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  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh14 saatler önce

    Larry looks like 38 year's old

  • Naman Srivastava
    Naman Srivastava20 saatler önce

    Do exercise eat good live long and healthy or take steroid live 5-10 year good strong but you are not going to be healthy at all in entire life and may be you get die at early age loss your sexual power hair etc etc choose wisely be a wise person

  • karmaa Gurung
    karmaa GurungGün önce

    Looks like a father of 23 years son

  • AY J
    AY J5 gün önce

    Please use mask, stupid

  • spikyend senpai
    spikyend senpai11 gün önce

    Neither of them look like they are in there 20'$

  • vukiss 9889
    vukiss 988912 gün önce

    He looks older because of steroids. Testosterone and other hormones made him look older, I can't believe what extreme things and feats people go for...

  • Alpha MMA Fight Clips
    Alpha MMA Fight Clips13 gün önce

    Tons of GEAR is the KEY. We ALL work HARD. Done.

  • Adriel Tan
    Adriel Tan14 gün önce

    dude saw this at my suggestion and I thought he was back training again after the Pec tear, cus.he was wearing the same shirt from larrys last post

  • Monster Michael Todd Hutching
    Monster Michael Todd Hutching14 gün önce

    I don't believe he's 23, He's just lying.

  • JLM Motion
    JLM Motion16 gün önce

    I'm 23 and fed up of people telling me that I look older 28s, 30s. And this guy looks so damn older than his age. But wow such a monster. So sad what happened to him. Hope he'll come back stronger and better than ever.

  • Nick Star
    Nick Star17 gün önce

    Largest is Russian bodybuilder Vitaliy Ugolnikov

  • Matthew Dominguez
    Matthew Dominguez17 gün önce

    Is this the guy that got the pectoral injury?

  • Dustin Fehr
    Dustin Fehr20 gün önce

    Is this guy that larry ruined his career by not spotting him??

  • Kolapo


    18 gün önce

    Larry did spot Ryan with 2 other guys. The injury happened because Ryan's pectoral muscles weren't ready for that 485lb incline bench. That's also why he went down so slow.

  • Makkai Sorin
    Makkai Sorin21 gün önce

    No hate here but man...from all of those test he looks at LEAST like 33++

  • David Langston
    David Langston21 gün önce

    This guy looks like my dad that left 23 years ago

  • Dani Sikos
    Dani Sikos22 gün önce

    3:40 that’s what she said😏

  • Uros Djordjevic
    Uros Djordjevic22 gün önce

    The thing about this young dude is that he is that big that you dont even have posibility in you mind that he is 23 yo... He is actually a monster on another level

  • aaron morgan
    aaron morgan24 gün önce

    Man roids must age you like crazy no way he's 23 so sad about the pec tear Ryan hope U get better

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi25 gün önce

    makes larry look small AF

  • Cahee14
    Cahee1425 gün önce

    34"!? That's literally my waist size... wtf!?

  • Halil İbrahim SAYIM
    Halil İbrahim SAYIM25 gün önce

    Aga bi nazar duası lazımdı beee

  • Toms Strazdiņš
    Toms Strazdiņš25 gün önce

    Larry i think you forgot that you have Thor in your channel, and his legs was definetly bigger.

  • Tona Refaat
    Tona Refaat25 gün önce

    Who's watching after Ryan's injury?😢😢

  • humphreys lifting and fitness
    humphreys lifting and fitness25 gün önce

    killing it

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge26 gün önce

    Ryan's small head makes him look even bigger

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge26 gün önce

    His legs are nearly my waist size, and I'm overweight 😀🤔😮😥

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge26 gün önce

    Are legs over 2 days? No squats or leg press? 😂

  • Ivo Nevistic
    Ivo Nevistic26 gün önce

    Jeez those are the oooldest looking 23 yrs old i've eva seen in my tiny life lol

  • ParaRevd
    ParaRevd26 gün önce

    Larry is huge and this guy makes him look like a child

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones26 gün önce

    23? This dude looks at least 40 and that's not a good thing

  • David Vazquez
    David Vazquez26 gün önce

    Ryan really looks like a nice person.

  • The Ordinary Vlogger
    The Ordinary Vlogger26 gün önce

    There warm up sums up my whole workout

  • Jerome Bout
    Jerome Bout26 gün önce

    Ryan crowley injury is a blessing to him. It's time for him to re-evaluate his life plan. His 23, all drug, with a subpar genetic. Long segment, weird muscle insertion. In a word he is going nowhere. He is the kind of guy you'll never heard of in the 90's.

