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  • Jev
    Jev19 gün önce

    Andrews body is so symmetrical so satisfying to look at

  • Tyler Tang
    Tyler Tang23 gün önce

    Dude I need to follow Andrew workout regiment using lighter weight much lighter weight and if I can a miniature version of his frame I would be ecstatic.

  • masroor jeelani
    masroor jeelani24 gün önce

    Is Andrew muslim

  • Tasha Houston
    Tasha HoustonAylar önce


  • Tasha Houston
    Tasha HoustonAylar önce

    I LOVE ANDREW BRUH THAT'S MY BIG BOY RIGHT THERE😁😁😂😂😂😆😆😆😆 I have to say big CAUSE he is legitimately fudging huge so I gotta call em my big boy😆

  • Tasha Houston
    Tasha HoustonAylar önce

    Andrew is not no 36 or 37 that man is literally 24 25 or 26 Idc what anybody has to say the man looks like he is in his 20's NO CAP

  • Suleman
    SulemanAylar önce

    andrew is just hulk

  • caleb keanu
    caleb keanuAylar önce

    Did anyone else notice when larry did 102kg after he tried undo his belt even thou it wasn't there 🤣

  • Mac Jackson
    Mac JacksonAylar önce

    Larry is a great teacher 👍

  • ChroniclesofAB
    ChroniclesofABAylar önce

    I wonder if larry would look like if he trained exclusively with andrew for 2 years straight (bulk and cut together)

  • rigaljoseph
    rigaljosephAylar önce

    Somebody flag this video. Reason: Too much POWUH!

  • rene finch
    rene finchAylar önce

    Andrew should try for the Mr Olympia,-Dexter Jackson mentorship,legs and back,lats to match.Larry,front delts, strong!

  • ric mad the silver slayer
    ric mad the silver slayerAylar önce

    I like gay

  • peter jürgen
    peter jürgenAylar önce

    anabolic monsters

  • Resilience chiang
    Resilience chiangAylar önce

    Andrew is the man !

  • P.klambas Hoojon
    P.klambas HoojonAylar önce

    Andrew don act like you are the beast. Micheal will say in bihind. Like this Larry act like a beast. But now I beat him at armwerstling. Now he act like battar fly. Andrew when I won to beat I will do the same thing to you or so ? 🤭🖕

  • Rich Morgan
    Rich MorganAylar önce

    Monster-Jacked-Wheels All the words that describe my truck lol

  • Skeptical
    SkepticalAylar önce

    i can't believe andrews physic. so well defined. and the shape is so precise. i would imagine the bullets bouncing off his body when his in the army.

  • Big Los
    Big LosAylar önce

    Brothers of Iron.. beautiful to see the respect and brotherhood amongst these gentlemen.. 💪🤜🤛

  • Jimbo M
    Jimbo MAylar önce

    And Andrew hell ya!!!

  • Joe Brown
    Joe BrownAylar önce

    I’m sorry but Larrys que for log are so so bad 🙄 people log press in lifters all the time, with an elevated heel. And the head through que on the press is so, so bad. All the biggest log pressers keep spinal extensions and press up with there head back. MST systems, Graham hicks, Luke stoltman all use this technique.

  • Jordan Tucker
    Jordan Tucker2 aylar önce

    FFS Larry building your damn calves

  • TheSotexy2
    TheSotexy22 aylar önce

    Why @9:53 Andrew looks like he’s about to kill someone

    PVALBERTO F.2 aylar önce

    andate a lavorare !

  • terry folds
    terry folds2 aylar önce

    you can definitely see in andrew's face that he is dieting lol

  • Giu Del
    Giu Del2 aylar önce

    andrew is a monster!

  • Martin Johansson
    Martin Johansson2 aylar önce

    Watch for the bicep tears.... no shirt, no bodyfat, no experience... no curl/row warmup ??

  • King Willie
    King Willie2 aylar önce

    You guys are savages!

  • Ronan Connelly
    Ronan Connelly2 aylar önce

    larry persuading andrew to take off his shirt was to funny XD andrew was looking at him like sureee buddy

  • Daywalker____ ____
    Daywalker____ ____2 aylar önce

    18:06 Monster Mike's reacting like everyone else who watched this video when Andrew decided to go for a second rep.

  • Umar Siddhiq
    Umar Siddhiq2 aylar önce


  • Ricky T
    Ricky T2 aylar önce

    I’ve never seen Andrew look uncoordinated till he started walking with those weights lol. Looked like baby Godzilla trying to learn how to walk.

  • Last Samurai
    Last Samurai2 aylar önce

    Previously on BAKI......

  • David Mendez
    David Mendez2 aylar önce

    3:41 that the good form boys n girls 🤣

  • Neill Wylie
    Neill Wylie2 aylar önce

    Pretty sweet lifting for a first time log!!

