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  • 123Combine
    123Combine2 gün önce

    swiss “national champion” LMAO

  • arvin solid
    arvin solid2 gün önce

    swiss champion (Big Lol) georgia Champion (Holyshit)

  • 0Tolerance
    0Tolerance3 gün önce

    he thought that larry is a rookie, he couldn't be more wrong..

  • shayan sh
    shayan sh4 gün önce

    Adam is a very nice friend to have. he thought the guy may cheat, so he went as the referee:))

  • Purp Dawg
    Purp Dawg4 gün önce

    Tall guy needs to lift some more weights 😬

  • Jack Cool28
    Jack Cool286 gün önce

    he already sparred with larrat and school boy so i think is not much of competition

  • Ben 9
    Ben 97 gün önce

    Ten grands in the post mate

  • otniel pacifici
    otniel pacifici7 gün önce

    This looked like the time Larry pulled levan , this guy is either a pure joke or Larry got Mega strong these past few months , prob a combination of both , but respect to Larry for being so humble with this guy that’s trying to teach when he has zero inside game and zero strength either ,Larry coming after u all !!!

  • Skeptical
    Skeptical8 gün önce

    Irakli vs larry wheels armwrestling match!!! Perfect! Then they can do strict curls afterwards. It would be interesting because irakli can strict curl 100kg

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner8 gün önce

    19:57 Holy shit Adam awakened his inner Zoloev hahaha! I definitely did not expect that intensity and commitment to the hook. That was ace. 👍

  • shadapakap
    shadapakap8 gün önce

    Adam laughing when the Swiss guy said "one more" was pretty funny. lol

  • shadapakap
    shadapakap8 gün önce

    Adam needs to appear on every video. He's pretty cool.

  • shadapakap
    shadapakap8 gün önce

    Larry has been learning from the best pullers in the world, and you can see the progress.

  • bless everything
    bless everything8 gün önce

    Just stsrt the arm wrestling already. Stop that Sh.. t with" turn, turn, turn, show me knuckle "

  • dynamic21
    dynamic219 gün önce

    yeah right, still get clapped by khaled lol

  • J D
    J D9 gün önce

    Larry has nothing to prove, but keeps striving for competition and excellence. Such an amazing human.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones9 gün önce

    Larry the new Swiss national heavyweight champ!

  • AlienSchmaliens
    AlienSchmaliens9 gün önce

    Can't believe Adam's progress too!

  • AlienSchmaliens
    AlienSchmaliens9 gün önce

    Really enjoying this journey of arm wrestling that you are taking us along for! The progress is clearly visible now!

  • Rathan Sherigar
    Rathan Sherigar9 gün önce

    brute strength there with Larry.. but his mind is catching on and he is using the techniques!!

  • John
    John9 gün önce

    hold my beer i'm going on Larry's channel - two Swiss soya latte's.

  • John
    John9 gün önce

    King Divico is rolling in his grave.

  • zaheed ali
    zaheed ali9 gün önce

    alexander: should i show you some technique first? Larry: Lets have some fun first.

  • 주영김
    주영김9 gün önce

    Pronation Half curl Wrist curl One rm Let s go!!

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera10 gün önce

    Bro that guy making so much excuses 🤣

  • the Buck
    the Buck10 gün önce

    He had no idea he would walk into Larry's shop and lose. Larry's only been with the best of the best for the last year.

  • Topp dawg
    Topp dawg10 gün önce

    You are strong I feel it. Wtf you think was gonna happen? Lol

  • Truman Theodore Fruitty
    Truman Theodore Fruitty10 gün önce

    Corrected title: Larry Wheels vs. Swiss 2017 +90kg Junior Division Armwrestling Champ With Apparently No Significant Accomplishments Since Then But Who Hopes Maybe No One Will Notice The Difference As He Tries to Ride Larry’s Coattails To Get More Followers On Instagram

  • Steve Wines
    Steve Wines10 gün önce

    Great improvement larry keep going, also we miss michael todd on the show.💪

  • Pronater King
    Pronater King10 gün önce

    Schoolboy rematch?

  • Mr Lomeli
    Mr Lomeli10 gün önce

    I liked these Swiss guys, really humble and educated, they are not weak they just are not in gear, and I think it was perfect training for Larry since even if the Swiss guy wasn't as strong he still had better technic than Larry and tricks to compensate the lack of power.

  • Rick Roberts
    Rick Roberts10 gün önce

    It's been confirmed that this guy is not the Swiss National Heavyweight Champion.

