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  • dworkx1
    dworkx110 gün önce

    Larry vs top giggleroll Emers....

  • Daniels Jovanoski
    Daniels Jovanoski13 gün önce

    Derek stop complaining Ermis is just on another level

  • Mughaka shohe
    Mughaka shohe14 gün önce

    This guy is insane

  • Aniruddha Gujar
    Aniruddha Gujar16 gün önce


  • Emthesage EMM
    Emthesage EMM25 gün önce

    Denis Tsyplenkov used to compete at strong man, I'm so exited to see Larry Wheels so involved in the sport

  • Paul Cuen
    Paul Cuen28 gün önce

    Ermes should arm wrestle monster micheal todd and Khalid

  • Oswaldo J Fernandez
    Oswaldo J Fernandez29 gün önce

    Larry's girl is basically shirtless.

  • Rahul Chawla
    Rahul ChawlaAylar önce

    11:23 what a name that is"earthquake"

  • DeathAngel 007
    DeathAngel 007Aylar önce


  • Dwayne Haze
    Dwayne HazeAylar önce

    8:50 “too much forza” 🤣🤣🤣

  • LLomax
    LLomaxAylar önce

    Ermes is very strong but he needs to reach a bigger weight

  • Pronater King
    Pronater KingAylar önce

    8:47 Side pressure is much more important than toproll or pronation-Ermes said Side pressure strength is not from bicep and not from the forearm muscle...Side preasure use muscle near with the shoulder(under the armpit)..Side pressure is more like a pronator,it use the unknown muscle near the shoulder(muscle under the arm)to rotate the entire arm..Its more like pronater but pronating(rotating) the entire arm..not just the forearm If Larry developed this muscle..then BOOM!!

  • Pronater King

    Pronater King

    Aylar önce

    I noticed not many peoples know about this muscle...they think tht side pressure strength is from muscle near the elbow..no its not,and it doesn't make any sense..

  • Pronater King

    Pronater King

    Aylar önce

    Most of the bodybuilder did not train this muscle bcause thre is no equipment to train this,and thre is no point to train this if you not armwrestler 😂..This muscle only can develop by using the armwrestling training equipment or armwrestle with people evryday..

  • Måth Čthůłhū
    Måth ČthůłhūAylar önce

    Ermes perfect english lvl (laughing)

  • M R
    M RAylar önce

    Why do they all wear masks under their chins?

  • machine740
    machine740Aylar önce

    Very nice Video and very cool! Larry is absolutly great ,strong and very nice.All armwrestling guys very nice and cool. Greeting all

  • Kostadin Krasimirov
    Kostadin KrasimirovAylar önce

    Ermes Gahahahsparini

  • Armwrestling Warriors
    Armwrestling WarriorsAylar önce

    Who is mister i came in my suit to the gym guy?

  • Mark Christian
    Mark ChristianAylar önce

    *Larry* *Wheels* : HA HA HA HA *Ermes* *Gasparini* : Hahahaha Hahaha Hahahaha hahahaha Yeah, their laughs are awesome.

  • Sim Won
    Sim WonAylar önce

    when the asian dude takes drugs, his gamer friends be like: "we've got a high Ping here" i'll let myself out..........

  • Conan the Barbarian
    Conan the BarbarianAylar önce

    Hammer curls for side pressure

  • Michael
    MichaelAylar önce

    21:13 casually removes Larry from pad lmao

  • Kevin Guestlist
    Kevin GuestlistAylar önce

    TRAVIS BAGAENT !! get him to your channel he is so entertaining

  • Sinan Erem
    Sinan EremAylar önce

    they work only in armwestling but Larry works in all areas

  • B H
    B HAylar önce

    Ermes looking so strong after getting absolutely dusted by Matt mask.

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce


  • Noble Knight
    Noble KnightAylar önce

    So many great arm wrestlers coming here but one more is missing. Like to see here the Mad Mask sorry Matt Mask.

  • stefano
    stefanoAylar önce


  • o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o
    o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0oAylar önce

    Eating alottt of pizza 🍕 & Spaghetti 🍝 and driving Lamborghini 🏎 will make you strong

  • Micheal Sudan
    Micheal SudanAylar önce

    Ermes reminds me of the guy that comes to practice not to train with you but to hurt you. I personally didn't enjoy this session you have a world class competitor toying with novices and one amateur. He has nothing to prove.

