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  • Julius Maddox
    Julius MaddoxAylar önce

    Was a pleasure lifting with Larry and the team. I will deliver 800

  • sam chami

    sam chami

    Gün önce

    Can’t wait to see you get to 800

  • Wobble McDonald

    Wobble McDonald

    4 gün önce

    You're a beast bro 💪

  • golxar rooyvus

    golxar rooyvus

    7 gün önce

    good luck looking forward

  • D H

    D H

    13 gün önce

    I can do 800 plates. Paper onrs

  • ace meister

    ace meister

    14 gün önce

    I lifted 800lbs once. It was hard but eventually the pallet jack got it off the ground

  • King Kardashian
    King KardashianGün önce

    27:00.. Oh my god she thicc😋

  • phantom mohawk
    phantom mohawk2 gün önce

    How on earth does he have so much chest fat?

  • V B
    V B4 gün önce

    Julius chest is crazy

  • Kingmob Collective
    Kingmob Collective5 gün önce

    Larry has a peculiar facial expression on a lot, where it looks like he is constantly tired from calculating things in his head

  • Kingmob Collective
    Kingmob Collective5 gün önce

    Holy fuck these boiz are HUGE

  • Korey Hilton
    Korey Hilton7 gün önce


  • Troy Truong
    Troy Truong9 gün önce

    He is focusing on the wrong work out. How about losing weight! Smh

  • Ben
    Ben10 gün önce

    Julius'warm up makes so much sense. Less likely to damage a small/limiting muscle. Leave no stone unturned.

  • Tim Potteiger
    Tim Potteiger10 gün önce

    I am so pissed still that he got the 800lb attempt stolen from him by a misload. Watching him that day doing 771, it looked like a smash for 800, without a doubt. I hope that i never find myself to be right in my worry that he might never get that weight again. That is truly a feat of strength, and he was there, before, just makes me sick. Then to have the guy putting the meet on give an apology with a "but"--everything that comes before that word is bulls**t. They should have just admitted they made the most massive blunder in power lifting history, apologized verbally and financially and then tucked their tails and begged for forgiveness from the community and JMad. Best of luck man though, i hope he does it.

  • Aryan Jain
    Aryan Jain11 gün önce


  • Fred E. Sims Jr.
    Fred E. Sims Jr.11 gün önce

    And Julia is not as way more than 425 lb so for him to bench that that's like me wearing 180 and pressing 170 which is nothing and real big men don't have to bring the weight down as much because they chest is so barrel they don't have the same range of motion to clear as a thinner or leaner person all those things have to be inconsideration and like I said I've been working out for 50 years and I know what I'm talking about that I never had trial and error there's a whole lot of things I did that I wish I would have done and it was only because of my ego mess around and go from 400 lb to NO hundred lbs

  • Frederik Hansen
    Frederik Hansen11 gün önce

    Despite all his Fame, which is well deserved: Larry is still a Nice and humble man, and it’s so pleasant to see. Nice video as always

  • DoINotIClickIMe
    DoINotIClickIMe12 gün önce

    bench bench bench killed me

  • Miles Cuñha
    Miles Cuñha12 gün önce

    Does the room gotta be at a certain temperature?

  • Miles Cuñha
    Miles Cuñha12 gün önce

    Love how Larry listens and shows respect.

  • Miles Cuñha
    Miles Cuñha12 gün önce

    Pinky in the ring middle on the ring doesn’t it depend kinda on the length of your arms?

  • Ninja Watch Dog
    Ninja Watch Dog13 gün önce

    Who's that powerlifting superhero, Captain Slings

  • D H
    D H13 gün önce

    Anything with a lithium battery shouldnt come fully charged.

  • D H
    D H13 gün önce

    Only 4 and a half wht i put on my bench 🙄

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa13 gün önce

    Watching people who warms up with my max lift is my favourite pass time.

  • felix paul
    felix paul13 gün önce

    F. You and let BTC rot

  • Mario Molnar
    Mario Molnar15 gün önce

    It's so nice to see the insight of the man behind just the lifter

  • nanna larsen
    nanna larsen15 gün önce

    the last lift - - -larry handle all spotters work ALONE

  • Edmund De Felipe
    Edmund De Felipe15 gün önce

    Why that bald guys always wearing that bench cheating stuff? Why dont he just lift light?

  • elijah piere

    elijah piere

    11 gün önce

    cause he old ash

  • Ashton Metzger
    Ashton Metzger15 gün önce

    Julius makes Larry look so small 😅😅

  • Xylem
    Xylem15 gün önce

    Imagine if Julius cut, he would be insane but he should probably not just to maintain strength

    STEVE FRANK TV16 gün önce


  • Mud F7
    Mud F716 gün önce

    I think you not screaming when you bench that heavy is a detrimental part to the 790 you’re a monster . So humble but don’t be too humble under that weight . Scream and unleash that breath of air to creat more power

  • szvqorwnpst ahskypfwmp
    szvqorwnpst ahskypfwmp17 gün önce

    If there were more people like Larry in this world, it would be so much more peaceful and livable. He is one heck of a guy. I wish him the best.

