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  • C Cai
    C Cai54 dakika önce

    Even Larry looks petite.

  • Miguel Angel Barranco Monge
    Miguel Angel Barranco MongeGün önce

    Everytime I see Larry's calves, I remember what a bitch genetics are, an absolute behemont of size and strenght, but with no apparent calve development

  • Mansur Mardanyar
    Mansur MardanyarGün önce

    Dude is gassed only from talking

  • upperedgo06
    upperedgo062 gün önce

    Doing chest tomorrow, now I have new ideas, thanks!

  • realtv101
    realtv1012 gün önce

    What people dont realize Larry is a power lifter a 1 max rep style of training... bodybuilders only train to build muscle so they can lift heavy for more reps but they can't left as much as Larry for 1 max rep

  • -Tee- -Bee-
    -Tee- -Bee-3 gün önce

    ROID GUT is serious!

  • Jemal Rankin
    Jemal Rankin3 gün önce

    Larrys voice sounds so much like The Rock ! Even the laugh , and the smile .

  • The Source

    The Source

    2 gün önce

    Nah, Rock's voice is more raspy and a bit deeper than Larry's.

  • Bryant A
    Bryant A3 gün önce

    Not bad Larry. You've got bigger traps and all around almost his size. I thinks his lower body that more of that size is.

  • Patrick Lawler
    Patrick Lawler4 gün önce

    Yall Tren?

  • Tyr Tyranski
    Tyr Tyranski4 gün önce


  • arbuz arbi
    arbuz arbi4 gün önce

    Gitara pozdro

  • insane reply
    insane reply4 gün önce

    Larry was funny and amazed this time🤯😲

  • Neth 7
    Neth 74 gün önce

    10:00 « uh »

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips4 gün önce

    Hey guess what? Tren works. Lol the dude is sweating standing still

  • Jamie Rodgers
    Jamie Rodgers5 gün önce

    Shorty in the back tho ... 😍

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones6 gün önce

    330 ripped just like big Lenny

  • radiant ministry
    radiant ministry6 gün önce

    Morgan fight scene in South Indian movie pogaru

  • Alex Z
    Alex Z6 gün önce

    genetic engineering gone wrong

  • Andreas Kærby Ravn
    Andreas Kærby Ravn6 gün önce

    Mask underneath is a must in dubai, because its helps against corona 🤣🤣 who the brain behind that

  • Jonathan Mcniel
    Jonathan Mcniel6 gün önce

    He even does flys like me. I like him.

  • Jonathan Mcniel
    Jonathan Mcniel6 gün önce

    Shit I thought i was the only one who did my incline dumbell presses like that.

  • brandon causey
    brandon causey7 gün önce

    Bubble gut...bubble bubble bubble gut.

  • For the ments
    For the ments7 gün önce

    I hope he doesn't end up like Dallas Mccarver, his level of conditioning on-stage with his level of muscle mass is INSANE. Seems like a nice guy too.

  • For the ments
    For the ments7 gün önce

    1:21 for my coomers out there.

  • dr right wing
    dr right wing7 gün önce

    Pecs is probably the only body part where Larry competes w/Morgan. Larry is young and has alot of time and room to grow

  • Florian LB
    Florian LB9 gün önce

    What an impressive workout! Massive respect from 🇨🇵

  • Mr.Shoelace 01
    Mr.Shoelace 019 gün önce

    Love your vids 💪💪💪

  • Joseph McCann
    Joseph McCann9 gün önce

    Skinny weak

  • Alex Ha
    Alex Ha9 gün önce

    Super Morgan vraiment humble comme perosnne

  • daniel
    daniel9 gün önce

    Was ein kranker typ

  • Hort des Wissens
    Hort des Wissens9 gün önce

    this is morgan now?! oh what the heck! he looks like his own dad!... oh damit in 2years he looks like arnold...

  • tut tutek
    tut tutek10 gün önce

    1:08 I wish I was that bottle!