  • Богдан Войтовський
    Богдан ВойтовськийAylar önce

    Давай лари 2 миллиона не за горами.)

  • ChampionVideos
    ChampionVideosAylar önce

    Hahaha yes fuck those masks! that's what i wanna see

  • ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij
    ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuijAylar önce

    when did Derek come to Dubai?

  • David Clausner
    David ClausnerAylar önce

    Ermes is looking tip top shape. Look out Matt mask.. not be be so easy next time

  • Илья Петухов
    Илья ПетуховAylar önce


  • J A
    J AAylar önce

    where is a new video with vitaly ahhhhhhhhh

  • Satyam Patel
    Satyam PatelAylar önce

    Me bi 300kg pet liptig karta hu

  • Michael Pincavitch
    Michael PincavitchAylar önce

    Get michael back in there against him !

  • Valdemar
    ValdemarAylar önce

    Levan vs Gasparini ! who want ?!

    MICHAEL SCIFOAylar önce

    They say he came out the womb laughing at the doctor

  • Arsenal Manic
    Arsenal ManicAylar önce

    what's up with these guys? no more vids?

    Eric ROUSSELETAylar önce


  • Lofi Wurld
    Lofi WurldAylar önce

    How adam got injured???

  • jennypathlee89
    jennypathlee89Aylar önce


  • The French Reaper
    The French ReaperAylar önce

    Who else is waiting for his insane next video

  • alexanderjacob1
    alexanderjacob1Aylar önce

    Mike Todd left Dubai early because he was ducking Ernes lol. Ernes is a beast. He would have put a beat down on Todd, yes sir 🐓 🐓 haha

  • Predator77
    Predator77Aylar önce

    Where the hell is the new video with vitaly???

  • Noob Slayer

    Noob Slayer

    Aylar önce


  • Vwear
    VwearAylar önce

    Larry c’mon where is the VITALY VIDEO !!!!

  • Qartweli
    QartweliAylar önce

    Joaquin phoenix sees this -ermes, am i joke to u?

  • Чикелс
    ЧикелсAylar önce

    Where Laletin?

  • 123Combine
    123CombineAylar önce


  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce


  • Your Secret
    Your SecretAylar önce

    Watch my channel💋

  • aleX treme
    aleX tremeAylar önce

    3 days no video what happened :(

  • TheJancharles


    Aylar önce

    Tomorrow. They're in Turkey

  • Critical Cog
    Critical CogAylar önce

    19:30 Ermes finds his preternatural strength highly amusing, as do I.

  • TheRoobyy
    TheRoobyyAylar önce


  • Esnake17
    Esnake17Aylar önce


  • IcEMyst Private
    IcEMyst PrivateAylar önce

    When vitlay and kwikie.??

  • Thomas Sandvik
    Thomas SandvikAylar önce

    when is the vitaly vid coming out, really excited to see him as well

  • Omar la droga Alcántara Ramírez
    Omar la droga Alcántara RamírezAylar önce

    Qué maravilloso es el cuerpo depende para qué lo entrenes funcionan los músculos 💪🔥🔥🔥

  • Erik Armwrestler
    Erik ArmwrestlerAylar önce

    Again awesome !! The armwrestling content and exposure you create Larry 💯😎💪

  • Иван Шилов
    Иван ШиловAylar önce


  • Werner Bro
    Werner BroAylar önce

    We need a new video

  • mirko rizzo
    mirko rizzoAylar önce

    Gasparini the Rocky

  • Strunz93
    Strunz93Aylar önce

    derek is on cocaine

  • Male


    Aylar önce

    Derek Chauvin is innocent. George Floyd died of an overdose.

  • Josh Bingaman
    Josh BingamanAylar önce

    I like how everyone wears a mask on their chin

  • Noob Slayer

    Noob Slayer

    Aylar önce

    because flu

  • J Millzo Ryan
    J Millzo RyanAylar önce

    Where are all these Videos? I'm foaming at the mouth for them

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter PersonAylar önce

    12:28 I've seen this several times. Is Sergiu really good with arm wrestling?

  • Dtownbound 1
    Dtownbound 1Aylar önce

    Interested to see Travis Bagent training session👍

  • MMABeijing
    MMABeijingAylar önce

    love his laugh

  • Григорий Демченко
    Григорий ДемченкоAylar önce

    Italian english it is something;)

  • Lorenzo Chiaverini
    Lorenzo ChiaveriniAylar önce

    Drop the new video !!!

