Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Thor Bjornsson: thorbjornsson
Thor's TRloft:


  • Johan Kira
    Johan Kira4 saatler önce

    You can't fight for shit

  • chinese virus Corona
    chinese virus Corona12 saatler önce

    Thor is now skinny

  • War Ressurect
    War Ressurect21 saatler önce

    I miss bigger Thor

  • G G
    G GGün önce

    Lmao. Eddie is gonna murder Thor!

  • David
    DavidGün önce

    Man Thor can do anything and it would be entertaining. Larry you’re the man

  • Michael Russell
    Michael RussellGün önce

    Thor's punches are soo slow and weak.. If Eddie can chase him down, he's done.

  • Let's be Honest Official
    Let's be Honest OfficialGün önce

    Are they both on standby mode?

  • Anonymous Prepper
    Anonymous Prepper2 gün önce

    I'd love boxing my favourite actor!

  • ted hicks
    ted hicks2 gün önce

    thor has lost a crazy amount of size , this time last year he was 200kg and now hes 140kg

  • Branden van der Merwe
    Branden van der Merwe3 gün önce

    The Mountain has so much more rhythm than Larry.

  • ToeCutter
    ToeCutter3 gün önce

    23:38 - Just press the square button, Larry

  • Tcheco Lee
    Tcheco Lee4 gün önce

    Larry needs to stop skipping leg days XD

  • Be better Each day
    Be better Each day4 gün önce

    These dudes are absolute freaks

  • ezequiel romero
    ezequiel romero4 gün önce

    Thor necesita un tutorial de cómo vendar las manos para box

    RASCAL5 gün önce

    Horrible coach telling him to stand staight when hooking brooooooo wtf never stand straight always one foot in front

    RASCAL5 gün önce

    Funny how the big guy try to tell him but has no natural skill what so ever black people are the best at all sports period

    ESCAPEGOAT5 gün önce

    Haha, in the warm up round you can see Thor´s wiener dancing .

  • old mate
    old mate5 gün önce

    Larry 🤣🤣

  • Pta Antonio
    Pta Antonio5 gün önce


  • James Camerom
    James Camerom6 gün önce

    16:59 dunno what the fuck that guy is teaching Larry stance is shit feet side me side? And gets him to put his arms out wide? 😂😂 that guy should not be teaching him anything to do with boxing

  • Francis Odo
    Francis Odo6 gün önce

    Yo dawwggg TRloft bra gib me me dis....but enjoying dem lit moves yo. Came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted make me remember last weekend lel. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  • Raja gopal
    Raja gopal6 gün önce

    The mountain now looks like a white walker……!!!

  • reymond burgos
    reymond burgos7 gün önce


  • J1
    J17 gün önce

    damn thor musta lost over 100 lbs, almost didnt recognize him

  • michael matau
    michael matau7 gün önce

    You remind me of a buff ass carlton from fresh prince.

  • GeneralFury81
    GeneralFury818 gün önce

    I wonder what Thor and Eddie are lifting during the build up to the fight or at all? Or reduced what they lifting significantly?

  • Project MDT
    Project MDT8 gün önce


  • Altair Billups
    Altair Billups8 gün önce

    LARRY!!!! Come on come on LARRY !!!

    BIG BOY8 gün önce

    Thor is looking like a overpowered anime character 😍

  • Richard Oliver Sr
    Richard Oliver Sr8 gün önce

    How much did Thor pay you not to actually hit him. Embarrassing

  • Thomas Schofield
    Thomas Schofield9 gün önce

    Just because Larry bangs Thor all crazy as often as possible it will never take away from the reality that Eddie Hall is gonna knock thors head off..not to mention the multiple broken ribs half a Thor will absolutely have. Half a Thor is a big dummy who's Ego is in competition with the Sun for the Center of the Universe

  • Don Ali
    Don Ali9 gün önce

    Please focuse on fighting, especially on grappling because you will become a beast in a short time.

  • Will Miller
    Will Miller9 gün önce

    EVERYONE doing boxing nowadays lmao

  • Austin Lauderdale
    Austin Lauderdale10 gün önce

    Stick to lifting things Larry 😂😂

  • Tony Money
    Tony Money10 gün önce

    Better to See you with hairs larry

  • Ghilish Cambino
    Ghilish Cambino11 gün önce

    Hafthor leaned down pretty good cant wait for him to fight Eddie it’s gonna be a crazy fight lol

  • S Desai
    S Desai11 gün önce

    Lookin like Zangief vs. Balrog out there fellas!

