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  • Noah Prevost
    Noah Prevost5 saatler önce

    I love the look of the weights at that gym

  • Boston Fan
    Boston Fan7 saatler önce

    imagine feeling good about front squating 50kg and then you just see these guys front squatting 300 kg

  • Stoyan Yanakiev
    Stoyan YanakievGün önce

    This guy's vocal cords will be more sore than his legs tomorrow...

  • Robby X
    Robby X10 gün önce

    Is he in India ? Where is this gym ?

  • Liam BROAD
    Liam BROAD13 gün önce

    Noah great for motivation

  • CaneyEast
    CaneyEast14 gün önce

    This guy should be the next Kratos voice actor

  • Ivan Sandoval
    Ivan Sandoval15 gün önce

    I’m I the only one that think he sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Yoan Orozov
    Yoan Orozov17 gün önce

    He talks like an angel while calm, but turns into a demon while lifting

  • King Cease
    King Cease17 gün önce

    Big Noah pushed Larry Wheels! Every kids dream! they're both still kids but you know what I mean.

  • DubTHC
    DubTHC18 gün önce

    larry coleman

  • Paul Haitoua
    Paul Haitoua21 gün önce

    No offence but I've seen plenty of people lift 2x heavier than Larry. Here in NZ there's many people with that kinda strength, I see them all the time.

  • Sagar Kulkarni
    Sagar Kulkarni21 gün önce

    The energy Noah has is absolutely amazing. Crazy guy🔥

  • Troy Terrell
    Troy Terrell21 gün önce

    Larry wheels is the king of half squats feels like every vid I watch he is quarter repping the weigjt

  • Radiant Clips
    Radiant Clips21 gün önce

    Those lats gadam

  • Melvin Gustafson
    Melvin Gustafson22 gün önce

    Noah looks like Clint Capela

  • Rj Cinco
    Rj Cinco22 gün önce

    larry wheels looks like dwane johnson men

  • Dylan Thornsberry
    Dylan Thornsberry22 gün önce

    Noah is getting a lot deeper than Larry.

  • Jeremy Armijo
    Jeremy Armijo25 gün önce

    Did my manz just say "Two years ago when I was 18" You're telling me my manz only 20 years old and bigger in size than Larry Wheels. Jesus that manz huge! 0_0 Ummmmm... cray cray

  • -
    -26 gün önce

    I miss Powerlifting larry

  • Melvin Pio
    Melvin Pio26 gün önce

    Your gym mate is so talkative. Too noisy and also weak. So much talk than workout. Everytime he is shouting I am irritated, i will accept if he is strong but its not.

  • Jay Alan
    Jay Alan26 gün önce

    Fuck yes. Just awesome seeing Larry training with this younger guy and getting him notoriety on his channel. Larry Wheels just all class

  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez27 gün önce

    Todo lo podemos en Cristo Jesús quien nos fortalece, amén y amén ❤️🙏🙌

  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez27 gün önce

    Jehova Dios nos bendiga y nos perdone en Cristo Jesús, amén y amén ❤️🙏🙌

  • Tero Viljanen
    Tero Viljanen27 gün önce

    Big Noah should sing at some kinda deathcore band! 🤘🏻✨ Cool voice!

  • Kalief Martin
    Kalief Martin27 gün önce

    It been awhile since Larry had a real hypeman!

  • Cristiano di tieri
    Cristiano di tieri28 gün önce

    grandi ragazzi 🇮🇹🇱🇷

  • N8theGr8
    N8theGr828 gün önce

    Ive been lifting heavy for myself and is there any advice for the days following i should do for resting ?

