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    STRENGTHNETAylar önce

    The video title on the video is incorrect. This is the video you've been waiting for. Vitaly vs Ermes. These are practice pulls. They do not disappoint.

  • Brian Ring

    Brian Ring

    Aylar önce

    Great content Larry!

  • Verbal Vertigo

    Verbal Vertigo

    Aylar önce

    @chaseryder09 lmao

  • o lo

    o lo

    Aylar önce

    @STRENGTHNET nah, i saw you through Dereks streams. cuz AW is so thristy for LW AW content so LW channel went awol for a couple days not knowing wassup. Don't worry he didn't leak anything..... ;-)

  • Derek Estey

    Derek Estey

    Aylar önce

    TBH I was expecting another click bait video where the guys grip up but never pull



    Aylar önce

    @P T I can’t unfortunately. I would have to upload a new video. We synced launch with Ermes channel and didn’t have enough bandwidth to upload a new version quickly enough.

  • ArticruciA Williams
    ArticruciA WilliamsGün önce

    Who is that Georgian guy who makes lightweight out of all those lifts? He is insane and should arm wrestle

  • Jamoon Xerxes Sauber
    Jamoon Xerxes SauberGün önce

    As a Matt Mask fan here was I thinking Ermes was an absolute nobber. How wrong I was, seems like a good dude and up for a laugh. Also looks strong as hell, especially to almost keep up with Vitaly like that

  • C R 84
    C R 842 gün önce

    Gasparini orgoglio italiano !

  • X The Unknown
    X The Unknown3 gün önce

    The walls need some color

  • 613 TRAPMAN
    613 TRAPMAN3 gün önce

    Is vitaly only focusing on grip right now? How was Ermes able to test him like that? It’s just practice pulling but i was not expecting that.

  • Fasce Nation
    Fasce Nation4 gün önce

    you boys are something else...

  • Do Ma
    Do Ma4 gün önce

    Khaled has a demeanor of not working out super seriously or super often, but having ridiculous natural strength. Is my impression wrong?

  • Sasha
    Sasha5 gün önce

    Thank you, Larry, for the show, Laletin vs Gasparini it's cool!

  • Brent Bel
    Brent Bel5 gün önce

    Hearing their Knuckles and Joints crack in that first match! I love arm wrestling!

  • Xin Gaming
    Xin Gaming6 gün önce

    Ermes is such a happy man ^^

  • leo
    leo7 gün önce

    Gasparini, a true Warrior 💪🏼 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Darryl Hart
    Darryl Hart8 gün önce

    I'm in love with miss Russian translator

  • shadapakap
    shadapakap8 gün önce

    11:14 It's how John Brzenk beat Devon Larratt in 2015, with his grip strength, not letting Devon go to the straps.

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta11 gün önce

    this is russia


    Vitaly Top 3 🦾

  • iam.denyzz brah
    iam.denyzz brah14 gün önce

    18:56 minchia😂😂😂

  • Ferran Asencio
    Ferran Asencio14 gün önce

    Khaled are the best 💪💪💪

  • DGC
    DGC18 gün önce

    Larry: This is all just for good fun, right Vitaly: *>:(*

  • Elia Savini
    Elia Savini19 gün önce

    Ermes numero 1 ahahah super English

  • marc fitzhenry
    marc fitzhenry19 gün önce

    This Larry Wheels fella has such a great vibe to his energy, so relaxed and humble, inspiring to watch and makes everything going on around him more enjoyable! Well done.

  • Gambler Pro
    Gambler Pro20 gün önce

    Ty for the vid, the translator is bad, next time invite me, i do prof rus-eng trans

  • tehn00bpwn3r
    tehn00bpwn3r21 gün önce

    Holy shit the only time I've seen Laletin before this video was vs Levan and he seems a lot bigger in this video!

  • Captain ramius
    Captain ramius21 gün önce

    Dude how tall is Vitali? 6'11?

  • TheJancharles


    20 gün önce


  • Binbina zoremmawia
    Binbina zoremmawia22 gün önce

    The Arab gym owner guy, dafaq. he now looks ridiculous strong and super swole AF, what the hell? He has those Bear paws like arms. He needs to complete incognito in zloty, he would place very high.

  • Scaramouche da Vinci
    Scaramouche da Vinci23 gün önce

    Great again. But of course, I would have liked to see Khaled armwresled against these two big ones.

  • Андрей Чернов
    Андрей Чернов25 gün önce

    Чемпион! Хочешь миллиард ;) вырви рельсу с полотна сыграй шутку ;) зайдёт на ура

  • Кошмаровский
    Кошмаровский25 gün önce

    Ermes was broken after two armfights. Russian Power🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Derek Baker
    Derek Baker28 gün önce

    Ermes has crazy loooooooong arms for his size.

  • gixxerboy555
    gixxerboy55528 gün önce

    Vitaly is a giant..

  • Jim M
    Jim M28 gün önce

    Get together with Brian Shaw to do grip strength.

  • Gassan Behno
    Gassan Behno29 gün önce


  • lilgabb0
    lilgabb0Aylar önce


  • Skeptical
    SkepticalAylar önce

    vitaly is offering left hand before the match ever begins. hes right hand pain must be no joke.