  • jack Sparrow
    jack Sparrow10 gün önce

    Bigger than Larry

  • DJ Jankov
    DJ Jankov10 gün önce

    I Like larrys Body more Its strong big and asthstic

  • oil bum
    oil bum10 gün önce

    His belly is huge

  • funk 80 funk
    funk 80 funk11 gün önce


  • Leon
    Leon11 gün önce

    Arguibly??? Name me one bodybuilder whos bigger???

  • Viper ACR
    Viper ACR12 gün önce

    Unfortunately Morgan's biceps are lacking big- time - no fullness and no peak. What about Morgan's gut????

  • zfonce347
    zfonce34713 gün önce


  • Jalle Julle
    Jalle Julle13 gün önce

    Morgan is heading towards the same faith as Martin Källström

  • Tristan Mundell
    Tristan Mundell13 gün önce

    Hulk vs. Abomination

  • Jerome778
    Jerome77813 gün önce

    I know this guy is strong but Larry just wasn't in top condition here.

  • Viktor Kovachev
    Viktor Kovachev13 gün önce

    Wow. Really interesting how taking everything on Mendeleev's table can make you a monster.

  • Lümmelmann
    Lümmelmann13 gün önce

    Why do they wear Pampers on their chins? 🤔

  • MrFreez
    MrFreez14 gün önce

    what a natty !

  • Eric Seed
    Eric Seed14 gün önce

    In France, we had very few bodybuilders internationally known over the years (Nubret, Benfatto, and now Aste) Even If the physiques are very different, the common point is that they are always really nice guys.

  • Jonas Mackenroth
    Jonas Mackenroth14 gün önce

    02:00 Never Skip leg day😂

  • Lümmelmann


    13 gün önce

    What do you mean? These calves are not small. 🤔

  • S A
    S A14 gün önce

    Chargé comme never ever 💪💪💪

  • TheAcarch2
    TheAcarch214 gün önce

    Love the positive energy between the two. Man that vibe really helps in the gym.

  • Samuel Vizitiu
    Samuel Vizitiu14 gün önce


  • Malik Abdul Aziz
    Malik Abdul Aziz14 gün önce

    Holy moly what an absolute monster of a man.

  • Dorian
    Dorian14 gün önce

    Unreal giant

  • Charles H. Rogers III
    Charles H. Rogers III14 gün önce

    These 2 paired together for 1 year... insane!

  • Charles H. Rogers III
    Charles H. Rogers III14 gün önce

    Morgan is an anomaly!

  • Jhostin Torres
    Jhostin Torres15 gün önce

    1:09 WOW THAT GIRL

  • Joshua VD
    Joshua VD15 gün önce

    can anyone imagine training like this each week? insane

  • Joshua VD
    Joshua VD15 gün önce

    This guy can even put the 70kg weights down on the knees after going to failure, so strong

  • Joshua VD
    Joshua VD15 gün önce

    omg that chest work out.... so sick.

  • R G
    R G15 gün önce

    Morgan’s DNA is 30% Neanderthal

  • Carl Saigan
    Carl Saigan15 gün önce

    the gear is strong with these two

  • Leon Don
    Leon Don15 gün önce

    Amazing personality bro

  • Leon Don
    Leon Don15 gün önce

    holy fucking shit this guy is something else, fucking BALD BROLY

  • Jonah Gormley
    Jonah Gormley16 gün önce

    Morgan looks so scary but then sounds like the nicest guy about So cool

  • purifiedworks
    purifiedworks16 gün önce

    Yes, nice to know his workouts, etc . . . can I also get what steroi ds to take and where to get them and how to take them ? If not , his workouts will not get the results as depicted here so just asking :)

  • David Bloxham
    David Bloxham16 gün önce

    Larry looks better

  • Lincoln Six Echo
    Lincoln Six Echo16 gün önce

    I think they use this creatin ..