  • alfpolo29
    alfpolo292 aylar önce

    38:38 Will be a funny challenge a new type of ping pong 1vs 1 Strong ping pong:)

  • KillerwhaleTRX
    KillerwhaleTRX2 aylar önce

    I need dem dudes protocol :D

  • dougbrown04
    dougbrown042 aylar önce

    Someone tell Michael that hiding 7nder tables isn't a sanctioned strong man event.

  • Ferenc Lestak
    Ferenc Lestak2 aylar önce

    Andrew just had to see it's possible then he was ready accomlish

  • Ferenc Lestak
    Ferenc Lestak2 aylar önce

    YesssSir! No weaknesss

  • Vitor Reis
    Vitor Reis2 aylar önce

    Queria que esse canal legendase mano puts gosto muito desse canal velho mais não entendo nada que falam

  • Mehrad
    Mehrad2 aylar önce

    I'm tired of Michael Todd man wish Devon Larratt could stay this long in Dubai that way we could've seen more videos from u two. But Michael is just annoying and boring

  • Mc Cool
    Mc Cool2 aylar önce

    Andrew is blown up like a balloon.

  • Morgan Aste
    Morgan Aste2 aylar önce


  • azeotrope87
    azeotrope872 aylar önce

    I like how none of these guys are full of themselves and they're willing to help each other get better in their respective areas of expertise.

  • Joshua Dawg
    Joshua Dawg2 aylar önce

    Man wish I can go to do something like that

  • Dan Ghilarducci
    Dan Ghilarducci2 aylar önce

    Drew is yoked outta his mind!

  • Carlos
    Carlos2 aylar önce

    These dudes are machines!

  • M D
    M D2 aylar önce

    Todd plz be careful on the safety bar squat u force lifted it and broke form the belt saved u but that was risky. I hope you or your wife read this.

  • Shiyoken
    Shiyoken2 aylar önce

    Andrew Jacked... The 'Bumblebee' of the Fitness Community lol. Optimus Wheels is impressed.

  • evoaddict1
    evoaddict12 aylar önce

    Take your watch off man...

  • Fash O
    Fash O2 aylar önce

    30:44 can somebody please tell me what shoes larry is wearing?

  • Master Gamz
    Master Gamz2 aylar önce

    26:35 he said "insha allah"

  • BarXWeight Fitness
    BarXWeight Fitness2 aylar önce

    Simple natural !!!

  • Kashin Roman - KR7
    Kashin Roman - KR72 aylar önce

    Вот он (ANDREW JACKED'S), настоящий качок!!! И у него та фигура, к которой надо стремится!! (которая в мечтах!)

  • Defying Entropy
    Defying Entropy2 aylar önce

    Does that mean no more pretty Mrs. Monster feet with red painted toes in flip flops? LOL

  • Yep It'sMe
    Yep It'sMe2 aylar önce

    Keep Todd's back straight during squat ses

  • Mohammed Rucsaal
    Mohammed Rucsaal2 aylar önce

    Beasts having fun💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👌🏽👌🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽✌🏽✌🏽👍🏼👍🏼

  • Lil Jaydy
    Lil Jaydy2 aylar önce

    Less goo

  • Eddie’s Lifestyle
    Eddie’s Lifestyle2 aylar önce

    You guys are strong hope to get there one day your my inspiration have a great day

  • Carlosinfinite
    Carlosinfinite2 aylar önce

    Todd's wrists make larry's look like a 14 year olds.

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson2 aylar önce

    Andrew is strong as shit, for just training body building!!

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams2 aylar önce

    Watching Andrew manhandle that log on his first attempt was seriously impressive. I had a PR in overhead press two days ago (52.5kg), and I can't wait to hit another PR tomorrow. Great inspiration watching these guys!

  • Rob M
    Rob M2 aylar önce

    LArry was soo good at strongman soo fast.. He competed in a log lift after about 6 weeks in iceland and tied some of the best in the world.. Then competed to go to the arnold classic , but got screwed out of first place by a silly technicality,.

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma2 aylar önce

    Monster get a transformer bar for squats. Save your shoulders for pulling brother.

  • Striker McGurk
    Striker McGurk2 aylar önce

    This is insane. Great job! Hope there will be more videos like this in the future

  • Dylan Jacobs
    Dylan Jacobs2 aylar önce

    what Being is andrew

  • Rochdi Benachir
    Rochdi Benachir2 aylar önce

    I watched all the 46 min with no regret

  • Emmanuel 35
    Emmanuel 352 aylar önce

    Trust in Jesus and repent of your sins if you want to go to heaven. (1 Corinthians 6:9, Exodus 20) read the gospel so you are not deceived.

