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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Devon Larratt: devlarratt


  • Guy Patts
    Guy Patts3 gün önce

    Devon and Larry cool guy's

  • brandon r.
    brandon r.3 gün önce

    TRISTAR is GSP's gym... 🤯

  • John Anthony Lyngdoh
    John Anthony Lyngdoh4 gün önce

    I would love to see a match between jujimufu vrs larry wheel💪

  • Nathitas Maneenil
    Nathitas Maneenil4 gün önce

    i think vitaly vs thor would be a good match

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White4 gün önce

    Such cool guys ;)

  • Wages Sin
    Wages Sin4 gün önce

    Gr8 interview Larry🙌🏼👍🏽👍🏽

  • Ibrahim Hussain
    Ibrahim Hussain4 gün önce

    Devon larrat when he goes ful power punches PA OA PA PA RA RA RAAAAA PAPAAPAA

  • Wolverine 87
    Wolverine 874 gün önce

    MMA... You can't finish Devon with an armbar...that's for sure 😅

  • Joshua Engels
    Joshua Engels5 gün önce

    I’m 43, years and years of BJJ, boxing, kickboxing….. when you get this age, if you aren’t practicing weekly,…. You lose coordination and balance, and no way they should have sanctioned Devon. His mind is strong but his body at 46 is not what it was at 35. It is a high level dance….

  • john doe
    john doe5 gün önce

    Stopping cardio is a big mistake, and I say this because Devon is such a great guy that he needs to hear it

  • Captain BP&J
    Captain BP&J5 gün önce

    Devon is not aging well . He looks really unhealthy for some reason .

  • Jason Grimes
    Jason Grimes5 gün önce

    Not the size of the dog they say so it's definitely possible but unlikely

  • andrew graham
    andrew graham5 gün önce

    Good luck Devon ....proper nice bloke...💪👌😉

  • gamehunter88
    gamehunter885 gün önce

    Devon looks like he's going to a Christmas party

  • rom p
    rom p5 gün önce

    C’est la foire ce combat lol

  • indianmaid70
    indianmaid705 gün önce

    the coolest thing with these two guys is they are NOT tatooed

  • Saiyan Prince.
    Saiyan Prince.5 gün önce

    so when is Levan vs Devon?

  • a riddle
    a riddle5 gün önce

    larry is not natural

  • gypana
    gypana5 gün önce

    If only Grizzly Kyriakos was an arm wrestler, what a wonderful world it would be.

  • Jim Bendtsen
    Jim Bendtsen5 gün önce

    devin vs thor. Who cares?

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker5 gün önce

    Devon = LEGEND

  • s Goat
    s Goat5 gün önce

    Man I love Devon just the coolest guy

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay Morgan5 gün önce

    Hope Devon can go the distance! He's crazy taking this on just a few weeks notice.

  • Greasy Person
    Greasy Person5 gün önce

    Lmao never knew Devon swears 1:56

  • Straycat Annie
    Straycat Annie5 gün önce

    Why is all this stuff out of Dubai? You would think it would be in Vegas??

  • J J
    J J5 gün önce

    Can't wait

  • Bobby Jenkins
    Bobby Jenkins5 gün önce

    What a great event I hope Devon puts on a good show.

  • Paratrooper
    Paratrooper5 gün önce

    2 of my favorite gentleman. Excellent interview Larry, what can't this man do?

  • Branko Dimitrijevic
    Branko Dimitrijevic5 gün önce

    Devon is gona take a bigger loss than he took from Denis Cyplenkov

  • Colton Allen
    Colton Allen5 gün önce

    Living his best life. I'm happy to see Devon bounce back so fast and hard from last year in more areas than just arm wrestling. I'll be rooting for you Devon!! No Limits!!!

  • michael m
    michael m5 gün önce

    If Devon applies the same level of self belief and determination that he shows in Arm-wrestling then he's got this in the bag come on Devon slay the Giant 👍

  • cat scrratch
    cat scrratch5 gün önce

    If this goes beyond three rounds, I'm thinking a points win for Devon.

  • victor guillermo perez garcia.
    victor guillermo perez garcia.5 gün önce

    Devon, Devon, Devon!!

  • qaib thai
    qaib thai5 gün önce

    thank you larry for not talking over him. you are a great interviewer.

  • MasterWhimp
    MasterWhimp6 gün önce

    What's funny about this boxing match, there is literally zero animosity between the two fighters. Devon doesn't even care if he wins or loses, he just wants to put on a good show

  • Dennis The Plinko
    Dennis The Plinko6 gün önce

    Devon is like the crazy school janitor that you just don't mess with. . . Muhammed Ali 2.0.

