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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Rauno Heinla: rauno_heinla


  • Shane Meehan
    Shane Meehan19 saatler önce

    Someone else you need to try and prove yourself against 🤯 Larry wheels you are a sad man constantly seeking approval or wow look at me, you are a joke 😔

  • Christian Morales Poma
    Christian Morales Poma21 saatler önce

    Soonly desth. Drugs

  • Honey Singh
    Honey SinghGün önce

    Meal on wheels

    MUTT SWOBGün önce

    The extreme differences in Larry's size between one video to the next literally just a month or two apart has me convinced he's messing with Halo, Superdrol, or Methyl Tren and he's gonna be dead in 2 years with his liver and kidneys falling out

  • Fr V
    Fr V2 gün önce

    16:15 why it says norrland with swedish flag on the poster on the wall?

  • By Hook or by Crook
    By Hook or by Crook3 gün önce

    Would love to go into the gym and have someone like Larry train me for a year and see how much stronger I could become , I just work out at home and am feel completely weak in comparison to any of these fellas .

  • Dapit Ajah
    Dapit Ajah3 gün önce


  • Ugly giant bags of mostly water
    Ugly giant bags of mostly water4 gün önce

    Odd Haugen's name is pronounced as it's written: Odd. Not Ode

  • Michael Holder
    Michael Holder5 gün önce

    Dude before he stuck his gut out I couldn't believe how muscular/ripped he looked!!! Damn Rauno, strut your stuff!!! Always have loved Rauno, good to see him on more of these social videos. Marine Mike

  • Bob Z
    Bob Z5 gün önce

    Larry has a good design and color with his tank top. Looks better than no shirt

  • Kurian K Nithin
    Kurian K Nithin7 gün önce

    Who all thinks he look like james cordon

  • T4Liam
    T4Liam7 gün önce

    Rauno seems a funny guy considering English isn't his 1st language. Very good strongman, incredible deadlifter.

  • Refugio
    Refugio7 gün önce

    Rauno is an awesome strongman competitor. One of the best deadlifters to ever do it. I hope he breaks the deadlift record one day.

  • Jack Rodriguez
    Jack Rodriguez7 gün önce

    Walk like an Egyptian @ 21:00 lol

  • Melvin NL
    Melvin NL7 gün önce

    Huhhhhh. This guy stomach... How

  • Starkrusher
    Starkrusher7 gün önce

    There was literally no footage of raunlo lifting😒

  • bumndrass
    bumndrass8 gün önce

    Yesss more strongman Larry!

  • J.R Gibson
    J.R Gibson8 gün önce

    This boi belly look like a Teddy Graham 😂

  • Max Stucker
    Max Stucker8 gün önce


  • Christopher Leyva
    Christopher Leyva8 gün önce

    I believe this guy is underrated .. he is crazy strong but the other mass monster's always get the attention

  • Vivek Mehta
    Vivek Mehta8 gün önce

    Your Team seem to be very arrogant. I have sent you multiple emails for Authorised Resellers of your products but still no response!!!

  • Mike Barron
    Mike Barron8 gün önce

    You're indeed a beast!! We're rooting for you!! 🔥

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe8 gün önce

    How old is Larry is he mid-40's?

  • Eric Muraca
    Eric Muraca8 gün önce

    hgh bellies lol

  • Elder Marty
    Elder Marty9 gün önce

    Rauno looks like Dag from Assassin's Creed Valhalla

  • Purnomo arif
    Purnomo arif9 gün önce


  • Ameen Salim
    Ameen Salim9 gün önce

    Larry fave is ageing due to stedz

  • Derek zane
    Derek zane9 gün önce

    Dam it just lift I literally fast forward to the lifting

  • Zeke Hatfield
    Zeke Hatfield9 gün önce

    Lift without the sauce and let's see what you really can lift. 🤣🤣

  • K Tyson
    K Tyson9 gün önce

    why did his bench get relatively weaker than before? don’t get me wrong it’s still strong as hell but did he get injured or something

  • Juhani Kottalainen
    Juhani Kottalainen9 gün önce

    Shoutout from estonia. Glad you have Rauno in your video :)

  • Lau Lau
    Lau Lau9 gün önce

    Some more armwrestling videos pls, Larry

  • Vikram Rawat
    Vikram Rawat10 gün önce

    Larry, your hairstyle really suits you.

