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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
John Gaglione: gaglionestr...
Thomas Ciringione: staystrongt...


  • Jessica get my ONLYFANS Trial
    Jessica get my ONLYFANS Trial23 gün önce

    Your name suits you to a T.

  • Beliefs
    Beliefs23 gün önce

    Gaglione can’t squat to depth to save his life, even with every piece of gear in existence

  • John
    John28 gün önce

    JOHN looks like a junkrat from overwatch

  • Mike Brown
    Mike BrownAylar önce

    Does anybody know how much Larry can bench, deadlift and squat naturally without roids?

  • iDj
    iDjAylar önce

    THIS LAUGH of the Man behind the Camera 14:00 xDD hes stoned bro for sure

  • real limited
    real limitedAylar önce

    This dude told him he came up a tiny tiny bit early. Meanwhile his pillsbury doughboy ass in his ballerina suit was even further than him from depth. I can't wait til Larry leaves NY and stops training with this dude is a joke.


    mucho gay

  • T Rex
    T RexAylar önce

    Train with tom platz

  • Nish Nishant
    Nish NishantAylar önce

    400 kg is looking so easy to you i think you are ready for 450 also best of luck brother

  • Joe P
    Joe PAylar önce

    In powerlifting do they want parallel or below? It seems like none of them go below

  • sTar Clan
    sTar ClanAylar önce

    anyone else genuinely curious to how much coach john could actually lift without the equipment?

  • Anthony Banton
    Anthony BantonAylar önce

    That coach looks like he is kitted out to go to the moon.

  • A Boi's Voice
    A Boi's VoiceAylar önce


  • Caspero
    CasperoAylar önce

    13:49 that's the best fist bump I've ever seen LMAOO

  • Bubson1998
    Bubson1998Aylar önce

    ok so u think that is impressing? check out our polish guy Kondzwig-Konrad Blewazka, he squated more than 400kg with sleeves

  • Obstone
    ObstoneAylar önce

    I feel like larry got a bit emotinal towards the 18:12 mark, im pretty sure he's so used to BTC always encouraging him to hit a new PR. R.I.P BTC.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos GonzalezAylar önce

    Feel like even if this was racked if I got under it my spine would turn to dust. Peoples strength is mind blowing to me.

  • bendjo parata17
    bendjo parata17Aylar önce

    hey nice one can you try to beat world record for squats its set by dean georgiev he squatted 182 times with 100kg do video trying to beat the record you are insane btw

  • That dude scam
    That dude scamAylar önce

    Lol, so embarrassing wearing all the equipment, look like an idiot, also Larry squats were high af

  • Kalil Santos Oliveira
    Kalil Santos OliveiraAylar önce


  • Nicholas Solo
    Nicholas SoloAylar önce

    Missing those Larry freak outs

  • Aspera
    AsperaAylar önce

    Some may argue that johns 800 lbs was not full depth but bro that is so fucking impressive, still squatted it and controlled the eccentric well

  • Daniel Ringer
    Daniel RingerAylar önce

    Can John show us how to wrap

  • Станислав Кононцев
    Станислав КононцевAylar önce

    Плохая техника, так приседать не нада.

  • Raghuveer Dubagunta
    Raghuveer DubaguntaAylar önce

    This is the Larry we want. Not some aesthetic guy who can't lift as much as this guy. Unbelievable strength man.

  • N G
    N GAylar önce

    800 pounds. 800 solid ass pounds.

  • PARK Vulture
    PARK VultureAylar önce

    16:50 🔥

  • Cheech Tyson
    Cheech TysonAylar önce



    Huge lift powerhouse

  • Aaron Patterson
    Aaron PattersonAylar önce


  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan KimAylar önce

    All legit!! Depths, Bar path,360 !!!!

  • Harrison Gu
    Harrison GuAylar önce

    A lot of those squats weren’t depth…especially the coach’s 800

  • Phil
    PhilAylar önce

    Larry looked deep compared to the others for once 😂

  • Jamy Lacroix
    Jamy LacroixAylar önce

    Are nicole and larry still together?

  • bruh :v
    bruh :vAylar önce

    RPE 8.5

  • Joshua Hagerman
    Joshua HagermanAylar önce

    Larry’s right arm getting swoll as shit

    FREDDIE REAGANAylar önce


  • Payton Chalstrom
    Payton ChalstromAylar önce

    What’s the point of squatting if you have to spend 20 minutes putting on a 10 piece suit to do it lol

  • K Dot
    K DotAylar önce

    Somebody please explain to me what that body suit is that that man has on? lol it looks excessive

  • rennefromthearea
    rennefromtheareaAylar önce

    This dude, MdoubleHB has no life bruh.

