Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Devon Larratt: devlarratt
Michael Todd: monstermich...
Schoolboy: aleksandr_t...
Alex Toproll: alex_toproll
Coach Ray: coach_rayx
Mazahir: mazahirsaidu
BTC: black_tom_c...
Bill Collins: ultimatearm...
Sergiu Marcu: sergiu.marc...


  • Nate Taite
    Nate Taite7 gün önce

    Paper straps, cause them ripping apart adds intensity! XD

  • phantom pirate
    phantom pirate8 gün önce

    Khalid should be here too 😀

  • Corey Barron
    Corey Barron15 gün önce

    Very nice to see a rules explanation. This should be done all the time...

  • Adib Chowdhury
    Adib Chowdhury16 gün önce

    School boy be like: I ain't got time for this shit... I gotta go study for my exams!

  • CriticalShot1
    CriticalShot118 gün önce

    How the fuk is schoolboy soo strong? He's definitely a huge guy but he don't look jackd, dude must have muscles made out of adamantium.

  • G3n3sis
    G3n3sis18 gün önce

    nothing will beat over the top

  • everything will be ok
    everything will be ok22 gün önce

    Schoolboy is my favourite arm wrestler. Crazy natural strength.

  • StealthAssasin 1Day
    StealthAssasin 1Day23 gün önce

    Dude is the best Ref in Arm Wrestling History.

  • Ryan Beeton
    Ryan Beeton23 gün önce

    So stupid, kings move is an auto foul cause your elbow leaves that pad....

  • Cheats Richter
    Cheats Richter23 gün önce

    I like that ref

  • OverRatedProgrammer
    OverRatedProgrammer23 gün önce

    Notice that devon looks the smallest in the thumbnail

  • Ben 9
    Ben 924 gün önce

    Rules for the... fuck the rules, I'll get em all injured

  • Col. Angus
    Col. Angus24 gün önce

    12:54 Ref: This is the other one, that everybody agreed upon...The Kings Move.." Todd: *Nervous sweating intensifies*


    The camera man talks way too much!

  • Bryan Olsheski
    Bryan Olsheski24 gün önce

    This was actually a really interesting video.

  • Brad Forester
    Brad Forester24 gün önce

    🤩 wow that was fuckn boring as shit!

  • Slake
    Slake25 gün önce

    So it’s a foul to come “OVER THE TOP!!??” Man Sly Stallone is turning in his grave smdmfh

  • R K
    R K25 gün önce

    Wait, are there TWO schoolboys???? One with glasses and one w/o??

  • wRide Along
    wRide Along25 gün önce

    michael is funny! xD

  • possibility28able
    possibility28able25 gün önce

    Man. Larry is so strong. All he needs is technique. Everything else is there

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson25 gün önce

    Very impressive meeting Love to see the contestants consulted and respected

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C25 gün önce

    I don't agree with the title, this is NOT the biggest event in armwrestling history. That sounds like this sport some sort of shady underground sport, and now Larry brought it to us. That is false. This sport was on Eurosport, it was on ESPN and on many east European TV stations. So your event is big, but it is far from being the biggest, Larry

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck25 gün önce

    Didn't know all these rules. It's a whole new game!

  • John Beatsmith
    John Beatsmith25 gün önce

    is devon on the juice?

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck25 gün önce

    @5:37 Judge gets corrected on explaining the rules haha

  • Freedom 4Life
    Freedom 4Life25 gün önce

    No more under the table :))

    DIPANKAR DAS25 gün önce

    Where is Levan,

  • Samet Akın
    Samet Akın25 gün önce

    Devon looks like a castle right now HOT DAMN

  • Style
    Style25 gün önce

    is Larry all natural, anyone knows?

  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew Phillips25 gün önce

    You can tell the old pros...Having to straighten out the ref here.

  • jamal a
    jamal a25 gün önce

    Nice to watch Referee is so nice and experienced

  • sissymarylen15741a
    sissymarylen15741a25 gün önce

    How did WAL let these 2 arm wrestle? Are they no longer in the WAL

  • Drone Adventures
    Drone Adventures25 gün önce

    Devin got his shoulder so close to his hand, not centered at all

  • Bulldog Sleeping
    Bulldog Sleeping25 gün önce

    School Boy, School Bus more like it.