  • Omme style
    Omme style26 gün önce

    There is difference between size and strength between larry anh rayen

  • terrence bernort
    terrence bernort26 gün önce

    .. Aaaand we all know actually..😅Rip the '' career ''..

  • jeetsupa
    jeetsupa26 gün önce

    He sounds a bit like vintage genetics

  • Kylmore Voss
    Kylmore Voss26 gün önce

    well his 23 but look like 35 and guess the tonns of steroids helped him alot to reach that!!! kek

  • Jayden Matthee
    Jayden Matthee26 gün önce

    Why do he remind me of Chris Hemsworth😂

  • boss 630
    boss 63027 gün önce

    26:23 🙏

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza27 gün önce

    Achei que ele ia soltar um birl a qualquer momento

  • Jenith Pereira
    Jenith Pereira27 gün önce


  • Political Gyno
    Political Gyno27 gün önce

    that guys chest went snap

  • Booza Murphdog
    Booza Murphdog27 gün önce

    how the pec goin why so heavy 🤦‍♂️

  • erick
    erick28 gün önce

    looks 50 , th4 steroids are baaad🤕🤧

  • 1000sofusernames
    1000sofusernames28 gün önce

    LOL at steroid users. Rapid aging, bloated faces, loads of health problems, hair loss, early death and only other men find it attractive. Try being natural athletes. Your average tradie on the building site has got more useful strength than these guys. At least they don't have to have a nap 3 times a day and eat out of tupperware boxes with autistic dedication.

  • Nicholas Cheap
    Nicholas Cheap28 gün önce

    Alpha !

  • John
    John28 gün önce

    Larry has a small as legs

  • Dr Bullet
    Dr Bullet28 gün önce

    Amazing how steroids actually fuks up ur body haha 23 years old wow.. bunch of wanna be tough guys with no brains man

  • Gary Gary
    Gary Gary28 gün önce

    Calves ?????

  • Bronze Thunderbeard
    Bronze Thunderbeard28 gün önce

    Larry: Hey come to my channel! Ryan: Okay! *tears entire pec muscle off the bone*

  • SoMexican
    SoMexican28 gün önce

    I'm 25 and I look 19 lol

  • Woke 4ever
    Woke 4ever28 gün önce

    Get well soon Ryan💪🏾

  • DarrickShanks
    DarrickShanks28 gün önce

    steroids and genetics.

  • ravi anand pandey
    ravi anand pandey28 gün önce

    Get well soon

  • Shrutorshi Dutta
    Shrutorshi Dutta28 gün önce

    I really wanna see you do a leg day with Tom Platz. Would be dream content!!!

  • the prince
    the prince28 gün önce

    R .I. p ryan

  • Digambar Adsul
    Digambar Adsul28 gün önce

    Anyone here looking at his right pec?? Recover soon brother , best wishes from 🇮🇳

  • Mare 7 estrellas
    Mare 7 estrellas28 gün önce

    Chest broken

    OLUWASEYI YUSSUF28 gün önce

    The worse type of cramp is tricep cramp, trust me

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia28 gün önce

    I'm here after watching his pec tear tryna bench an insane amount of weight...

  • prabhjit singh
    prabhjit singh29 gün önce

    Larry’s weakness nicole for sure he will understand later on...

  • prabhjit singh
    prabhjit singh29 gün önce

    Who is here after injury

  • Lennart Vikström
    Lennart Vikström29 gün önce

    "I was very skinny until I started eating porridge" 😇

  • Michael Mangino
    Michael Mangino29 gün önce

    Better be Smarter or your never gonna last! Keep it cool

  • coryg121
    coryg12129 gün önce

    The masks are so Fucken stupid.

  • Antoine Lessard
    Antoine Lessard29 gün önce

    is this guy a pec tears ???