  • David Abell
    David AbellAylar önce

    BTC was proud of that one!

  • yj k
    yj kAylar önce

    coach gaglione wearing a bdsm suit ahhahahahaha

  • yucanda Maldonado
    yucanda MaldonadoAylar önce

    Hoy TABET come

  • Bo Rasta
    Bo RastaAylar önce

    Raps are not good for your knees. Raps not good

  • Adlib Constitution
    Adlib ConstitutionAylar önce

    ? I thought Larry's squat pr is 900lbs

  • AD Israel.
    AD Israel.Aylar önce

    this guy is a decent coach, apparently Larry thinks so, good lifts all the guys

  • Jubayer Hasan
    Jubayer HasanAylar önce

    Larry's power is back💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • TheSacred55
    TheSacred55Aylar önce

    Good to see the Tendon collector back in action!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Brush
    Aaron BrushAylar önce

    Y’all thought he was washed up...

  • Gains Veins & Hypertrophy
    Gains Veins & HypertrophyAylar önce

    Why doesn't that Coach John concentrate on coaching instead climbing into those MCU onesies & risking a nasty injury trying to lift heavier weight.

  • Maurice
    MauriceAylar önce

    and me squatting 80-100kg on reps...so sad hahahah

  • Swiss Choco Nutella
    Swiss Choco NutellaAylar önce

    4:28 whats the point in Squatting like that?? 100 wraps, suit, belt n wat not!! just to boost ego?

  • Wesley Boonstra
    Wesley BoonstraAylar önce

    Daaaaam larry is getting strong fast as hell now! On a side note can someone ban that fucking troll who comments on Everyone , he really grinds my gears

  • Crimson 22
    Crimson 22Aylar önce

    Two champions in the the house, Larry and the Tide... Roll Tide! 💪🏻

  • micdoses1
    micdoses1Aylar önce


  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training
    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength TrainingAylar önce

    The damn bar wasn't even STRAIGHT CENTRE on his back for the 400kg attempt and he STILL smashed it bro, frig me Larry you're next level.

  • Mitchell Gainz
    Mitchell GainzAylar önce

    If you descend into the squat slowly, it takes less force to reverse the direction of the velocity. It takes more force to change the bar direction if you “dive bomb” it

  • Алексей Языков
    Алексей ЯзыковAylar önce

    Why is it not a deep squat?

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Aylar önce

    Parallel is all they need in competition, this is to reduce risk of life threatening injury with super heavy weights. Imagine going below parallel into a deep squat with essentially half a car on your back like Larry here and something goes wrong, he could LITERALLY get snapped in half, knees burst, spine destroyed, paralysed. 90° rom is just safer all round.

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash YadavAylar önce

    150kg is my max squad right now and here these guys warming up with this😂😂😂

  • Jared Melseth
    Jared MelsethAylar önce

    Anyone else think his coach wasn't hitting powerlifting depth?

  • Aleksandar Vladov
    Aleksandar VladovAylar önce

    Fake weights 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon Doc
    Jon DocAylar önce

    Now that Larry tore his bicep he is focusing all in on three lifts where he doesn’t have to use it . His bodybuilding is over with that tear if you look at other pros , he is ready to do some legendary powerlifting records and he has an amazing coach guiding him . Larry will stay in powerlifting and just shore up weak points with bodybuilding now

  • prem bdrbk
    prem bdrbkAylar önce

    Brother keeepgoing

  • Mirza Anas
    Mirza AnasAylar önce

    Don't you take rest?

  • I'm so Glad
    I'm so GladAylar önce

    Red light on all three lifts. Gimme a break not even parallel. The second close but no cigar.

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Aylar önce

    It was so close on the 400kg, if they said up he was going up no matter what, I think it was JUST low enough.

  • Mano
    ManoAylar önce

    Larry I have an doubt your calves are very small why pls reply me Love From India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sean Voncken
    Sean VonckenAylar önce

    400KG squat with RPE 7-8. Mans got strenght for days. I believe if Larry stays focused for another 2-3years on powerlifting he will achieve 500kg squat/dead.

  • INDIAN Powerlifters

    INDIAN Powerlifters

    Aylar önce

    Not possible

  • J D
    J DAylar önce

    What does PR spell? Larry's lift attempts.

  • ToAsTOnDeck
    ToAsTOnDeckAylar önce

    Never saw the point of equipped lifting.