  • Clarke’s Corner.
    Clarke’s Corner.25 gün önce

    I guess roids are legal in arm wrestling?

    AMAN SINGH25 gün önce

    Devon larratt is like standup comedian 😂🧡

  • Backflash Express
    Backflash Express25 gün önce

    Thank you guys for this event. You all did a great work. Hope i see you all again..

  • Nick Schweizer
    Nick Schweizer26 gün önce

    Bro Larry Wheels is the best thing to happen to this scene in a LONG time. Devon is a titan in the scene too, always has been. Super excited for this event and for the future!!!

  • wolfspain7385
    wolfspain738526 gün önce

    12:56 for the Kings Move rules

  • Prabhu
    Prabhu26 gün önce

    What kind of watch does the ref have?

  • Nick Schweizer

    Nick Schweizer

    25 gün önce

    Could be Omega. Im not a watch guy but I've seen plenty of Omega watches look like that

  • FX W
    FX W26 gün önce

    Ok Devon is huge, that’s not a surprise. But schoolboy… Much bigger than I thought!

  • Michael Rizzo
    Michael Rizzo26 gün önce

    I’ve never in my life watched arm wrestling but through Larry I started watching Devon then through Devon believe it or not I found Michael Todd which is why I think Larry has made arm wrestling a lot more popular by bringing an audience from the bodybuilding following best of luck to everyone let the best men win

  • DeadlyDeal
    DeadlyDeal26 gün önce

    DEVON NO LIMIT WINNER O YE O YE O YE O YE i knew it todd is weak

  • abj
    abj26 gün önce

    This King's move thing. It'd be so simple to just require the shoulder to be no lower than the elbow, judging by the line of the arm. Just like the elbow must always be on the pad. All deviations are a running foul; foul if not corrected or advantage gained.

  • Can I Spoon You
    Can I Spoon You26 gün önce

    Rules for workout video: Never, and I mean NEVER use Fortnite text for video thumbnails

  • 4time2waste
    4time2waste26 gün önce

    So you can only do king's move from a winning position??

  • Tommy Andersson
    Tommy Andersson26 gün önce

    Devon will crush Todd

    JJ KI VINES26 gün önce

    Dam These guys are real huge 💪

  • madmaxfootball
    madmaxfootball26 gün önce

    Devon looks massive

  • Frankie Gambino
    Frankie Gambino26 gün önce

    Kick as Monster 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Goosecore
    Goosecore26 gün önce

    Wtf BTC? :D

  • MR H
    MR H26 gün önce

    Bill Collins said, “I put the strap-on” 😂

  • Wayne
    Wayne26 gün önce

    Tut i win you all i'm superman. Deal with that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💪💪💪

  • Taurus
    Taurus26 gün önce

    BIGGEST ? WTF ? Look @ ZLOTY TUR !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bo Vorachack
    Bo Vorachack26 gün önce

    All you arm wrestling fans better buy this ppv if you want this to continue in the future

  • Andrew Tudor
    Andrew Tudor26 gün önce

    Devon's holding court just like Arnold did back in the day

  • Mags
    Mags26 gün önce

    I believe winning without a strap, is better than winning with a strap. The most significant rule changes/differences from other arm wrestling competitions/leagues is that you must attempt to grip or the ref will call a foul, and if you intentionally slip then the ref will call a foul. This somewhat forces a more traditional arm wrestling match where it is all strength and skill of the person, with no outside assistance, the outside assistance being the strap.

  • Eiden Young
    Eiden Young26 gün önce

    how tf is he fitting that hat

  • E. C.
    E. C.26 gün önce


  • فـــؤاد واحـــد فــقـــيـر
    فـــؤاد واحـــد فــقـــيـر26 gün önce


  • fast torque Drifter
    fast torque Drifter26 gün önce

    How's Todd supposed to cheat now....😏😂🤣

  • DML media
    DML media26 gün önce

    the new intro is sick!!

    JSCBLOG26 gün önce

    I hope the table is bolted down for this event lol

    MËMÉR WØRLD26 gün önce

    Now he not Schoolboy he is men now n bigger than Larry 😁😁💪💪

  • Muminadi
    Muminadi26 gün önce

    I bet Todd doesn`t like the rules lol...he gonna lose for sure with these rules

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green26 gün önce

    Michael Todd can’t wait to lay on the floor with his upper triceps tickling the pads arm wrestling someone.