  • C Torres
    C Torres10 gün önce

    So if Larry beat him your telling me schoolboy could go in there and slam him 🤔 idk if this is good for larry or bad that country/country's champ

  • James Hopes
    James Hopes10 gün önce

    This guy looks clueless.... I think I could beat him....

  • DjSselim
    DjSselim11 gün önce

    cool to see normal guys:)

  • Anthony
    Anthony11 gün önce

    Amman making excuses, Larry is a beast

  • danu setiawan
    danu setiawan11 gün önce

    Larry like a boss

  • Gem Assist
    Gem Assist11 gün önce

    please have a super match with schoolboy again

  • Smackdaddee
    Smackdaddee11 gün önce

    loved seing Adam in this video doing coach stuff and helping Larry infront of the camera, and not only joking all the time. Keep it up guys

  • Shay Mickay
    Shay Mickay11 gün önce

    Nice to see how chill and down to earth the swiss lad is, to many get butt hurt over losing. Proper gent even joking about Larry being the real swiss champ lol

  • Syed jisan Ali
    Syed jisan Ali11 gün önce

    Swiss champ is natty..don't forget it

  • Razomir
    Razomir11 gün önce

    What I am about to say doesn't take anything away from Larry being an absolute beast with phenomenal leaps in improvement but...that guest looked like a scrub.

  • Gokhan K
    Gokhan K12 gün önce

    Larry's starting to take people out. I love it. Let's go Larry Wheels...

  • Ardiansyah P.R
    Ardiansyah P.R12 gün önce

    Go invite Matt Mask and Devon to collab with you larry

  • Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kenpachi Zaraki12 gün önce

    rematch against schoolboy would be interesting.

  • D
    D12 gün önce

    Larry is doing what juji wanted to do with this.

  • W R
    W R12 gün önce

    These oaks are a joke. Fame hunter boys

  • suppu suppu
    suppu suppu12 gün önce

    2:20 that look pretty ugly

  • andy macleod
    andy macleod12 gün önce

    Guy looks like a supernoodle. Swiss champ...I doot it like

  • Nikko Jennings
    Nikko Jennings12 gün önce

    The other guy is cheating lol can't beat Larry

  • ryan crownover
    ryan crownover12 gün önce

    I break 4x4's over my hands to condition them for recovery I scrub them with a wire brush then pour citric acid over them

  • Kobie
    Kobie12 gün önce

    Man looks like an exact replica of the hulk

  • m1noladea
    m1noladea12 gün önce

    damn larry XD u just toyed there and tried to be humble but it was way to obvious that the gap between u guys was so big! u rocked man!!! congratz, ur progress is visible even to un untrained eye, ur coordination etc, gotta give u HUGE props

  • Emmanuel Jones
    Emmanuel Jones12 gün önce

    Can this larry beat Khaled?.....gotta find out

  • Gus &
    Gus &12 gün önce

    Something sketchy about this. I doubt that he is a champion..

    JIGGYDRIGGY912912 gün önce

    Never heard about this swiss Guy,larry destroy him

  • Brogrammer
    Brogrammer12 gün önce

    It's like that one episode when Vegeta and Napa landed on earth to fight krillin and goku

  • Radical Street
    Radical Street12 gün önce

    Props Larry, you've came a long way bro. Looking legit on that table now. Awesome power.

  • MMA Department
    MMA Department12 gün önce

    is it just me, or these swiss guys are really fucking annoying

  • DirtPoorFarmer
    DirtPoorFarmer12 gün önce

    Hello sir hope you and yours are well i was wondering about the event you are puting on with devon and Michael how do we watch???? Will it be ppv or live stream or do we have to pirate it like a ufc event not that i would ever do such a thing lol thanks for your time be safe

  • Saif Ali Khan
    Saif Ali Khan12 gün önce

    Missing the deadlift one rep maxes...

  • soybean70
    soybean7012 gün önce

    Swiss cheese champ?

  • CloudLights
    CloudLights12 gün önce

    Arnold in the house

  • Su0h
    Su0h12 gün önce

    Larry is lowkey humble. You gotta love the Man. Edit: The Man is getting stronger and wiser every new video comes up. What a blessed time to be in. I'm really grateful

  • Su0h
    Su0h12 gün önce

    Thinking about leverage, Matt Mask vs Vitaly would be a really exciting match !