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Aylar önce

    MOAR WAITE ON BAR 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Sam Chipchase
    Sam ChipchaseAylar önce

    Hasn't Larry hit 900

  • Moss 590A1
    Moss 590A1Aylar önce

    Good depth on Larry's squats

  • MrTiktok4
    MrTiktok4Aylar önce

    This man's squat form is so jacked up but he's so strong he pushes the whole fkin thing.

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Aylar önce

    400kg bar wasn't even damn straight on his back and he still went through with the lift.

  • MrTiktok4


    Aylar önce

    @MdoubleHB no hate bro I'm sure Larry knows what he's doing and what's happening to his body. Better lift than not at all. I respect him for what he is, but damn if that squat form doesn't hurt my eyes xD

  • h4x0rl33tee
    h4x0rl33teeAylar önce

    Rip John meadows and BTC 2 major players in the bodybuilding TRloft training tutorial vidz such a loss RIP

  • T Pp
    T PpAylar önce

    At this point, coach John should just put a crazy stray jacket on, the ones they use to restrain crazy people.

  • zappozappo
    zappozappoAylar önce

    Forgot to mention Nickys world record 400kg squat was in ipf european championship..

  • Ludvig PT
    Ludvig PTAylar önce

    4:28 magic eqiupment ;)

  • DJ Jankov
    DJ JankovAylar önce

    Disslike becouse Larry is to Strong

  • Tom_lifts
    Tom_liftsAylar önce

    white lights or red lights?

  • Goku Black
    Goku BlackAylar önce

    Larry, the time has come for you to confront the wwe champion BOBBY LASHLEY

  • Lazarus Q
    Lazarus QAylar önce

    I Have No Doubt Larry Can Flip Over A Ford Escort.

  • Grigori Jefimovič
    Grigori JefimovičAylar önce

    Fallen friends give him big power

  • john rutter
    john rutterAylar önce

    typical, the white man telling the black man what to do

  • Shahrukh Siddique
    Shahrukh SiddiqueAylar önce

    John squats lower than most people do in equipped tbh

  • Victor Oneill
    Victor OneillAylar önce

    This dude is STRONG!!

  • Ascended Master Devon Larratt
    Ascended Master Devon LarrattAylar önce


  • Big Daggerdick
    Big DaggerdickAylar önce

    Larry will send those haters to the Netherrealm💪🏼

  • Shubh Verma
    Shubh VermaAylar önce

    His non wrapped squat PR is better than this .

  • Tony Lindberg
    Tony LindbergAylar önce

    Idk even if I was equipped if I could hold 800 on my back lmao. Even if its above parallel, still impressive to hold 800lbs at under 215lbs. It's awesome to see john keeping up with Larry. Hope they both do well in their next meets!

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Aylar önce

    @Tony Lindberg BOOM BRO haha

  • Tony Lindberg

    Tony Lindberg

    Aylar önce

    Whose more pathetic, a manchild behind a computer who has no life and replies to every comment on someone's TRloft channel they supposedly don't idolize? Or someone who just watches youtube and enjoys someone's good content and doesn't care what someone else does with their body?

  • hawaiidispenser
    hawaiidispenserAylar önce

    Larry looked like he had a lot left in the tank too. Lift looked quick and smooth.

  • mrproteins
    mrproteinsAylar önce

    PLEASE let Tom and convince him to talk more on camera with u. You two are a cool duo together.

  • TSB


    Aylar önce

    Yeah he needs more time than John

  • Keith Defreitas
    Keith DefreitasAylar önce

    John has not hit depth on any of his squats. None would count in comp

  • Tresor Ponge
    Tresor PongeAylar önce

    Larry wheels is gifted with power lifting, he should just keep going with this program and do arm wrestling just for fun

  • Jeff armfield
    Jeff armfieldAylar önce

    Im just curious...was John going low enough on his squats?

  • Pranjul khirwar
    Pranjul khirwarAylar önce


  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew PhillipsAylar önce

    Good work Larry. Inspirational stuff. Keep workin!

  • tony stark
    tony starkAylar önce

    i dont think ppl relies how much of monster weight 400kg/881 is!

  • Ben
    BenAylar önce

    David Goggins said "even if you walk on water, they would say you can't swim" always Gunna be those cunts talking shit, just fuel for someone like Larry

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. KhaliqAylar önce

    Game is not over yet 450 kg coming target Inshalla in 2022...

  • Flock of Seagulls
    Flock of SeagullsAylar önce

    Larry needs to fix that crooked bar, but holy smokes that was insane

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. KhaliqAylar önce

    My hero is back... Larry begining start ...love you brother 💔