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  • Black Hammer
    Black Hammer21 gün önce

    Larry toys with that Mohammed guy now

  • Mallu Sniper Warrior
    Mallu Sniper WarriorAylar önce

    Ohh... it's so exciting..🔥🔥🔥

  • kar0x
    kar0xAylar önce

    thank you coach ray,, your explanations are very good! :D

  • Robert Hope
    Robert HopeAylar önce

    What's with the table ???:(

  • momtaz101
    momtaz101Aylar önce

    I am a big fan of Mohammed. he has the charisma and the required ego to make it in arm wrestling.

  • Ро Ро
    Ро РоAylar önce

    Тренер Рэй- лучший!!

  • Kazuya720
    Kazuya720Aylar önce

    There is to much sand in this table :D

  • Ben Salas
    Ben SalasAylar önce

    It's annoyingly hypocritical how all those people who stayed bitching and whining about Khaled in the comments (until it was pretty much cleared up that his lack of table practice etiquette had more to do with his inexperience in the sport and cultural barriers than him being a douche like they judged him) are now nowhere in sight and not talking about that tall guy in the white shirt just wanting to build his name off Larry for social media/TRloft clout. Just because he doesn't wear it on his face make no mistake that guy is far worse than Khaled ever was watch out for him Larry and Adam! False starts, off position and even trying to bully coach Ray. Like coach Ray said, "armwrestling bullies everywhere!" It's one thing to be competitive it's another thing to know what you're doing and know they're trying to preserve Larry's arm without overworking it and still try to treat it like a serious match. If Larry wanted he could demand strap and take that guy's whole upper torso home with him! That was awesome how Coach Ray and the lightweight champion humbled him in the end!

  • Ben Salas

    Ben Salas

    Aylar önce

    @momtaz101 oh please. There is nothing wrong with confidence. Or competitiveness. That is not what I speak of. I also didn't see Khaled's overtly competitive nature as a problem either. But this Mohammed you can tell is more experienced with more table knowledge of practice in etiquette than Khaled was when he started but he's clearly just trying to build clout for himself off Larry. Adam and Coach Ray are both trying to keep Larry healthy in this video because he reinjured his bicep and is still recovering from his lat injury too. Mohammed should know better and realize he is being overzealous and is off position pulling Larry's arm too far to his side. It's arrogance in a condescending way where he's pretending to be friendly but wants to give himself every unfair advantage and false start as possible. It was nice to see him get humbled by Rahul and Ray.

  • momtaz101


    Aylar önce

    that Mohammed is so strong. he has confidence which some people misunderstand it and think it is ego.

  • Dano Hernandez
    Dano HernandezAylar önce

    When there is gonna be a match betwen you and Alan Guerra?

  • Striker McGurk
    Striker McGurkAylar önce

    There have to be some idiots with big egos around every time :D

  • Nismo OST
    Nismo OSTAylar önce

    bro the intro music along with the clips is always such a hype

  • Big Gee Izzy
    Big Gee IzzyAylar önce

    @STRENGTHNET Adam ya big ball sack of a head!😆😜 You do and say whatever hell you wanna say! Love your work and your banter mate👌🏽 Like a friend said to me.. "it's all fun and games, until someone gets touched inappropriately" 😳🤣

  • Big Gee Izzy
    Big Gee IzzyAylar önce

    15:25 Adam ya cheeky bugger!🤣

  • Wayne Baker 2 healing
    Wayne Baker 2 healingAylar önce

    Hey Larry is it possible to add a stand-on plate that the arm wrestling table can faston to so the table wouldn't move cuz of the bodies weight it down

  • K J
    K J2 aylar önce

    They should just teach Larry what is not allowed, that list is much shorter, and then let him loose.

  • winns87x
    winns87x2 aylar önce

    Amazing video. Coach Ray is best trainer.

  • Attractive Glass
    Attractive Glass2 aylar önce

    Im over ray trying to teach everybody every milli movement. Just pull the guys first then tell them what they could do better. He literally tried teaching an 8x champion before actually pulling him lmao. Then when he pulls him he says “you don’t need taught how to armwrestle” no shit lol. Larry you need to be the Dana White of Armwrestling and host supermatches. People love watching your guests pull the strongest in dubai more so than we love watching them pull you.. There’s a lot of money to be made being the host! You have the following to do it!

  • PC Buddies
    PC Buddies2 aylar önce

    I think Larry has got enough of theory and he really just needs more practice. Also he needs to work on mobility, flexibility and nervous system.

  • Eric Reven
    Eric Reven2 aylar önce

    Coach Ray is great! Thank you

  • Shy Society
    Shy Society2 aylar önce

    Larry's right hand is just not cupping he needs to switch to his left it just looks better his cupping and pronation on his right hand is really bad ...

  • The KING
    The KING2 aylar önce

    That coach is weak

  • Mateus Brait
    Mateus Brait2 aylar önce


  • MrRunescapy
    MrRunescapy2 aylar önce

    You focus a lot on dragging and moving away from your hand. Try to not move your body away so much when you don't yet have hand control, otherwise you pry your own arm open. Stay tight as you gain the hand control. Keep pronator tight, cup, stay high, and hammer curl the weight to your nose.