  • jose lorenzo
    jose lorenzo12 gün önce

    Larry you are 1. too stiff ( try working on elasticity and overall joint movement yoga etc 2. Your cardio sucks you need to improve both endurance and flexibility overall

  • Dark 5 Entertainment
    Dark 5 Entertainment13 gün önce

    Sparring is straight up exhausting if your a big dude like these Giants. Much respect.

  • Moeed Hussain
    Moeed Hussain13 gün önce

    Baki vs Larry will be fun to watch

  • Jake Pinkerton
    Jake Pinkerton13 gün önce

    Larry’s right arm has gotten soo much bigger than his left

  • Bizzle Quid
    Bizzle Quid13 gün önce

    Watching big ppl fight is funny

  • Fresh eXperience
    Fresh eXperience13 gün önce

    I don't think people realize the cardiovascular fitness it takes to box.

  • leinad95
    leinad9514 gün önce


  • barbería ,JOSÉLITO REAL STILE Roman
    barbería ,JOSÉLITO REAL STILE Roman14 gün önce

    Q cuerpo y no saben boxear🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏼💪

  • Justas Justelis
    Justas Justelis14 gün önce

    Larry should continue training boxing

  • King of Baja
    King of Baja14 gün önce

    oha thor reyis acayip zayıflamış lan güzel olmuş ama

  • Afif Shakirin Bin Sirat
    Afif Shakirin Bin Sirat14 gün önce

    Damn not just that you have strength, now youre gonna learn boxing skills

  • akult isgod
    akult isgod14 gün önce

    next larry will enter the nba dunk contest

  • Abu Saeed
    Abu Saeed14 gün önce

    When is the Eddie v thor match?

  • Senad
    Senad15 gün önce

    20:19 put the video on 2x speed...

  • Senad
    Senad15 gün önce

    When they started hitting the bags i died laughing just 2 big dudes hitting in slow motion softly

  • Senad
    Senad15 gün önce

    Crazy how Mike Tyson was big and strong like Larry but fast like a featherweight

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez15 gün önce

    Damn for being world class athletes I’m disappointed in watching this😞

  • SPunkt
    SPunkt15 gün önce

    60 is just normal

  • helthuismartin
    helthuismartin15 gün önce

    Batheway did Thor win from that guy from England???????

  • helthuismartin
    helthuismartin15 gün önce

    Thor did lost a lot of weight.

  • Agostino Zanon
    Agostino Zanon15 gün önce

    Great athletes but 🥊 boxers is another thing! Anyway,respect!

  • Konador Auchindoun
    Konador Auchindoun15 gün önce

    I think thor is 2 nice while eddie well, ya kno

  • Farrell Lindo
    Farrell Lindo15 gün önce

    nice to meet you I can be good friends with you whatsapp +852 51323341

  • Hari Ram
    Hari Ram16 gün önce

    The Beast is on his way guyz - let's see whether it's the mountain or the beast - my vote for the beast Eddie hall

  • Tartanarmy
    Tartanarmy16 gün önce

    Larry will definitely be a world champion arm wrestler if he keeps at it. I’ve seen two guys who are new to arm wrestling but have quickly learned and show amazing skills in this sport and could definitely be dominant in the sport. “Larry Wheels and Khalid.”...Both guys with raw talent and Larry is particularly very intelligent which is a huge advantage, just like Devon Larratt who is not only gifted, but has a great intellect that he uses all the time to outsmart many of his opponents. Larratt is the complete package and will again dominate this sport for the next few years. I’d encourage Devon to think about his health (which he knows!)...and drop some weight, and I think he could do that and maintain and even improve his raw strength and dominate the hand and centre of the table. He is smart and will figure that shit out, but remember your health big man!

  • V. Hamilton
    V. Hamilton16 gün önce

    when do we get Larry playing WoW ?!

  • Zuned Mukhtar
    Zuned Mukhtar16 gün önce

    Larry is trying everything 😅, soon gonna see him in wwe😂

  • William Key
    William Key16 gün önce

    Thor’s literally He’s literally!!! Isaac frost 😂💯

  • Neoclaw
    Neoclaw16 gün önce

    He looks like Balrog from Street Fighter

  • yaaa dontsay
    yaaa dontsay16 gün önce

    Big boy vs larry

  • Em van Rotana
    Em van Rotana16 gün önce

    Imagine Floyd getting knocked out by Larry wheel one punch

  • Jack Kenney
    Jack Kenney16 gün önce

    larry should have mariusz puzdianowski in one of his videos.