  • SPUZZAgamer /TV
    SPUZZAgamer /TV28 gün önce

    Un saluto dall'Italia

  • Corbenya
    Corbenya28 gün önce

    Listen to his voice 🤣🤣 Noah sounds like an aroused bear 🐻 😂😂

  • Habachuchiq
    Habachuchiq28 gün önce

    *No cap Larry’s trainer sounds like hulk in the intro*

  • Ch. H
    Ch. H29 gün önce

    Lovely to see hard work BUT mans who train with Larry need to stay in their lane. We already saw what happens when you get too hyped. Stay safe

  • J.C.
    J.C.29 gün önce

    Everybody: 😃 Planet Fitness: 😳😧😷

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One29 gün önce

    *I could lift more than 300 kg if I had big Noah as my gym partner*

  • basycs
    basycs29 gün önce

    guy looks like shit and screams like Mr. O

  • chris j
    chris j29 gün önce

    Hype man of the frickin year

  • Tauri Põlma
    Tauri Põlma29 gün önce

    FUcking hell that strenght .. My working set is 130kg for few sets.. Looking this wanna make me quit.

  • oplix
    oplix29 gün önce

    Having that dude during your lift has to add like a minimum 10% extra lift strength

    IGOR FITNESSAylar önce

    Super Good Bro

  • Luigi Cirimele
    Luigi CirimeleAylar önce

    Bro fa malissimo😂Biggie Is the best

    WHIPLASHAylar önce

    Super honest question for anyone that may know but does Larry have a tear in his left bicep?

  • Jose MT
    Jose MTAylar önce

    the power of trembo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Alal
    AlalAylar önce

    holy fuck

  • Thần Tượng Offline
    Thần Tượng OfflineAylar önce

    Chào Chú

  • Gabriel Webster
    Gabriel WebsterAylar önce

    This guy Noah not have nothing lines or shape. Why before say big not building your body 🙈

  • Jeffrey Clawson
    Jeffrey ClawsonAylar önce

    I like Big Noah’s gruff voice. He sounds like cookie monster

  • Jeffrey Clawson
    Jeffrey ClawsonAylar önce

    Sit down with it

  • Alex G.
    Alex G.Aylar önce

    I need a gym buddy like Noah 😩

  • Joseph Cifuentes
    Joseph CifuentesAylar önce

    Noah is a cool dude

  • xi tan
    xi tanAylar önce

    jezza uepa is the only king of front squat

  • Dr. Dre
    Dr. DreAylar önce

    Big noah sound like a pastor praying😂😂

  • john johnson
    john johnsonAylar önce

    Holy shit he's only 20!?

  • Southpaw345
    Southpaw345Aylar önce

    Larry is about to front squat 700 soon

  • Bernd Brot
    Bernd BrotAylar önce

    Leonidas Arkona press this day 320 .

  • The Internet Productions
    The Internet ProductionsAylar önce

    Came in the comments to look for someone complaining about depth but Larry viewers must love him

  • Mr. G
    Mr. GAylar önce

    Leonidas Arkona 320 kg. Check out his channel. Unbelievable.

    COMMMANDO62 YTAylar önce

    Who knows NoahFromTRloft. Cod Mobile

    JONG LIFTAAylar önce

    His heels on 160 😱

  • otinaka
    otinakaAylar önce

    300 kg in front squat... unbelievable...

  • L'hikikomori
    L'hikikomoriAylar önce

    Ciao noahh

  • Robert Rary
    Robert RaryAylar önce

    @33:00 you can see Noah’s quad cramping in the mirror

  • josecarlosarhe
    josecarlosarheAylar önce

    New guy´s voice is a bit discusting.

  • F Wilson
    F WilsonAylar önce

    If I had bug Noah screaming at me during a workout if PR every time

  • muaaz nadeem25
    muaaz nadeem25Aylar önce

    Plz don't end up like ronnie coleman

  • Real Workout
    Real WorkoutAylar önce

    32:02 orgasm

  • Riccardo Galiberti
    Riccardo GalibertiAylar önce

    E bravo big noah

  • Spencer Osei
    Spencer OseiAylar önce

    16:54-17:01 pause

  • ZeroPhilosopher
    ZeroPhilosopherAylar önce

    What's the actual PR without straps and weight belt?

