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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Jamal Browner: jamal_b15
John Gaglione: gaglionestr...


  • V B
    V BGün önce

    I love training while the video run in the background. Good motivation!

  • DreadfulFailz
    DreadfulFailz3 gün önce

    Larry switch to sumo deadlift for a year and see how much you progress

  • koleary1798
    koleary17983 gün önce

    The way Jamal pulled that top weight was just demoralising. The man's built different!

  • thegreatone
    thegreatone4 gün önce

    Wtf the guy wearing lmao just lift the dam weights sheesh

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight6 gün önce

    "That guy is weak since he does sumo" -Some pussy who deadlifts 315

  • Henrik Svensson
    Henrik Svensson7 gün önce

    14:17 The size of Jamals massive legs is a good hint on why he got such a strong deadlift.

  • Troy Truong
    Troy Truong9 gün önce

    I lift for over 20 years. I dont do deadlift. Very dangerous exercise. Moving companies will hire these guys in a heart beat. lol. Looks cool and all.

    KEsIK KEsIK12 gün önce

    Where is Krzysztof Wierzbicki?

  • big yadong
    big yadong13 gün önce

    Dudes on the left in the beginning provide the roids

  • Bunionskins
    Bunionskins18 gün önce

    Why doesn’t Larry do sumo?

  • Boris Rovchenko
    Boris Rovchenko20 gün önce

    His sumo is beautiful, smooth and not exagerated , thats what sumo deadlift suppose to be not those fucked kungfu splits

  • D H
    D H22 gün önce

    The reason most people are stronger in sumo is the use of the glutes. Aswell as the bar travelling less distance.

  • Dylan Wells
    Dylan Wells24 gün önce

    Why would Larry even bother with the sumo deadlift when he deadlifts 900+

  • Константин Шилов
    Константин Шилов26 gün önce

    Lier! Belkin is the strongest one

  • Birdyssk8services
    Birdyssk8services26 gün önce


  • FalconGaming101
    FalconGaming10129 gün önce

    This is the first guy Larry had on the show that's actually better than him at dead lifting ..... shush don't say that out loud....😳🤦‍♂️👀 We love you Larry!!!!!! You're the best power lifter in the world no doubt

  • B-DuBOfficial
    B-DuBOfficialAylar önce

    Jamals explosiveness is crazy!

  • alexrinse
    alexrinseAylar önce

    What shoes is Jamal using there?

  • Jabari
    JabariAylar önce


  • Groovedude
    GroovedudeAylar önce

    Why is it when Larry laughs I think of the old 7UP commercial? “ HAHAHAHA Taste the Un-Cola!”

  • Philip Bang
    Philip BangAylar önce

    0:45 Larry: "Jamal the legend Jamal: *blushing* "The legend?" Larry: "Yes!"

  • IFM
    IFMAylar önce

    Some great specialized equipment I would love to try.

  • real limited
    real limitedAylar önce

    Why tf is this bald dude coaching him smh. The dude looks like Pillsbury doughboy

  • real limited
    real limitedAylar önce

    Cailer didn't pull 900 he pulled like 937. Pound for pound Cailer probably has the strongest DL on earth. The dude also hook grips.

  • In_Vas_Por


    Aylar önce

    I was surprised that Larry didn't remember that. He was pulling heavy af on their very first video with Juji.

  • loco79PL
    loco79PLAylar önce

    Krzysztof Wierzbicki

  • Malik
    MalikAylar önce

    Jamal’s quads are fucking insane !!!!!

  • It’s that Time
    It’s that TimeAylar önce

    Larry looking huge 💪

  • Joshua Ray
    Joshua RayAylar önce

    He deadlifts more conventional than like 98% of conventional pullers as well.

  • Morgan Conneely
    Morgan ConneelyAylar önce

    Sumo is lame. Just a copout way of lifting it less.

  • Ronald Simpson
    Ronald SimpsonAylar önce

    lary is the only channel that can put out a 40 minute video and i watch it all

  • Ronald Simpson
    Ronald SimpsonAylar önce

    the video title should have been the world strongest gay man

  • Patrick Brandzen
    Patrick BrandzenAylar önce

    Isn't this the guy that popped positive for steroids while competing in a drug tested federation? Kind of a piece of shit thing to do.