  • Skeptical
    SkepticalAylar önce

    i love that when one of them says something. they immediately look at their translators because they have got no fckin clue what the other is saying.

  • Darren B
    Darren BAylar önce

    I know you must be bored of the same routine khalid but you could still smile ☺ Love these strength videos unique strengths like these are brilliant to watch

  • MrFerado
    MrFeradoAylar önce

    Виталя из рейса ехал, чего вы его отвлекаете)))

  • Amine mino
    Amine minoAylar önce

    gasparini is getting really strong

  • Keeron
    KeeronAylar önce

    Matt Mask vs Ermes, cmon Larry, get on it!

  • emiinem722487
    emiinem722487Aylar önce

    it blows my mind that Larry is no longer the strongest guy in the room ever since he entered the world of arm wrestling

  • Александр Попов
    Александр ПоповAylar önce

    У Виталика правая намного слабее. Левой левана даже победил бы

  • SyedYousuf Hashmie
    SyedYousuf HashmieAylar önce

    All new fans. Go check the legend of arm wrestling.. this is the only sport where there is no debate who the goat of arm wrestling is, everyone agrees John Berzenk is the best of all time. 25 years undefeated. Even at old age he beat the best of their divisions

  • Yujiro Hanma

    Yujiro Hanma

    13 gün önce

    Dominant for 35+ year*

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce

    Not at all 25 years undefeated. He lost before, even when he was 20, 30. Check him vs Johnny Walker, he lost everytime to him.

  • DickOswald
    DickOswaldAylar önce

    Wtf ermes is a beast!

  • tuan ultra
    tuan ultraAylar önce

    Lelatin vs larratt who is stronger?

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce

    Search on TRloft Laletin vs Laratt, and that was 114 kg's Laletin, Laletin is 138 now.

  • Harles74
    Harles74Aylar önce

    So the best one is khaled...


    Подскажите пожалуйста сколько Гаспарини лет

  • soroush safarzadeh
    soroush safarzadehAylar önce

    9:22 What is she doing with her hand?

  • life in technicolor
    life in technicolorAylar önce

    I think vitaly is still stronger than Ermes but what Ermes shown in this video is very impressive

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce

    Stronger at what? In a hook Ermes would win 10-0. Also at lifting at a cable machine

  • Constantin Cornelius Châlon
    Constantin Cornelius ChâlonAylar önce

    Khaled be like, ahh 3 Fingers no problem 😅

  • Toprak Zion
    Toprak ZionAylar önce

    Where can I get that “Russian” rubber grip at? @13:40

  • MaSQaraD
    MaSQaraDAylar önce

    Эрмес как ни крути молодец. Хоть Виталик и говорит, что не на пике, но активно тренируется и на правую Эрмес дал ему бой

  • T&E A
    T&E AAylar önce

    They both need serious cardio they are out of breath so quickly

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce

    Bith of them won tournaments they have good stamina

  • Bulma Larratt

    Bulma Larratt

    Aylar önce

    This Is max effort.

  • EastSideBlitz1337
    EastSideBlitz1337Aylar önce

    Larry you're a real one for having these two on!

  • nik gl
    nik glAylar önce

    Ебать там чел на похер всё поднимает)

  • nik gl
    nik glAylar önce

    А Эрмес хорош. Дал просраться Виталию за столько времени без соревнований)

  • SEM
    SEMAylar önce

    @Виктор Блуд бы уделал всех и на сгибании и на гантелях)

  • life in technicolor
    life in technicolorAylar önce

    Ermes is a threat in arm wrestling for sure

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan CarlosAylar önce

    Armwrestling needs a single and unified World Tour/League

  • life in technicolor
    life in technicolorAylar önce

    Job well done larry!!! Very entertaining youtube channel

  • jeremiah randell
    jeremiah randellAylar önce

    Larry wheels thank you so much for being a great proponent of this sport, it is amazing, keep it up, love this channel.

  • Thomas Corrò
    Thomas CorròAylar önce


  • Sphynx93
    Sphynx93Aylar önce

    My man doing gods work of promoting Armwrestling.

  • NicholsGuitar
    NicholsGuitarAylar önce

    3:20 damn how many times is he gonna win?!? So many pins

  • viv viv
    viv vivAylar önce

    Гаспарини зверь! Запросто сделал

  • сергей картошкин
    сергей картошкинAylar önce

    Не нравится мне этот лалетин .Понты деревенские ....

  • Cenis Dyplenkov
    Cenis DyplenkovAylar önce

    I have the strongest grip noobs!

  • Olegs Dog
    Olegs DogAylar önce

    Master will destroy both of them

  • LLomax
    LLomaxAylar önce

    Impressive the fact vitaly make larry look so small ahhahahah

  • Improvebystrength
    ImprovebystrengthAylar önce

    Very strong atlete💪🏻

  • Шарин Шарин
    Шарин ШаринAylar önce

    Подкова не поддалась ))) бывает !!!

  • Вячеслав I
    Вячеслав IAylar önce

    Елена Летучая устроилась у них оператором?

