Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View: dice-web.imggaming.com/realm/...

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- Subzero Motorsports 3.8 long block.
- @kelfordcams C camshafts.
- Kelford springs kit with titanium retainers.
- @manleyperformance Pistons.
- Manley connecting rods.
- ARP 625+ head studs.
- @t1race Cometic head gasket with copper o-ring.

-Subzero stage 4 transmission
- @dodsonmotorsport 11 by 11 promax clutch kit.
- Dodson extreme duty gear set.

Fuel system:
- Subzero fuel system featuring @foreinnovations triple fuel pump hanger with 3 in-tank Walbro 525 fuel pumps.
- Boostlogic fuel rail.
- Single line of 1700cc @injectordynamics injectors.
- T1 Flex fuel sensor kit.

Turbo kit:
- T14 @boostlogic intercooler
- Boostlogic intake manifold.
- Custom subzero intercooler piping with anti boost leak brackets.
- @garrettmotion G35 - 1050hp turbos
- 3.5” inlet pipes
- 3.5” air intakes
- 3.5” downpipes
- Tial 44mm waste-gates with dump pipes.
- 4” @bulletperf performance Y-pipe and catback.

- @t1race tilton heavy duty flywheel.
- Rays ZE40 18” wheels with Mickey Thompson street radials
- T1 Engine oil pan
- @hks_japan Transmission oil cooler

Subzero Motorsport: subzeroracing
Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Thor Bjornnson: thorbjornsson
Mike Thurston: mikethurston
Ryan Crowley: ryancrowley97
Coach Ray: coach_rayx
Tom Thorman: tom.thorman


  • chris dik
    chris dik7 gün önce

    Fucking epic video. Greetings from Greece

  • Bryce Mauricio
    Bryce Mauricio8 gün önce

    What about Andrew jacked?

  • TheGamingDevil
    TheGamingDevil8 gün önce

    You should do weight reduction

  • jovani vuljaj
    jovani vuljaj9 gün önce

    The more excited Larry is the deeper the laugh

  • Michael Rooney
    Michael Rooney11 gün önce

    Smiles per gallon ✊ 😭 👍

  • Michael Rooney
    Michael Rooney11 gün önce

    Larry is a car enthusiast?! 🤯

  • Michael Rooney

    Michael Rooney

    11 gün önce

    How does one sub twice? 🤔

  • Texas Buzzard
    Texas Buzzard12 gün önce

    Great content but it would’ve been better with some girls. With low cut shirts.

  • Murdered RT
    Murdered RT12 gün önce

    Imagine Larry wheels pulling up into a Mexico night at a gas station

  • Merked gg
    Merked gg12 gün önce

    Kali mussle type chanelle

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay13 gün önce

    Be careful my man

  • Pentax67 God
    Pentax67 God13 gün önce

    Where is Nicole

  • David Gomes
    David Gomes13 gün önce

    You gonna buy the new roadster when it comes out? 😂🤣

  • TacoBell Gaming
    TacoBell Gaming13 gün önce

    He needs to get a body kit on that!

  • Dylan Kane
    Dylan Kane13 gün önce

    Did you sell the camaro ?

  • Marcus Barnes
    Marcus Barnes14 gün önce

    This is good man more performance car content. Breaks it up keeps it interesting When you getting a sport bike Larry?

  • Kelvin So
    Kelvin So14 gün önce

    Never knew Larry was a petrol head.... I’m here for it

  • Dylan Brantley
    Dylan Brantley15 gün önce

    Thor’s losing, just like you and your bet😂

  • Chant Webb
    Chant Webb15 gün önce

    Sad it's not manual

  • Darth Vader 1
    Darth Vader 115 gün önce

    1600 hp is not play play bro....it's need lots of focus to handle.... anyway be safe bro

  • roos watkin
    roos watkin15 gün önce

    Please break down the car and all the mods in another video Larry. Thats some sick sh*t

  • Brady_A
    Brady_A16 gün önce

    It’s awesome that whoever tuned it was able to make that much power without losing the sound of the GTR. Top notch work by the guys in Dubai

  • Alex Rubio
    Alex Rubio16 gün önce

    Next thing you know Larry comes out with a new set of Wheels for the car world I would def buy if you he did😂

  • james howarth
    james howarth17 gün önce

    Wow didn’t know you were into cars man that’s sick

  • Ash B
    Ash B17 gün önce

    Great car Bro , made me click so fast lol

  • Tanner Wix
    Tanner Wix19 gün önce

    Bro Larry’s laugh is so contagious, literally.