  • J C

    J C

    26 gün önce

    You need a reality check lmao, every signle guy in tested fed is on PEDs

  • Remanescente Yahudi
    Remanescente YahudiAylar önce


  • Jawhara David
    Jawhara DavidAylar önce

    I enjoy watching this. Its like larry coming back home to his OLD Town with his long time old coach.... I preferred him back in those humble beginnings. Not when he is larry in Dubai and all the frenzy there

  • Jawhara David
    Jawhara DavidAylar önce

    Is larry cutting now or on a de load ? Just curious he pulls over 420kg but why is he struggling at 380kg now with bands ?

  • Jonathan Montemayor
    Jonathan MontemayorAylar önce

    I thought that was my girlfriend’s doctor in the red. DR Johnny Sins

  • Jawnstaz
    JawnstazAylar önce

    I believe that guy is too unfit to be your coach

  • Ryder
    RyderAylar önce

    Jamal's way of thinking about efficiency and recovery it's no wonder how he is so strong

  • Daniel Derobertis
    Daniel DerobertisAylar önce

    I honestly learned so much from this video.

  • AircooledNation
    AircooledNationAylar önce

    who else loves the sound of plates

  • Ledinos1
    Ledinos1Aylar önce

    Strongest in his category. There is also Krzysztof Wierzbicki :)

  • Ricky Anderson
    Ricky AndersonAylar önce

    Larry looks so much better with the hair back on his domeφ(* ̄0 ̄)

  • P M
    P MAylar önce

    19:11 knowledge

  • John Wojciechowski
    John WojciechowskiAylar önce

    What type of belt squat machine is that?

  • Sal The Entrepreneur
    Sal The EntrepreneurAylar önce

    What brand is Jamals shirt?

  • Lajki
    LajkiAylar önce

    Check out @mr.deadlift, there is plenty of strong deadlifters :P

    JAVIER AVILAAylar önce

    Sumo Larry what the hell!

  • Jorge Lourenço
    Jorge LourençoAylar önce

    Nobody cares about sumo

  • qDonald
    qDonaldAylar önce

    Haha, such a classic for Jamal to tell, that he's been lucky for not having troubles with his calluses > 5 minutes later tears one. Amazing video once again and what a character! Thank you for inspiring us.

  • Urigehead Mot
    Urigehead MotAylar önce

    Why did he add the bands @785 ?

  • Tony Matheson
    Tony MathesonAylar önce

    Jamal seems knowledgeable beyond his years I think he has a very good career ahead of him

  • Lakhshya Lakey
    Lakhshya LakeyAylar önce

    Like Larry's younger brother uwu

  • Uziel Lopez Carrion
    Uziel Lopez CarrionAylar önce


  • mofo siyt
    mofo siytAylar önce

    love jamals chillness

  • Aylar önce

    These two are related

    LORD BLOATMAXXAylar önce

    Do you reckon it's possible to get to that level DL naturally ? It's a genuine question im not accusing I'm asking for my self. Big up jamal though

  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie EdwardsAylar önce

    I don’t think he’d be the worlds strongest sumo deadlifter if the worlds actual strongest men did this type of deadlifting, just a paper record holder 😂

  • Everyday Back's Broken
    Everyday Back's BrokenAylar önce

    Jamal is the best in the world right now.

  • Elias Aldallal
    Elias AldallalAylar önce

    Its funny how the white guys are bald while the blacks has the exact same hair style in this video😂

  • Hdkfsh Kskfe
    Hdkfsh KskfeAylar önce

    Jamal pulls 315kg faster than most people pull 315lbs

  • Jose D
    Jose DAylar önce

    "It's not bro science it's facts"

  • namn
    namnAylar önce

    why do all short bald guys talk and act the same

  • Hushai
    HushaiAylar önce

    Great stuff....

  • Joel Villeneuve
    Joel VilleneuveAylar önce

    pulling 800 sumo at 22 or 23. Jerk lol.

  • Anton
    AntonAylar önce

    I tried the tips Jamal gave today, and honestly it helped alot. Im someone who always started by hinging at the hips then bring my chins to the bar. today I did the knees forward a bit then drop to the bar. Felt like it was so much easier off the floor

    JONG LIFTAAylar önce


  • William Harris Jr
    William Harris JrAylar önce

    I used to think these were the same guys 🤣🤣🤣 finely see them side by side.

  • 80 80
    80 80Aylar önce

    Sumo is femi.

