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  • Audi 1
    Audi 1Gün önce

    Cool guy but like larrat says hes a sore loser when he loses.

  • Andre Davies

    Andre Davies

    3 saatler önce

    And who is Laratt?... Laratt's fangirls are...

  • The lube poops are better than the blood poops.
    The lube poops are better than the blood poops.2 gün önce

    What the hell has ermes been eating these past two years? It's like his body has trained ten years in two.

  • Andre Davies

    Andre Davies

    2 saatler önce

    Lol... You never went to the gym. Actually he gained 10 kg's in 2 years... Shocking....

  • ameen mohammed mulk
    ameen mohammed mulk4 gün önce

    I want to pull Larry one day

  • Dr Mannyhattan
    Dr Mannyhattan4 gün önce

    Larry's looking really good recently. Looks healthy

  • Levon Darratt
    Levon Darratt6 gün önce

    Ray and Ermes look the SAME!!!!

  • Tiger Motivation
    Tiger Motivation9 gün önce

    Ermes is such a nice guy, he is so down to earth.

  • DoctorHomunculous
    DoctorHomunculous9 gün önce

    Cute to see Larry in his element and impressing the pro & elite arm wrestlers with his lifts

  • zav zav
    zav zav12 gün önce

    Hermes form. Bit worrying

  • ArmFight Analyst TV
    ArmFight Analyst TV13 gün önce

    I like the way Adam tease evryone🤣🤣..he's the one tht make the situation much more fun..

  • Toyota Turbo
    Toyota Turbo13 gün önce

    Ermes the beast

  • MrRunescapy
    MrRunescapy16 gün önce

    Make sure you start straight even in practice. Don't carve in or cup before going. Practice how you pull in competition,

  • Scottie Steiner
    Scottie Steiner16 gün önce

    Ermes was 15.5 inches for forearms, not 16.

  • Eliphas Alves Ramos
    Eliphas Alves Ramos16 gün önce

    Engraçado, máscara servindo de esquentador de papo

  • Michas Pan
    Michas Pan17 gün önce

    I would to see match ermes vs denis

  • Tawn Venios
    Tawn Venios17 gün önce

    Larry you look happier than ever man so glad to see you succeed

  • thehomefront
    thehomefront17 gün önce

    School boy has no chance, Larry's getting stronger by the minute.

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown17 gün önce

    invite Ermes as often as possible you learn a lot from him Larry

  • Otto Weininger
    Otto Weininger17 gün önce

    Hermes have to be careful for his knees... he could injure the ligaments.

  • Senditsillly
    Senditsillly17 gün önce


  • Devon Cyplenkov
    Devon Cyplenkov18 gün önce

    Nice Practice Pulls

    DARK DARIUZ18 gün önce


  • Marcin X
    Marcin X18 gün önce

    Violet Gasparini hahahahah

    MONOLIT2218 gün önce

    Na huj im te maski pod mordami

  • Darren Timms
    Darren Timms18 gün önce

    Why are you losing so much weight, Larry? You look amazing, just curious?

  • Saurav Jain
    Saurav Jain18 gün önce

    Very nice Larry , we always enjoy your videos...

  • Uvesh Chaudhary
    Uvesh Chaudhary18 gün önce

    There should be laughing challenge

  • Jeremias Santanna
    Jeremias Santanna18 gün önce

    amazing larryy no video the gasparini vs levan ¡?

  • Luke A
    Luke A18 gün önce

    Who is Adam Silver?

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    15 gün önce

    The camera man who cracks the bad jokes

  • Mr Gagarin
    Mr Gagarin18 gün önce

    Ermes very strong

  • Spam Food
    Spam Food19 gün önce

    You can tell coach Ray’s haircut was a self job.

  • Brian Newsome
    Brian Newsome19 gün önce

    You're really cool training video really cool on arm wrestling video keep up the training💪💪😎😎

  • Joey Ricciardi
    Joey Ricciardi19 gün önce

    Yeah man love seeing ermes on channel..

  • Alexxxer
    Alexxxer19 gün önce

    larry lost some weight there...

    ARMWRESTLING NEWZ19 gün önce

    Thanks Adam for letting us know everyone's name in your videos.

  • Warrior DNA
    Warrior DNA19 gün önce

    I wonder If Gasparini is natural🧐

  • Anup Gopinath
    Anup Gopinath19 gün önce

    Great team workout. Coach ray is natural and that makes his lifts impressive.

  • truthfilter
    truthfilter19 gün önce

    can somebody explain to me HOW!! Larry can out muscle Hermes but on the table it's the other way around where does the armwrestling strength come from ?

  • truthfilter


    16 gün önce

    @TheJancharles no i didn't as to be mocked i asked a question! if you can't give a sensible answer then why bother replying ? it's a logical question why doesn't Larry's massive strength carry through to the table

  • Konrad Kubala

    Konrad Kubala

    18 gün önce

    Did u ever heard about motor units?

