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  • sirspuki
    sirspuki2 gün önce

    Larry im sorry but these are waaay to much ads...

  • 이도훈
    이도훈3 gün önce

    Does anyone here think Ermes could beat Levan in the next few years?

  • Paolo Benedicti
    Paolo Benedicti4 gün önce

    Quando si cresce a forza di lastre di marmo..eh Ermes?

  • Dark Souls lll TM
    Dark Souls lll TM8 gün önce

    "Not easy by the way"

  • Brad Stroner
    Brad Stroner8 gün önce

    Nice chin diapers

  • Kai Erik Hansen
    Kai Erik Hansen9 gün önce

    Everytime Larry laughs, the levels of testosterone drops in the rest of the world😂

  • Rob k
    Rob k10 gün önce


  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray10 gün önce

    Damn I wish I was that strong

  • studdpuppy85
    studdpuppy8512 gün önce

    At first I was giving it to Mask, but after watching this I’m definitely giving it to Ermes.

  • ArmFight Analyst TV
    ArmFight Analyst TV13 gün önce

    6:35 adam:"69",your favourite number?Yeahhh Ermes:hehehehe... I like adam's thinking...Very creative

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M13 gün önce

    That Italian forceee

  • Michele Mazzei
    Michele Mazzei13 gün önce

    Grande Ermes 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn14 gün önce


  • Felix Tallabas
    Felix Tallabas14 gün önce

    Guys at the gym back home with expensive shoes, and Larry Wheels with Sketchers. Noice!

  • aiden young
    aiden young14 gün önce


  • fabio ginevra
    fabio ginevra15 gün önce

    Wild horse gonna blast him once again.......

    MOTIVATION15 gün önce


  • Tommaso Bruggi
    Tommaso Bruggi16 gün önce

    Ermes is incredible. Thanks for bringing him. Very excited to see more of you and Ermes

  • Vanessa Poirier
    Vanessa Poirier16 gün önce

    ermes needs to train legs a little bit lol

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy16 gün önce

    If MMT beats Devon and Ermes beats Matt, I think those winners having the next super match is gold.

  • Nrfbj Vdfh
    Nrfbj Vdfh16 gün önce

    I think that the video will be better without music 👍

  • Variacom Studios
    Variacom Studios16 gün önce

    Does anybody know what was that equipment he used to lift up the stack of plates? Thank you

  • Bassmasta911
    Bassmasta91116 gün önce

    When is Ermes vs Matt Mask? He needs to get the W out of the way so he can face Michael Todd and these other guys!

  • Rawbbing Mysellph
    Rawbbing Mysellph16 gün önce

    Ermes needs to chill with them roids or he's gonna have a heart attack before the match...

  • Mosta baba
    Mosta baba17 gün önce

    After seeing this, I wonder if Ermes could break any grip strength records? 🤔

  • irk one
    irk one17 gün önce

    Want to see Ermes VS Todd Hutchings

  • Vee Siam
    Vee Siam17 gün önce

    Luvin it 😆

  • Ryan Connaughton
    Ryan Connaughton17 gün önce

    Answer: Damn fucking strong.

  • Cameron Costa
    Cameron Costa18 gün önce

    Ermes is a dick according to Matt mask and Devon.

  • Cameron Costa

    Cameron Costa

    16 gün önce

    @TheJancharles devon the face of arm wrestling I would agree about brzenk

  • Cameron Costa

    Cameron Costa

    16 gün önce

    Devon is the goat of arm wrestling. You don't know what your talking about.

  • heretik system

    heretik system

    17 gün önce

    Devon is the one who turned his fans against Engin, over and over, even when they start insulting him.

  • Jason Jake Senar
    Jason Jake Senar18 gün önce

    Brian Shaw I watched done that in 115kg. Thank you support for you guys

  • ethrez
    ethrez18 gün önce

    You have the SMALL version of mazurenkos, which makes all the lofts easier, so I wouldnt compare any lifts to denis or levan.

  • Dapix
    Dapix18 gün önce

    Unless Mask Vs Ermes is gonna be at WAL, there is no fucking chance under the skies for Mask to even be a threat

  • Nicholas Riva
    Nicholas Riva18 gün önce

    Orgoglio italiano, grande Ermes e grande Larry.

  • levan sharikadze
    levan sharikadze18 gün önce

    Anybody knows what is Ermes's weight?

