May 29th
Super match between Devon Larrat and Michael Todd!
Who is going to be king of the table?


  • nawzy202
    nawzy20220 gün önce

    Damn this guy bringing the world of arm wrestling to youtube

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th29 gün önce

    Larry, I want to see the wifey match for the opening match, Mrs. Monster vs Mrs. Larratt, please make it happen!

  • Michael Kuriakose
    Michael KuriakoseAylar önce

    Larry ❤

  • hadhutch88
    hadhutch88Aylar önce

    We need mask and Ermes co maint event!!

  • Francesco Sessego
    Francesco SessegoAylar önce

    Whend be II the match?

  • RyanWCook1981
    RyanWCook1981Aylar önce

    Devon will break that tie and hopefully the troll under the table will stand up this go around

  • Mosquito Bowen
    Mosquito BowenAylar önce

    Lets wait for Mosuito Bowen to steal this content for free again and make an analysis video out of it.

  • Bryan Teal
    Bryan TealAylar önce

    Hoping that Matt Mask and Ermes Gasparini will be on the same card!!

  • Weaboo Heaven
    Weaboo HeavenAylar önce

    wooh lets go.

  • Pablo Picciotto
    Pablo PicciottoAylar önce

    Devon Larrat is going to be the winner!!

  • Mega Artz
    Mega ArtzAylar önce

    Will there be a live or something?

  • undivided17
    undivided17Aylar önce

    I don't know if we'll be able to find Michael down there under the table. Hard to tell.

  • Justin Time
    Justin TimeAylar önce

    I really hope tod dosent go under the table

  • Tommy Holm
    Tommy HolmAylar önce

    Larry just one word - Magnificent

  • Jason Chart-Davies
    Jason Chart-DaviesAylar önce

    what banner is this event under? is the hammer on the line?

  • Dume Vision
    Dume VisionAylar önce

    Thank you Larry Living Life Like Larry 🔥🙏

  • Thor L
    Thor LAylar önce

    Hi Larry, thanks for continous great content. Because of you, armwrestling content is now on my daily watchlist. Where will it be possible to watch this match live?

  • nahog99
    nahog99Aylar önce

    Larry wheels and Devon Larratt over the last year have done more for Arm Wrestling than I think anyone ever has.

  • bob biglog
    bob biglogAylar önce

    Larry you are the man!!!

  • Andre
    AndreAylar önce

    what are they fighting for? spot number 12?

    NSA KEYAylar önce

    MT has been training for this and DL is practically crippled with 2 months to prepare. Just doesn't seem like a fair rematch to me. Nonetheless, Devon stepping up says a lot about his character that his fans already know about.

  • Tony Tarantula
    Tony TarantulaAylar önce

    Larry Mazurenko!!!

  • Tim Williams
    Tim WilliamsAylar önce

    Thanks Larry

  • Eric Cartman's Strength and Power
    Eric Cartman's Strength and PowerAylar önce

    Arm Wrestling: the latest flavor of the weak

  • Tolkien Books
    Tolkien BooksAylar önce

    king of the table or king under the table? hmm

  • Jordan Martens
    Jordan MartensAylar önce

    I love you Larry! *throws bra on stage*

  • del boy 79
    del boy 79Aylar önce

    Devon larratt 👍

  • Aco Tebra
    Aco TebraAylar önce

    I´m not even an armwrestler but its cool to follow your journey and what you do with it. inspiring

  • ArTiD2
    ArTiD2Aylar önce

    We all know whos gonna be king under table thats for sure

  • Colton W
    Colton WAylar önce

    I think Michael Todd will win. Looked pretty damn strong on the arm wrestling exercises and seems to be getting stronger in regular lifts as well.

  • lukthere2
    lukthere2Aylar önce

    lets GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • 416Gamer
    416GamerAylar önce

    Thank you for everything Larry.

  • Big Al
    Big AlAylar önce


  • Todd Hutchings's hairdresser
    Todd Hutchings's hairdresserAylar önce

    And I will also be there, as the official competitive integrity hairdresser.

  • James Gadd
    James GaddAylar önce

    honestly love what youre doing for the sport. the colabs and matches you have are fun to watch. you still got alot to learn technique wise but once your strength can be utlisied youll be insane but that doesnt matter id say youre on par with devon for how much u done for the sport. keep going

  • Graham M
    Graham MAylar önce

    You're awesome Larry!

  • Jp Srt8
    Jp Srt8Aylar önce

    More arm wrestling don’t no one gives af about arm wrestling Larry

  • Blake Mckean
    Blake MckeanAylar önce

    Man... Larry is a fucking legend.

