Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Schoolboy: aleksandr_t...
Alex Toproll: alex_toproll
Coach Ray: coach_rayx
Bill Collins: ultimatearm...
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  • Corona virus Gaming ✔
    Corona virus Gaming ✔Gün önce

    Larry wheels as fan I I recommend you should learn flash step

  • The Royal Family
    The Royal Family3 gün önce

    School Boy is country strong 💪🏻 I bet he hardly ever works out.

  • Johnny Madafferi
    Johnny Madafferi9 gün önce

    School boy on top.

  • Mad Ashell
    Mad Ashell10 gün önce

    kudos to larry for exposing himself to criticism

  • debdut roy
    debdut roy10 gün önce

    He is doing good job.

  • Orbital Jellyfish
    Orbital Jellyfish10 gün önce

    Next: Schoolboy vs brick wall

  • mamuka Kavelashvili
    mamuka Kavelashvili11 gün önce

    Schoolboy will become a monster like Richard Lupkes, very soon...

  • خليفه المقبالي
    خليفه المقبالي11 gün önce

    Larry live that game , this game is not for weekly

  • HappyBuggy
    HappyBuggy12 gün önce

    Their postures are different. Schoolboy's back and left hand is curled inward, his left hand assists his whole body to lean over for the attack. A body built solely for torque vs a body built for everything.

  • ِAli Habib
    ِAli Habib12 gün önce

    Why did they play the Soviet anthem after interducing Schoolboy ?

  • Qamar Wasim
    Qamar Wasim12 gün önce

    Hand wrestling school boy pension say him to Larry tell them come in play Larry pession

  • Aron Chacon
    Aron Chacon13 gün önce

    Two freaks of nature it’s tripping me out lol

  • Shubh Chaturvedi
    Shubh Chaturvedi13 gün önce

    Larry never really puts on the mask properly but always has it on his chin❤😂

  • Shaunyboy NZ
    Shaunyboy NZ13 gün önce

    Dubai still sporting naqibs? Woah, men too...

    BLACK PSD14 gün önce

    Ok now let's see what this nigga totals in Larry Wheels powerlifting weight class

  • Sheshagiri Pai
    Sheshagiri Pai14 gün önce

    How many more times in a year do you wanna lose to Schoolboy before getting convinced...your fanboys giving you false hopes!.

  • Sai Ganesh
    Sai Ganesh14 gün önce

    School boy used his shoulder strength. Great technique.

  • Nathaniel the Djinn Demerest
    Nathaniel the Djinn Demerest15 gün önce

    Wtf...I had no idea was that tall 🧐

  • Prem Rao Fitness
    Prem Rao Fitness15 gün önce

    Never mess With Schoolboy❤

  • Neil Camara
    Neil Camara16 gün önce

    WOW! Schoolboy wanted to test his strength so he gave the first few seconds to Larry on the last bout then suddenly schoolboy went nuts! He's very strong! I still admire Larry! He was very sports!

  • Luis Angeles
    Luis Angeles16 gün önce

    This Kid is from another dimension!! 😵😵🔥🔥

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson16 gün önce

    Some BTC "morning paper" motivation would have flipped the script.

  • 3941602
    394160217 gün önce

    Larry the music you internationally changed for your intro was shite mate..need metal

  • Tartanarmy
    Tartanarmy17 gün önce

    I don’t think Ray’s coaching here to Larry was very good. Seems counterintuitive to me to just tell Larry to hit hard straight from the start and it doesn’t matter if he fouls?? How about having a tactic that can stop Schoolboy and then a way to win that doesn’t seem so simplistic and if it works you get a foul! Seems silly to me that advice. What’s Larry to do? Just keep hitting Schoolboy a second before the start and keep getting fouls? How is that a way to win? Anyway, both guys I believe will be world champions. Peace !✌️

  • Mark32
    Mark3217 gün önce

    Larry is still stronger 💪

    KING JESTER17 gün önce

    Man schoolboy is a hulk

  • Ryan Halien
    Ryan Halien17 gün önce

    Schoolboy had all the hand control, his hand was way too strong, I think if Larry got his hand and wrist right he’d be scary

  • Osman
    Osman17 gün önce

    Man it's been a while since I saw Black Tom Cruise in Larry's videos

  • Shane McMahon
    Shane McMahon18 gün önce

    Shows it's all about technique and leverage over raw strength

  • Generous G
    Generous G18 gün önce

    Here's a tip- the energy and loudness of the announcer should match the crowd. Look forward to more armwrestling!

  • Ragamuffin Hooligan
    Ragamuffin Hooligan18 gün önce

    Larry's knees should be slightly bent! That's all from a 1985 Area North & 8th Army Featherweight boxing champion - 2nd Division, SoKo!