  • Жандос Кокушев
    Жандос КокушевAylar önce

    0:55 вай какая красавица...

  • Engine_
    Engine_Aylar önce

    Two years Larry and you will be a very strong armwrestler. Two years is not so much !!!

  • Mhd Arafat
    Mhd ArafatAylar önce

    Great training... with perfect group

  • M G
    M GAylar önce

    Quanti italiani?

  • diego armando
    diego armandoAylar önce


  • Stoyan Bonchev
    Stoyan BonchevAylar önce

    Gasparini a great athlete. He demolished Michael Todd being 30 kg lighter. Great arm wrestler

  • AL Pangilinan
    AL PangilinanAylar önce

    3:35 That's Lucifer Morningstar right there

  • Skeptical
    SkepticalAylar önce

    When is your upload with vitaly laletin????

  • Noob Slayer

    Noob Slayer

    Aylar önce


  • h CHANNEL37

    h CHANNEL37

    Aylar önce

    yes and the videos with genadi

  • giammiro
    giammiroAylar önce

    Not only armwrestling but also... laughterwrestling between them. 24:09 "in gancio me frega" (in the hook he gets me) ahahaha

  • უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
    უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენAylar önce

    this comment section is now awaiting room for gena vs vitaly ;d

  • numi numful
    numi numfulAylar önce

    will you post the next video by the end of 2021? this is absurd this gap of days you make intentionally sometimes right at the point where your fans are waiting the most for the next video

  • jr bansao
    jr bansaoAylar önce

    @larry why dont you organize a match between these guys. 1: levan 2: michael 3: vitaly 4: genadi 5: devon 6: gasparini. both right arm and left arm.

  • Noob Slayer

    Noob Slayer

    Aylar önce

    PAL hates WAL

  • Haagen Neldeberg

    Haagen Neldeberg

    Aylar önce


  • Mijat Uskoković
    Mijat UskokovićAylar önce

    The guy that surpassed Larrys strange laugh

  • Edge Wizz
    Edge WizzAylar önce

    Ermes' side pressure is insane not only that but his fingers are like iron. I wonder between his fingers or his wrist which would bend first? Impressive strength.

  • Maicon Marques
    Maicon MarquesAylar önce

    Muito sucesso guerreiro.

  • Dylan Costa
    Dylan CostaAylar önce

    we want Matt Mask next .

  • Dylan Costa

    Dylan Costa

    Aylar önce

    @Noob Slayer . Thats Great 👍 .gotta love Matt Mask . When ?

  • Noob Slayer

    Noob Slayer

    Aylar önce

    he's coming on devon channel

  • b storm
    b stormAylar önce

    Would you rather hook up off tinder without protection or arm wrestle without a mask

  • Vade Retro
    Vade RetroAylar önce

    Ermes will be trouble for anyone. No exception..

  • Obelix
    ObelixAylar önce

    what happend to adam boys?

  • Alexander Ishere
    Alexander IshereAylar önce

    Waiting and waiting for vitaly VS genadi vs ermes.....! Super excited!

  • Jerry Rodriguez
    Jerry RodriguezAylar önce

    Anyone else here for red tank top dude? Lmao

  • Moon Hussain
    Moon HussainAylar önce

    Ermes is my new favourite. What a beast

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter LmAylar önce


  • symplicity Jesus
    symplicity JesusAylar önce

    I'm sorry Larry I like you your a beast but you just are not made for arm wrestling

  • Jordi
    JordiAylar önce

    Man... The guy in the suit is so funny... I mean look at his face hahaha he looks like he came from an a 20h party and aspired some cocaine in the bathroom an hour before hahaha

    LE PAVESIAylar önce

    Gasperini ❤️

  • iamcem
    iamcemAylar önce

    larrys form has improved a lot

  • Maciej Zbrowski
    Maciej ZbrowskiAylar önce

    I'm waiting on episode with "CONCRETE TOMEK" and rest of Polish guys.

  • hbar hedera
    hbar hederaAylar önce

    Why's everyone wearing masks around their necks?

  • Sava Karadzic
    Sava KaradzicAylar önce

    Laugh off challenge..for mi Ermes won

  • Taha Taha
    Taha TahaAylar önce

    Ermes language hahaha hahaha hahaha 😂