  • Luca Apri
    Luca ApriAylar önce


  • Simone Piffer
    Simone PifferAylar önce

    Grande noah potenza italiana 🇮🇹💯🔥

  • Howtomove
    HowtomoveAylar önce

    Hahaha how he unrack 2 plates at a time like that 😂 Made it look so easy 😭

  • Eric Mcnellis
    Eric McnellisAylar önce

    I used to do a variation of this lift.. i didnt squat it.. but i started from the bottom and stood up with it to lockout.. i weighed 174 pounds when i lifted 1080 pounds.. raw.. no belts wraps or suit or gear. .. 👈😎🤘 U should give that a try larry, see if you can beat me and my wr/pr👈😎🤘

  • danylman7


    26 gün önce

    Put vidéo proof and you will be World famous

  • Cedie Purificacion
    Cedie PurificacionAylar önce

    Workout with kali muscle and big boii

  • Jacob Bolton
    Jacob BoltonAylar önce

    Lol sad he lifts all that weight and still has small legs genics suck

  • Sarbaz Abdulla
    Sarbaz AbdullaAylar önce

    can someone develop a Noah's voice app to motivate gym sessions, would be a hit. And Larry with 7plate per side front squat, what a beast!

  • Paul Rowley
    Paul RowleyAylar önce

    Larry do your fan following a favour……………. Stay off PED’S for a year then do some PR’s Never gonna happen !!! Just sad really because it’s not you it’s chemicals !!! UNSUBSCRIBED !!!

  • Swift_
    Swift_Aylar önce

    Larry’s strength is fucking unreal. 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Carlton Mensah
    Carlton MensahAylar önce

    I Fkin hate front squat

  • Alen Green
    Alen GreenAylar önce

    sorry i mean word.

  • Alen Green
    Alen GreenAylar önce

    one worth, AMAZING.

  • Jackson Mississippi Rail Productions Stowers
    Jackson Mississippi Rail Productions StowersAylar önce

    Stg he talks & sounds just like dekembe mutombo

  • Hayati Güneç
    Hayati GüneçAylar önce

    you are insane man

  • Mʀ. Fɪʀʟᴏ
    Mʀ. FɪʀʟᴏAylar önce

    Wow insane workout 🔥🔥 un saluto a Noah da Torino! 💪🏼😂

  • Jesse Hamilton
    Jesse HamiltonAylar önce

    Loving this new intro

  • Ade Channel 96
    Ade Channel 96Aylar önce

    Good your body brother I'am from indonesia

  • praca u podstaw
    praca u podstawAylar önce

    it was fun to see you with Mateusz Kieliszkowski. that would be MEGA.💪

  • Harrison Gu
    Harrison GuAylar önce

    Man I hate to be that guy, but the 300kg depth was weak. If you watch weightlifters like Clarence Kennedy and toshiki Yamamoto front squat, that’s real depth

  • james ahn
    james ahnAylar önce

    Noah would be a great drill seargant.

  • I'm a cool kind of guy
    I'm a cool kind of guyAylar önce

    This guy is 20!?! I'm fucking 20 Jesus fucking christ this dude in 5 years if he continues powerfliting will be a freak of nature


    Ou em gi

  • Santiago Maciel
    Santiago MacielAylar önce

    Big Noah coaching voice is legendary

  • Sam Botham
    Sam BothamAylar önce

    What a crazy leg session👌

  • KingLouie
    KingLouieAylar önce

    Armwrestle Andy Steel Mountain. Swedish champion

  • Bryan Corralez
    Bryan CorralezAylar önce

    His voice can shake the ground

  • Loud_Snipez18
    Loud_Snipez18Aylar önce

    When I go to the gym today imma be hearing big Noah in my head 😂

  • Slaying Spawns
    Slaying SpawnsAylar önce

    Going Moderate is like going super heavy for everyone else

  • newg guy
    newg guyAylar önce

    he will injury himself one day

  • Jacky K
    Jacky KAylar önce

    25:49 the way he bounced the safety pins back and only the left one secured it. Could've been some disaster right there if he wasn't ready for that

  • Lazarus Q
    Lazarus QAylar önce

    Sheesh noah a beast got hyped af 🤣

  • Ahmed Albutayshi
    Ahmed AlbutayshiAylar önce

    Larry needs big Noah in his arm wrestling with school boy 👍🏽😂

  • Samaha Zaman Khan
    Samaha Zaman KhanAylar önce

    Larry in weight lifting be like: 🔥🦁🔥 Larry in personality be like: 😐🙂😐