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  • jacques moukouri
    jacques moukouri3 gün önce

    Who's the guy behind the camera?plz do not be condescend to your guests again in that manner ,even as a viewer I was confused as to what Larry wanted to do when he said drop it ,since you knew it was ur job to clearly tell them to drop the way rather than being patronizing !

  • Giovanni Ranga
    Giovanni Ranga6 gün önce

    When does the injury show?

    JAIME TAN8 gün önce

    The guy who spoke up drop it drop it messed up the last lift!! He could have hurt him!!

  • German Cervantes
    German Cervantes10 gün önce


  • Sunny Puri
    Sunny Puri12 gün önce

    03:10 Larry already put question about his mobility.Thtas why he got injured.Larry words were warning before injury.

  • Tomek Motek
    Tomek Motek12 gün önce

    Guy in the Red is dumb. Not Streched Body. Only big muscle and unhealthy roids.

  • squat everyday
    squat everyday12 gün önce

    Little did Ryan know

  • Vwap Trader2019
    Vwap Trader201913 gün önce

    5:00 mark Is when you see The Foreshadowing Of What’s To Come. At that mark he’s already showing strain in that right pec. The reason his pec tore is because he never benched with full range of motion. So when he had a heavier weight than normal, it forced a fuller range of motion the this pec and tendon didn’t train for. Hence the injury.

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman16 gün önce

    This video epitomizes: "A fEw mOmEnTs lAtEr."

  • Alpha MMA Fight Clips
    Alpha MMA Fight Clips17 gün önce

    Larry knows something is up with that dudes stiff as hell shoulders 330lbs at age 23... can't even do one single rep to his chest with 135 he's so bulky... what FOOL!! I used to do 225x7 on the incline when I was in my 20s and 30s zero gear whatsoever too bad cell phones were non-existent then!

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B18 gün önce

    1:25 if only he just did cable flys he wouldn’t have tore his pec

  • TestDriveUnlimited
    TestDriveUnlimited18 gün önce

    13 half moves, and last 4 in full... This is 17 ?

  • بقايا الزمان
    بقايا الزمان19 gün önce

    I do not see stupid, making him the largest part of this part from the other, and this is stupid, because the person does not see balance and the pregnancy becomes the shoulders.

    MROHSHITNIPPLES19 gün önce

    knowing that muscle was going to tear and hearing and seeing all that guys red flags beforehand was crazy lol

  • William Miller
    William Miller20 gün önce

    No wonder he tore his pec he couldn’t even move the bar down to touch his chest on incline

  • Гаджимурат Суйнчханов
    Гаджимурат Суйнчханов20 gün önce


  • Bobby Pork
    Bobby Pork20 gün önce

    Ironically, Ryan's singlet says, "gifted" the day this happened...

  • Bobby Pork
    Bobby Pork20 gün önce

    The sad thing about Ryan is that, the man is 23 pressing such loads while on gear, and he's a more bodybuilder-focused type of guy? (Moderate to higher reps, chances are)... It was only a matter of time for someone like him to got snapped up... He's what? 330lbs? Absolute beast, therefore his ego was sky-high...

  • Alpha MMA Fight Clips

    Alpha MMA Fight Clips

    17 gün önce

    The higher the ego, the lower the brain...

    OKTAVIANUS BOGAR20 gün önce

    Ryan crowley Making the movement that wrong. Larry, Eddie they did to the chest

  • Shahariar Rishad
    Shahariar Rishad20 gün önce

    Thats a pretty bad spotter!

  • Technologic
    Technologic21 gün önce

    this video single handedly made thousands of people want to skip chest day

  • PortlandMaineMuscle
    PortlandMaineMuscle21 gün önce

    Y’all look 40 the steroids catching up can’t wait to see the downfall in the er bed

  • Erik Deme
    Erik Deme21 gün önce

    Wau main Got, very good, nice. 180 kg , 20 reps . To much, yes I am 16 reps 180.