  • Robosing
    Robosing18 gün önce

    For context Ermes did 65kg. I believe denis cyplenkov did 69kg right before he fought Devon larrat, correct me if I'm wrong. Bascily I'm saying ermes is God tier monster level. Cant wait to see ermes destroy everyone.

  • Lil Fake

    Lil Fake

    18 gün önce

    I think he did 55 kg in 2018 . There is a video on Armbets tv

  • Luis Alfonso Martin del Campo Garcia
    Luis Alfonso Martin del Campo Garcia19 gün önce

    8:45 Levan did 81 kg in the same exercise

  • sexy teens sub for more
    sexy teens sub for more19 gün önce

    Coach ray without ego

  • Mark F
    Mark F19 gün önce


  • karmaa Gurung
    karmaa Gurung19 gün önce

    Next time with john ceena king of armwrestling in wwe

  • Kk 23
    Kk 2319 gün önce


  • Iron Born
    Iron Born19 gün önce

    How strong is he? well not as strong as Matt xD

  • Iron Born

    Iron Born

    16 gün önce

    @TheJancharles am already bald.

  • Iron Born

    Iron Born

    16 gün önce

    @TheJancharles some one sounds jealous as f%K 💪🇨🇦🖕 Matt's going to wreck him here soon. Then you can get educated.

  • Massimo Mengoni
    Massimo Mengoni19 gün önce


  • Theodore klechko. beyond your power
    Theodore klechko. beyond your power19 gün önce


  • Marcos good vibes marco a. klein
    Marcos good vibes marco a. klein19 gün önce

    Ermes really strong , especially if you consider his body weight

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan19 gün önce

    I am really impressed to see how strong Larry Wheels has been getting in these exercises!

  • Ketan Kadam
    Ketan Kadam19 gün önce

    Ermes forearms are swole like Popeye

  • TheJasonGenova Armwrestling
    TheJasonGenova Armwrestling19 gün önce

    I always read his name herpes assperini now it's just imprinted that way. It sick it piss huehuehue

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras19 gün önce

    *Matt Mask has entered chat*

  • KD SoFly
    KD SoFly19 gün önce

    Devon L. The beast

  • [Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅] ÃčçøūńT
    [Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅] ÃčçøūńT20 gün önce

    Ermes is looking THICK! 💪👌

  • イタチうちは
    イタチうちは20 gün önce


  • david grossman
    david grossman20 gün önce

    Best channel on TRloft

  • Elyas
    Elyas20 gün önce

    Ermes is to strong💪🏼🇮🇹🔥

  • Ulysses Morando
    Ulysses Morando20 gün önce

    Muy fuerte

  • Sean Binder
    Sean Binder20 gün önce

    Ermes is a BEAST!

  • Trav P
    Trav P20 gün önce

    Ermes is going to take the title soon, he looks very impressive and supper strong, good luck in the future Larry and Ermes, have a great day everyone

  • Ted Trager
    Ted Trager20 gün önce


  • Matteo Tortello
    Matteo Tortello20 gün önce

    Ermes...just a beast!

  • Philly Dee
    Philly Dee20 gün önce

    Man this would have my wrist hurting😱💪

  • Destiny :
    Destiny :20 gün önce


  • Ryan Beast
    Ryan Beast20 gün önce

    Oleg Zhokh 🦾

  • OmniviumVelocity
    OmniviumVelocity20 gün önce

    The guy isn't standing up all the way...

  • Janardhan Rao
    Janardhan Rao20 gün önce

    Bought... And will but every single event you put up from now on...

  • Joakim Dam
    Joakim Dam20 gün önce

    Seems like Ermes progression has been insane the last few years

  • Hege Li
    Hege Li20 gün önce

    Why is the PPV advertising so crap? There's zero information out there anywhere, try googling King of the table Dubai etc. Just a lame coresports page with two faces. NOT EVEN A START TIME, just a date. I guess it's all intended for superfans only.

  • Gajanan Sable
    Gajanan Sable20 gün önce

    Can I get that hand grip set up on Amazon?

  • Sean Voncken
    Sean Voncken20 gün önce

    Give Ermes 3-4weeks of coach rays program and he will pretty much destroy anyone on the table.

