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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Johan Karouani: superfehd
Dubai Arm Wrestling Club: dubaiarmwrestlingclub
Mazahir: mazahirsaidu
Sergiu: sergiu.marcu26
Adam Silver: strengthnet
Ali: ali.diabx
Jeff: jeffnicolson
Khayam: ks.physique
Hussein: xeqtrfs


  • Cye Knox
    Cye Knox5 saatler önce

    11:33 she nice and thick

  • Ben 9
    Ben 97 gün önce

    "Massive bodybuilder with 23 inch arms tries challenging me. I then tell my team to convince him to stack the weights on every machine, and attempt PR'S on everything. Your biceps are mine"

  • Jake Simmonds
    Jake Simmonds11 gün önce

    Larrywheels is Dwayne johnson

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams12 gün önce

    Bet they no more than 20

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker12 gün önce


  • MrRunescapy
    MrRunescapy13 gün önce

    Your improvement is unbelievable! A true testament to your dedication to the sport. Losing initially really sucks, but with your programming you're on a steep, steep trajectory. You really look like you're learning.

  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz16 gün önce

    Mazahir and Sergiu are my favorite from your group of arm wrestlers

  • Stephen day
    Stephen day17 gün önce

    Sound check bro

  • Payton Chalstrom
    Payton Chalstrom18 gün önce

    Wait how did that buff guy in the blue shirt beat Larry ?

  • 3838 Tom very nice man
    3838 Tom very nice man18 gün önce

    Ya Allah pak rahama show everyone's right way inshaAllah ameen sumameen from Pakistan

  • M M
    M M18 gün önce

    Ok I shitted on Mohammed in previous videos cos of his behaviour, but have to give him props when it’s due too, his behaviour in this video was great and refreshing for a change 👌🏽

  • saber tomason
    saber tomason19 gün önce

    Super fehd 🇲🇦💪🏽🔥



    18 gün önce

    oui a khay

  • PsychoMushroom
    PsychoMushroom19 gün önce

    Anyone up for a heavy incline chest press?

  • Marley Marz
    Marley Marz20 gün önce

    7:49 Right there was pretty good, throw your posture out the window, hunch over and hold him at the center. He'll tire out and you'll get the pin.

  • T Miller
    T Miller20 gün önce

    Larry always cheering on the black guy lmao

  • diego armando
    diego armando20 gün önce

    that ALI guy was destroyed by ADAM like a piece of cake!!! ALI PLEASE LEAVE THOSE ROIDS!!

  • diego armando
    diego armando20 gün önce


  • diego armando
    diego armando20 gün önce

    SERGIU IS A JOKE!!!! i dont trust him tho!

  • Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez
    Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez20 gün önce

    Yo lei messirve 😎 el famoso meme XD

  • mohammad jabbar
    mohammad jabbar20 gün önce

    Micheal is in a better shape now

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young20 gün önce

    You need to get Lachlan Adair over from Aus

  • JustJordan
    JustJordan20 gün önce

    Johan le crack !!



    18 gün önce

    c'etait sympa, ils sont hyper cool

  • o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o
    o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o20 gün önce

    I didn’t know that dubai love steroids more than kuwait

  • GuyINaHammock
    GuyINaHammock20 gün önce

    Adam is actually pretty damn strong

  • Rory Douglas
    Rory Douglas20 gün önce

    You gotta stop pulling when the opponent's arm is fully straight. Especially when they're at their first table session.

    Vivek BHATTACHARJEE20 gün önce

    Now he looks confident that look my dear friends comes when you are sure to win

  • Johan Willemen
    Johan Willemen20 gün önce

    With a name like Johan, he must be a GC.



    18 gün önce

    what does GC mean?

  • LOTS
    LOTS20 gün önce

    It doesn't matter who breaks the tie . We just wanna se a WAR

  • Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela
    Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela21 gün önce

    U should train the new dudes properly so they dont snap their arms.

  • M M
    M M21 gün önce

    I’m absolutely shocked how much Larry has improved his finger strength, can definitely tell he’s been putting in the graft off camera

  • Guillermo 237
    Guillermo 23721 gün önce

    Dev larratt is the beast

  • S7EVIN
    S7EVIN21 gün önce

    its nice to see how much larry is into armwrestling and how serious he is about that 💪

  • RDAYA0
    RDAYA021 gün önce

    Yum, anyone know her @?? 11:40

  • RDAYA0


    18 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD what is it



    18 gün önce

    I do :-)

  • dbachartechz
    dbachartechz21 gün önce

    larry nice fingers tarin an wrist. please add to ur training side pressure. u will be monster mr. larry keep it up.

  • Ay Lou
    Ay Lou21 gün önce

    22:07 bra gotta hit them delts

  • Ryan Showalter
    Ryan Showalter21 gün önce

    The newbie gains are showing. Keep training like that and the pros that show up in May will feel it.

