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Deep Dive Dubai: deepdivedubai
Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Jesper Kjøller: jesperkjoller
Gerry Blaksley: gblaksley


  • Transformer Dangar
    Transformer Dangar9 saatler önce

    Maybe it's the house of spongebob square pants

  • railex Tv
    railex Tv17 saatler önce

    he is ther omg

  • Andreu Abel
    Andreu Abel21 gün önce

    Waauuu soo coool

    CHICCO BELFORT22 gün önce


  • ToldoMexes
    ToldoMexes25 gün önce

    Det er en DANSKER

  • Manav Saggal
    Manav Saggal25 gün önce

    Gl baat🔥

  • solid_ Ricola
    solid_ Ricola26 gün önce

    Name of the place?

  • Mohammad yashir Mahmood
    Mohammad yashir Mahmood26 gün önce

    Btw larry looks more smart after bathing 😂😉

  • Okell Brunson
    Okell Brunson26 gün önce

    Just took Larry the lobster to a whole other level.

  • Dixon Butts
    Dixon Butts27 gün önce

    Larry Wheels: there’s no power rack 0/10 would not recommend

  • Bmw 8 series
    Bmw 8 series27 gün önce

    4:42 he looked dissapointed he couldn't use his arms🤣

  • Scanty
    Scanty27 gün önce

    Larry The Lobster!

  • talen roberts
    talen roberts27 gün önce


  • Ty Cunningham
    Ty Cunningham27 gün önce

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Repent from your sins and follow him so that you may receive the gift of heaven

  • Erick Olivera
    Erick Olivera27 gün önce

    9:40 🍑

  • Dat_dirty_g37
    Dat_dirty_g3727 gün önce

    🤔 funny.... I always imagined him swimming through the water like a torpedo

  • gaming series
    gaming series28 gün önce

    do a deadlift under water that would be cool ,, or arm wrestling

  • チェス王者
    チェス王者28 gün önce

    1.e3 amazing move, he refused to play as white lol

  • Anananus
    Anananus28 gün önce


  • Weights and Sports
    Weights and Sports28 gün önce

    legend has it that Larrys voice was even lower before he started taking gear

  • Mr M
    Mr M28 gün önce

    Cool to see Odd Haugen giving Larry good instruction!

  • Skeptical
    Skeptical29 gün önce

    Armwrestling underwater. now that's content

  • Emile Neslo
    Emile Neslo29 gün önce

    Well this video is proof that Larry used fake bar with fake plates. And he lifted them in water making him the biggest cheat. 12:22

  • Anurag Rajput
    Anurag Rajput29 gün önce

    they should put some real fish in there

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu29 gün önce

    Holy shit this is fresh water??damn

  • GQ30
    GQ3029 gün önce

    Larry transforms from larry wheels to larry the lobster.

    RC4LIFE29 gün önce

    Larry the type of guy to chalk up before grabbing eating utencils

  • c h
    c h29 gün önce

    I'd love to play Larry at chess

  • Edwin O Ortiz Gonzalez
    Edwin O Ortiz Gonzalez29 gün önce

    12:22 Epic!

  • CHAPP Ignotus Syndicate
    CHAPP Ignotus Syndicate29 gün önce

    This would be sick

  • Mousab Nomani
    Mousab Nomani29 gün önce

    His eyes say ‘stfu already’ at 7:02

  • Car music remix bass bossted
    Car music remix bass bosstedAylar önce

    12:23 Nem na água o cara para de malhar kkkkkkkkk

  • King Micah
    King MicahAylar önce

    Larry is the best on TRloft !

  • Stef Heikamp
    Stef HeikampAylar önce

    They made Larry the lobster into a real thing...

  • Guyu’s Life
    Guyu’s LifeAylar önce

    my lord 2000 dhiram for this

  • 来世は筋肉になりたい
    来世は筋肉になりたいAylar önce


  • mick biggs
    mick biggsAylar önce

    Hahahahaha Larrys face when the guy is explaining everything, not interested

  • Ty E
    Ty EAylar önce

    I would love to see what David blane would do if he was here 🤙

  • Ty E
    Ty EAylar önce

    Oh yeah he lives in Dubai william take this L

  • Eibar Saul
    Eibar SaulAylar önce


  • brandon r.
    brandon r.Aylar önce

    larry is living my life now. dude i am so proud of you going out of your comfort zone and branching out. respect homie.

  • Robnself 2018
    Robnself 2018Aylar önce

    This is weird


    Is there any benefits of playing underwater chess😂👌

  • Deep Freeze Fitness
    Deep Freeze FitnessAylar önce

    Sorry Larry I failed you. I couldn't hold my breath the whole time you were underwater.

  • aa aq
    aa aqAylar önce

    Good experience

  • مهدی اژیر
    مهدی اژیرAylar önce


  • Kurtis Payne
    Kurtis PayneAylar önce

    It’s bubbles

  • UI Vegito
    UI VegitoAylar önce

    How did the chess pieces not float. A magnet won’t be that strong

  • Big Guy
    Big GuyAylar önce

    9:52 to skip past the bullshit

  • Sarbaz Abdulla
    Sarbaz AbdullaAylar önce

    Bad ass yo!