  • Alex Tardiff
    Alex Tardiff19 gün önce

    Ermes-"yash, HAHAHAHAHAH"

  • Zulloa
    Zulloa19 gün önce

    Larry dominates in all these movements against the best, the only thing holding him back is his hand.

  • Vegeta Referee
    Vegeta Referee19 gün önce

    Ray was awesome when he said to Larry : Try! 😁😀

  • Pappu Dhappu
    Pappu Dhappu19 gün önce

    Steroid wheels

  • Convikt88
    Convikt8819 gün önce

    larry: "what should we start with?" Ermes : "Yes we start now"

  • Dark sampa
    Dark sampa19 gün önce

    Italians are veru very strongs....Is the roman people

  • Lasty Rover
    Lasty Rover19 gün önce

    Larry's laugh weighs 501kg

  • Микел Анджело
    Микел Анджело19 gün önce

    i can watch them all day i cant wait to see a video with more people imagine emres levan tood devon genadi other guys in 1 video would be the most viewed vid haha

  • FishyLame
    FishyLame19 gün önce


  • super king
    super king19 gün önce

    No doubt Larry is down to earth and respectful to Ermes on contrary these punks one behind the camera 🎥 and one in front are total aholes and bs

  • Su0h
    Su0h19 gün önce

    28:19 Their facial expression though 😂🤣 tk boleh angs😘

  • Su0h
    Su0h19 gün önce

    26:11 Italiano~ ✨

  • Su0h
    Su0h19 gün önce

    I bet if Ermes beat Matt, Genadi should try to take on him next.

  • Opus Dei Leviathan
    Opus Dei Leviathan19 gün önce

    Quality content 💪🏽

  • Su0h
    Su0h19 gün önce

    22:37 ✨

  • Damon Miller
    Damon Miller19 gün önce

    This video makes me want to workout

  • Nobody
    Nobody19 gün önce

    Coach Ray has impressive strength for someone who is natural. Ermes looking next level, his forearms are iron. I think Matt Mask is screwed this time around. Fun video, these guys have a great dynamic together. Looking forward to a whole month of coach ray videos.

    SITHIDU19 gün önce

    When I do a workout Larry sees it and says PERFECT , AWESOME those two words is enough for me to lift

  • Uncle Fryer
    Uncle Fryer19 gün önce

    🥤 🥤 🥤.....can someone just keep saying cup, cup, cup in the background? Larry needs to drill it into his brain till its a natural movement

  • Vitapantern
    Vitapantern19 gün önce

    I just love watching Larry intro, makes me want to go and lift more weights even though i already have..

  • Knowledge seeker
    Knowledge seeker19 gün önce

    Bro how to gain height I'm 18 and only 5.5ft...

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    15 gün önce

    You can keep growing until 21, so wait and see. You can't gain height after you finish your normal growing period.

  • Shawn Wonderlie
    Shawn Wonderlie19 gün önce

    Thank god Larry is such a likeable guy cause Adam is clearly a dumbass it's TRAINING not a match always talking crazy man.

  • Half Baked
    Half Baked19 gün önce

    18 inch forearm wtf

  • Half Baked
    Half Baked19 gün önce

    How much weight on the dumbbell rows?

  • Your Daily Entertainment dose LGBT Friendly Channel
    Your Daily Entertainment dose LGBT Friendly Channel19 gün önce

    Schoolboy will beat larry

  • Cem Imer
    Cem Imer19 gün önce

    "all i feel is in my lower back " I love it makes no sense to train for armwrestling haha nice workout tho

  • Slap Disgaem
    Slap Disgaem19 gün önce

    Last guy definitely taught Larry the lesson that it's a lot about tricking the ref with your hand position.

  • Patrick Poulsen
    Patrick Poulsen19 gün önce

    18:27 For what you really come here to see. You can always thank me later

  • robociock
    robociock19 gün önce

    10:15 look at the forearm 😱

  • Cosmin _YOUTUBE
    Cosmin _YOUTUBE19 gün önce

    Larry could be a FULL STACK developer

  • Tomas Torasen
    Tomas Torasen19 gün önce

    How much do the dumbbells wheigh that you all used for one arm rows? According to what I'm used to, it would be 70 kg. If so, I'm very impressed by Ray and Ermes cause this doesnt seem like movements they do and they dont have any such development in their back muscle.

  • Mark Williscroft
    Mark Williscroft19 gün önce

    Ermes Vs SchoolBoy!! I want to see it!

  • Paulo Demşa
    Paulo Demşa19 gün önce

    Vlog and workout with Andrey Smaev❗❗❗❗❗

  • karmaa Gurung
    karmaa Gurung19 gün önce

    Put ur mask correctly larry

  • Henry Phillips
    Henry Phillips19 gün önce

    Maza setting up all kinds to dodgy every time. Even for the ready go he was way up on larrys hand before the go

  • Habeev07
    Habeev0719 gün önce

    I bought my PPV picket to MAY 28th!! GET YOUR LICENSE at CORE SPORTS!

