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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Joseph Tumbarello: josephtumba...
Anthony Esco: worldstarli...
John Gaglinoe: gaglionestr...
Sean Ranger: rangerrfit


  • William Apicelli
    William Apicelli22 saatler önce

    How much does he weigh benching 600?

  • Sean S
    Sean S7 gün önce

    That trainer knows what hes doing Larry your lucky.

  • Autodriveforce
    Autodriveforce15 gün önce

    No straps 😬😬

  • Marco Wiederaenders
    Marco Wiederaenders16 gün önce

    6ft 8 ...310 fck me thats huge

  • WyskEdits
    WyskEdits17 gün önce

    19?? What a beast

  • real limited
    real limited18 gün önce

    I dont understand why he chose this dude as his coach. I mean i understand theres not many people stronger than him so its not easy finding a coach but still. He had to save this egotard's life because dude wanted to wear a full body slingshot suit on the other bench video.

  • Boogington Scotchberry
    Boogington Scotchberry26 gün önce

    My bench PR is 335. These guys are serious motivation for me to keep pushing myself

  • Mike Brown

    Mike Brown

    24 gün önce

    Why did Larry struggle with 545, I thought his max bench is 675 ?

  • JakeC 115
    JakeC 11528 gün önce

    How much do the bench shirts help?

    IRON RIDER-9728 gün önce

    13:24😂 Yup , Larry bicep peaks are insane

  • No Idea
    No Idea29 gün önce

    LMAO 5:50

  • maestro poo
    maestro pooAylar önce


  • maestro poo
    maestro pooAylar önce

    esos chicos no pueden levantar ese peso con esa poca estructùra noo me lo creo

  • Ricardo
    RicardoAylar önce

    17:25 why is he touching the bar, 21:06 again...

  • You Tube
    You TubeAylar önce

    Those bench shirts are ridiculous

  • bob bill
    bob billAylar önce

    Larry’s bench ain’t what it used to be, is it all the bodybuilding he’s been doing or did he get injured?

  • pieces9
    pieces9Aylar önce

    19 dude looks 30

  • Dale wilson
    Dale wilsonAylar önce

    Little guy looks like he's constantly carrying carpets lol

  • Icebucketgrant
    IcebucketgrantAylar önce

    That bald dude always wears the most ridiculous things it looks dumb

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge DreddAylar önce

    Don't know who the man in a full ecuipe, but he's a clown!

  • Jakob Sundström
    Jakob SundströmAylar önce

    Is there any actuall benefits to benching with benchshirts and such, other than looking rediculos and benching more

  • Le0
    Le0Aylar önce

    Strong af

  • Le0


    Aylar önce

    Anthony Reminds me of Franco columbo

  • Albert Ortiz
    Albert OrtizAylar önce

    Why dude I’m green shirt got white socks on with black sneakers 🤣🤣🤣 and wtf is he doin Larry is so much way better then all them in everything

  • Mason Baer
    Mason BaerAylar önce

    Gaglione lost SO MUCH weight. He looks great now!

  • Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner
    Garage Warrior - Charlie WeidnerAylar önce

    No hate on multi-ply, but at what point are we even benching anymore? Perhaps we can get a federation where we use those hydraulic arms that those military mech-suits use?

  • Max tandremen Oje
    Max tandremen OjeAylar önce

    I want to see road to 700lbs series

  • TortillasAreNotBiceps
    TortillasAreNotBicepsAylar önce

    All strong dudes.

  • Geloskie
    GeloskieAylar önce

    Bruh that guy in the green shouldnt be in these videos lol. hes mad annoying

  • Chicho Johnson
    Chicho JohnsonAylar önce

    I use to see Larry do 600 x 20 reps he was injured reasonly?He starting slow again I guess!

  • Ethan Atkins

    Ethan Atkins

    19 gün önce

    Larry never did anywhere close to 600lb for 20 reps

  • 2000itr1010
    2000itr1010Aylar önce

    I’m guessing the guy in green had the lowest bench that’s why he went with a full comp bench setup

  • BuiltToLaugh
    BuiltToLaughAylar önce


  • Anal beads
    Anal beadsAylar önce

    Fuck off Anthony. Actually annoying seeing someone that strong 😂

  • Clayton Peele
    Clayton PeeleAylar önce

    Just curious. The drastic size lost in Larry. Are you completely off cycle.

  • Roland Roland
    Roland RolandAylar önce

    That guy ain’t 6”8 , all 🧢 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Nick T

    Nick T

    Aylar önce

    Joe Tumberello coaches me now lifted with him and Sean (the 6’8 guy) last week, trust me I’m 6’ he is 6’8 he’s massive

  • Kevin Riley
    Kevin RileyAylar önce

    The tall black dude just faded out the video once they got past 405. My man was ghost

  • horsemoose1
    horsemoose1Aylar önce

    Anything chest involved i have to read the comments before i watch one of his videos anymore...