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat19 gün önce


  • filipe beat
    filipe beat19 gün önce

    no bullshit!! amazin man!! s2s2s2

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat19 gün önce

    1600? dam! Larry really goes hard, lemme see it!

  • Bartek
    Bartek19 gün önce

    Larry's Wheels hehe

  • Ji Kim
    Ji Kim19 gün önce

    More content aside from just fitness. That GTR is a monster!

  • bySydeax Graphic Design
    bySydeax Graphic Design20 gün önce

    ryan crowley had me laughing so hard such a chill dude

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan20 gün önce

    I liked his channel before but since he is a car enthusiast I like it even more

  • Action P.
    Action P.20 gün önce


  • TINO S.
    TINO S.20 gün önce

    Very nice gtr 🤩😊

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson20 gün önce

    We love this content this content Larry !

  • Volcanics
    Volcanics21 gün önce

    show moreee

  • Anthony Perschka
    Anthony Perschka21 gün önce

    Never would of expected this but this was great 🤣🤣

  • Christian Delgado
    Christian Delgado22 gün önce

    Plz race danrue gtr that would be such a sick race!

  • Adarsh Sunil
    Adarsh Sunil22 gün önce

    when Larry didn't invite Levan to his GT-R to show off his 1600hp, and suddenly Levan come past GTR with his tuned LADA with 3000+hp.

  • Adarsh Sunil
    Adarsh Sunil22 gün önce

    4:26 When Thor gets into the passenger seat, the GT-R just understeered to the right sied💥

  • Twotommy
    Twotommy23 gün önce

    Worst driver ever

  • Frantz
    Frantz23 gün önce

    Thor looks like Tyson Fury!

  • nz trucker
    nz trucker23 gün önce

    Tesla roadster enters chat....

  • Superdry_JAPAN
    Superdry_JAPAN24 gün önce

    cam from driver view

  • TTime685
    TTime68524 gün önce

    Damn, didn't know Larry was into the car scene 👍🏻

  • Duka Fit
    Duka Fit24 gün önce

    You can see mike Thurston's lip quaver lmfao

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki24 gün önce

    The R35 GTR is such an amazing Platform, for what it can do in terms of Speed an still handle quite well with Big power 1300whp is more then enough Power jesus, I personally own a few Older JDM cars including a R32 Gtr, Do you like Older Japanese cars too larry could you see yourself in something 1000whp from the Early 90s to 2000s? greetings from Australia :D

  • Donkey Crew
    Donkey Crew25 gün önce

    We need school boy reaction and No limits Devon larratt. And try to do it from a Dig so they feel all the g force lol

  • Irrelevant Truth
    Irrelevant Truth25 gün önce

    Dont buy fast cars. Speed limits are still real

  • Tim Cee
    Tim Cee27 gün önce

    Nice 70+k build..... since i know what my gtr cost to build lol

  • Michael Dvorkin
    Michael Dvorkin27 gün önce

    Larry laughing compilation

  • Tobias Johansson
    Tobias Johansson27 gün önce

    Larry, you need to match your 2370ib total. just saying... GTR 2370HP 💪😎

  • patmanrick
    patmanrick27 gün önce

    New channel incoming: Wheels' Wheels

    AMITH P VINOD27 gün önce

    You say it's 1600hp, but Larry when you and thor are in the car its slow as a Toyota Prius

  • Matt Ladle
    Matt Ladle27 gün önce

    Living the dream Larry

  • TaberZak
    TaberZak27 gün önce

    I love how you can hear the turbos even over the engine noise under boost

  • Mac
    Mac27 gün önce

    at 2:52 hes going so fast that hes making the cars hes passing look like they are reversing at mach speed

  • Aroz
    Aroz27 gün önce

    Doesn’t get better than this fucking Larry wheels owning and posting GTR vids abs not just a stock one but fully built, let’s goooooooooooooo more gtr content please bro

  • turbosucks
    turbosucks27 gün önce

    Got both a left and right hand drive R35’s?