  • Max Leon Halling
    Max Leon Halling21 gün önce

    Pov: shaking whilst satching the guy in red benching after seeing *the vid*

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B22 gün önce

    John hack is stronger than larry

  • the tf
    the tf22 gün önce

    Ryan’s injury makes weight lifting scary

  • Orpheus
    Orpheus22 gün önce

    With that mobility, no wonder.

  • TheE4kid
    TheE4kid22 gün önce

    His lack of mobility is probably part of the reason for that horrific pec injury. Hope he recovers fully and can get back to it asap

  • Maxi fitness
    Maxi fitness23 gün önce

    Steriods guys you do not feel guility for what happened to that guy

  • IFM
    IFM23 gün önce

    Good discipline cameraman!

  • Alessandro Morris
    Alessandro Morris23 gün önce

    Togli le fasce ...poi vediamo

  • Sushant Sahgal
    Sushant Sahgal23 gün önce

    Bar weight included or excluded ?

  • Sushant Sahgal
    Sushant Sahgal23 gün önce

    Dangerous lifting 🔥

  • AL Info
    AL Info23 gün önce

    It's called RISK,CONFIDENCE, THE UNKNOWN RISK TAKEN TO MAYBE GET STRONGER AND SUCCESSFUL AT THE ATTEMPT TO GO HEAVIER OR RISK POSSIBLY GETTING INJURED 😉. BOOM 💥. THE CHALLENGE TAKEN FOR ALL AMATEURS AND PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDERS AND AVERAGE JOE BLOW WHO wants to improve there body or there strength or both . So consider the cost. Push at your own confidence and eagle and competitive spirit we all have. It's why most wise folks say .say NOPE. I know my limits and won't risk injuries!!!!!!!!. Very wise.

  • Tom Baron
    Tom Baron23 gün önce

    Brad castleberry would crush this easy for 60 reps

  • Maximilianus
    Maximilianus23 gün önce

    الله يطيح حظكم

  • Aymen Ali
    Aymen Ali23 gün önce

    Who came from tiktok for lary injury

  • IT & Fitness
    IT & Fitness23 gün önce

    Still cant beat casteberry tho

  • Alpha MMA Fight Clips

    Alpha MMA Fight Clips

    17 gün önce

    this is true lol

  • Vito Kombat Talk
    Vito Kombat Talk23 gün önce

    I bought those elbow wraps, knee sleeves and elbow sleeves, the taxes killed me

  • Kyle Vebar
    Kyle Vebar24 gün önce

    Larry needs to make up his damn mind about training, i want a 1000lb deadlift

  • ijustdontknow Guy
    ijustdontknow Guy24 gün önce

    He is too flared out

  • ijustdontknow Guy
    ijustdontknow Guy24 gün önce

    How Devon Laratt used to say "Man you don't want to come to a fight with bad..." shoulder mobility

  • the trojan horse
    the trojan horse24 gün önce

    You just uploaded the video on your channel anyways not giving a damn about the guy you ruined his carrer by pushing him too hard and heavy , this is so disrespectful

  • top ikk
    top ikk24 gün önce

    Whos hear aftet the guy tore his pectoral

    TEZ BARBER24 gün önce

    I now know why he tore his pec because his range of motion is so high he never activated his tendons or ligaments so he was no where near warm bro work on ur range of motion Yhh ur big but ur stiff hence why ur prone to injury Get well soon

  • Claudio Andrei
    Claudio Andrei24 gün önce

    I can even do 18x17

  • Martín Bianco Dubini
    Martín Bianco Dubini24 gün önce

    SOOOO MANY INDICATORS ON WHY THE DUDE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE 500 ON INCLINE. 2ND SET WITH 225 ALREADY TOUCHING HIS CHEST. I'm so sorry for the injury, but people need to be more conscious on the weight they lift, not everybody is Larry..actually, NOBODY IS LARRY. Stay safe, keep egolifting at home

  • lloyd lsl
    lloyd lsl25 gün önce

    he pushed her limits

    ACADEMICS & NEET MENTOR25 gün önce

    I can't believe that he is just 23 yrs old Unbelievable 😲 Get well soon

  • Rolan Camp
    Rolan Camp25 gün önce

    Sucks watching the injury vid first then this, you just want to warn him so bad..