    DONNIE GRANDEAylar önce

    12:39 well said!

  • Morgen Glende-Michalski
    Morgen Glende-MichalskiAylar önce

    Love how none of these guys have to create a crazy arch and spread hands as far apart as possible to hit these numbers…. This is how powerlifting should be lol

  • Morgen Glende-Michalski

    Morgen Glende-Michalski

    Aylar önce

    @RoyalCaoCao yah, and really it’s not even the “old way”. It’s the fuckin normal way lmao. Yes we know basic physics and how to make a lift easier, but it completely changes the sport as you say. It turns into a show of manipulating the heavy weight rather than having the strength to just move it

  • RoyalCaoCao


    Aylar önce

    As someone who trains the old school way, I couldn't agree more. People are getting too fancy nowadays, and turning powerlifting into some reality TV show. With that being said, if the federations & rules allows it...that's how it will be.

  • Sauna Mad Man
    Sauna Mad ManAylar önce

    Thats how the big dawgs get down! Notes taken

  • M4D - M4N
    M4D - M4NAylar önce

    that guy looks so much like btc while bench pressing

  • Ross Casey
    Ross CaseyAylar önce

    19 year old kid is impressive good for him

  • Ivan Hidjev
    Ivan HidjevAylar önce

    Nice vid dude

  • Oo Oo
    Oo OoAylar önce

    Rip btc D:

  • Maisaan Mohamed
    Maisaan MohamedAylar önce

    Please Larry be careful with those crazy lift's 🥺 it's scary warm up properly strach and don't push toooo hard


    I don't know... But Larry bro... I feel like at the moment you too lean for crazy heavy my bro.. 🤔🙁... 😖😖

  • Lluc Aristondo Alzina
    Lluc Aristondo AlzinaAylar önce

    Waiting for the akim and Julius collab

  • Lord Blackwood
    Lord BlackwoodAylar önce

    19 going on 32

  • Nino K.
    Nino K.Aylar önce

    Whoever complains about dudes screaming and cheering their mates up for a PR, never has felt the feeling of hitting one after weeks of training for it. Great community, love it 🙏🏾

  • TealWolf
    TealWolfAylar önce

    Lol larry

  • Vanguard
    VanguardAylar önce


  • Hercules King
    Hercules KingAylar önce

    Larry looks lean. Don't think he'll be pushing 675 anytime soon.

  • Mạnh Bùi
    Mạnh BùiAylar önce

    ai vn k

  • DJ G
    DJ GAylar önce

    Just got my PR Lever Belt in and can’t wait to kill legs and back!!!

  • The Truth
    The TruthAylar önce

    Play connect the dots on homeboy's back and the whole backside will be black.

  • Claw Spxmz
    Claw SpxmzAylar önce

    There’s no way the guy with the Mohawk is natural right? I mean I can understand Larry benching that much but that other guys is no where near as big so idk bro 🤷🏽‍♂️ o yea and he do seem super tensed and aggressive low key hey idk man what do y’all think?

  • TSB
    TSBAylar önce

    Is it me or is his coach giving him HORRIBLE lift offs?

  • TSB
    TSBAylar önce

    Is coach being extra or is that normal?

  • fitness misfit & free spirit uk
    fitness misfit & free spirit ukAylar önce

    Bar nearly fell on his neck 😳 apparently

  • That Guy
    That GuyAylar önce

    Good group of guys

  • Cedric Norris
    Cedric NorrisAylar önce

    The 19 year old is a monster. No wrist or elbow wraps needed. Raw brute strength

  • Mr Big
    Mr BigAylar önce

    Was it me or Larry’s trainer on his lifts off was pushing that weight pretty far forward on Larry ? that is a tons of stress on your delts or maybe it was just the angle 😳

  • Asad Zaidi
    Asad ZaidiAylar önce

    Idk if people noticed but the guy at 9:13 in the background with the long sleeve grey shirt is phil viz … a famous bodybuilding trainer and competitor

  • Ulrik Sand
    Ulrik SandAylar önce

    anyone else looking for daniel ryjov?