  • Les Grossman
    Les Grossman10 gün önce

    Dude went from fit to fat in half a second

  • King Memer
    King Memer10 gün önce

    Meet 'THE ROCK'

  • StormClouds
    StormClouds10 gün önce

    Put some DMSO on the inflammation

  • Fred Mcnutt
    Fred Mcnutt10 gün önce

    He's got a 6 pack on top of a gut.

  • Tyler Wagner
    Tyler Wagner10 gün önce

    Growth hormone*

  • I'm Sig P
    I'm Sig P10 gün önce

    He benches a car

  • Verne Maaninka
    Verne Maaninka10 gün önce

    He has bit of a Finnish accent 😄😄 I am Finn myself

  • Joonas Antinaho
    Joonas Antinaho10 gün önce

    Larry my bro...l wonder ,when you to try whit full gear??beach shirt,squat suit?deadlifting suit??l notes you are surprisingly strong humen!!!no matters if you take steroids, still you are strong man Larry!!keep rocking and l wayting new videous...when we see a olumpic lift??

  • Joonas Antinaho
    Joonas Antinaho10 gün önce

    Go raino!!go!!that is very good thing you do different strongman,powerlifters and all so!!keepnrocking monster man larry!!

  • Lahoz 2002
    Lahoz 200210 gün önce

    yo sharif looks hella more stronger and fit! keep that shi going. he looks so much more confident as well!

  • Maximus Desimus

    Maximus Desimus

    5 gün önce

    @AlwaysGonnaW1n He looks totally natural. How does he look like he's on gear?

  • AlwaysGonnaW1n


    9 gün önce

    im not gon cap bro, larry def gave him the secret sauce and im not even one to be calling people out like that lmao

  • Jonathan Manning
    Jonathan Manning10 gün önce

    One's had his baby the other one is nine months pregnant 💪👍

  • Bram Joosten
    Bram Joosten10 gün önce

    I think Heinlo is a great athlete and I respect him, but if you look at his deadlift video from 11 years ago where he looked like a 20 year old and if you look at how he looks now, he looks about 30-40 years older. Not sure if that's healthy. I guess steriods can really age you.

  • Noam Rabin
    Noam Rabin10 gün önce

    Can someone explain to me why is he lifting with chains?

  • Lichtritter-


    8 gün önce

    They increase speed and strength, improves your press power.

  • Zk Nk
    Zk Nk10 gün önce

    Just ordered me some pr gear...excited to try the knee sleeves Ive heard nothing but good feedback

  • Kevin Riley
    Kevin Riley10 gün önce

    I really hate Kilo talk lol. Can't we all just talk lbs

  • TortillasAreNotBiceps
    TortillasAreNotBiceps10 gün önce

    For me, a 45 year weightlifter, Larry is now #1 on the internet for weight trainers looking to motivate. Got nothing but love and respect for this dude.

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE11111 gün önce

    Its good that Larry Wheels dont go under own level and have some stupid clown ring boxing or MMA matches like Halftjor & Larrat even they will probably get some money and seems they are desperate for it even seems that amount of it wont be something huge

  • English Patriot
    English Patriot11 gün önce

    Dayymm looks like Larry has put some more size on? Monster!