  • YouTube Connolly family
    YouTube Connolly family17 gün önce

    Damn Julius you had that halfway up that’s a record on its own. You’re going to smash that 800

  • Redundon
    Redundon18 gün önce

    You know Julius is big cause LARRY looks small compared to him

  • elijah piere

    elijah piere

    11 gün önce

    naaw bruh, larry still looks big

  • Ulysse J. Garcia
    Ulysse J. Garcia18 gün önce

    Just like seeing Brothers enjoying each others company. Crazy energy when we unite!

  • Devonta Holbrook
    Devonta Holbrook18 gün önce

    Hold on hold on wait a mf’n minute….. That intro is like a raw ass action is coming up🔥

  • MRKO
    MRKO19 gün önce

    This guy is a fucking monster wtf

  • Harrison Shaw
    Harrison Shaw19 gün önce

    i also bench press super close honestly its the best

  • holden Earl
    holden Earl19 gün önce

    Who's the guy with 600 pieces of equipment on looking like an idiot

  • Syd Syd
    Syd Syd20 gün önce

    A bench over 650lb is huge!

  • Cole Coe
    Cole Coe23 gün önce

    Chill with all these adds Larry

  • J M
    J M23 gün önce

    36:55 pfff.... i easily bench that for my warm up set for 8-10 reps and he cant??? cuz hes too f*t i guess

  • Rakshan Purandhar
    Rakshan Purandhar23 gün önce

    Imagine if julius became an arm wrestler

  • DrGenocide
    DrGenocide23 gün önce

    Skip the BS 36:36

  • Nıcola Tesla
    Nıcola Tesla24 gün önce

    Tamam da mhp olmadi knk üzgünüm

  • 힘든세상
    힘든세상24 gün önce

    세상은 넓고 센놈은 많구만

  • Mario Bevans
    Mario Bevans25 gün önce

    Great spot!!!! He was very close tho 💪🏾

  • Dingosis
    Dingosis25 gün önce

    He had that

  • Eric Galanter
    Eric Galanter25 gün önce

    who's the alabama shirt guy?

  • Joshua Richards
    Joshua Richards25 gün önce

    He's going to 800 so soon. I would go further to say a 755 x 3 will ensure his victory !

  • Dusty Roads
    Dusty Roads26 gün önce

    Time for a Pinky Grip P/R... knowing Larry, it's gonna be a Strict Curl for 225 using only his pinky's or something like that 😂

  • Mark Arthur
    Mark Arthur26 gün önce

    larry is the only one who looks like he lifts

  • elijah piere

    elijah piere

    11 gün önce

    lol fax

  • Grace Testa
    Grace Testa27 gün önce

    Even if he has to tear a pec he make it happen

  • Grace Testa
    Grace Testa27 gün önce

    Even if he tears a picture he will make it happen

  • Skyler Krieger
    Skyler Krieger27 gün önce

    When trying to get a pr takes 4 hours 😳😳😳

  • frankenfaq
    frankenfaq27 gün önce

    That last handoff was a little iffy but hey what do I know

  • Terrence Austin
    Terrence Austin27 gün önce

    It’s harder for Julius to stand up after repping my max than to do the reps

  • Fawz Hoqe
    Fawz Hoqe27 gün önce

    Watching Larry’s eye contact go back and forth like 👀👀

  • John Sotelo
    John Sotelo28 gün önce

    Maybe julius maddox should try Larry wheels coach. See what would happen.

  • Bob Oakshields
    Bob Oakshields28 gün önce

    His barrel chest is practically touching the bar at rest

  • Brandon Reed
    Brandon Reed29 gün önce

    These guys give very great philosophical advice. Definitely learned a ton here. There is no failure in the weight room

  • Brandon Reed
    Brandon Reed29 gün önce

    Very impressive here. I learned a lot. Always working to improve my form on the bench. I’m currently maxxing at 265. Working towards 315. Thank you guys for these great videos!!! 🙂

  • Callum Terblanche
    Callum Terblanche29 gün önce

    Impressive strength

  • Rokas Ramanauskas
    Rokas Ramanauskas29 gün önce

    Anyone know what Julius was listening to at 36:00

  • YoungIConJigga
    YoungIConJigga29 gün önce

    if i remember correctly larry hit 700 once already right?