  • FanApple iAlhdemar Parra Correa
    FanApple iAlhdemar Parra Correa18 gün önce

    School boy 💪

  • Winston Brown
    Winston Brown18 gün önce

    Where's Khaled when ya need im!

  • Nazma Khan
    Nazma Khan18 gün önce

    I think Larry is weak now his body is shrinked

  • Milan. S
    Milan. S18 gün önce

    I understand data about weight, forearm, biceps etc. But why them measure sportsman head like dr. Mengele?

  • just dean
    just dean18 gün önce

    Steroids v natural strength

  • SilverArrow86
    SilverArrow8618 gün önce


  • Ловля на Живца!
    Ловля на Живца!18 gün önce

    Саня молоток, держи краба) 🦀 👍

  • MKNB Vlog
    MKNB Vlog18 gün önce

    Don't try Larry from next time, because you can't win school boy, you only got big muscles. Because i was in your support, your big muscles, but you always make hopeless

  • Oh Deary M
    Oh Deary M18 gün önce

    Schoolboy was just using his body weight to pull down Larry’s arm, whereas Larry was using just purely his arm strength... if Larry used his body weight he’d of smashed Schoolboy

  • Rodrigo Esparza
    Rodrigo Esparza18 gün önce

    Larry needs to stay in his lane. Schoolboy was toying with him!

  • Vivek R
    Vivek R18 gün önce

    0:27 to 0:29 that scary look is enough to kill opponent's confidence

  • Abdullah ibn Rin ibn Poat
    Abdullah ibn Rin ibn Poat18 gün önce

    School Boy that is his thing

  • Abdullah ibn Rin ibn Poat
    Abdullah ibn Rin ibn Poat18 gün önce

    School Boy is strong

  • dnoallyn16 98
    dnoallyn16 9818 gün önce

    I feel like In that last round if you had done a huge lat pull while leaning back, then prorated with all your might you mighta got him. Because round 5 you definitely gained more ground. But against him, that all mighta been too hard to pull off.

  • aleksander brka
    aleksander brka18 gün önce

    Larry i wanna see you in slapping tournaments next please!!

  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy Mai19 gün önce

    Schoolboy to strong

  • Bris Focus
    Bris Focus19 gün önce

    Big muscles mean nothing in arm wrestling

  • Roberto Rivas Ramos
    Roberto Rivas Ramos19 gün önce


  • Amir KW
    Amir KW19 gün önce

    may i ask how the schoolboy wins? cuz larry seems like he has bigger muscles and quite alot compared to his competitor. so y does he lose quite easily? genuinley curious

  • Brooklyn First
    Brooklyn First19 gün önce

    Arm wrestling is trash Larry 10 times stronger than him clearly but stupid techniques make schoolboy beat him some how .

  • wangao wangnaw
    wangao wangnaw19 gün önce

    Omg schoolboy's biceps is 18 inches

  • Alisson Matarazzo
    Alisson Matarazzo19 gün önce

    Chocolate rain

  • Subhranshu Chatterjee
    Subhranshu Chatterjee19 gün önce

    When the coach is searching for escape route, player has no other option left rather fight for his life👍

  • Amitabh
    Amitabh19 gün önce

    larry have poer but not skill , how to use it quickly

  • Wolf Dany
    Wolf Dany19 gün önce

    Se esta poniendo bien panzon el schoolboy

  • Gorg Music
    Gorg Music19 gün önce

    Larry told he will win definitely but he didn't score a single point😔

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez19 gün önce

    Schooboy Mad respect pizzo

  • Rafiq Bens
    Rafiq Bens19 gün önce

    Coach Ray talk comes straight out of the movies.

  • jitenn desai
    jitenn desai19 gün önce

    School boy is a legend, while Larry is a school boy.

  • Jesper Vedel Rieper
    Jesper Vedel Rieper19 gün önce

    First you told us you will beat schoolboy............... Then you told us thor will rip eddis head of, i think we all know thats another lie hahaha

  • akbar hassani
    akbar hassani19 gün önce

    Larry wheels is sensible and well balanced👍

  • woo_rsv71
    woo_rsv7119 gün önce

    Coach giving the advice, but it feels like Larry has information overload going on 🤯 lol I’m sure this is a tough ass sport.. would love to give it a try 💪

  • Sát thủ vẫn cần ngủ
    Sát thủ vẫn cần ngủ19 gün önce

    Nhìn mặt Lary bất lực ghê

  • cesar brown
    cesar brown19 gün önce

    Wow amazing he could beat someone so strong like Larry.

