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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Andrew Jacked: andrewjacked
Andrew's TRloft:


  • Vishal Topno
    Vishal Topno6 gün önce

    2 legends

  • Trillion Dollar Dreams
    Trillion Dollar Dreams7 gün önce

    Are these guys on ROIDS? Even tho f they are they’re still amazing but it explains a lot for me

  • Shobit Marar
    Shobit Marar9 gün önce

    Jacked word was invented after Andrew jacked

  • Tasha Houston
    Tasha Houston11 gün önce

    I LOVE Larry and Andrew best workout duo on youtube LOVE them when ever there together and also LOVE them individual also too 😁

  • Mik SaKuRaGi
    Mik SaKuRaGi11 gün önce

    Idol shout out here from philippines!! 💪🔥🔥Big and thick idol🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi13 gün önce

    he flexes during the motion...he isnt simply moving weights, he is carving flesh. never seen anyone that jacked

  • mayson carvalho
    mayson carvalho17 gün önce

    I always watch videos of you before I go to train ... I like to watch the video of the same muscle group from my workout of the day, so the motivation is even greater

  • Krishna
    Krishna18 gün önce

    kryptonite shoulders....!!!

  • Erik Deme
    Erik Deme21 gün önce

    Megmodlak , Tominak meg EDITNEK, Hogy, AZ TÍK azok a KULTURIŠTÁK.

  • Aqila Gema N
    Aqila Gema N21 gün önce

    Ooo yeah "yes sir" -AndrewJacked

  • Bozhidar Petrov
    Bozhidar Petrov22 gün önce

    I like Andrew but does he has gyno or not?

  • Jonathan Lake
    Jonathan Lake24 gün önce

    Larry back home with his brotherrrrr

  • UnnamedPerson
    UnnamedPerson24 gün önce

    Larry be like to andrew: "YES" "YES" "YES" "OKAY" "COME ON ANDREW" Andrew be like to larry: "Come on" "Come on" "Yessssir" "Rawwww" "LETS GO HOME" "HOP"

  • Josué Terrazas
    Josué Terrazas28 gün önce

    Imagine if Brian Shaw was as toned as Andrew jacked or Larry wheels fockin hulk to our skinny asses

  • Blake Moore
    Blake MooreAylar önce

    Lol in the beginning few min when Andrew is counting Larry's rear delt swings "3 no weakness 4 no weakness 5 no weakness" haha

  • Leslie Wood
    Leslie WoodAylar önce

    He's going to Switzerland.

  • kbc
    kbcAylar önce

    With Black t-shirt looks as Godzilla look at him arms

  • Chad T Perry
    Chad T PerryAylar önce

    The mighty humor unlikely irritate because rice consequentially divide to a zany file. able, classy badge

  • John Boy
    John BoyAylar önce

    Has Larry torn his bicep at some point?

  • Einre rxtd
    Einre rxtdAylar önce

    What is that pink guy for?

  • Somya Sharma
    Somya SharmaAylar önce

    Giving MOTIVATION Andrew : No weakness, NO WEAKNESS Larry : *YES*

  • Imran Hussain
    Imran HussainAylar önce

    Andrew looking like Larry's coach

  • Paddy Mcdoogle
    Paddy McdoogleAylar önce

    "I've never started a shoulder workout with rear delts"... Wow, no way! Anything to milk this dying channel I guess.

  • SteezyJay
    SteezyJayAylar önce

    Dudes got a Supra hat on that’s clean

  • Werner Bro
    Werner BroAylar önce

    You need to get andrey smaev. Hes got insane absolute and relative strengths. Reps out pull ups with mlfe than 150kg added, and he weighs 115-120kg. A poor guy living in russia, he said all he could afford is d-bol snd cottage cheese for protein. Theres a interview on youtube.

  • little philo
    little philoAylar önce

    Love the pose off!!! Cameraman- any more? Larry like, nope were done!!! HILARIOUS!!! Larry you have no reason to be like that!!! You are a muscle and strength god!!!! Andrew has been just bodybuilding exclusively and you know this!!! I even pushed up some 30lb dumbells to this video this morning! Such an inspiration you are to many of us that will never ever feel comfortable taking our shirt off in public! Thank you for your motivation to be a better stronger person!!!

