Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Black Tom Cruise: black_tom_c...
Andrew Jacked: andrewjacked
Andrew's TRloft:
Michael Todd: monstermich...
Michael's TRloft:


  • swagemitexxweed
    swagemitexxweedGün önce

    Let’s get Larry, BTC Oak, and Kiger Strength reunion!! BBW’s!

  • Kalil Santos Oliveira
    Kalil Santos Oliveira4 gün önce

    Great friends 🏆🏆♥️👏👏👏👏

    HITESH RAMNANI5 gün önce

    Yes surr

  • Carl Challis
    Carl Challis6 gün önce

    Larry your counting is terrible 😆

  • djkofi365 k
    djkofi365 k8 gün önce


  • Jace R
    Jace R10 gün önce

    Finally btc yelling at Larry gives me second hand hype 👏

  • J Velez
    J Velez10 gün önce

    I swear Michael tries to make a joke or be funny every sentence that comes out of his mouth. I could not be around someone like that especially not at the gym

  • Ramon Torres
    Ramon Torres14 gün önce

    11:11 seeing the evolution of Larry physique right infront of our eyes?

  • ZeeNom
    ZeeNom14 gün önce

    Call the police, Todd is not wearing a mask

    REPTILIANMAN 62614 gün önce

    Lmfao his name always cracks me tom cruise😆

  • Darrell Galloway
    Darrell Galloway14 gün önce

    Salute BTC !!! Good 2 C U Bro !!!

  • nTOMnia
    nTOMnia14 gün önce

    8:45 For some reason, I find this funny as hell.

  • Talha Bingöl
    Talha Bingöl15 gün önce

    Andrew's arm is very beautiful, but BTC's arm is very different, it looks like he has a distorted muscle structure.

  • Ra R
    Ra R15 gün önce

    BTC chest is fukked

  • Elijah Diablo
    Elijah Diablo15 gün önce

    Title: Black Tom Cruise Returns Everyone: LIKED THAT

  • cyborgar15
    cyborgar1515 gün önce

    BTC and Andrew Jacked..Cooooool...

  • Scott Dickens
    Scott Dickens15 gün önce

    The wheels and btc combo is unstoppable. Unheard of amounts of strength are always displayed when you hear "POWAAAA"

  • Ben D
    Ben D15 gün önce

    Dont forget your roots!

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs15 gün önce

    So Glad to see Michael and Larry training together again!!

  • Lee Richards
    Lee Richards15 gün önce

    When is he gonna drop the belts from the intro 😩

  • HoratioHoodoo
    HoratioHoodoo15 gün önce

    Andrew needs to up the letrozole!!!

    DFWORLD16 gün önce


  • Amin Fayad
    Amin Fayad16 gün önce

    This would’ve been much more epic if Devon Laratt was with u guys!!

  • Jeff Evans
    Jeff Evans16 gün önce

    BTC x Larry Wheels is the best 💪🙂

  • Mean Mugging
    Mean Mugging16 gün önce

    If BTC is in it, it gets a like before watching

  • jamieandrew2010
    jamieandrew201016 gün önce

    micheal needs to learn how to shut up swear he has adhd always seeking attention from somewhere

  • TheC4RB1N3
    TheC4RB1N316 gün önce

    Bicep Peaks on point💯💪

  • Terry Owens
    Terry Owens16 gün önce

    I'm here for BTC! the OG returns! I've been seeing him in the other vids though lol

  • rudolf Tau
    rudolf Tau16 gün önce

    larry vs andre SMAEV.. even though larry has months experience...

  • John Mc Millen
    John Mc Millen16 gün önce

    Yeah BTC in da house. Such good vibes ..

  • Kwyat Man
    Kwyat Man16 gün önce

    QUESTION! Is there a reason why these guys curl with their elbows back and not in front?

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes16 gün önce

    BTC got good genetics for armwrestling

  • Leny77
    Leny7716 gün önce

    Whoa! Larry telling his followers how it is in beginning!

  • Shawny Knoxville
    Shawny Knoxville16 gün önce

    3:1 ratio here and he’s not even scared ? And his wife is there near 3 black men? This is fawked.

  • Hieloz
    Hieloz16 gün önce

    "6:50 is that painted on??" She mirin dat dere anatomy

  • S Fouche
    S Fouche16 gün önce

    What is the big black dudes name? Btarrydrew?

