that can't get a pin any tips for me :D?

  • bigjeff100
    bigjeff100Aylar önce

    Snibu vs Faraz was a solid match

  • XRePete
    XRePeteAylar önce

    Larry is starting to look like a trained armwrestler now

  • 亗『《Ryan》』亗M
    亗『《Ryan》』亗MAylar önce

    2:36 sus

  • Tobi K
    Tobi KAylar önce

    Why’s Adam not using his left arm?

  • Samuel The Sinister Castañeda
    Samuel The Sinister CastañedaAylar önce


  • Michael Concepcion
    Michael ConcepcionAylar önce

    Glad a lot of athletes these days are so encouraging and uplifting.

  • le Gend
    le GendAylar önce


  • silly guy
    silly guyAylar önce

    Larry lookin good

  • secrated
    secratedAylar önce

    MAAAN! We need a compilation of Sergio Shaking those Tectonic Plates :D

  • hawaiidispenser
    hawaiidispenserAylar önce

    Where's the pay per view link in the description Larry mentioned?

  • eatclen trenhard
    eatclen trenhardAylar önce

    so much improvement on larry

  • hawaiidispenser
    hawaiidispenserAylar önce

    19:55 Larry quoting Devon. The lessons are all filed away in Larry's hard drive.

  • Gassan Behno
    Gassan BehnoAylar önce


  • Jacob Johnston
    Jacob JohnstonAylar önce

    Where is the link to the pay per view match?

  • Joe Montgomery
    Joe MontgomeryAylar önce

    Larry is evolving

  • Habeev07
    Habeev07Aylar önce

    MAY 28th DEVON and MICHAEL!

  • Habeev07
    Habeev07Aylar önce

    Damn. How much than this man hammer curl?

  • Alexius Bonnie Lujimin
    Alexius Bonnie LujiminAylar önce

    I think larry form have Change ....maybe because of arm wrestling tranning and workout?

  • Paul Davies
    Paul DaviesAylar önce


  • broly
    brolyAylar önce

    Larry FINALLY beat Mazahir even if he look injured is very amazing !! Respect larry big proggress

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles DarwinAylar önce

    Larry is a machine! Greeting from Ukraine.

  • Armwrestling Is Life
    Armwrestling Is LifeAylar önce

    To easy

    ZEUS HEREAylar önce

    Gotta appreciate Dwayne Johnson for arm wrestling with others in between his Black Adam schedule😅

  • Etienne H
    Etienne HAylar önce

    He should invite Evgeny Prudnik!!!!!

  • T- Taliban
    T- TalibanAylar önce

    Fayaz always looks like he just got out of church or something

  • T- Taliban
    T- TalibanAylar önce

    Ever since Larry started growing hair, his arm wrestling skills have become superior, very interesting

  • Azhari Sahar
    Azhari SaharAylar önce

    larry is now a very strong armwrestler athlete

  • Werner Bro
    Werner BroAylar önce

    Just imagine when andreey smaev get the same technique and experience as larry. 116kg bodyweight 21 yrs old eating shit and low level drugs like d-bol. He can do pullups with lver 150kg attached, one arm pullups easy, 270kg raw bench and immense curls.

  • Iago Ribeiro
    Iago RibeiroAylar önce

    Larry vs Khaled!

  • raZin aZam
    raZin aZamAylar önce

    Nice hair larry