  • Answer Fate
    Answer Fate6 gün önce

    7:25 >"my middle boy is doing BJJ" >Larry's brain: "did he say BJ?"

  • Henk White
    Henk White6 gün önce

    Did you notice that Devon's son is called Auden - father of Thor in Scandinavia mythology

  • Andreu Abel
    Andreu Abel6 gün önce

    I feel bad for this guy Devon, he is gonna get an ugly KO from Thor

  • M. N.
    M. N.6 gün önce

    Devon is starting to look grey and old ☹

  • Sebastien Hurgon
    Sebastien Hurgon6 gün önce

    19:15 you forget Dmitri Vizii

  • EdgeOfFate
    EdgeOfFate6 gün önce

    its half thor... ffs

  • marcgrondin65
    marcgrondin656 gün önce

    Hey Devon, if you had faced Levan instead of Mike -- how do you think you would have fared : you seemed to be at your biggest and strongest .. does techniques, strategy (passive / aggressive kings move) .. etc .. count for anything ??

  • Edward mac
    Edward mac6 gün önce

    looking like mr rodgers

  • Michael Hodges
    Michael Hodges6 gün önce

    I think if Devin had the same amount of time to train has thor has Devin would win No Doubt

  • Kalil Santos Oliveira
    Kalil Santos Oliveira6 gün önce

    Legendary men...

  • John Johny
    John Johny6 gün önce

    Devon's green jacket never gets old

  • Shaun K
    Shaun K6 gün önce

    Haha I love it. “Do you feel like you’re ready enough? Fuck no! But I don’t really care.”

  • Gabi C
    Gabi C6 gün önce

    The biceps of Wheels are much bigger compared to his triceps.

  • Лазар Пантић
    Лазар Пантић6 gün önce

    Don't limit yourself, go full hindenburg mode, 350

  • Kooteney rock machine
    Kooteney rock machine6 gün önce

    Devon and Larry are awesome together I loved Listening to you guys. you guys got to do more videos together you really have something there

  • sblacht
    sblacht6 gün önce

    imagine going up against THOR, the strongest man in the world 7'1 on 4 weeks notice, 46 years old, arms dont straighten... jesus

  • Kooteney rock machine
    Kooteney rock machine6 gün önce

    You’re the best Larry, but please remember the meaning of your life is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

  • bmc
    bmc6 gün önce


  • richluke24
    richluke246 gün önce

    I note Larry says he would have been up for the fight with Thor???? Why isn't that happening instead? I think I would prefer that to Devon vs Thor or even to Eddie vs Thor......

  • Maradi Gábor
    Maradi Gábor6 gün önce


  • Maradi Gábor
    Maradi Gábor6 gün önce

    your head is big the sterois bro

  • Maradi Gábor
    Maradi Gábor6 gün önce

    Werry good steroid bro👍🏼👍🏼

  • centenoj85
    centenoj856 gün önce

    17:45 levan

  • Monsieur Ali
    Monsieur Ali7 gün önce

    Lmao that ending was classic, Adam got Devon

  • Wyatt Hunter
    Wyatt Hunter7 gün önce

    Tell Devin if he loses he should give devon a rematch with time to train this time

  • Paul Heyman
    Paul Heyman7 gün önce

    Could Denis have beat Levon?

  • Tejas Kumar
    Tejas Kumar7 gün önce

    Larry looks high 💚

  • bradley
    bradley7 gün önce

    Devon is the smaller guy, he has to get inside and close anyways, hooks n uppercuts are vital.

  • Soul Tribe
    Soul Tribe7 gün önce

    Levan is the most finessed, juiced athlete we have seen in a while.

  • jasonjlloyd
    jasonjlloyd7 gün önce

    As Mike said "thank god Devon smokes weed or he'd kill us all". Being a natural fighter goes a long way. Combined with years of Special Forces training and being 270lb at 6,6 with a champions mindset makes Devon somebody you should never underestimate. Thor's a giant but its obvious to all he ain't no natural fighter. Thor looks scary Devon is scary.

  • manicniceguy
    manicniceguy7 gün önce

    Larry is getting Fat.

  • mishari alotibi
    mishari alotibi7 gün önce

    I really wanna see devon larratt on jre

  • CJEndowed001
    CJEndowed0017 gün önce

    Larry? where's Golem? didn't know you're such a bullshitter!!!