  • Radu
    Radu12 gün önce

    Why is noone talking about the fact that this guy isnt the Swiss HW Champion?

  • 2626hunter
    2626hunter12 gün önce

    I think Larry is ready for "paleciok" ;)

  • Medardo Lomeli
    Medardo Lomeli12 gün önce

    Larry invite John Brzenk please!

  • G Man
    G Man12 gün önce

    I thought the bald guy was Dana white in the thumbnail

  • Vitalii Yalanskyi
    Vitalii Yalanskyi12 gün önce

    The word of day - Strong

  • Jihed Ouni
    Jihed Ouni12 gün önce

    Thumbs up for à Khaled vs Larry REMATCH !!


    I hope to meet Larry one day, he is now really strong and it would be nice to do a training with him.👍💪

  • TidusL2
    TidusL212 gün önce

    Go Larry!!! Attack it!!! Very good improvement lately with your new specific program, holy shit 👍

  • Timothy Hoang
    Timothy Hoang13 gün önce

    Damn talk about that gear vs natty body

  • Akshay the heavy hitter
    Akshay the heavy hitter13 gün önce

    Larry wheels should join WWE, he is such a great entertainer

  • 0Tolerance
    0Tolerance13 gün önce

    imagine how much better larry got, 13:40 look at the power, even adam can't hold the table down

  • MarVill TX
    MarVill TX13 gün önce

    Good to see more aggression from Larry

  • Rampart D.
    Rampart D.13 gün önce

    If Larry ever meets Todd its over.

    BXFISHING13 gün önce

    Mike Ayello vs larry wheels would be fun to watch 💪

  • Mr. Asfar
    Mr. Asfar13 gün önce

    This guy cant just accept that Larry is stronger than him hahahahaha! He always stops and be lika ''He is strong'' LIke Okey Shut the fuck up and start!

  • Răzvan Arsenie
    Răzvan Arsenie13 gün önce

    Best of Golajele Gym Lary la Sală

  • Răzvan Arsenie
    Răzvan Arsenie13 gün önce

    Campion Lary Gym Rok America Smion Panda Uliess Gym fetele

  • Răzvan Arsenie
    Răzvan Arsenie13 gün önce

    America Gym fetele

  • ROB 747
    ROB 74713 gün önce

    Larry Wheels is the new Swiss heavyweight champion!!!

  • Hank Baxter
    Hank Baxter13 gün önce

    Yeah, but when Larry tips the table, the poor swiss guy has to pull uphill.

  • JOSH V
    JOSH V13 gün önce

    Great video! Awesome content!!

  • Chance Gwaltney
    Chance Gwaltney13 gün önce

    Swiss Champion??? Never heard of him. Love Larry but he got played by this limp lettuce.

  • Thomas Heslin
    Thomas Heslin13 gün önce

    Larry’s gotta go to the gym Ronnie Coleman used to workout at once COVID stuff isn’t in the way. Would sick to see him PR with same weights the goat used!

  • Exploding ass Technique
    Exploding ass Technique13 gün önce

    Let me know when you want me to come train you on my special technique

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel13 gün önce

    Larry should do a rematch with Khalid. I think he can take the win 🤔

  • Bhanu Shankar
    Bhanu Shankar13 gün önce

    The Swiss must stick to making watches only

  • Azwad Rahman
    Azwad Rahman13 gün önce

    Larry, you should arm wrestle John Brzenk!

  • Bhanu Shankar
    Bhanu Shankar13 gün önce

    This Swiss guy is a bum

  • Keggs
    Keggs13 gün önce

    That swiss guy looks very uncomfortable while doing it aha

  • Jaren Price
    Jaren Price13 gün önce

    I lowkey want you to try to compete for Mr. Olympia vs Chris Bumstead👀

  • MrRunescapy
    MrRunescapy13 gün önce

    Looking really good, Larry! Adam's even protecting you a bit too much. Doesn't hurt to sometimes start with a little disadvantage! Not all refs will be so fair. Gotta fight for that grip ;)

  • elmoko
    elmoko13 gün önce

    Strange energy from those two fellas

  • Anthony E
    Anthony E13 gün önce

    The only way to top this dominant display is to pull World Champion Barry Bourne next.

  • Kai
    Kai13 gün önce

    These swiss guys have zero inside power lol. Swiss have way more stronger people than these two.

  • Abraham Kerchaten
    Abraham Kerchaten13 gün önce

    in just few months, Larry is pro now. unbelievable progress