  • seandy christian
    seandy christianAylar önce

    Hot sauce challenge told me who's gonna win the match.. ;)

  • Bjorn Rasmussen
    Bjorn RasmussenAylar önce

    Starting out small and humble I see..When will we see some big names!?

  • Al V
    Al VAylar önce

    King’s move should be banned or needs some changes.

  • Smood47
    Smood47Aylar önce

    Todd gonna destroy Devon with ease. Sorry Devon but Todd is too good (ps. im not a fan of kings move).

  • nick smith
    nick smithAylar önce

    he did need to turn that skillet down

  • raker1980
    raker1980Aylar önce


  • Andrew Lozano
    Andrew LozanoAylar önce

    Oh boy! I wonder what kinda move Michael will do?! The best arm wrestler ever for being so dynamic, you never know what he's gonna do...

  • Syoxiss
    SyoxissAylar önce

    Mutt will definitely foul out , hope the ref won't take sides

  • Pronater King
    Pronater KingAylar önce

    I changed my password to MichaelTodd but its says:Too strong but only under the table

  • Pronater King
    Pronater KingAylar önce

    I think Larry can be a well known and big Armwrestling Organizer in the future just like Igor Mazurenko....LWAC

  • Flávio Mildemberg
    Flávio MildembergAylar önce

    Devon will win

  • Blob Andersen
    Blob AndersenAylar önce

    Hi Larry, nice of you to inform us about this epic match. Can't wait till it happens, hope the best will win, although it seems that Devon Larratt has to avenge his late loss and he's also the most technical contender, while 'the monster' Michael Todd is the stronger athlet beyond any doubt! I would say that Devon will have more motivations to win but always beware of "monsters".

  • Bejo Sugiantoro
    Bejo SugiantoroAylar önce

    Bye Igor crook mazurenko

  • King of Baja
    King of BajaAylar önce

    yemin ederim arap şeyhi gibi adam . adam mı adam.

  • S7EVIN
    S7EVINAylar önce

    i like both but one thing is for sure, this will be a great match i can't wait to see! 💪

  • Peter Ferenci
    Peter FerenciAylar önce

    Tell todd not to hide under the table while armwresling like he did last time against devon ;)

  • Andy Sim
    Andy SimAylar önce

    Thanks Larry for this coming big event

  • Maicon Marques
    Maicon MarquesAylar önce

    Deus lutou com Jacó e Jacó venceu então Deus disse que ele é um príncipe porque lutou com homens e lutou com Deus e sobrevaleceu então de hoje indiante não se chamaria mais Jacó mais Israel.

  • toli bole
    toli boleAylar önce

    In simple , Larry is an inspiration.

  • Jason Marsh
    Jason MarshAylar önce

    Money Talks Volumes

    I BOW TO YOU, LORD RAMA!Aylar önce

    Respect to Larry Wheels but there are a lot of dopes that think he's doing this as some sort of charity to the sport of Arm Wrestling. The fact of the matter is that Larrat, Todd and the Arm Wrestling community get more exposure through Larry and he gets Hella CONTENT to help further build his brand and YT channel!

  • Shawn Danlovich
    Shawn DanlovichAylar önce

    Kings move sucks. Mike only tool.

  • Sean Phillips
    Sean PhillipsAylar önce

    So this is to break the tie? - so their match in Michael's garage with Devon masquerading as a homeless wino doesn't count - gotcha.

  • Haagen Neldeberg

    Haagen Neldeberg

    Aylar önce

    That was just a practice. There is a difference.

  • Chris Cross
    Chris CrossAylar önce

    EASY DEVON WIN! 😁💪💪🦾✌️

  • mrc20432
    mrc20432Aylar önce

    This is fun

  • Trevor Murphy
    Trevor MurphyAylar önce

    Didn’t he say he was eating pancakes to get jacked to beat michael ? So isn’t that a reference to the match ? This video doesn’t make any sense lol

  • Flesz
    FleszAylar önce

    I don't think they will be able to find M Todd, you know where he is going to be

  • Kazuya720
    Kazuya720Aylar önce

    I m just curious... they seems to know each other very well, but they never pulled seriously??

  • BillyTheGreat
    BillyTheGreatAylar önce

    larry wheels just said fuck it and did it himself gj mate

  • Stayhumble
    StayhumbleAylar önce

    I'm looking forward to this match!

  • Mudri
    MudriAylar önce

    I literally just realised Micheal Todd is the asshole that goes under the table every fight. The beard got me good..

  • jamal a
    jamal aAylar önce

    May 29th too far

  • Cog in the wheel
    Cog in the wheelAylar önce

    Good shit larry

  • G Unit
    G UnitAylar önce

    may 29th is my bday! this would be badass

  • GuacSause
    GuacSauseAylar önce

    yessss larry!