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C11 gün önce

    Imagine deadlifting 1000lb and still worrying about fluke Covid. BETA

  • steve c
    steve c11 gün önce

    Larry looking big again

  • Joseph Havalotti
    Joseph Havalotti11 gün önce

    Lookin jacked Larry

  • Chele Martín
    Chele Martín11 gün önce

    Es como que ha cambiado su empuje o no se pero que no le deja meter kilos

  • Chele Martín
    Chele Martín11 gün önce

    Lo mismo nos está ocultando todavía algo, pero es como si Larry no pudiese recuperar su banca de antes de 300 kilos, y en cambio en pierna ya está otra vez al nivel, e incluso en sentadilla ya superado

  • There is No one, But him
    There is No one, But him11 gün önce

    Larry has good muscles. But it won't help him to beat the school boy 😁😁😂😂

  • Oliver Pouket

    Oliver Pouket

    9 gün önce


  • Seth
    Seth11 gün önce

    Rauno tra. Mida sa ameerikas teed

  • Francisco Magallanes
    Francisco Magallanes11 gün önce

    How in the shit can he have those abs and on top a huge fuckin belly?

  • wollito tv
    wollito tv11 gün önce

    Larry Looks so huge

  • 11B Grunt
    11B Grunt11 gün önce

    Larry is looking like a beast and he has been callabing with some of the best in the game

  • Diego SC
    Diego SC11 gün önce

    Half of vid just talking

  • vation sims
    vation sims11 gün önce

    Arnold Schwarzenegger said that's bubble gut I know we don't pay any attention to what he has to say these days

  • David studios
    David studios11 gün önce

    Hola Larry una pregunta la roca jhonsom es más fuerte que tu

  • Alexander O'Hanlon
    Alexander O'Hanlon11 gün önce

    I don't get how you can have that much internal fat and not have an absolute fked liver.

  • Marco Urcino
    Marco Urcino11 gün önce

    El mejor larry!!! strong duro se parece a mi hijo misma edad misma altura grandeza de persona...

  • Ivanica Bratulic
    Ivanica Bratulic11 gün önce


  • nanquan491
    nanquan49111 gün önce


  • Nug zulla
    Nug zulla11 gün önce


  • Артур Берген
    Артур Берген11 gün önce

    Сразу видно кто баловался гормоном роста))

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson11 gün önce

    Ayyeeeee big Bobby Thompo

  • Paddy Mcdoogle
    Paddy Mcdoogle11 gün önce

    I love Larry's top and its colour.

  • Joyce Schaeffer
    Joyce Schaeffer11 gün önce

    larry is just straight up benching my deadlift for a double with chains!

  • Simranjeet Fitness
    Simranjeet Fitness11 gün önce

    Nice 💪💪💪

  • Anik Rajah
    Anik Rajah11 gün önce


  • Silas Owen
    Silas Owen11 gün önce

    Interesting to hear Rauno's opinion on Pavlo, clearly his fight has tainted his reputation even with other competitors

  • Silas Owen

    Silas Owen

    7 gün önce

    @Dipskcit Not of the whole fight, just at the very end, it's hard to see anything going on. If I remember correctly, it was recorded by Loz's wife

  • Dipskcit


    7 gün önce

    @Silas Owen where did you see a clip? I wasn't aware there was one.

  • Silas Owen

    Silas Owen

    8 gün önce

    @Jesper Pavlo got into a fight with Oleksii Novikov after their most recent competition. Not much information is confirmed about what the reasoning for it was, but there is a clip of a bunch of other guys kind of holding Pavlo back frm Oleksii. Seems like Pavlo attacked him.

  • Jesper


    8 gün önce

    what fight are you referring to?

  • Pushpendra Singh
    Pushpendra Singh11 gün önce

    I never see like you Larry in the gym nobody could compete with you you have lot of energy you are so strong that's why you still here today no doubt how strong you are in the gym 👍

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One11 gün önce

    0:04 Larry and his partner 😁 Adam : u kids haven't seen anything yet

  • शिव ज्ञान
    शिव ज्ञान11 gün önce

    What happened to his stomach 🤣

  • Johnathan Simonson
    Johnathan Simonson12 gün önce

    No lifts from Rauno? 😭

  • NoobMove5667
    NoobMove566712 gün önce

    Hyvä rauno!

