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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Andrew Jacked: andrewjacked


  • Elliot Van Sertima
    Elliot Van Sertima13 saatler önce

    No way 322 was second

  • حسن الشهري
    حسن الشهريGün önce

    يقطع ام الغش بس الغش ذا مايسوا شي قدام غش مستر اللمبيي

  • Abhishek Raghuwanshi
    Abhishek Raghuwanshi2 gün önce

    323 was robbed....

  • Jedi
    Jedi2 gün önce

    So happy for andrew

  • Salma Butt
    Salma Butt3 gün önce

    All look the same. No uniqueness

  • M Beattie
    M Beattie3 gün önce

    Masks are ridiculous.

  • Adam Heeley
    Adam Heeley3 gün önce

    Dude is impressive wow. He must be a huge in person....'Andrew the Giant'

  • DCM
    DCM4 gün önce

    One word for Andrew is balanced. Andrew is a problem

  • Victor Rubahimbya
    Victor Rubahimbya5 gün önce

    Woow so happy for him he came in first place.....he definitely beat them all they didn't stand a chance all the best to the top as you meet other lethal contenders

  • kaushal singh
    kaushal singh5 gün önce

    Why isn't Andrew competing in the Pro league already?

  • kaushal singh
    kaushal singh5 gün önce

    Andrew is a sight to be seen.

  • ishan kavindu
    ishan kavindu5 gün önce

    He is a beast

  • Harsh Muscle TV
    Harsh Muscle TV5 gün önce

    Andrew is winner red one is dry but not better than Andrew

  • Mathew Abraham
    Mathew Abraham7 gün önce

    266 was soo good

  • xavier Magnate
    xavier Magnate8 gün önce

    Only if everyone could tolerate all the substances...

  • Ezekiel Fili
    Ezekiel Fili8 gün önce

    Why didn’t Andrew win wtf😂

    QADIR JAILANI?8 gün önce

    He good but belly

  • Agyon
    Agyon9 gün önce

    dang he's got high calf insertion

  • Mcnizzle88
    Mcnizzle8810 gün önce

    Why are they saying their numbers instead of their names??? How stupid

  • Yessir
    Yessir11 gün önce

    Andrew has the potential to beat Chris Bumstead one day 💪💪💪💪

  • Прогноз MMA
    Прогноз MMA11 gün önce


  • Julius Alessandro
    Julius Alessandro11 gün önce

    Sir yes Sir🔥

  • mike martin
    mike martin11 gün önce

    The scariest part about Andrew is, he has a lot of room for improvement. He can learn to pose better for starters, he can develop more definition in his back and throughout his entire body. The peak in his calves look a little suspect. I hope he’s not using synthol. But he has so much potential.

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali12 gün önce


  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony13 gün önce

    Why is Andrew not doing the crab pose???. His specs are insane.

  • Carl
    Carl13 gün önce

    How the hell Andrew didn't won this is beyond me. Future Mr Olympia for sure.

  • Jay Hussein
    Jay Hussein14 gün önce

    Andrew was robbed

  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson15 gün önce

    Minimi Wins at the End what is this for ein shit he looks like a tele tubbie not a bodybuilder Andrew win so easy

    ALI ALJAFF15 gün önce

    How did that happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mazloom Qom
    Mazloom Qom15 gün önce

    Andrew is next Mr Olympia .....Great Work Andrew ... Andrew was bit weak in posing...

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan15 gün önce

    Andrew should of won this

  • Big Animal Vinny
    Big Animal Vinny16 gün önce

    323 should be second !! He got ripped off !! They just didn’t want two black man winning 1 and 2.. bullshit bodybuilding event

  • Pavan Bv
    Pavan Bv16 gün önce

    what a great genitic next felex wheeler

  • Jay83 Jay83
    Jay83 Jay8317 gün önce

    Andrew just blessed structurely! .. porpotions is second to none 💯💪.. all eyes drawns to him once he steps in

  • Jay83 Jay83
    Jay83 Jay8317 gün önce

    Andrew needs posing pointers from legend flex wheeler he is unstopable after that!