  • jhys88
    jhys88Aylar önce

    Ripping the paper is technique more than strength. Ive ripped a telephone book when i was 16 and 140lbs. There's actually a trick to do it properly look it up

  • Perfect Storm
    Perfect StormAylar önce

    Ermes Vs Vitaly, winner is Khaled.

  • Bacon & Eggs
    Bacon & EggsAylar önce

    I want to see how much Vitaly can sumo deadlift. It looks like he has great leverage for it.

  • Ruslan gamer
    Ruslan gamerAylar önce

    Сказал бы что если , я был на пике то оторвал бы ему руку))

  • Ganetz Krastef
    Ganetz KrastefAylar önce

    Larry big respect to you! You make armwrestling more popular !

  • nibbler 2x2
    nibbler 2x2Aylar önce

    Хорошо хоть через рот здулся(11:57)

  • а. п.
    а. п.Aylar önce

    Отличный поединок! Даёт Лалетину понять что чувак на 30 кг легче может дать бой хоть конечно и в меж сезоне, но все же чувак тебе предстоит бороться с самым сильным человеком в арме на планете! Так что это как холодный освежающий душ для Лалетина говорящий о том, что пахать и пахать ещё надо! Уверен что Сагинашаили даже не почувствовал Гаспарини. В целом я конечно не верю в победу Лалетина, смысл только в том, чтобы проиграть как можно более достойно, чтобы бороться долго и мучительно, чтобы победа Левана не выглядела как лёгкая прогулка. Ну а уже через пару лет может быть и побороть уже.

  • josh colbert
    josh colbertAylar önce

    128 on the grip strength for both hands WOW

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce

    He had 148 and 140 before.

  • Toby Richards
    Toby RichardsAylar önce

    It cracks me up gasparini thinks hes in a real match and not in a practice and he can cleanly see the big guys not at the top of his strength

  • Ray Charles
    Ray CharlesAylar önce

    Everyone: Weights, cables, bands Russia: Rods, horseshoes, phonebooks

  • YouTube account
    YouTube accountAylar önce

    14:14 he is able to close it because his hands are so.much bigger.. give him size equivalent to his hand size and I bet money he wouldnt do it..😜🤓

  • YouTube account
    YouTube accountAylar önce

    Mfers breathing heavy the entire video

  • Karb0foss
    Karb0fossAylar önce

    Чувачок в белых кроссовках, смотрю всех рукоборцев на железках бодрит! Рессора у него там штоль, от Газ-53 к руке привязана?

  • Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    Engr.H.M Basir IjazAylar önce

    What about Ermes vs levan ??

  • John Andersson
    John AnderssonAylar önce

    More vedio with Khalid

  • Tom B. Stone
    Tom B. StoneAylar önce

    Khaled, quit mma , your natural talent and strength is made for armwrestling

  • Tomazo
    TomazoAylar önce

    i would love to see Dave Chafee there .. hes a powerhouse i would love to see his numbers RAW POWER he is surely top1-3 in the world.

  • Mad World
    Mad WorldAylar önce

    Great video man.. i love all this armwrestling attention.. Its what we fucking need in this world :P

  • maoG
    maoGAylar önce

    Vitaly: Left Hand Ermes: Left Pain becoz ... Vitaly: Right Pain Ermes: Me too Me too :D :D

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiuAylar önce

    The problem with Ermes is that in Italy he doesn't have great opponents to train with... he's strong.. despite the lack of them!

  • bobs
    bobsAylar önce

    **in the middle of top level match** "Oh my god! 👁👄👁💦" Yeah, he's Italian

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    Aylar önce

    ermes corleoneee

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul JordanAylar önce

    My goal is to be half as strong as Larry

  • Chris Rinkus
    Chris RinkusAylar önce

    Kaled looks distracted like.... almost bored and uninterested. These puny humans are no match for my unearthly grip strenght!! Amazing how strong!!

  • BiggusDikkus
    BiggusDikkusAylar önce

    How did Matt beat Ermes ?

  • Mattlevan Gaspalarrat

    Mattlevan Gaspalarrat

    Aylar önce

    by putting his fingers on Ermes Inch, in this way Ermes couldn't do nothing

  • Israpil Khizroyev
    Israpil KhizroyevAylar önce

    Эрмес хищник 🔥

  • Zahid Chaudhry
    Zahid ChaudhryAylar önce

    Happy to subscribe. Enjoyed the video

  • LewisTolkienFan01
    LewisTolkienFan01Aylar önce

    Best community on the internet! All such great people!

  • Моя жизнь
    Моя жизньAylar önce

    Хитрый Лалетин. Ливан берегись, он а прекрасной форме. По венам вижу запас по силе у Лалетина колосальный. Да старт дичайший аж дрожит сколько теста. На видео Лалетин не работает даже на 40 % просто дал поработать другому. Респект и уважение обоим спортсменам.

  • КошкинКош


    Aylar önce

    Читаю таких депилов и удивляюсь откуда вас таких берут...

  • Kostadin Krasimirov
    Kostadin KrasimirovAylar önce

    I would love to pull with Ermes Tortelini!