  • bhargav goswami
    bhargav goswami25 gün önce


  • A.B.S Powerlifting
    A.B.S Powerlifting25 gün önce

    No wonder he tore his pec with that form and mobility.

  • Joe
    Joe25 gün önce

    What does drop it mean? Wtf

  • Nermin Denic
    Nermin Denic25 gün önce


  • Jordan McKinley
    Jordan McKinley25 gün önce

    Can’t even put it into words how incredible this is 🏆🙌🏽

  • Jem Dalumpines
    Jem Dalumpines25 gün önce

    That's why covid get worse ever week because of this, not wearing face mask

  • Varinyam Pandey

    Varinyam Pandey

    25 gün önce

    What covid?

  • perfectbasics
    perfectbasics25 gün önce

    10:43 where Larry did mistake😑

  • Adam Hunt
    Adam Hunt25 gün önce

    Guys focus on form and from and this will never happen to you.

  • Nepali movies and Songs
    Nepali movies and Songs25 gün önce

    God larry is so strong

  • uptown660
    uptown66025 gün önce

    Your a machine and only getting stronger. Go Larry go.

  • king sherls
    king sherls25 gün önce

    "i just wanna do flies", famous last words

  • GwasBro
    GwasBro26 gün önce

    13:22 faukk you can even see him thinking about whether or not to do it before he said it aswell.. bet he wishes he never said that :o

  • Sadiq Miah
    Sadiq Miah26 gün önce

    Camara dude mentality also messed up Ryan.

  • Kevin Mendez
    Kevin Mendez26 gün önce

    Do you think he flex to hard for them weight to create that injury ?

  • Josue166
    Josue16626 gün önce

    I love the way the cameraman/Larry's manager takes good care of him.. He immediately checks the boys for messing up.. Cheers to him.. Ryan, here's to a speedy recovery man

  • Nathan Pleasanton
    Nathan Pleasanton26 gün önce

    6:32 they had a plate and 2 35's because larry stole all the plates

  • first last
    first last26 gün önce

    4:58 See him grab his chest, hes injured already

  • Ragnar War-Teeth
    Ragnar War-Teeth26 gün önce

    2:20 is why dude ripped his pec off the bone. Do that shit after

  • Lord Ultra
    Lord Ultra26 gün önce

    Anyone with his mobility would have the same tear if the weight was is too heavy.

  • Lord Ultra
    Lord Ultra26 gün önce

    I think his lack of mobility is the cause of the tear. The weight was too heavy and went beyond his mobility threshold.

  • LUCAS !
    LUCAS !26 gün önce


  • NPC953 NPC64B
    NPC953 NPC64B26 gün önce

    Larry form is sub-par, but obviously he was reserving energy for heavier sets.

  • ducoteee
    ducoteee26 gün önce

    quick question larry, when u go for pr’s, i notice u have airpods in. what music do u listen to

  • Alexred94
    Alexred9426 gün önce

    3 spotters and couldn’t re rack it for Larry.pathetics

  • R H4RY3Y
    R H4RY3Y26 gün önce

    So a few things to note, the bloke who tore his pec in this session... He was going for a pr... He had discussed changing hand position and using wraps that he didn't usually use so was outside his usual comfort zone... And he showed his normal range of motion isn't to his chest.. So the extra weight has prob pushed his arms further back than his natural range of motion... This has no doubt caused this injury

  • TheGas Daddy
    TheGas Daddy26 gün önce

    This guy just through 4plates up like fucking sand!!!!

  • nycdemonz173
    nycdemonz17326 gün önce

    4:58 he already had pain on the warm up. shouldve stopped

  • lee lunk
    lee lunk26 gün önce


  • lee lunk

    lee lunk

    25 gün önce


  • A For Arhaan
    A For Arhaan26 gün önce

    100 lagataa hju

  • claunko
    claunko26 gün önce

    did the dude bark?