  • monolithe00
    monolithe002 aylar önce

    Genady and vitaly comming to dubay? awesome!

  • Armtillery
    Armtillery2 aylar önce

    Coach Ray cares so much, you can tell. He doesnt have a horrible ego like 50% of these ELITE Armwrestlers.

  • fernando tossici
    fernando tossici2 aylar önce

    someone silence Adam, please.

  • Арди Флей
    Арди Флей2 aylar önce


  • andy macleod
    andy macleod2 aylar önce

    I knew adam was strong ...but he is getting stronger

  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson2 aylar önce

    Larry looks to get in much tighter to the table with his left and can leverage his back and twist his wrist more. He seems much more open with his right and relies too much on just his bicep.

  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson2 aylar önce

    Hasn't anyone invented a table that bolts to the floor!!! ; b

  • Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz2 aylar önce

    Didn't knew arm wrestling was so technical 😳

  • ready2
    ready22 aylar önce

    Woo Genadi and Laletin. Now those two monsters gonna be interesting. But please try to get translators. It would be so much better that way.

  • TNM001
    TNM0012 aylar önce

    how is it possible that Larry can not cup to save his life on his right? is there some stiffness, or previous injury that prevents him to? if he ever gets it, he will be a beast.

  • Rolixinho
    Rolixinho2 aylar önce

    You gotta get coach Ray back, i am sure that his knowledge for a bit longer would help you improve way faster !

  • Auba Xbeast
    Auba Xbeast2 aylar önce

    We want to see Khaled pls

  • dante hawkinz
    dante hawkinz2 aylar önce

    Chochos wheels

  • Franco Almeida Baterista
    Franco Almeida Baterista2 aylar önce

    @15:29 hahaah xD

  • THANOS അച്ചായൻ
    THANOS അച്ചായൻ2 aylar önce

    Rahul ചേട്ടോ 🔥🔥 മലയാളീസ് ഉണ്ടോ

  • Winston Brown
    Winston Brown2 aylar önce


  • 666ofdoom
    666ofdoom2 aylar önce

    50:36 first time I see Larry get mad lmaooooo

  • Reeves
    Reeves2 aylar önce

    This coach Ray is a legend, I've never seen anyone take as much time with Larry and go into so much detail to help him. Top bloke.

  • Adhi Dhima
    Adhi Dhima2 aylar önce

    Ray is great coach

  • Doğukan Mert ÖZGEN
    Doğukan Mert ÖZGEN2 aylar önce

    I hate people that are trying to "prove" themselves with pinning Larry. Thanks heavens he's such a classy guy and doesn't try to prove anything because he already knows he's one of the GOATs at strength sports. Stay humble and stay safe big brother we want to see your greatness for many more years 💯💯

  • Alexmdrfull
    Alexmdrfull2 aylar önce

    That's crazy larry has the strongest biceps here and praticly don't use them

  • Rohit Dubey
    Rohit Dubey2 aylar önce

    Larry doesn't feel much confident

  • William Colchester
    William Colchester2 aylar önce

    I have seen all your videos Larry. Come on man u are strong but see some videos rather making one. You will see your making big mistakes

  • Georgios Karagiannis
    Georgios Karagiannis2 aylar önce

    Sometimes he seems to me he doesn't understand how to armwrestle.He keeps gripping with flop wrist at the setup even though Sergio Adam corrected him many times last four months.

  • JoshinIdaho
    JoshinIdaho2 aylar önce

    This guy Biaz continually jumping on Larry before he's set up.

  • MrJubb
    MrJubb2 aylar önce

    really dope watching these vids coach ray was awesome

  • ayi papel
    ayi papel2 aylar önce

    they need to lube up that table

  • James Pangelinan
    James Pangelinan2 aylar önce

    fantastic practice session

  • HD cloud
    HD cloud2 aylar önce

    Yessss that left hand was looking good Larry

  • DawgFL
    DawgFL2 aylar önce

    It's cool that seth rogen was part of this.

  • TheClots
    TheClots2 aylar önce

    Some guys are pissing me off trying to get every advantage and the match to start at their side of the table when TRAINING with Larry

  • Emily Phelps
    Emily Phelps2 aylar önce

    Vitaly and Genady wow that's gonna be some good content

  • Tgs Cat
    Tgs Cat2 aylar önce

    Next guest ...John Brzenk , or Todzilla)

  • Red Back
    Red Back2 aylar önce

    Yess ginady is comming ? So exited

  • White Bear
    White Bear2 aylar önce

    Larry needs to do dumbbell wrist curls. And lots of them

  • TheGoldMedalCrew
    TheGoldMedalCrew2 aylar önce

    Earthquake looking jacked !

  • Wade
    Wade2 aylar önce

    Who's the guy trying to take Larry's arm off when he's learning the techniques 😂


    Larry will have nightmares about the CUP 😜😆

  • Daniel Vivas
    Daniel Vivas2 aylar önce

    Great job Larry!!👌👌💪💪

  • En Inet
    En Inet2 aylar önce

    nice team nice workout guys !