  • shrekone
    shrekone27 gün önce

    Larry wheels is a way better racer name

  • adrian gordon
    adrian gordon27 gün önce

    Definitely put more tuner car vids!! Lol 😂 that was epic!!!!

  • Will Ryo
    Will Ryo28 gün önce

    8:19 sounds like the THX cinema intro

  • Daniel Brace
    Daniel Brace28 gün önce

    Kali muscle collaboration

  • Random
    Random28 gün önce

    Seats are flexing too

  • Jabba DHutt
    Jabba DHutt28 gün önce

    Sick cars

  • shebii i
    shebii i28 gün önce

    *I wondered how many fines he got in total for this video , as UAE especially in dubai has a radar camera after almost each one kilometer*

  • Kasra Ogabian
    Kasra Ogabian29 gün önce

    Larry should be in Racing movirs

  • David LaRiviere
    David LaRiviere29 gün önce

    keep posting car content plz 😂 and a car tour

  • Mitchilla
    Mitchilla29 gün önce

    1300 hp

  • Chocolate Starfish
    Chocolate Starfish29 gün önce

    Dear Mr. Larry Wheels You vehicle has a speeding fine of 1,000,000.00 Aed. Please settle this amount anytime In one of our convenient RTA kiosk. Kind Regards Police. PS We love your videos and we did click the subscribe button to monitor you. ❤️

  • mstew281z
    mstew281z29 gün önce

    Larry traded only fans for fast car

  • Rainar Dz
    Rainar Dz29 gün önce

    Larry 'wheels'

  • Lars Hauge
    Lars HaugeAylar önce

    You should have a program series called Larry`s Wheels

  • Kelly Williams
    Kelly WilliamsAylar önce

    Twin turbo?

  • Mr Krill
    Mr KrillAylar önce

    I could feel the speed 😭😭

  • The Saaxxx Baba
    The Saaxxx BabaAylar önce

    i wanna see Levan in this coz his video with michael was just awesome!!!

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy HarrisonAylar önce

    Awesome content Larry!

  • Ricardo Punika
    Ricardo PunikaAylar önce

    Love this content :D

  • kimboslicefan78
    kimboslicefan78Aylar önce

    GTRs are already nuts with acceleration 1600hp is ridic and so dope.

    GREENKAVAylar önce

    Holy mother of turbo lagg

  • Sheng Long
    Sheng LongAylar önce

    Larry, any tickets being sold for an actual audience?

  • Vishh Malik
    Vishh MalikAylar önce

    Larry bro fan of your smile and happiness that looks alwyz on your face .. god bless you alwyz ❤️❤️

  • B Lt
    B LtAylar önce

    Holy shit thats a freaking a jet Larry, my god you are the man , STAY STRONG!!!👍👍💪

  • Klemen Iskra
    Klemen IskraAylar önce

    When Thor and Larry get into the car, the mass of the car increases by 50%

  • swollen4ever
    swollen4everAylar önce

    Well done @larry Wheels, I'm in the process of building Alpha 20X

  • Callum H
    Callum HAylar önce

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    Excellent MAylar önce

    Yup I'm convinced that Dubai is the best place for me after seeing this.. lol I'm selling everything and moving there lol what relocation agency should I use?

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training
    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength TrainingAylar önce

    Coach Ray almost died lol

  • Michael ling
    Michael lingAylar önce

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  • Thats It
    Thats ItAylar önce

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  • privatryan
    privatryanAylar önce

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  • FM 13on’Smoke
    FM 13on’SmokeAylar önce

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  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Aylar önce

    Tore it at the shoulder attachment

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    Joshua DawgAylar önce

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    Hunter JohnsonAylar önce

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    k3rrfitAylar önce

    So much power in that car that runs about to tear his peck again 😂

  • dolphin082
    dolphin082Aylar önce

    Imagine a dude pulls up beside and hes pissed about them accelerating and slowing down. They start looking for trouble. They stop and then Larry and Hafthor unfold outside of this car. I think the person would be super sorry super quickly.