  • Nate Vance AdVanced Lawn & Garden LLC
    Nate Vance AdVanced Lawn & Garden LLC7 gün önce

    310Lb Dev! LETS GOOOO! Biggest match in history

  • BotsBass
    BotsBass7 gün önce

    Larry you're looking strong!

  • Hood Donations
    Hood Donations7 gün önce

    Larry wheels podcast ?! I think yes!

  • Wayne Henderson
    Wayne Henderson7 gün önce

    Who wud win the best levon or the best Denis in your opinion or do u think Denis reached his peak and levon van has potential t go beyond

  • Wayne Henderson
    Wayne Henderson7 gün önce

    hell with this rubbish get bk to wat u were born to do and your great at , top 3 ever top 3 currently, can’t wait t see u absolutely huge n compete against levon

  • Itzik CA
    Itzik CA7 gün önce

    Bruh Thor will kill him in the ring - he’s been training real hard and for a while now.

  • Damnn You
    Damnn You7 gün önce

    Ultra instinct for Levan.. Thor gets super Saiyan blue 💆

  • Martyn C
    Martyn C7 gün önce

    Some people hope that Devon wins.. I just hope he survives!

  • Ug Buga
    Ug Buga7 gün önce

    Larry needs to start a podcast.

  • YurVice
    YurVice7 gün önce

    Devon, a true gentleman. Yet i don’t understand why they chose him out of everyone to box one of the biggest males to ever grace the planet, talk about david vs goliath.

  • Octavious Splevinski
    Octavious Splevinski7 gün önce

    I think Devon has got this in the bag.

  • Nathan J
    Nathan J7 gün önce

    Good job Larry, very professional interview. Devon is always a legend in my eyes.

  • Dylan Fowler
    Dylan Fowler7 gün önce

    If Devon Pancakes up to over 300lbs, then he should give Levan the hardest match of his life, but after what he done to Dave maybe not, however Sabin in training looks impressive.

  • S WB
    S WB7 gün önce

    Devon vs Levan. When…? Make history.

  • An orange with a Capybara underneath it.
    An orange with a Capybara underneath it.7 gün önce

    Darren looks like he's in a state of perpetual hangover

  • Mike
    Mike7 gün önce

    I love the attention this is bringing to both, armwrestling and boxing. I've been a boxing fan first and then armwrestler fan. I used to box and I admire the appreciation Devon and even Larry has for how damn difficult boxing is. It looks easy on TV but when you're in there, the amount of EVERYTHING you need is insanity. It is high cardio but you need to factor that in with strength, intelligence, endurance, etc. It is crazy how difficult a measly 3 minutes becomes for just 1. single. round.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez7 gün önce

    I’m glad to see Devon is a true and complete warrior. A badass in the military and a badass in every day life. I hope he’s getting the Brinks Trucks backed into his house bc the promoter got extremely lucky that Devon is a savage.

  • JonKinchMinerals
    JonKinchMinerals7 gün önce

    Devon looks like he just hotboxed a old Mustang and ate a couple SlimJims before this interview lol hes the best.

  • Curtis Shaw
    Curtis Shaw7 gün önce

    Larry and Devon was a great interview 👏


    Devon Is the real Sylvester Stallone

  • Fat Devon
    Fat Devon7 gün önce

    Before getting back in to the combat arts you need to beat Levan first! Focus on the way of the giant pumpkin and get massive!

  • D Mars
    D Mars7 gün önce

    Jesus loves you :)

  • Slowjamcdub
    Slowjamcdub7 gün önce

    Lol love you Devon but you don’t look like you’ve lost a pound🤣. I get Why you took the fight, I would have too!!!🤑. Have fun in there!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • The viking cam
    The viking cam7 gün önce

    Im fan but really? Devon, you got absolutely zero boxing experience. Punches are like "drunk Joe from next door" at McDonald's "last nugget found from road fight". Sad, just sad.

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq7 gün önce

    Where are you Larry wheel.. I am waiting you... Reply

  • Erick Ortiz
    Erick Ortiz7 gün önce

    Is that Larry on the background tv 😂

  • Gruzum
    Gruzum7 gün önce

    Tristar is one of the top 3 best MMA gyms in the world.

  • Randy Schaar
    Randy Schaar7 gün önce

    Thor will win

  • IamMrNimbus!
    IamMrNimbus!7 gün önce

    Devon looks like he is dying

  • Nabil Elbaloui
    Nabil Elbaloui7 gün önce

    Larry is now almost at Oprah level of interviewing LMAO 🤣

  • Zar Bin Tar
    Zar Bin Tar7 gün önce

    Devons got such great personality