  • XpertGaming
    XpertGaming26 gün önce

    Watching this knowing whats commin for ryan is so facked !

  • sultan photography
    sultan photography26 gün önce

    Even wen Larry was lifting I thought even he wud tear his pec

  • eee1e1eee1ee
    eee1e1eee1ee27 gün önce

    half reps and gets injured. hope those peds were worth it!

  • Kintanti A
    Kintanti A27 gün önce

    So creepy watching this and listening to the dialogue knowing he gets injured.

  • Eli Hargis
    Eli Hargis27 gün önce

    these so scary to watch now ever since the injury

  • Peaceful4You
    Peaceful4You27 gün önce

    I could just tell the white guy Crowley had weak tendons the lower the weight got to his chest. You can just physically tell he never goes down to full range of motion which is definitely not good if he’s trying to get stronger.

  • Sid Hussain
    Sid Hussain27 gün önce

    Ego lifting

    DEBDUTT MEHRA27 gün önce

    I am not an advanced or pro in body building or power lifting more of an intermediate u can say! But my trainer always asks me to do complete press to get proper contraction, which means the barbell should go completely down to hit the chest hold it for a sec and then push up !! But here except for Charlie, neither larry nor ryan did that... Charlie was doing perfect press.... the other two were doing half presses... is that the correct way!!?😶

  • Dern Universe
    Dern Universe27 gün önce

    another warning about that type of useless exercise ...but we keep doing it over and over ..learn the biomechanics of the human body watch Doug Brignole on 365 smart training if you wanna void any injury

  • Dern Universe

    Dern Universe

    27 gün önce

    @Jesse Guera the chest is one muscle not 3 ...evolution is the path that makes us more intelligent as time goes by ...look up the biomechanics just dont repeat what everyone keeps repeating because they dont do homework... just look at his pec when they pop were did the muscle pulled was it up or to the point of its origin the middle

  • Jesse Guera

    Jesse Guera

    27 gün önce

    @Dern Universe incline works the upper chest

  • Dern Universe

    Dern Universe

    27 gün önce

    @Jesse Guera tell me what muscle fiber is pulling from that angle direction name it so i can look it up ...none exist

  • Jesse Guera

    Jesse Guera

    27 gün önce

    Incline is useless?

  • JP burton
    JP burton27 gün önce

    bro there throwing around my squat max close grips like it’s nun

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D27 gün önce

    So we just gonna not talk about the fart?

  • Jesse Guera

    Jesse Guera

    27 gün önce

    No because we are not 10 years old

  • Kevin Murray
    Kevin Murray27 gün önce

    maybe u shouldn’t max incline after what happened to ur friend

  • Alex Mora
    Alex Mora27 gün önce

    Larry wheels is King Kong in real life . 👑

  • Messy
    Messy27 gün önce

    all i see when i watch ryan bench in this is his pec just tearing clean off bro , the clip is stomach turning fr

    ANGRY HULK27 gün önce

    Never do ego lifting or to show your friends even I can lift that too....It's bodybuilding not weight lifting ..Even weight lifters do 1 rep max they don't do full sets with heavy weights

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta27 gün önce

    i he only now 2 day later bum

  • Jay
    Jay27 gün önce

    he shouldve known his own limits, he was already shaking doing 4 plates and another reason why he tore his pecs is because he went so slow with super heavy weight,

  • Beastmode Jones
    Beastmode Jones27 gün önce

    he said he would only do 5 wheels if Larry hit 8 reps....he went against his own ''word''

  • Mudri
    Mudri27 gün önce

    Honest message to Ryan, play stupid games win stupid prizes. Also kids, dont do roids when youre 16.

  • werewolvesbyday
    werewolvesbyday27 gün önce

    lol so many things adding up here: lack of mobility, change of form, pushing past comfort level with a shoulder injury. next time i wanna tear my pec off the bone i'll check this video again.