  • abbas hassani
    abbas hassani17 gün önce


  • Lojzo 500
    Lojzo 50018 gün önce

    guy next to him is his smaller copy

  • Clax Amnell
    Clax Amnell18 gün önce

    Totally mogging everyone

  • Anthony Bolaji
    Anthony Bolaji19 gün önce

    he definitely has the physique of a champion. all the natural requirements. if he keeps training with whatever system he uses right now.i think he can go for Mr Olympia's top 5.Then he will also have to learn poses that will showcase all he has.He reminds me of lionel beyeke or flex wheeler clean symmetry

  • Sunny
    Sunny19 gün önce

    I feel Andrew is better than Akim William who placed 6th at the 2020 Olympia Keep on working Andrew especially your posing you could probably win the Mr Olympia you have the genetics and size

  • Ayoub Elhaddad
    Ayoub Elhaddad20 gün önce


  • Rowan LekCptZoom
    Rowan LekCptZoom20 gün önce

    Damm black bodybuilders in Dubai competitions is a no no

  • Rowan LekCptZoom
    Rowan LekCptZoom20 gün önce

    Nah,this is wrong 323 should've been 2nd place

  • Shamil Elat
    Shamil Elat20 gün önce

    Andrew 🔥

  • RationalMinded
    RationalMinded21 gün önce

    Top 1% genetics right there. Tall, big AND aesthetic. I think if he probably held his poses a tad longer, he would've won.

  • GT
    GT22 gün önce

    He's got it all, looks absolutely awesome

  • Papa Nabri
    Papa Nabri22 gün önce

    Larry: Well done Andrew. Andrew: Yessir

  • GhettoNerd88
    GhettoNerd8823 gün önce

    I think the biggest improvement he could make is some tummy control. I don't mean he has a bubble gut or needs to vacuum, but he could get a lot of mileage if he made his waist look a tad tighter

  • Cotton Larry
    Cotton Larry23 gün önce

    Whats the point of wearing masks since they aren't covering their noses They could just take it off..

  • gaming series
    gaming series23 gün önce

    The guy who won the overall didn’t have no legs and no symmetry this is BS

  • Best Pranksters
    Best Pranksters24 gün önce

    What country was Andrew born in?

  • حسينيات
    حسينيات25 gün önce

    البطولة غير عادلة

  • Nur Firdaus
    Nur Firdaus25 gün önce

    I thought andrew is a muslim

  • حسينيات
    حسينيات25 gün önce


  • Besthero Batman
    Besthero Batman26 gün önce

    Fuckin chin diapers all around bro hahahahah

  • Zayed Tahan
    Zayed Tahan26 gün önce

    I really want andrew to win all of his competitions! Because we all saw his journey and we really want him to succeed

  • jooji Gaming
    jooji Gaming26 gün önce

    Andrew is such a great athlete , Larry wheel you are the one who inspired them to make them on this level big respect for you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fr ee
    Fr ee26 gün önce

    His body is beautiful but short😂

  • Fitness Michelle Lancaster Michelle Lancaster
    Fitness Michelle Lancaster Michelle Lancaster27 gün önce

    Amazing watching this. He is awesome and the amount of energy to go from class to class especially in his mask I bet he was shattered. Huge result for him. Made up xx

  • Hassen Alwaely
    Hassen Alwaely27 gün önce

    thats bs how he didnt win

  • husain sayyed
    husain sayyed27 gün önce

    Andrew is the best from every point of view he is the best, He deserve all prize he is number one

  • Sean Leonard
    Sean Leonard27 gün önce

    Bro did he get arrested, jacking it on any stage is surely illegal

  • Jake Hittle
    Jake Hittle28 gün önce

    Wow , guy does his first show in better condition than most pros show up for pro shows , Andrew is a absolute maniac and I’m glad he can put some respect on people in the sport who are actually tall lol not “5’11”

  • Karl Tan
    Karl Tan28 gün önce

    Andrew is like the only kind of mass monster people want to LOOK LIKE

  • Siberius Wolf

    Siberius Wolf

    20 gün önce

    Not the only one, and depends where you're drawing that line, but it's not a big club.

  • Scott Williamson
    Scott Williamson28 gün önce

    Huge fella with a huge future if he stays healthy, anyone knocking his posing or conditioning as a 1st time competitor haven’t seen many local level shows.