  • Jostein Carlsen
    Jostein Carlsen12 gün önce

    Yes! One more legend in the books ✅✅✅

  • Keiran Bygate
    Keiran Bygate12 gün önce

    They call that the power belly

  • akaRxre
    akaRxre12 gün önce

    Damn his gut is fucked up

  • Nairda Zitro
    Nairda Zitro12 gün önce

    I'd be curious to see how good Larry would be at weightlifting.

  • Elijah Hilbeet

    Elijah Hilbeet

    11 gün önce

    He has done everything else why not try weightlifting

  • zohir channi
    zohir channi12 gün önce

    The best

  • Georg Haller
    Georg Haller12 gün önce

    Estonian people going crazy rn😳🇪🇪

  • Julian 186
    Julian 18612 gün önce

    Can do a collab with Kieliszkowski

  • TripleAJake
    TripleAJake12 gün önce

    Larry Wheels hair hit a new PR today! 💪

  • Tauri Haller
    Tauri Haller12 gün önce

    Nice to see estonian strongman in Larrys vid. Greetings from Estonia. 😀

  • Jaime Solis
    Jaime Solis12 gün önce

    Hgh gut

  • Mounir B
    Mounir B12 gün önce

    Larry you can't do it all man... You have to pick between Strongman, Armwrestler, or powerlifter... You definitely can't do them all. If I can pick one I would definitely choose armwrestling, this is a sport growing very fast... And you got great potential.

  • MdoubleHB


    11 gün önce

    Animal products and cooked food are toxic and in the long run deadly. Humans are fruit eaters by nature. Watch Douglas Graham and Loren Lockman for more details. Postscript: All of my posts are 100% correct. I am not interested in the opinion of anybody. And I will no longer respond to any insolent idiot and to any ungrateful idiot.

  • PS


    11 gün önce

    @Elijah Hilbeet you are a fool. Larry has said himself he likes to be competitive and try to be the best. He doesn't have frame to be even top 15 strongman. Powerlifting is where he can be

  • Triplows


    11 gün önce

    @Elijah Hilbeet nevermind you're clearly not able to understand basic English. Good day.

  • Elijah Hilbeet

    Elijah Hilbeet

    11 gün önce

    @Triplows he was in a strongman contest before, so he was in strongman. No one said anything about wsm or whatever

  • Triplows


    11 gün önce

    @Elijah Hilbeet small ammy show, he would struggle in the big leagues, same with arm wrestling. Powerlifting is were he shines as he is built for it

  • Hetag Koroev
    Hetag Koroev12 gün önce

    No armrestling at the end - no like.

  • Topsiekku
    Topsiekku12 gün önce

    Not a dinosaur, a mangust.

  • Toocool destiny pro 781
    Toocool destiny pro 78112 gün önce

    Collab with big boy

  • Iceforgedstormborn
    Iceforgedstormborn12 gün önce

    Rauno the human crane

  • Nizar Hjm
    Nizar Hjm12 gün önce

    Larry seems sad or something

  • André
    André12 gün önce


  • Osamah
    Osamah12 gün önce

    This big belly is not fat but an enlarged intestine due to the growth hormone that such athletes take!! as happened with Phil Heath

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq12 gün önce

    Very very very good power lifter is wasting time because in early age he achive the better records..but he is not serious in making unbelivable ...unbroken records... Not problem brother.. As you like... You like arm wrestling... Only one question to you...what records you do in arm wrestling... Answer is power lifting you known as great strenth...remember your words "no one can beat levan.prove me wrong" but you don't think that levan is zero in power lifting against larry...and you are zero in arm wrestling against levan...please remember that your life is power lifting...don't waste power lifting records awaiting you...remember my words "no one can beat Larry in power lifting.prove me wrong... Thanks