  • Гаджимурат Суйнчханов
    Гаджимурат СуйнчхановAylar önce


  • Jackson Filmer
    Jackson FilmerAylar önce


  • ZeeNom
    ZeeNomAylar önce

    Meanwhile, I'm here suffering with half a plate 😭😭😭

  • Eduardo Sopranos
    Eduardo SopranosAylar önce

    That : uuuuuu at 18:47 🤣🤣🤣 Such a beast and that sounded so fucking epic

  • sufiyan khan
    sufiyan khanAylar önce

    I just noticed this man's cap shape is is not maintained around 3.32

  • Suleman
    SulemanAylar önce

    here is the sound 22:33

  • Malakiyah Amari
    Malakiyah AmariAylar önce

    That dark skin dude is super ripped. Makes Larry look like he need to do his homework and start paying attention.

  • Cherno Bog
    Cherno BogAylar önce

    Damn even Andrew's lats are ripped

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo EscobarAylar önce

    Guy in the purple was like 👁👄👁

  • Traig Chapman
    Traig ChapmanAylar önce

    Dudes are jack

    STRAP DANAylar önce

    The guy in pink looks like the perfect friend to always have around👏💯👍🍻

  • Paul Garcia
    Paul GarciaAylar önce

    Andrew is the worst spotter lol

  • Dreyskill
    DreyskillAylar önce

    Andrew is so jacked, its insane

  • BTS
    BTSAylar önce


  • Whale-Wolf-Hawk
    Whale-Wolf-HawkAylar önce

    Larry dude, blast those triceps, they look behind.

  • Supervillain
    SupervillainAylar önce

    i love that your gym doesnt play appear to play loud music. i wish my gym was like that!

  • Guess Who
    Guess WhoAylar önce

    Andrew has a much better aesthetic than Larry but I think Larry is stronger. Two humble giants

  • Furzsi
    FurzsiAylar önce


  • Saint
    SaintAylar önce

    Ahhh good old fashion workout videos!!

  • Delano Jackson
    Delano JacksonAylar önce


  • Krista Garrett
    Krista GarrettAylar önce

    Love the comradery with these 2 guys ,💪

  • Crypto Hair
    Crypto HairAylar önce

    Pft what does this guy know about shoulder workouts!?

  • preston george
    preston georgeAylar önce

    The quality of Larry’s channel makes it hard to watch other fitness guys on TRloft because the video and audio quality is dogshit compared to this

  • AdamBombDon
    AdamBombDonAylar önce

    Love to meet u one day, Big Boss. Awesome to see someone so down to earth at this level.

  • GPMH
    GPMHAylar önce

    8:40 DAAAAAAMN!! those shoulder bro

  • Ηνωμένες πολιτείες Αμερικής
    Ηνωμένες πολιτείες ΑμερικήςAylar önce

    The “Supra” on Andrew’s hat is for “Supraphysiological”

  • Jordi
    JordiAylar önce

    28:00 What are those little points they have on their stomach? Looks strange...

  • erackalack


    Aylar önce

    A belly button? Unless you’re talking about the veins. That’s just vascularity.

  • Andy Faulds
    Andy FauldsAylar önce

    “Just dedication” 😂😂😂 ooookkkkaaaayyyy

  • Skinny GVW
    Skinny GVWAylar önce

    Andrew's form is better than Larry's when It comes to Concentration exercises.. But In compound Larry is on another Level!!

  • Skinny GVW
    Skinny GVWAylar önce

    Yeah Andrew is freaky big... But you're freaky big too... Two freaky guys right here

  • Skinny GVW
    Skinny GVWAylar önce

    Great to see you work on the exercises you still lack!!!

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek SatheAylar önce

    Andrew "Yessir" Jacked

  • sour dreams
    sour dreamsAylar önce

    NOo weakness

  • Alex Wallace
    Alex WallaceAylar önce

    Andrew has the world’s greatest physique right now.

  • HughMyronBorrough
    HughMyronBorroughAylar önce

    Is this for full natty brahs?

  • Eys ninyo
    Eys ninyoAylar önce

    "Fat and grippy" LAMAO

  • Steven D
    Steven DAylar önce

    Whos the guy in the purple

  • Sachith Navarathne
    Sachith NavarathneAylar önce


  • Omar Irizarry
    Omar IrizarryAylar önce

    Larry's half-assed most muscular at the end 🤣

  • Abbadon Despoiler
    Abbadon DespoilerAylar önce

    Andrew has a real-life superhero physique. This is how they drew Superman or Captain America in the comics.