  • Breaking Bud
    Breaking BudAylar önce

    I love your laugh please Finnish with it

    FARHAZ TKAylar önce

    Levan can get everyone, but this match is the one we all are waiting for,

  • worst nightmare
    worst nightmareAylar önce

    Larry what are you trying to accomplish with his arm wrestling w main objective? U think you can hang with the best in the world?? & Win??

  • De_lorean


    Aylar önce

    I don’t think Larry will ever focus exclusively on arm wrestling. It’s not big enough and he’s way too talented overall

  • Keerthivasan Gopalraj
    Keerthivasan GopalrajAylar önce

    Letssss Goooooooooo !

  • killerkody gaming
    killerkody gamingAylar önce

    We wanna know the rule set, WAL rules? Or will it be on a proper table this time?

  • Obiwan Kenboi
    Obiwan KenboiAylar önce

    Just getting them to grip up will be a task in itself. This needs some VERY good reffing...

  • Bobby Ray Parris
    Bobby Ray ParrisAylar önce

    I cant wait!!!!

  • You Thought
    You ThoughtAylar önce

    Where ya hidin Michael?!

  • Bart Simpsonwood
    Bart SimpsonwoodAylar önce

    I hate to say so I'm not gonna say it........but I love you Devon.

  • Thalia Daniel
    Thalia DanielAylar önce


  • Ben 9
    Ben 9Aylar önce

    Kings dont use such noobish moves. They fight with dignity, and still win.

  • Ben 9

    Ben 9

    Aylar önce

    I forgot to say: My mate pulled me the kings move on me once. I told him to stand up and fight like a man (after beating him with pure strength)

  • Ben 9

    Ben 9

    Aylar önce

    😅 (great work at building the sport.... Although the kings move is still very noobish)

  • Rod P
    Rod PAylar önce

    Don Larry Thxs

  • Levan Hulkster Todd
    Levan Hulkster ToddAylar önce

    Larry thank you for doing so much for this amazing sport ❤️

  • mary flores
    mary floresAylar önce

    Larry, You will need an undercard. Please convince Blue Bowen & RVJ to move their showdown to Dubai as a preliminary bout.

  • David Schumacher
    David SchumacherAylar önce

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lee Wilson
    Lee WilsonAylar önce

    Not the Mike Todd I though we was taking about 🤣 @TransformationChurch @TCNation

  • Shane Smith
    Shane SmithAylar önce

    I wonder if this is gonna be a real event with more great matchups or if these two are gonna meet in the gym & have a super match?

  • De_lorean
    De_loreanAylar önce

    Is this really a good time to be traveling half way across the globe for a match? Pretty much everything has been cancelled because of Covid

  • Toma Catalin
    Toma CatalinAylar önce


  • Romain_bclt
    Romain_bcltAylar önce


  • JoeShow650
    JoeShow650Aylar önce

    The tie breaker. This is huge for arm wrestling.

  • Michael Monster Toad
    Michael Monster ToadAylar önce


    BIG PAPAAylar önce

    Bonne chance de la France 👍

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan DrakeAylar önce

    Can't wait for the match !!!!!! It will be amazing. How many rounds ?

  • Esteban Aguirre
    Esteban AguirreAylar önce

    Ayeee !!

  • HushemFlupskluk
    HushemFlupsklukAylar önce

    This is going to be a match to be 'King under table'.

  • Stuart Mackay
    Stuart MackayAylar önce

    The way I would like to see it: The Advertising blurb…. It’s the fight of the decade (not hard as its only year 1) Billed as the Beast from the East (Dubai and Igor will like it, not) A picture of the statue of Liberty on the banner (Engin will like it expect a tad of under the table fighting from both) Devon No-Limits Larratt v Monster Michael Todd For the Undisputed KING of the table. A fight on both hands…. The Athletes correspondence Right hand fought first 6 hard rounds that all play a significant part in the end result (overall champ) Right Michael - say 5 - 1 Next an off the table agreement (does this or should this go on… possibly Not) but it is a SPECIAL event. Left hand results in a 5- 1 (fouls whatever) Results Best Right-Handed Arm wrestler in the W…. Michael Todd Best Left-Handed Arm Wrestler in the W… Devon Larratt Best overall, a tie with a seated left and right DEMONSTRATION (no Kings to settle the score….) Nobody’s pride is hurt or insulted Everybody wins including the fans they see a complete arm-wrestling experience. Whether the rounds are separated by intermediate matches to aid recovery is another option (both like to sap energy from their opponents) and increases the intensity for the viewer… In all probability it will be a plain WAL format get to the table, 10 minutes later it will be all over.. Whatever happens, something fresh or old, hopefully fresh? I wish the venue the best. edit I can understand why this would not happen, including the possibility of Devon Winning Right handed of the bat...