  • Dick Kuwik
    Dick Kuwik21 gün önce

    Larry, your muscle memory is incredible. Only 1 month with the mazurenko handle!

  • Papa Bilby
    Papa Bilby21 gün önce

    Wow. Been training his fingers everyday?! Here comes Larry Wheels WAL. Armwrestling is gna blow up. It’s exciting.

  • Jason Booth
    Jason Booth21 gün önce

    Cypenklov has entered the room

  • Amber Armstrong
    Amber Armstrong21 gün önce

    3:38 what does he mean one arm deadlift with a cuff/big handle? Whats that mean?

  • The SMITER

    The SMITER

    19 gün önce

    There are handles like Rolling Thunder which taxes your grip strength when you use it to lift weights in a one-arm deadlift method. So instead of a barbell, the weight plates are stacked on top of each other on a cylindrical vertical rod.

  • JoshinIdaho
    JoshinIdaho21 gün önce

    Larry Leveled up.

  • no one
    no one21 gün önce

    Only dupes wear masks

  • drgknght921
    drgknght92121 gün önce

    wtf larry is 26 younger than me, except he looks 10x my size

  • Elliot
    Elliot21 gün önce

    What’s the point in even humouring having a mask on in these videos?

  • Microtonal Milio
    Microtonal Milio21 gün önce

    It’s nice to see Larry finally start to roll through some people. I’m glad he is taking this seriously

  • anthony picard
    anthony picard21 gün önce

    I hope larry wheels dont use WAL pads on the 29th of may!! They are way too easy for kings move

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike21 gün önce

    Who is your camera guy? Back story? Maybe do a bio video on him.

  • Brady
    Brady21 gün önce

    Wow the amount of improvement from only a few months ago to now is incredible! Great job

  • ZzGiaHuyzZ Vainglory
    ZzGiaHuyzZ Vainglory21 gün önce

    Who expired him to arm wrestling? Devon ? I love it anyway

  • elmoko
    elmoko21 gün önce

    Yes Adam!

  • Suman Sharma
    Suman Sharma21 gün önce

    Man larry is like dwayne johnson big brother 😁😁

  • Black Hammer
    Black Hammer21 gün önce

    Larry curling Mohammed like nothing

  • Chan Jacke
    Chan Jacke21 gün önce

    To bro🌝🌝

  • K
    K21 gün önce

    I havent watched you in a minute larry and I immediately noticed your forearms look way bigger than the last ive seen. Great improvements man

  • Fabian Vilela
    Fabian Vilela21 gün önce

    I have not seen one comment if Michael or if Devon will win.

  • Shashwat Arora
    Shashwat Arora21 gün önce

    and chef rush claims he has 24 inch arms , i mean come on look how massive even 23 looks that guy's would be aroud 22ish

  • General Specific
    General Specific21 gün önce

    Come on guys! It's not ready.... GO! It's ....rediigo! There's only one guy ( with the IRON MAIDEN shirt ) that can say that properly!

  • Shak Arora
    Shak Arora21 gün önce

    Does Sergiu have his own channel? Thanks in advance and God bless.

  • Antony A-J
    Antony A-J21 gün önce

    Man idk why but I really love sergio great energy

  • Alexmdrfull
    Alexmdrfull21 gün önce

    Larry should work his hook positioning instead of going to the top roll each time he is in difficulty

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N21 gün önce

    Love that everyone has zero issues showing their technique

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N21 gün önce

    Adam looks a lot weaker than I’m sure his table skills are

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N21 gün önce

    Looking good !!!

  • Viru Rajput
    Viru Rajput21 gün önce


    GYM HERO21 gün önce

    Please make video on how to get strength and secret move of yours to life like beast

    BLAST21 gün önce

    Il est passé aussi sur la chaîne Bras de fer sportif Il vient tout juste de s'intéresser au sport à mon avis, je suis sûr qu'il peut devenir très fort



    17 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD 💪🏻👌🏻



    18 gün önce

    @BLAST ca me fait plaisir, je vais continuer dans ce sens la donc ;-)



    18 gün önce

    @BLAST merci amigo, j'ai toujours eu énormément de force au biceps, je pense qu'une fois que j'aurais plus de technique, je ferais de gros progrès, on va bosser sur cela.



    18 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD Force incroyable alors ! Étant donné que le bras de fer est un mouvement non naturel c'est rare d'être aussi fort en commençant 💪🏻👌🏻



    18 gün önce

    Merci Amigo, la video avec le bras de bras de fer sportif fut mon premier training sur table, et sur celle ci mon deuxième :-)

  • zav zav
    zav zav21 gün önce

    Hey Larry. Where's alexey voevoda o???

  • Christophe garrigues
    Christophe garrigues21 gün önce

    French champion ifbb body are best force .. vive france



    18 gün önce

    merci mon ami

  • Ninja 08
    Ninja 0821 gün önce

    Damnn Larry's pronator is very very solid

  • Max G
    Max G21 gün önce

    11:30 to 13:50 No attention has been payed to the foreground.