  • horus44102
    horus44102Aylar önce

    This dude should try strong man

  • TheyAreWhoWeThoughtTheyWere
    TheyAreWhoWeThoughtTheyWereAylar önce

    Although this may not be the most popular opinion, once he does complete this goal, i hope he follows Eddie Hall's lead and chooses a much healthier lifestyle because even though the possible damage done will truly be determined by his genetically predisposed susceptibilities. Lemmy from Motorhead smoked meth and drank whiskey till he died at(some would say)the ripe old age of 70 years old. Meanwhile, Jesse Murnde died after hard workout when he was 27 after placing second the year before in world's strongest man. When taken into consideration that coronary heart disease is the number one killer worldwide, it wouldn't necessarily be a stretch to say that he's possibly done some irreparable damage at this point but this is his dreams and no one will take that from him. Ronnie Coleman hips and spine are completely destroyed and as you can guess, his mobility is extremely impaired, along with having to take painkillers in order not to feel the unfathomable pain but he's quoted saying that his only regret in life is instead of doing that 800 lb squat for one rep, he should have went for two... Unfortunately, he seemed to have recently failed another eight hundred pound attempt and it seems that he's just simply too much in his head about the whole situation. Nevertheless, I'm sure he'll have this feat accomplished much sooner, rather than later...

  • maximusX45_1911
    maximusX45_1911Aylar önce

    This is so motivating I hope to hit my PR of 405 by the end of the month

  • Guard Your Heart
    Guard Your HeartAylar önce

    I have never cared to listen to an advertisement before hearing Larry do it. Larry is so genuine even his advertisement was nice to listen to.

  • Gary Host
    Gary HostAylar önce

    Missed this content from Larry.

  • Jonah Rattler
    Jonah RattlerAylar önce

    I absolutely LOVE how this man thinks, how humbe he is, and of course... how much power he wields. Him AND Larry Wheels are truly Kings, indeed.

  • viza vizant
    viza vizantAylar önce

    HOW hi will help you in life the thing you bench so much weight and you look like this and you cannot live like a normal live terrible

  • DAMfoxygrampa
    DAMfoxygrampaAylar önce

    If this guy tries this damn hard then I'm gonna work hard to hit that 225 bench

  • Joelthailand2
    Joelthailand2Aylar önce

    A master class in benching!

  • Victor Mendoza
    Victor MendozaAylar önce

    Mis respetos Larri

  • Victor Mendoza
    Victor MendozaAylar önce

    Estan muy cabrónes

  • alec y
    alec yAylar önce

    Damn, impressive as hell! On a side note.. I wonder what his blood pressure is like..

  • M R
    M RAylar önce


  • klepto dathief
    klepto dathiefAylar önce

    did he do 800 on sat at wrigly fields? or that was a promo PR stunt by company sponsoring him? smh

  • clon
    clonAylar önce

    Que animal

  • Koji Yao
    Koji YaoAylar önce

    I can only imagine how Julius would look if he's shredded.

  • Rafa MindStrong
    Rafa MindStrongAylar önce

    The closer de weights the easier to lift

  • Ryan Rich
    Ryan RichAylar önce

    When Larry fkn Wheels has to belt and strap up to spot your bench, you are other worldly strong.

  • unnamed individual

    unnamed individual

    Aylar önce

    Bruh he got told to strap.

  • waaaaazzzzuuup
    waaaaazzzzuuupAylar önce

    Would smelling salts help ?

  • James Hobbs
    James HobbsAylar önce

    I feel like Larry could eventually do 700 at like 250 bw

  • Jay Dog
    Jay DogAylar önce

    Larry Wheels, the only man on Earth where you are FORCED to hit a PR or get injured in the process. There is no in-between.

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser SözeAylar önce

    I can't help but think all the excess body fat is not beneficial to him.

  • unnamed individual

    unnamed individual

    Aylar önce

    No one would benefit from having EXCESS body fat. Cmon man 🤦‍♂️

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex GarciaAylar önce

    36:35 you're welcome

  • Lucas Arthurs
    Lucas ArthursAylar önce

    In theory, shouldn't Maddox be good at the log lift, axel press, etc?

  • Noobert Nooberton
    Noobert NoobertonAylar önce

    Having your chest as a rest point 10 cm below the bar take of is defenitly a plus

  • Raza Muhammad Bhutto
    Raza Muhammad BhuttoAylar önce

    These guys make me feel weak in gym

  • Mr.nowhere
    Mr.nowhereAylar önce


  • Jacob Beckman
    Jacob BeckmanAylar önce

    Best in the world but constantly looking for advise and ways to improve

  • iDj
    iDjAylar önce

    The other Guy is stronger and better and not as fat as he is

  • Nico Padua
    Nico PaduaAylar önce

    Crazy how close 790 looks tho

  • Andrei Zegheru
    Andrei ZegheruAylar önce

    The guy can't even talk without losing his breath. 10-15 years he's gone

  • J1
    J1Aylar önce

    Larry is still way more impressive - Maddox can't even press anywhere near double bodyweight.

  • Илья Клименко
    Илья КлименкоAylar önce

    Julius Maddox, hello to Russia! You are great!

  • Richard Nguyen
    Richard NguyenAylar önce

    The strongest dudes in the world are the most graceful and humble.

  • JBO
    JBOAylar önce

    Julius Maddox is completely goated sending 790 unequipped r u kidding me

  • Thomas Iem
    Thomas IemAylar önce

    WTF he benches more than all my squat+deadlift+bench PR combined together.

  • Earl The Third
    Earl The ThirdAylar önce

    Thanks for yet another great show guys🙏🏼