  • kiara 10

    kiara 10

    19 gün önce

    It's amazing that a pro and champion won against a noob? What lol

  • Stefano Casci Ceccacci
    Stefano Casci Ceccacci19 gün önce

    The true Power is not for bodybuilder

  • Appletreevideos
    Appletreevideos19 gün önce

    BTC walks in... Testosterone rises 2000%

  • Вячеслав Фамильный.Свой обзор
    Вячеслав Фамильный.Свой обзор19 gün önce

    Александр, красава, профессиональное превосходство, но ради шоу можно было и подольше побороться ! :D

  • leakee
    leakee19 gün önce

    Who is that boy who was giving u advice before match. Fuck him.

  • zhen
    zhen19 gün önce

    Larry's coach: just go.. Larry: just? Do you have any idea how strong he is? 😂

  • Will Power
    Will Power19 gün önce

    Schooled by yhe school boy

  • The Empire
    The Empire19 gün önce

    lol, why are you lowered schoolboy music? are you afraid of hymn of USSR?

  • XCruzrR6
    XCruzrR619 gün önce

    Watch out for that Schoolbus! XD

  • Kumail Pathan
    Kumail Pathan19 gün önce

    Schoolboy be like - hold my beer! Both are amazing athletes!

  • Kusal Kumarasiri
    Kusal Kumarasiri19 gün önce

    Read This!! Larry his elbows are far in from the shoulder towards the in. He has his shoulders and position advantage already engaged from the beginning unlike you. Thats why his body is on a side angle on start. He drives his whole body weight in this lock position. And later uses his hand strength at the very bottom. On the other side of the table since he is in an angle. He can simultaneously engage his other arm with a 90 degree arm lock to the table holding the stick. He also has this engaged from the beginning. The 90 Degree Lock he is doing has his elbows flared towards the left of the table. Giving him serious advantage. Your holding the stick from your hips. And Lastly Explode both your arms. He is definitely using technique than pure strength here. Hopefully you can see this comment and make some improvements.

  • jolison singh
    jolison singh19 gün önce

    Amazing why so strong school boy

  • Born 2 Game
    Born 2 Game19 gün önce

    Schoolboy put hits whole body in it

  • bigdrank23
    bigdrank2319 gün önce

    School boy was clearly under the table

  • TheOnly One
    TheOnly One19 gün önce

    Muscles dont mean shit dude..figured that out by now?

  • Владимир Садаков
    Владимир Садаков20 gün önce

    А**еть, просто а**хуеть.

  • SPARTA 21
    SPARTA 2120 gün önce

    That dumb who is teaching and advising to Larry every time haha, idiot

  • Leonardo Lima
    Leonardo Lima20 gün önce

    Cadê os BR 💪, Schoolboy brabo demais slc.

  • Michael Martinelli
    Michael Martinelli20 gün önce

    Mad props to Larry posting this video and training to go against a serious contender as school boy

  • Маслёнок Гаврикович
    Маслёнок Гаврикович20 gün önce

    Ларри Виллс ты сильный! Хорошая работа!

  • shan raj
    shan raj20 gün önce

    Larry needs a better armwresting coach

  • Kowicz_Comedy
    Kowicz_Comedy20 gün önce

    Poor Larry

  • •ShuNeughu•
    •ShuNeughu•20 gün önce

    Schoolboy needs a new name lmao

  • best opinion
    best opinion20 gün önce

    I was sure about this...

  • PM
    PM20 gün önce

    Санек лучший !

  • Pull This
    Pull This20 gün önce

    True ARM WRESTLING is with a POWER HOOK START, Larry, this is your chance to make arm wrestling GREAT! You would absolutely crush the boy! These HAND wrestlers have been taking advantage of the stronger armed guy for years!! The sport needs to change and get rid of the straps!

  • Serg Shehovtsov
    Serg Shehovtsov20 gün önce

    Гимн совка это стеб? Что за х*ита?

  • MARIO 755
    MARIO 75520 gün önce


  • sourav das
    sourav das20 gün önce

    Larry your feet .. that's why you don't produce enough power ...

  • Mike 5000
    Mike 500020 gün önce

    Is Larry going to be the Dana White of arm wrestling?

  • Иван Семенков
    Иван Семенков20 gün önce

    Coach is lier

  • Андрей Кравцов
    Андрей Кравцов20 gün önce

    Саня красава и вроде прибавил в весе🙄💪скоро всех поломает!!!😆

  • Grindblood72
    Grindblood7220 gün önce

    Grande late

  • Ganetz Krastef
    Ganetz Krastef20 gün önce

    Respect both of them!

  • Грязный Вася
    Грязный Вася20 gün önce

    Меньше стероиды нужно принимать и тогда все будет хорошо, а то данная гора мышц ничего не решает

  • XiongysaurasRex
    XiongysaurasRex20 gün önce

    holy crap that was one fast point