  • The Black Reaper
    The Black Reaper2 aylar önce

    Man, Andrew is a fucking genetic phenom if I've ever seen one! Bigger than Larry (who's obviously huge as well) and yet has a better and aesthetic midsection than him with that massive core (I get that he's much lower bf but core control is still mind blowing)

  • Sven Fischer
    Sven Fischer2 aylar önce

    What a Power from Andrew!!

  • Žan Gjuveleg
    Žan Gjuveleg2 aylar önce

    Andrew is built like Broly and stronger than Jiren Amazing power for a bodybuilder who is not habituated to those explosive movements, he did the lifts in straight and controlled manner and lifted more than 95% of the people that use legs drive with pushing or snatch with lifting. His true power will be revealed when he will get used to this kind of movements

  • Michael Markku
    Michael Markku2 aylar önce

    Yes zirrrr lets be amazing 💪

  • Simon Dean
    Simon Dean2 aylar önce

    If phil heath was a 6'2, 280lb classic physique competitor, that's andrew.

  • Kellen McClure
    Kellen McClure2 aylar önce

    Love these vids.

  • SamTheMan
    SamTheMan2 aylar önce

    Larry Michael uses his elbows on almost every rep of that safety bar squat. He’s not completing the squat properly, and that’s why he failed the 501. Have him focus on getting better form until he can stop using his elbows to assist him in the lift.

  • Marcus Crayton
    Marcus Crayton2 aylar önce

    Amazing video

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee2 aylar önce

    Try and train log with big z that would be incredible

  • Azamat Akunov
    Azamat Akunov2 aylar önce


  • Fjorgynn
    Fjorgynn2 aylar önce


  • Kashi Bohemia
    Kashi Bohemia2 aylar önce

    I love larry and Andrew 😍

  • Rama Kinanta
    Rama Kinanta2 aylar önce

    Whoah todd look's like more huge and bigger shape

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards2 aylar önce

    Larry and Andrew should appear in movies.

  • Jitin Sachdeva
    Jitin Sachdeva2 aylar önce

    That's a dream shape.

  • Aidan O'Callaghan
    Aidan O'Callaghan2 aylar önce

    I need to know Andrews cycle. Id be surprised he lives another 20 years tbh

  • Obstone


    2 aylar önce

    you could take all PEDs you want and work as hard as andrew or even harder and a lot of people would still not come close to how he looks, he has god tier genetics, he could probably take a small dose and still look better than people who juice a shit ton.

  • Umer Abdullah
    Umer Abdullah2 aylar önce

    Dont worryy andrewww sir, youulll do it next time🔥🔥🔥

  • marcus bowes
    marcus bowes2 aylar önce

    Is it just me or has Michael Todd massively pumped up over the last few weeks!

  • frank pirri
    frank pirri2 aylar önce

    Larry that cling was unbelievable epic so good like butter like nothing Larry is a beast a monster legand 💯☺️🙌💪🏻💪🏻🙏👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🍻✌️💘

  • Irakli Vardanidze
    Irakli Vardanidze2 aylar önce

    Next: Konstantine Janashia, "Georgian bull"

  • Lee-Gavin Williams
    Lee-Gavin Williams2 aylar önce

    That yezzir from Andrew at the end. I felt that 👌🔥

  • Rey Tejero
    Rey Tejero2 aylar önce

    Matter a fact I will go as far as to say andrew kinda looks like a bigger version of flex wheeler. Foreal

  • Rey Tejero
    Rey Tejero2 aylar önce

    Andrew looks like an uncrowned mr olympia if you ask me. No cap

  • Shamil Elat
    Shamil Elat2 aylar önce

    Larry grow in size and muscles again...🔥

  • Opus Dei Leviathan
    Opus Dei Leviathan2 aylar önce


  • daniel smith
    daniel smith2 aylar önce

    Mr Todd is reaping the rewrads ov training with you Mr Wheels, Shit the mans twice the size as he was 2 months ago

  • Rory Douglas
    Rory Douglas2 aylar önce

    10:38, Larry is so used to pinging off his weight belt after a lift that he even does it without a belt

  • Tom Bullish

    Tom Bullish

    Aylar önce

    Haha genius, didn't notice it the first time.

  • Joshua Ortego

    Joshua Ortego

    Aylar önce


  • Michael Gallagher
    Michael Gallagher2 aylar önce

    Do you's ever do the sand bag for height

  • Punshiba ꯄꯨꯟꯁꯤꯕꯥ
    Punshiba ꯄꯨꯟꯁꯤꯕꯥ2 aylar önce

    Andrew please compete in compitition

  • Obstone


    2 aylar önce

    he is going to

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs2 aylar önce

    You guys are gonna hurt Andrew lol .. be careful man he is a specimen

  • richie claud
    richie claud2 aylar önce

    what a physique by Andrew