  • Gajanan Sable
    Gajanan Sable20 gün önce


  • life in technicolor
    life in technicolor20 gün önce

    Subscribe guys

  • Daywalker____ ____
    Daywalker____ ____20 gün önce

    One of the best things about Larry's channel is we get to see extremely strong individuals that we would have never known existed if it wasn't for this channel.

  • John Kim
    John Kim20 gün önce

    am not saying hes cheating, but hes pulling the weight up more then lifting it controlled like Larry and the others , but preference iguess. takeing nothing away from the guy tho , monster :)

  • Lyndon Coleman
    Lyndon Coleman20 gün önce

    Matt Mask will annihilate Ermes

  • Luis Martin
    Luis Martin20 gün önce

    Ermes is in some serious anabolic cycle no hate ,

  • Steve O
    Steve O20 gün önce

    Ermes “estrogen” last name

  • manumaster1990
    manumaster199020 gün önce


  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez20 gün önce

    Incredible hand strength, it’s going to be very interesting to see how Matt handles his hand. I’d love to see some table practice in between Gaspirini and Devon or Michael Todd, he might be the giant slayer w that hand since he pinned Vitaly

  • cedric charpilloz
    cedric charpilloz20 gün önce

    The pulley system divide the weight by 2

  • Audi 1
    Audi 120 gün önce

    I feel larry needs to pull his arm close to his shoulder and learn to lock it then pull with the body.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 120 gün önce

    Very but my money is on mask

  • Slovakia 01
    Slovakia 0120 gün önce

    I am not sure if it is right weight. Maybe it should be devided because of the wheels (Not Larry but machine wheel). If it is real weight he is hell strong💪

  • 청각장애 보디빌더 훈피티 Deaf Bodybuilder Hun
    청각장애 보디빌더 훈피티 Deaf Bodybuilder Hun20 gün önce

    It’s cool. When you have the next chance, you must see it. Do exercise with me. 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Avery Ryan
    Avery Ryan20 gün önce

    Larry is so strong just started arm wrestling and literally rips so much arm wrestling weight

  • Stewodan
    Stewodan20 gün önce

    Keep the hair larry, looks much better thn the buzz cut

  • Dewey Alcoran
    Dewey Alcoran20 gün önce

    ermes will fuck matt up. i love matt but this guy is fucking monstrous rn

  • Stefano Seiti
    Stefano Seiti20 gün önce

    Gasparini sempre più forte! Pazzesco 💪💪

  • Razvan Stoian
    Razvan Stoian20 gün önce

    I want see Andrey Smaev

  • drumlist22
    drumlist2220 gün önce

    who here gets the feeling larry is holding back?

  • Jasmin Bisaillon
    Jasmin Bisaillon20 gün önce

    We have to see Ermes vs Levan! That would be awesome!

  • Matthew Mazzoni
    Matthew Mazzoni20 gün önce

    Glad to see an Italian guy doing well in this sport.

  • Patrick McDonagh
    Patrick McDonagh20 gün önce

    Ermes is way bigger now so if matt wins he's a legend

  • Jaeger Schtulmann
    Jaeger Schtulmann20 gün önce

    Coach Ray needs to get off Hermes balls, yes the guy is strong but remember.......ONLY IN PRACTICE! FACT!

  • Ŧгє ๓єค
    Ŧгє ๓єค20 gün önce

    Arm Wrestling could reach the next level thanks to Larry. As the long as the rules and refs are better than WAL.

  • Kostadin Krasimirov
    Kostadin Krasimirov20 gün önce

    Ermes Tortelini is very Strong

  • Jabaha777
    Jabaha77720 gün önce

    isnt this way more than like what Cyplenkov was doing?

  • Lil Fake

    Lil Fake

    20 gün önce

    Yep , and i am so curious about right arm. His right is even stronger

  • TidusL2
    TidusL220 gün önce

    Larry Wheels the content IS DOPE BRO !!

  • Derek Estey
    Derek Estey20 gün önce

    I like Ermes, love his jolly attitude. I think Mask will win tho

  • Dawid Bartman
    Dawid Bartman20 gün önce

    11:02 being told off to move out of the frame ;p

  • In the midst
    In the midst20 gün önce

    HAHAHAHA, it all makes sense

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes20 gün önce

    need to see matt do this lift now lol

  • Opus Dei Leviathan
    Opus Dei Leviathan20 gün önce

    All day 💪🏽