  • Nick Van Tinteren
    Nick Van Tinteren28 gün önce

    Third place guy clearly should have got 2nd

  • YourDadWorks AtNewBrightonStarBucks
    YourDadWorks AtNewBrightonStarBucks28 gün önce

    his physique seems to be fooling people, he is a beginner! give his posing a break he did amazingly

  • David Houma
    David Houma28 gün önce

    Can't believe they have to wear masks competing! They all less than two metres apart. Throw those damn masks in the bin🤣

  • serie 47
    serie 4729 gün önce


  • popo1310023
    popo131002329 gün önce

    how is that physique not mr olympia status lol. i must be blind or bodybuilding is just biased corruption

  • F F
    F F29 gün önce

    Andrew jacked is one of the best bodybuilders . He looks incredible

  • Jon Doc
    Jon Doc29 gün önce

    Needs more groin training to win . His symmetry is slightly off . He has the potential to get it tho

  • Current Affairs
    Current Affairs29 gün önce

    Broad daylight robbery in UAE...Andrew was robbed

  • jordan juliau
    jordan juliau29 gün önce

    The other guy really got a similar genetic in some way

  • jordan juliau

    jordan juliau

    29 gün önce

    I have wrote this during the video but now I can say. It’s like they are twin. I have never saw that on stage. Jesus

    BEAST RACING29 gün önce

    U can t even imagine how much this is exhausting tons times more than gym

  • MLSCrow
    MLSCrow29 gün önce

    It should have been between Andrew and 323 for sure. They mixed up 3rd and 2nd placements.

  • Terrell Spivey
    Terrell Spivey29 gün önce

    Man Andrew Is Jacked!! Haha! Such a Beast! 323 was a shorter version of him! Almost identical!

  • Todd Holt
    Todd Holt29 gün önce

    I think Andrew looked better than that guy. The one on the Right was really ripped though but so much smaller.

  • TROY
    TROY29 gün önce

    its the masks for me lol

  • LB
    LBAylar önce

    Robbery, Andrew should have won it all clearly. SMH

  • Justin Abraham
    Justin AbrahamAylar önce

    The guy who placed third was the deserving winner.

  • Ɛ.ᑭIᑎKY.3
    Ɛ.ᑭIᑎKY.3Aylar önce

    left wala right

  • Brandon Funaro
    Brandon FunaroAylar önce

    3rd should’ve been 2nd wtf happened there?

  • Giyu Tomioka
    Giyu TomiokaAylar önce

    Bicep Peaks N traps In backshot Insane

    DARK MANIACAylar önce

    Ronnie's actual successor is here...

  • Hammer
    HammerAylar önce

    Im pissed off that Andrew lost.

  • RINGO Yuri
    RINGO YuriAylar önce


  • Unit 50
    Unit 50Aylar önce

    No way should that guy have won

  • Brad Reid
    Brad ReidAylar önce

    Andrew's height really helped him stand out. The proper winner I think. #3 should have been #2 as others have mentioned.

  • knowwe
    knowweAylar önce

    Knew Andrew had it, only concern was why he was always on the outside of the group, they usually bring the best to the centre in these contests.

  • knowwe
    knowweAylar önce

    Posing with masks, really?

  • Will M
    Will MAylar önce

    "politics" ...nah, straight up rigged. One huge reason why bodybuilding isn't bigger and this comp will continue to be a joke.

  • Creature Gears
    Creature GearsAylar önce

    What happened to Andrews channel. All content is gone

  • Corteum9000
    Corteum9000Aylar önce

    How heavy?

  • Fit Goals
    Fit GoalsAylar önce

    Waist is too wide

  • Roshan Gurung
    Roshan GurungAylar önce

    mr olympia genetics

  • Muscle Monster
    Muscle MonsterAylar önce

    one thing is missing (smile)

  • tom
    tomAylar önce

    Andrew would be a great movie superhero character like if u agree

  • Legion of the Gooses Official
    Legion of the Gooses OfficialAylar önce

    For his height he looks amazing, def top 10 in ifbb in the future

  • Bryan Torres
    Bryan TorresAylar önce

    Been waiting for this day since my sophomore year in high school... I’m a sophomore in a college now