  • Keith Defreitas
    Keith DefreitasAylar önce

    That guy at the beginning talked wayyy to long!!

  • Zoran Dukic
    Zoran DukicAylar önce

    Deep content Larry

  • CoryJT
    CoryJTAylar önce

    But is the pool deeper than Larry’s laugh? 🤔

    DAVID GAylar önce

    15m for me is just free diving here in Tenerife

  • Riccardo Grandinetti
    Riccardo GrandinettiAylar önce

    bct equipment..., before immersion Larry look in pain whit the life, I'm happy he received positive vibes from this experience.

  • DanieI Joseph
    DanieI JosephAylar önce

    Larry, how about first ever underwater arm wrestling match PR 😆

  • Cakkz
    CakkzAylar önce

    Definitely a great thing to add to the channel. You should do videos like this more often.

  • Amitoj Toor
    Amitoj ToorAylar önce

    11:47 why is dude on larry like that 😆

  • Henrik Högström
    Henrik HögströmAylar önce

    Cameraman has done his job

  • §øülvex
    §øülvexAylar önce

    A Mercedes underwater, very suspect lol.. What a cool place though, there needs to be some fish about it would be so immersive.

  • Scott Goulet
    Scott GouletAylar önce

    Awesome video man. Hell yeah

  • Kishore empire
    Kishore empireAylar önce

    Larry wheels means strength 🔥😉

  • M R
    M RAylar önce

    At least put the chess board around the correct way... bottom right square needs to be white... come on Larry

  • kkm kkm
    kkm kkmAylar önce

    i found out that larry's calves are too skinny for his size

  • Mick Clarke
    Mick ClarkeAylar önce

    Would love to do this

  • Drop
    DropAylar önce

    Same one Will Smith went to?

  • natural 9
    natural 9Aylar önce

    Larry, arms folded across chest listening to dive instructor who sounds more like the creator of Frankenstein. Great amazing video by the way.

  • fujiismydog
    fujiismydogAylar önce

    Cool place

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D LuffyAylar önce

    2 hours far from my home 😛

  • Ken Masonj
    Ken MasonjAylar önce

    *****(LARRY)**** = are going to go Diving in the Ocean in the Islands, like in the Caribbean?

  • Jorge Tapia
    Jorge TapiaAylar önce

    Epic video bro!!!!

  • tony brigner
    tony brignerAylar önce

    that was awesome

  • Sofia Ramos
    Sofia RamosAylar önce

    Hermoso lugar

  • Tom Bullish
    Tom BullishAylar önce

    Haha that underwater Chess moment was great.

  • Guy Gill
    Guy GillAylar önce

    Funny 🤣

  • Duncan O
    Duncan OAylar önce

    Finally, something I am far better at than Larry Wheels

  • Ruben G9
    Ruben G9Aylar önce

    Wtf, playing chess while on scuba is definitely on my bucket list now! 🤯🤯🤯

  • R G
    R GAylar önce

    Is there a video showing them putting all that water in that pool?

  • Romeo O
    Romeo OAylar önce

    Rip BTC

  • Winds
    WindsAylar önce


  • Strahil Voivoda
    Strahil VoivodaAylar önce

    Such a boring guy and channel ..its just horrible..i think you should delete it and also yourself

  • Jimmyjabs
    JimmyjabsAylar önce

    I see why you went back to Dubai

  • Ian Stahl
    Ian StahlAylar önce

    Jesper sounds danish..😎

  • Austin W
    Austin WAylar önce

    You have to equalize more the closer you are to the surface? That I didn't expect

  • 劉俊明
    劉俊明Aylar önce

    藥師琉璃光如來 ______()______

  • Arthur Exper
    Arthur ExperAylar önce

    Larry is The type of guy who make's best content on TRloft

  • Sam L
    Sam LAylar önce

    Go to the Cayman Islands, Larry - best diving in the world

  • Geerladenlad
    GeerladenladAylar önce

    Is this a reupload?

    FREDDIE REAGANAylar önce


  • Sebastian Tokle
    Sebastian TokleAylar önce

    Man that was wild!

  • Nirmal Hettiarachchi
    Nirmal HettiarachchiAylar önce

    Larry King!

  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garciaAylar önce

    Seal team 6 confirmed.

  • Franz Ivan Nerida
    Franz Ivan NeridaAylar önce

    We need larry in space

  • Franz Ivan Nerida
    Franz Ivan NeridaAylar önce

    Now curl on space

  • josh ward
    josh wardAylar önce

    You’re not the hulk mister skyrocket ego you know there’s literally lots of people bigger than you😂

  • J K
    J KAylar önce

    They actually had coral reefs but they build artificial islands on top of them

  • Gilbert Rose
    Gilbert RoseAylar önce

    Is it the same one that was uploaded by will smith?

  • T Rex
    T RexAylar önce

    Larry we need to see you bench press under water

  • U Awrstlr
    U AwrstlrAylar önce

    Larry i wanna be a like you...whats the funny life bro🥺🥺🥺🥺 jls

    DARK BUDHAAylar önce

    100 Mark's for the Camera guy