  • Finsihline Bas
    Finsihline Bas29 gün önce

    Little did he know a few days after his fucking left shit would rip in half

  • Rajan Singh
    Rajan Singh29 gün önce

    The pec tear was peak

  • Super Noodles

    Super Noodles

    27 gün önce

    @Mr. Eminem and ego lifting

  • Mr. Eminem

    Mr. Eminem

    28 gün önce

    😂 Result of heavy steriods

  • Dr DeadBench
    Dr DeadBench29 gün önce

    Imagibe trying to stop him in rugby

  • WillyP
    WillyP29 gün önce

    biggest quads smallest beej

  • marek k
    marek k29 gün önce

    Who is here after Pec injury? Hope he gets well fast, soo bad thing to happen to a guy with such a potential 😥

  • Buzdi
    Buzdi29 gün önce

    And he tore his pec 😢

  • Joshua Donker
    Joshua Donker29 gün önce

    29:59 , always listen to your body

  • Vikrant Chaudhary
    Vikrant Chaudhary29 gün önce

    22:05 he slaps himself then Larry be like... Not gonna leave this opportunity to be cool by slapping him on thigh. Lol😂

  • Toon Vanseer
    Toon Vanseer29 gün önce

    Steroïden are fact look ad de body building in 1960 dad was puur natuur don't say day don take it hoo yes 2000%

  • Sal S
    Sal SAylar önce

    Lmao wtffff this guy is a fkn U N I T

  • Patrcia Clemons
    Patrcia ClemonsAylar önce

    Wow at like 4:22 good coach

  • Germo pikani -vanatua
    Germo pikani -vanatuaAylar önce

    i feel so bad about ryan🥵🥵

  • aaronrus
    aaronrusAylar önce

    23 is not a Junior, and he looks like he’s 45

  • Yung Wynna
    Yung WynnaAylar önce

    Crazy to think that my quads are the same size as Larry’s and I’m 190lbs

  • Yung Wynna

    Yung Wynna

    29 gün önce

    @Levan Saginashvili is Shrek very true. But I’m not a thick guy either lol. I just squat a lot

  • Levan Saginashvili is Shrek

    Levan Saginashvili is Shrek

    29 gün önce

    @Yung Wynna well Larry has longer femurs and shredded plus just not a thick guy more like mr universe type physique

  • Yung Wynna

    Yung Wynna

    29 gün önce

    @Levan Saginashvili is Shrek 5’9 lol

  • Levan Saginashvili is Shrek

    Levan Saginashvili is Shrek

    29 gün önce

    How tall are you?

  • Levi Patterson
    Levi PattersonAylar önce

    With the amount of roids this 23 year old is taking, im not suprised tjat he looks 35

  • Rashid Ali
    Rashid AliAylar önce

    Steroids Steroids and more Steroids

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason BennettAylar önce

    This dude not seriously wearing the toe shoes

  • Randy Kittelson
    Randy KittelsonAylar önce

    he on that tren no cardio lol

  • James Beaudry
    James BeaudryAylar önce

    Anyone remember Trey Brewer? He had the craziest legs for his age. And he was a young dude

  • Khushnood Khan
    Khushnood KhanAylar önce

    6:20 man sounding like a LION. 🦁.

  • Khushnood Khan
    Khushnood KhanAylar önce

    Steroids made him go future at 23 years of age, .

    MARIO WAylar önce

    Grettings from Poland Teamajpa Super epizode Larry

  • ATV
    ATVAylar önce

    4:36 I'd say Morgan Aste's quads are bigger than his, but they are huge anyway that's for sure

  • Bartek Kopawryj
    Bartek KopawryjAylar önce

    Pierwszy gościu na odcinku co jest większy od niego

  • Paul J
    Paul JAylar önce

    Stupid really. Taking that much gear at that young age is completely backwards

  • Super Noodles

    Super Noodles

    27 gün önce

    Well that's "bodybuilding" for you

  • Chang zubiarre
    Chang zubiarreAylar önce

    ¿por que llevan la mascarilla en el cuello?

  • aditya chitale
    aditya chitaleAylar önce

    Are we going to ignore the fact that the dude was roaming in the gym the whole time in his underpants. Lmao

  • Maicon Marques
    Maicon MarquesAylar önce

    Muito sucesso guerreiro sou fã de vocês.

  • 無邊風月
    無邊風月Aylar önce

    Any girls here?

  • RavSingh Rajput````

    RavSingh Rajput````

    28 gün önce

    Not yet

  • Pazz 92
    Pazz 92Aylar önce

    Finaly someome i like ! hes pushing Larry the way i like to train. Awsome i like him, verry happy with this video.

  • RavSingh Rajput````

    RavSingh Rajput````

    28 gün önce

    And then next day the game is over 😆

  • Io Maalo
    Io MaaloAylar önce

    Larry 26,this guy looks older

  • barry16969
    barry16969Aylar önce

    if i worked out in my gym in my underwere i would scare people and get thrown out

  • steve smith
    steve smithAylar önce

    I have 46.5 meat inches

  • who cares
    who caresAylar önce

    Please put some pants on thank you