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma19 gün önce

    Jay in the background.

  • Luuk Damen
    Luuk Damen19 gün önce

    Wow, nice breakdown of some armwrestling techniques. Well done 👍🏼👏👏👏👌

  • Mozahidul Islam Ashik
    Mozahidul Islam Ashik19 gün önce

    Larry number 1

  • chrishenderson420
    chrishenderson42019 gün önce

    Nice to see Ray in action! Imagine him on the juice..

  • Rajat Das
    Rajat Das19 gün önce

    Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Vivek BHATTACHARJEE19 gün önce

    Gasparinis english is cute ngl

  • ketz Bond
    ketz Bond19 gün önce


  • jj22542
    jj2254219 gün önce

    Waadaa wadaaaa man

  • Airhead USMC
    Airhead USMC19 gün önce

    Can I move there and you train me? 😀

  • RavSingh Rajput````
    RavSingh Rajput````19 gün önce

    I miss Larry Wheels and school Boy 💪

  • Ole Bjørn Bråthen
    Ole Bjørn Bråthen19 gün önce

    Remember ronnie coleman had like 12 45pound plates on the t bar row😵💪

  • Ole Bjørn Bråthen

    Ole Bjørn Bråthen

    19 gün önce

    @TheJancharles Doesn't make it any lighter though 😋

  • Ram enga
    Ram enga19 gün önce

    Larry is so humble, even he accepts all his flaws and weakness and learnt from those who knows better than him

  • Croneman
    Croneman19 gün önce

    its a good day when larry posts an armwrestling video

  • secrated
    secrated19 gün önce

    Ermes' forearms looks as big as his biceps

  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats19 gün önce

    I feel like KFC chicken 🐓 drumsticks legs lmao

  • Johnichard Lupzenk
    Johnichard Lupzenk19 gün önce

    Lol Ray being visibly annoyed with Ermes presence sometimes.. and thinking he's superior for whatever strange reason. I get he's trying to fit the role of coach. Seems like just a kid. Especially vs Ermes

  • teto_


    19 gün önce

    nah, they just having fun... and in my opinion they're also collabing better than when ray worked with mt to help larry

  • Anders Wallin
    Anders Wallin19 gün önce

    Larry's back looks way stronger than Ermes back. So when Larry gets more connected with the armwrestling and get stronger in the wrists and hands, he will be a monster for sure. He might be among the best in the world in just a few years.

  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats19 gün önce

    Larry wheel's AKA BABY CALF'S LMFAO!!!


    This video help others

  • Luis Luna
    Luis Luna19 gün önce

    where is khaleed

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    15 gün önce


  • Wake up
    Wake up19 gün önce

    Did anyone see Larry positioning like Ermes at 31:10 ???? OMG that was like the best part of the entire video!!!!.

  • Florian Volery

    Florian Volery

    19 gün önce

    Great if Larry can learn the Ermes style!

  • the Buck
    the Buck19 gün önce

    If Larry can't beat that last guy, Schoolboy shouldn't even come, it'll be a bloodbath.

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    15 gün önce

    And they did a 3 hour arm wrestling session LITERALLY the day before this

  • teto_


    19 gün önce

    larry was spent from all the workout and on top of that he can ezly beat mazahir in the strap

  • Gary Alexander
    Gary Alexander19 gün önce

    Ermes is the guy to take Larry to the next level his strongest point is Larry’s weakest and Larry should adapt the same style has ermes and he will be great once he brings the hand and wrist up

  • Wake up
    Wake up19 gün önce

    I know this sounds ridiculous but I honestly want to see Larry vs Schoolboy more than Michael vs Devon lol, hate me now!.

  • Wake up

    Wake up

    18 gün önce

    @teto_ I definetly want to see more matches, I think Larry's channel has been a blessing for the sport honestly.

  • teto_


    18 gün önce

    @Wake up they're doing it to promote the sport, if this goes well we'll see other fights promoted by Larry

  • Wake up

    Wake up

    18 gün önce

    @teto_ I've seen Michael and Devon go at it on matches and sparring wayy to much already, for me this was not the fight I wanted to see. Michael should have taken a match against someone from Europe, its like watching Joe frezier and muhammed alli going at it for the 10th time lol.

  • teto_


    19 gün önce

    prob many people who'll buy the ppv think it the same as u and it's normal considering the flwing both larry and armwrestling tv have on yt ecc.

  • Norman
    Norman19 gün önce

    Notice how Ermes always flexes his wrist on the movements..

  • CuRLYGuY95
    CuRLYGuY9519 gün önce

    A quick tip to try maybe larry.. when you are gripping up straighten your fingers and kick your wrist up high before you close your grip! I think it will help you find a more natural grip.. rather than trying to pull with a pre cupped hand.. also try keeping your fingers much tighter together for a stronger connection 🙌🏻

  • Karol Sz
    Karol Sz19 gün önce

    thanks for the subtitles