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes21 gün önce

    Larry lookin alot better now

    WE ARE VENOM21 gün önce

    Devon i hope 🔥

  • NisekoiHD Gersub
    NisekoiHD Gersub21 gün önce

    11:00this looks like an animescene in which an charac. without any visible muscles is stonger than someone built off mucles



    18 gün önce

    it wasn't a Match, just practice and remember he is a pro arm wrestler with a ton of muscles in his fingers, forearms, biceps ;-)

  • The Pemerika's
    The Pemerika's21 gün önce

    11:32 thank me later



    18 gün önce

    thanks lol

  • armwrestler444
    armwrestler44421 gün önce

    Considering Johan has never really done any armwrestling, he seemed crazy strong



    18 gün önce

    thank you, I m starting to really love it

  • Ali Akbari
    Ali Akbari21 gün önce

    11:32 oh I'm not seeing any arm wrestling any more 😁

  • NazOo Queen
    NazOo Queen21 gün önce

    Devon larrat

  • Levan Hulkster Todd
    Levan Hulkster Todd21 gün önce

    Larry is improving big time . He'll make a big waves in armwresling soon

  • NoMiss
    NoMiss21 gün önce

    Why do they even bother using masks :P? all of them have it on their neck

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One21 gün önce

    Wow this video shows how Larry improved

  • King king
    King king22 gün önce

    Larry does a lot of homework. His secret of SUCCESS.

  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga22 gün önce

    I love davon, but Todd will win that’s for sure

  • Lu Lo
    Lu Lo22 gün önce

    Johan Fehd Karouani? French guy :)

  • Lu Lo

    Lu Lo

    18 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD J'ai hâte de te voir en préparation, je file suivre ta chaine! en tout cas que de chemin parcouru depuis toutes ces années!!! en France tu fais parti de ceux qui ont accompli l'american dream! Take care, hâte de te voir shredd! take care 💪



    18 gün önce

    @Lu Lo merci Amigo, c'est ma forme de croisière quand je suis tranquille, la préparation commence bientôt ;-) L'époque planete muscle ca remonte :-)

  • Lu Lo

    Lu Lo

    18 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD ça fait plaisir de te voir aussi en forme Fehd!!!! j'étais modo sur le forum Planete Muscle, je me souviens bien de toi!!! Félicitations pour ton parcours :)



    18 gün önce


  • Bryan Sahki
    Bryan Sahki22 gün önce

    Damn Larry is getting really good on the table

  • Gioloppo
    Gioloppo22 gün önce

    Seeing Larry improving warm my heart so much, he is just one of the best man in the world

  • N0THiNG6
    N0THiNG622 gün önce

    Larry is getting the hang of it. Technique is much smoother now

  • John Alexander Rambo parry jr The 3Rd
    John Alexander Rambo parry jr The 3Rd22 gün önce

    There’s no hustling when Sergiu is around .

  • Captain Courageous
    Captain Courageous22 gün önce

    Larry, can you do more vlog type material? Would be cool to see some things outside of the gym.

  • Atrain 1985
    Atrain 198522 gün önce

    Monster all the way won’t be easy tho 💪🤟

  • Ssj 4
    Ssj 422 gün önce

    11:38 praise the thiccccness 🙏

  • M Sn
    M Sn22 gün önce

    Ms Thickness in the back there tho... And nobody talks about what a nice humble guy Mazahir is...

  • VsC Free Fire
    VsC Free Fire22 gün önce

    But his forearm are small though🙄

  • Eddie b
    Eddie b22 gün önce

    Why does Adam only use one arm



    21 gün önce

    I tore my rotator cuff in an ATV accident in the desert in 2019. I tried rehabbing it, but it was too badly torn. In the gym, I completely tore one of the rotator cuff muscles off the bone, so I had to have surgery. I'm not allowed to use my left arm for probably another 2-3 months. I'm currently rehabbing it.

  • parker Trumpower
    parker Trumpower22 gün önce

    We need to see FRANCIS NGANNOU on the arm wrestling table, for a match. That would be awesome everybody want's to see it, especially now that he's the heavyweight champion of the world.

  • R M
    R M22 gün önce

    That girls tights is killing her stomach👀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Israel Abaga
    Israel Abaga22 gün önce

    I wanna be like Larry Wheels

  • Abdulrhman
    Abdulrhman22 gün önce

    I think larry is down sized and off cycle

    GOKU BLACK22 gün önce

    Phew your getting really good Larry Wheels

  • KingBrie
    KingBrie22 gün önce

    Niceee larry making strides now 💪🏽💯

  • jrock2460
    jrock246022 gün önce

    Larry really went Larry on the improve by a full Larry. Well done Larry.