  • Danny Espinal
    Danny EspinalAylar önce

    nice work guys

  • broke bob
    broke bobAylar önce

    roids bunch of acne on the back, have to use gear to get any weight up

  • AD Israel.
    AD Israel.Aylar önce

    those shorter guys are built to bench press big numbers, their thick and have those turtle arms, great presses overall for everyone tho👍🏽

  • BudgetBallin Films
    BudgetBallin FilmsAylar önce

    Whole lotta ass in the air

  • Mac Bhakta
    Mac BhaktaAylar önce

    Trenbolene triceps had my laughing

  • Count Stacks
    Count StacksAylar önce

    Deontay Wilder is pretty strong. 🤣

  • Aylar önce

    Yep…..they just warmed up on my Max🥴

  • Mike rigola
    Mike rigola Aylar önce

    Dam Larry hang in there I can tell your feeling the loss of btc

  • Medardo Lomeli
    Medardo LomeliAylar önce

    It feels weird not seeing BTC around :'(

  • Mayank Gautam
    Mayank GautamAylar önce

    Larry looks like CJ from gta sanandareas

  • Veljko Klincov
    Veljko KlincovAylar önce

    Does these guys drink protein? 🤔



  • Eric
    EricAylar önce

    Anthony stop Drying your shorts in the dryer

  • Steven Piippo
    Steven PiippoAylar önce

    Joe juiced out his MIND

  • elie Deeb
    elie DeebAylar önce

    Another pec tear and another go fund me morons.

  • todd wickman
    todd wickmanAylar önce

    Me over here at 19 barely pressing 255 and this guy just presses 520 at the same age. Insanely impressive 💪🏼🙏🏼

  • Luiggi Huerta
    Luiggi HuertaAylar önce

    Joseph is a beast man

  • Life, Fitness, Wildlife, and food
    Life, Fitness, Wildlife, and foodAylar önce

    Larry’s looking at Jo like “alright got my numbers on bench and push-ups but can you get me in arm wrestle!?

  • Filiph Sandberg
    Filiph SandbergAylar önce

    wtf is he wearing xDDDD

    BIGG BORIAylar önce

    Take bullshit bench shirt off

    BIGG BORIAylar önce

    Hope kids natural hes only 19 bro

  • goldn26
    goldn26Aylar önce

    Larry, You need to get your Boy Daniel Ryjov in a collab.... He's absolute beast! And Strong AF

  • zoom
    zoomAylar önce

    This guys bench press is insane, he must have a unusually high amount of muscle activation in the chest.

  • zoom


    Aylar önce

    @MdoubleHB It's nuts, how does a 19 year old bench over 5 plates a side, phenomenal......

  • Beto Martinez
    Beto MartinezAylar önce

    I have that feeling Larry wasn’t feeling Anthony energy too much

  • George Otieno
    George OtienoAylar önce

    Those are naturally strong mufackas. Dope stuff

  • Mr chaudhary
    Mr chaudharyAylar önce

    Larry losing first time

  • KaoKao
    KaoKaoAylar önce

    I couldn’t hate that shirt more

  • Mi Comunidad Vegana
    Mi Comunidad VeganaAylar önce

    Larry is not happy with how his 520 went up.

  • Julian
    JulianAylar önce

    Awesome video, puts Bigboy and Strength Cartel to shame...

  • Mi Comunidad Vegana
    Mi Comunidad VeganaAylar önce

    No one is interested in seeing anyone bench press with a bench shirt in this day and age. It doesn't count for sh!t....not when Julius Maddox is about to hit 800 lbs raw.

  • Josh Tocker
    Josh TockerAylar önce

    I'd buy some merchandise but no size chart to reference.

  • Josh Tocker

    Josh Tocker

    Aylar önce

    @Marcy Tumbarello If only we knew Larry's actual dimensions.... lol

  • Marcy Tumbarello

    Marcy Tumbarello

    Aylar önce

    Larry is the reference chart lol

  • Chris Blaise
    Chris BlaiseAylar önce

    …and yeah, I know more muscle mass doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to press more or be stronger, but the bottom line is, Joseph Tumbarello is the Strongest man in this video, and 100 percent gets the most props! 💪👊

  • Chris Blaise
    Chris BlaiseAylar önce

    I’m reading several recent comments here & hardly anyone is mentioning Joe Tumbarello. The kid benched 600 lbs lol He should be the main subject here. Larry is clearly BIGGER (TALLER & HEAVIER) IE: MUCH MORE MUSCLE MASS, and yet JOE is the ONLY ONE pressing 600lbs. PERIOD END OF STORY.

  • Aidan Proffitt
    Aidan ProffittAylar önce


  • Carl Johnson
    Carl JohnsonAylar önce

    Big fan of joes man tryna he like him

  • Cesar Valiente
    Cesar ValienteAylar önce

    18:36 wtffffff😰

    BEST IN THE WORLD 🌎Aylar önce

    First black guy SEAN RANGER look like A wwe wrestler OMOS(AJ STYLES'AG TEAM PARTNER) DO YOU AGREE??

  • Salazar
    SalazarAylar önce

    I like bench press training videos very much! Looking forward to your competition.