  • Lionel Anderson
    Lionel Anderson16 gün önce

    Thor looks amazing. A much improved and I think healthier look than when doing strongman competitions.

  • Dark J
    Dark J16 gün önce

    Larry wheels is Mr. Oliva in Baky anime hahaha

  • Ultimate Man
    Ultimate Man17 gün önce

    Beautiful body Thor! Well done with the belly, you crushed it!

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M17 gün önce


  • rept1le
    rept1le17 gün önce

    Larry out of Gas early. Yeah boxing is quite a different thing a different Sport where you need that fucking stamina

  • David Houma
    David Houma17 gün önce

    Once you get the hang of it you'll be a BEAST!

  • Daniel Waddle
    Daniel Waddle17 gün önce

    Larry you looked gassed hitting the bags. Nice work challenging yourself. Wouldn’t want a right hook from either of you monsters

  • trn450
    trn45017 gün önce

    Thor's conditioning looks great, and his footwork looks pretty good. But, I really hope he finds someone new to work on his hands o_0 Eddie seems to have a very natural ability to connect his body to his punches and to explode into them. Thor, for as big and strong as he is, looks like his arms are completely disconnected from his body and seriously telegraphed. I thought it was only the stress of his exhibition matches, but it looks the same even in training. I'd really like him to beat Eddie, but I am not feeling too confident at the moment :'(

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews17 gün önce

    How much to add you guys to Street Fighter?

  • Robert Rick
    Robert Rick17 gün önce

    Wow you want to talk mess about Devin? Hey Larry, you realize DEVIN WAS TOYING WITH YOU, trying to give you knowledge, and you want to say you beat him????..WTF ????? WAKE UP MAN !!! Perhaps you should realize he could ruin you at any given moment. Typical steroid head weightlifter THINKING he is stronger than everybody...

  • Abhishek Bisht
    Abhishek Bisht17 gün önce

    larry looks like "Mohammed Alai jr." from baki

  • JohnRamboPT
    JohnRamboPT18 gün önce

    why the fuck everyone thinks it's a boxeur now? Logan brothers? Thor? WTF!!! Larry Wheels? Stop this shit come on lol Don't make me laugh anymore, my belly hurts bad :P

    THE TRUTH18 gün önce

    Everybody boxing now.... I LOVE IT!!

  • Yakov Khariton
    Yakov Khariton18 gün önce

    Did not know Thor had some moves - I am genuinely impressed with Thor’s boxing 👍

    BARON SAMEDI18 gün önce

    Still dont know, why is Thor's (right side) lip so stange? Such a mouth movement can be seen after hating a stroke paralysis....

  • James Price
    James Price18 gün önce

    Thought u were friends with Eddie!?

  • Jay N
    Jay N18 gün önce

    two ladies in a box ring 👭

  • A Todaso
    A Todaso18 gün önce

    Eddie's gonna knock you out!

  • TheKongtutt
    TheKongtutt18 gün önce

    Thor actually can not box at all 😂

  • Isaiah Vasquez
    Isaiah Vasquez18 gün önce

    What I love about your content, that you're always trying new things and adapting

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan18 gün önce


  • Tom Colanzi
    Tom Colanzi18 gün önce

    I’m absolutely stealing that shoulder warmup on the floor

  • Alexandru Popovici
    Alexandru Popovici18 gün önce

    Wtf... highschool fight...

  • ExeKuTioN Cro
    ExeKuTioN Cro18 gün önce

    even his head got smaller since his off gh

  • Joseph Mawanay
    Joseph Mawanay18 gün önce

    Mga bano 😁sa boksing

  • Fredrik Herløe
    Fredrik Herløe18 gün önce

    Thor is looking insane😳

  • Varno Slimm
    Varno Slimm18 gün önce

    Larry Wheels will literally try to compete in everything.

  • Thomas
    Thomas18 gün önce

    Irl Oliva biscuit

  • Lalremruata Chhangte
    Lalremruata Chhangte18 gün önce

    Who else notice Thor become giant Gregor

  • Lalremruata Chhangte
    Lalremruata Chhangte18 gün önce

    I just notice thor cut his weight