  • Tsewang Thendup
    Tsewang Thendup16 gün önce

    I wonder how much Morgan can lift in the big 3?

    FRANCISCO GUILLEN16 gün önce


  • Kyle C.
    Kyle C.16 gün önce

    Loving the chin diapers fellas

  • Remi Bonhoure
    Remi Bonhoure16 gün önce

    I saw Morgan lift atlas stones with more ease than I lift a basket ball ... The French Titan.

  • flex 25
    flex 2517 gün önce

    Takie off this mask

  • Pierre Ozeree
    Pierre Ozeree18 gün önce

    Morgan est incroyable Putin

  • The Joker
    The Joker18 gün önce

    Des français ??? GO MORGAN 🇨🇵

  • Jean CARNIER
    Jean CARNIER18 gün önce

    Arrêter les produits les mecs 🖕🏽

  • Ramy Steph
    Ramy Steph19 gün önce

    vous faites bien pitié avec vos masques........ degueulasse

  • Gilik Painkiller
    Gilik Painkiller19 gün önce

    awesome strengt !!!

  • nZpicy
    nZpicy19 gün önce

    La France on est là !!

  • Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo
    Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo19 gün önce

    He makes Larry look small that’s impressive

  • Peter Sagnella
    Peter Sagnella20 gün önce

    Jeezus. LW LOoking small or reg sized next to this man. Id look like a hobbit in their mix and im not even that small lol

  • Rudra Dave
    Rudra Dave20 gün önce

    Is morgan missing a tooth 🦷 !!

  • Theo Teddy
    Theo Teddy20 gün önce

    larrys chest veins at the end are unreal..

  • Roi DEMON
    Roi DEMON21 gün önce

    Larry couldn't keep up with that Beast wow

  • Julio Cesar Arias Oviedo
    Julio Cesar Arias Oviedo21 gün önce

    Morgan ledio sopa y seco 2 grandes Dios los vendiga

  • Jose Trujillo
    Jose Trujillo21 gün önce

    This idiots!!! To Much Steroids!!

  • Pierre-Alexis Lachance
    Pierre-Alexis Lachance21 gün önce

    14:30 lol even his head is ripped

  • karun james
    karun james21 gün önce

    #16:45 its gameover for everyone over there 💥💥😨🔥🔥

  • Judd Otto
    Judd Otto21 gün önce

    When their speed rep weight is your dream 1 rep max 🤣🥳❤️

  • Sumit D
    Sumit D21 gün önce

    Larry humility is his greatest trait!👌🥇 And good to see Morgan doing more competitions...with a tighter waist he will be hard to beat!

  • Manish Gurung
    Manish Gurung21 gün önce

    He is 2x strong than you broo😮😫

  • Shine Onn ENT.
    Shine Onn ENT.21 gün önce

    Why aren't these guys in movies as super heroes or super villains

  • pussy eater
    pussy eater22 gün önce

    Two monsters

  • Juan Moreno moreno
    Juan Moreno moreno22 gün önce

    Mucho músculo para nada no son nada estéticos fatal barrigas súper hinchadas para afuera ?a que se debera ,,,,,, 😁

  • Akuma
    Akuma22 gün önce

    "TOO SMALL" lol

  • R N
    R N22 gün önce

    That stomach is nasty

  • Ken Desjarlais
    Ken Desjarlais23 gün önce

    Morgans always had that ninja turtle tummy

  • E Hall
    E Hall23 gün önce

    I want these 2 tow work out with Golem. It gets no better.

  • JoHnNy ClAsH
    JoHnNy ClAsH23 gün önce

    Is Larry smaller than usual?

  • Dominique Gosse
    Dominique Gosse23 gün önce

    C'est Vraiment Super ces vidéos entrainement de Morgan et Larry ! 👍👍👍

  • Pablo Herbman
    Pablo Herbman23 gün önce

    Can see he's gyno through the hoodie

  • food#killer Lekalakala
    food#killer Lekalakala23 gün önce

    you pose well larry