  • Joselito Mijares
    Joselito MijaresAylar önce

    My deadlift PR is just their warm ups i can even barely do 2 reps, But wth these dudes are beast. (Btw my pr is 335)

  • Carl Morales
    Carl MoralesAylar önce

    Larry with a technical sumo…. Unreal tbh. PS: In a very positive way. Deadlifting monster XL

  • Suxcess
    SuxcessAylar önce

    Remember when Larry could pull 400kg? Yeah me too

  • PPXO Darkness
    PPXO DarknessAylar önce

    Should get Jamal into arm wrestling, look at them forearms

  • Wally —
    Wally —Aylar önce

    C’mon Larry. Everyone that’s into powerlifting knows that yury Belkin is the strongest sumo deadlifter alivee. And the record holder , c’mon Larry

  • Bone Head

    Bone Head

    Aylar önce


  • Jeb Medic
    Jeb MedicAylar önce

    David Laid will always be King of Sumo

  • Anakin Haglund
    Anakin HaglundAylar önce

    I love how jamal’s 695 is as fast as my 135😂

  • RaptorsyneZ
    RaptorsyneZAylar önce

    Sumo is cheating

  • Dom
    DomAylar önce

    Whats with all the clowning around when people prepare to deadlift!!!!!

  • Ryan Lee Ibarra
    Ryan Lee IbarraAylar önce

    Larry and jamal seem so awkward together like Larry doesn't wanna give jamal an inch for being a better deadlifter lol yall both a pro athletes, have some fun

  • Tyler Choncek

    Tyler Choncek

    Aylar önce

    What are you talking about Larry hyped him up the whole video and took his advice

  • Morgan Elom
    Morgan ElomAylar önce

    Wow, good to seeing you branching out and working with different industries... I'm a big fan of Johnny Sins there on the left, good on you Larry..

  • The Daytrader
    The DaytraderAylar önce


  • Knejben
    KnejbenAylar önce

    Best sumo technic Ive seen.

    ROCKKIN ROBBINAylar önce

    Im here to say that world strongest sumo lifters are Yuri Belkin and Jahmal Browner. Thats all folks. Have a good day )

  • Shannon Fibiger
    Shannon FibigerAylar önce

    that belt at diffrent angles would really get the you know front and back like front sqaut and back sqauts great for structer

  • Shannon Fibiger
    Shannon FibigerAylar önce

    epic belt squat machine ooosh just seen one

  • Adham Koa
    Adham KoaAylar önce

    when exoskeleton suits come out we will see john at the front of the queue.. im surprised he even bothers to use his legs while walking

  • Mateusz 007
    Mateusz 007Aylar önce

    Krzysztof Wierzbicki form Poland deadlift sumo: 450 kg/990 pounds

  • Danny_ Coaster_Credit
    Danny_ Coaster_CreditAylar önce

    BTC 😞 RIP king 👑 ❤️ ❤️

  • /\/\utilatedteddybear
    /\/\utilatedteddybearAylar önce

    Jesus christ! everything jamal is saying feels like it explains so many of the problems in my deadlift! Thank you this video was amazing excited to try these tips!

  • Wilford Brimley
    Wilford BrimleyAylar önce

    Larry realizing "hips back" is dumb af

  • Brandon Keenan
    Brandon KeenanAylar önce

    i forgot i saw him in JUJUS first meet until i went back a second time . smal world

  • Tech Thunder
    Tech ThunderAylar önce


  • Swollan
    SwollanAylar önce

    Just what I needed for deadlifts today! 🤩

  • Troy Manning
    Troy ManningAylar önce

    This was a really good guest, great job! great vid. I learnt something and it was a pleasure to watch you guys work together and learn from one another.

  • Senad
    SenadAylar önce

    19:10 How to sumo

  • Ussama Tayub
    Ussama TayubAylar önce

    ive been waiting for this collab

  • AKüMæ_ JP_
    AKüMæ_ JP_Aylar önce

    Jamal looks tired all the time

  • zercher specialist

    zercher specialist

    Aylar önce

    Too much trap mass to carry around all day

    NEUROAylar önce

    finally the meeting between these two

  • Renats V
    Renats VAylar önce

    Can anyone help me what I'm doing wrong just need honest and intelligent comment on my deadlift check my vids and please let me know as natural for me it's hard to break 200kg barrier deadlift bench press I think I understand a bit more now only with years comes knowledge. Thank you and no trashy comments it might help someone else to. Thanks.

  • symple
    sympleAylar önce

    Idk if it’s just me but it felt weird like usually it’s Larry giving tips and that but yeah Jamal in a humble legend

  • Ethan Burnett
    Ethan BurnettAylar önce

    Larry have done any groin work?!? For some reason that’s all I wanna see