  • Unchained
    Unchained2 aylar önce

    I don't understand why he's having such trouble getting the cup on his right. Is his left forearm that much stronger than his right or what?

  • kifenehma3ak
    kifenehma3ak2 aylar önce

    rahul is a boss

  • Don Lewis
    Don Lewis2 aylar önce

    Ray is a great dude!

  • kifenehma3ak
    kifenehma3ak2 aylar önce

    whats the point of sergiu?

  • Myrkrarfar
    Myrkrarfar2 aylar önce

    Coach Ray 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz2 aylar önce

    I notice Larry starts a lot of matches at a disadvantage because he puts his elbow near the center of the table (top of the pad) and doesn’t use that to his advantage.. it ends up putting him at a disadvantage from the start. Combine that with not being able to cup properly and you are already setting yourself up to lose.

  • Pentti Hirvonen
    Pentti Hirvonen2 aylar önce

    Is Adam high?

  • Felipe LLS
    Felipe LLS2 aylar önce

    Remember Devon when he taught cupping & pronation? 🙄 ...

  • Rory Douglas
    Rory Douglas2 aylar önce

    56:17 😬😢

  • Lagia
    Lagia2 aylar önce

    Adam is based as fuck. The only one who mentioned the unfair centers at some points

  • Logan Schuetzle
    Logan Schuetzle2 aylar önce

    Crazy how much better Larry moves with his left. I think his right is overtrained

  • Rhetorical man
    Rhetorical man2 aylar önce

    Who is that cringe guy that talks about cringe guys sitting in a computer chair?

  • Gee Gun
    Gee Gun2 aylar önce

    Coach Ray is an amazing coach... probably the best Larry has had. Did he wrestle Khaled by any chance?

  • Justin Abraham
    Justin Abraham2 aylar önce

    Wow Rahul is really skilled and super strong despite being the lightest guy in that group.

  • Ellis Tomago
    Ellis Tomago2 aylar önce

    Thumbs up if you would like to see Larry get involved in Russian slap fighting.

  • Emmanuel 35
    Emmanuel 352 aylar önce

    Trust in Jesus and repent of your sins if you want to go to heaven. (1 Corinthians 6:9, Exodus 20) read the gospel so you are not deceived.

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson2 aylar önce

    It’s like Devon said when one side gets injured the other side skyrockets

  • TheMMBAJ
    TheMMBAJ2 aylar önce

    With the amount of training and tips, Larry gets from the top arm wrestlers I'd have become a beast already with those muscles around my arms.

  • Rathan Sherigar
    Rathan Sherigar2 aylar önce

    Larry best arm is his right.. but his left is more co-ordinated.. for arm wrestling.. Could it be he is not interested enough in arm wrestling as much as he should be??

  • My Life In New York
    My Life In New York2 aylar önce

    non biased, great arm wrestling coach! will like to see more of him on your vids! nice content! wanted to see the tall dude with white shirt get his arm snapped in half!

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins2 aylar önce

    That coach is really good - he needs to be there full-time as these episodes are really interesting - and he’s got a great temperament to handle all the personalities on the table! Wish I was there learning from him :)

  • Shobhit Sharma
    Shobhit Sharma2 aylar önce

    So Proud Rahul

  • killving
    killving2 aylar önce

    COACH RAY! :)

  • Ste Sta
    Ste Sta2 aylar önce

    59:24 everyone .. fire up the smokesignal.. we need devon in dubai asap!!!

  • Daron D'souza
    Daron D'souza2 aylar önce

    1:20 The guy right of larry do be looking like young todd. Thought he trimmed his beard lol

  • IceCreamJUSTICE


    2 aylar önce

    Trimmed is an understatement...

  • Rishab Jaiswal
    Rishab Jaiswal2 aylar önce

    I love you larry

  • Rishab Jaiswal
    Rishab Jaiswal2 aylar önce

    Why is his right going weak day by day

  • Max G
    Max G2 aylar önce

    Adam's gonna be found in a dumbster behind an armwrestling gym pretty soon. :P

  • Dolan Duck
    Dolan Duck2 aylar önce

    Genadi coming to Dubai HYPE. Good times!

  • Opus Dei Leviathan
    Opus Dei Leviathan2 aylar önce


  • R MO
    R MO2 aylar önce

    Anyone else dislike Adam?

  • Bulldog_055
    Bulldog_0552 aylar önce

    Adams the most talkative camera man haha

  • Maik Avu
    Maik Avu2 aylar önce

    Shoutout to Rahul Panicker. Pound for pound the best Armwrestler there...

  • Pronater King
    Pronater King2 aylar önce

    Larry,try Armwrestling without using sure you will win

  • ben cohen
    ben cohen2 aylar önce

    Looking to get built in the gym. Go follow Barbell Made on Instagram and fill out our form!

  • John Mc Millen
    John Mc Millen2 aylar önce

    Wow. THAT's an anouncement! GENADI is coming. Can't wait. Genadi, if somehow possible please bring Irakli with you :-)

  • Justin Takacs
    Justin Takacs2 aylar önce

    All those guys are cheating they are flexing wrist before start that’s why Larry’s losing pronation