  • Feba Talons Red Dragons
    Feba Talons Red Dragons26 gün önce

    need instead replay : ))

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin26 gün önce

    10:10 the match has already started.

  • Kevin Kleisinger
    Kevin Kleisinger26 gün önce

    They should take out the kings move and make them stand up and arm wrestle (Micheal Todd) just saying....

  • John Purkis
    John Purkis26 gün önce

    What time is the match?

  • Kazper413
    Kazper41326 gün önce

    Coresports is junk won't let me buy match

  • Kenneth Kestner
    Kenneth Kestner26 gün önce

    The #1 thing is this and $2.00 wiLL geT u a cup of coffee aT Denny's.

  • Matthew R
    Matthew R26 gün önce

    The other ref is gonna be Bart wood mark my words! LOL

  • ExistenceGhost
    ExistenceGhost26 gün önce

    Fuck Devon looks insanely big! PPV bought and paid for im pumped good luck to everyone. My money is on Devon, School Boy, and Coach.

  • AkademikDaGawd
    AkademikDaGawd26 gün önce

    Video "No Limit" Replay

  • E zee
    E zee26 gün önce

    Best dialogue ever. Good luck all you guys! And holee sheep shit the rules.. glad its obvious!

  • WFT
    WFT26 gün önce

    School boy... Everyone i wanted to see have assembled

  • Collin B
    Collin B26 gün önce

    No better ref for this iconic event

  • Getsuga Tensho
    Getsuga Tensho26 gün önce

    Devon is fuckin MASSIVE!!!!!!!

  • LEK Music
    LEK Music26 gün önce

    Fascinating to sit in on this with the elite pros themselves. We are flies on the wall.

  • David Tomes
    David Tomes26 gün önce

    Oh, auto-strap agreement possibility...Interesting... I love this thorough explanation of the rules.

  • David Tomes
    David Tomes26 gün önce

    Very valuable video! Thanks, Larry!

  • MF Hannibal
    MF Hannibal26 gün önce

    yes my boy btc

  • The wrong stuff 420
    The wrong stuff 42026 gün önce

    Devon weighs 30lbs more than Francis ngannou.... wtf lol

  • shreeded
    shreeded26 gün önce

    Larry’s like: let’s just goooooo! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Erik Symansky
    Erik Symansky27 gün önce

    My man devon just wondering how far he can push these rules haaaa let's gooo

  • DanielMarte222
    DanielMarte22227 gün önce


  • Grotesque Wind
    Grotesque Wind27 gün önce

    How nice to see you guys without the muzzles that Satanists make you wear !!!

  • Barnaby
    Barnaby27 gün önce

    TRloft is getting too comfortable with back to back non skippable ads.

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones27 gün önce

    Doubt there's testing in this 🤣🤣

  • Orlly Rommel
    Orlly Rommel27 gün önce

    School BOy está ficando grande!

  • Woody Xyooj
    Woody Xyooj27 gün önce

    I like these new rules ALLOT and hope they’re implemented to be the new norm

  • maxim patrich
    maxim patrich27 gün önce

    Best of 6... but a 7th round happens with a tie 3-3.... So it's best of 7 then.

  • Nismo OST
    Nismo OST27 gün önce

    Larry look fresh with the clean cut lol

  • dswmetals02
    dswmetals0227 gün önce

    Damn, how much hgh has Devon been taking lol

  • dswmetals02


    27 gün önce

    His head and jaw line is like a cartoon superhero

  • Chris
    Chris27 gün önce

    This is a version of Devon no one has ever faced.

  • dswmetals02
    dswmetals0227 gün önce

    School boy is looking like a beast too

  • Baris Eker
    Baris Eker27 gün önce

    Schoolboy has become a Schoolhulk.

  • dswmetals02
    dswmetals0227 gün önce

    How do we watch these guys pull tomorrow? And what time?

  • James Pennington
    James Pennington27 gün önce

    Devon: I’m painted the villain way too often. Todd: I uh hm ya uh I