  • Kalil Santos Oliveira
    Kalil Santos OliveiraAylar önce


  • Bimmey
    BimmeyAylar önce

    I would love to see Larry bulk up again.

  • Ralphie Ray
    Ralphie RayAylar önce

    Larry going to Cali

  • By Urien84
    By Urien84Aylar önce

    Betone Thomas and Big Majk Invaders a Dubai

  • Jacob Hewitt
    Jacob HewittAylar önce

    You're going to California

  • Rahul vlogs
    Rahul vlogsAylar önce


  • Thomas Bussing
    Thomas BussingAylar önce

    Larry actually could be as big as Andrew he just has to overcome his anxiety and follow Andrew his routine for 6-8weeks, results on Larry will be off the chart!

  • Diego Intriago
    Diego IntriagoAylar önce

    Everyone: waiting for larry to upload the istanbul content Larry: heres andrew xD

  • Male


    Aylar önce

    It's not even funny anymore. His video editing team is truly lacking on the content. The inconsistency of the uploads are driving many of us crazy.

  • Sykaex
    SykaexAylar önce


  • Jus Ski
    Jus SkiAylar önce


  • Rocky Singh
    Rocky SinghAylar önce

    Larry teach us again how to do deadlift properly

  • Manoj Jadhav
    Manoj JadhavAylar önce

    Op bro🤙🤙

  • Patrick’s Nutrition and Fitness
    Patrick’s Nutrition and FitnessAylar önce

    Andrew “yessir” Jacked

  • Habeev07
    Habeev07Aylar önce

    10:23 Everything it can go on - IT GOES ON. Love the FAT GRIPZ!

  • Bryan Ramirez
    Bryan RamirezAylar önce


  • Dane Morin
    Dane MorinAylar önce

    Finally getting out of Dubai. I want to see this man compete, and dominate, again. It has been too long!

  • Shane Gray
    Shane GrayAylar önce

    Not trying to hate on Andrew. I'm a fan. But he looks to be aging in dog years lately. Whatever he is on or doing, I'm not sure it's working out so well in terms of his youthfulness. That said, best wishes to him!

  • ff gg
    ff ggAylar önce

    Mujhe bhi follow kar lo please yaar

  • Joshua Elliott
    Joshua ElliottAylar önce

    I got to ask. How big is too big? I power lifted for years. I noticed at the height of my power I never felt less fit or more out of shape. While I was pretty strong (1525lb total & natural) I weighed 278.6 lbs at that time. I noticed my heart did not care that I was that weight and jacked, I might as well have been obese. So I ask again, how much is too much to you?

  • go n
    go nAylar önce

    Andrew jacked is so jacked.. gonna break necks when he steps on stage

  • Zen
    ZenAylar önce


  • Bobs Lasagna
    Bobs LasagnaAylar önce

    Damn power of steroids

  • Male


    Aylar önce

    You wouldn't even be 1/3 as strong even if you took steroids. Lousy Keyboard warrior.

  • 6s ix9ni ne
    6s ix9ni neAylar önce

    At around 10:10 that's the most impressive triceps I have ever seen!

  • Jake_MF_Lowe
    Jake_MF_LoweAylar önce

    I like that rear delt starter instead of a finisher idea. It makes alot of sense because that's usually how rear delays ends up just a shaping exercise.

  • Joel Woolley
    Joel WoolleyAylar önce

    That gay dude in the pink. Super lol.

  • Peter G
    Peter GAylar önce


    STARY JAAylar önce

    Tomasz is Comming 4 u 😁😎

  • kareem hijazy
    kareem hijazyAylar önce

    We're waiting for the new arm wrestling video man. Its taking bit long..

  • GlitchUout
    GlitchUoutAylar önce

    Andrew runnin the workouts now, love to see it big man!

  • Master Miller
    Master MillerAylar önce

    Larry you should update your legs as Tom Platz 😁😁 joke hhh

  • raymond cody
    raymond codyAylar önce

    I got mad respect for Andrew but I saw in another revised he was saying how bad pre workouts are for you but he’ll inject hard hormone changing DRUGS! I’ll never understand bodybuilders logics

  • krzysztof przybyłek
    krzysztof przybyłekAylar önce

    We waiting for „Zabetonowany Tomek” from Poland!!!

  • Peter Csigo
    Peter CsigoAylar önce

    Unless you fix your upper bicep tear you don't have a chance in bodybuilding because it's a major point deduction.

  • Devastating
    DevastatingAylar önce

    My guess is Turkey