  • Nick Mcbride
    Nick Mcbride16 gün önce

    Larry can’t count he does 8 and 9 reps 🤣

  • Jay Z
    Jay Z16 gün önce

    He’s back!!! Was literally thinking about him the other day when watching one of your vids

  • chito Amado
    chito Amado16 gün önce

    The losers club or what? 🤣🤣🤣

  • ContourGT500
    ContourGT50016 gün önce

    Andrew is testing the max limits of that fabric 🤣

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark16 gün önce

    Larry cant count-

  • Tom Perry
    Tom Perry16 gün önce

    Michael toad should talk less

  • burritoomg
    burritoomg16 gün önce

    BTC: "So what, you training for strongest man already?" Larry: "HA.HA.HA.HA.HA."

  • indra giri
    indra giri16 gün önce


  • emedina73
    emedina7316 gün önce

    Alright guys are y’all going to do a vid for leg day?????? Lol

  • Nerd Hero961
    Nerd Hero96117 gün önce

    Looking good BTC super Jack brother..

  • Ryan long
    Ryan long17 gün önce

    Todd is so weird

  • Josh the Flat Earth Jedi
    Josh the Flat Earth Jedi17 gün önce

    How did Black Tom Cruise get his nickname?

  • Cristian D63
    Cristian D6317 gün önce

    "Come on Laaarrrrry!"

  • No More Mr Nice Guy
    No More Mr Nice Guy17 gün önce

    Larry Wheels and his team of cyclers.

  • mattia cervino
    mattia cervino17 gün önce

    This videos are so funny🤣🤣😂. I love it!

  • Garvey
    Garvey17 gün önce

    Get this skinhead Gandalf out of here

  • Sam Khan
    Sam Khan17 gün önce

    Sorry larry but In the tumbnail Andrew look so big🔥👀lots of❤from pakistan😍😍

  • lakhvinder singh
    lakhvinder singh17 gün önce


  • WagWood Bartolato
    WagWood Bartolato17 gün önce


  • x_CADiLLAC_xx -
    x_CADiLLAC_xx -17 gün önce

    Larry Wheels laugh is Classic!

  • Gavin Judge
    Gavin Judge17 gün önce

    Love the competitiveness when Andrew and Larry train both of them are just elite Larry takes overall strength but Andrew is next level with machines and form and conditioning

  • ufcjunkie7
    ufcjunkie717 gün önce

    Everyone: You have to train legs because it's your biggest body part BTC: Hold my chest

  • Ville Koskela
    Ville Koskela17 gün önce

    Imagine that you come here from 2019 without knowing anything covid-19. Why the hell is everyone using those jaw covers :/

  • Michael Brothers
    Michael Brothers17 gün önce

    Lots of positive energy here.

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee17 gün önce

    The camera lady is cute!

  • Haves Assad
    Haves Assad17 gün önce

    Btc bitcoins👍

  • Dan Kelley
    Dan Kelley17 gün önce

    Some people may think Bit Coin when they see BTC but I think Black Tom Cruise! Powa!

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav17 gün önce

    That's a good content right there🔥👍

  • aiden young
    aiden young17 gün önce

    michael represents the american school system too well they think about other things except for academics.

  • Hillbilly Dude
    Hillbilly Dude17 gün önce

    Absolutely cannot wait for king of the table 2!

  • Danny Brough
    Danny Brough17 gün önce

    Larry wheels is a junked up steroid head and he has a fish brain thinking thor will win hes fight with eddie Haha

  • ma271
    ma27117 gün önce

    Larry looking particularly veiny during this sesh

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed17 gün önce

    The dream team

  • Nathaniel Chambers
    Nathaniel Chambers17 gün önce

    6:50 did someone mess with the a/c ? it was getting hot in therrrr

    THE DOMINATOR17 gün önce

    What’s happened to btc chest💉👀

  • Dennis The Plinko
    Dennis The Plinko17 gün önce

    I'm gaining muscles just by watching these guys work out. Baldy in the grey muscle shirt has a potty mouth.

  • Pranav Tiwari
    Pranav Tiwari17 gün önce

    Andrew looks Jacked af makes all these monsters look like natty teen beginners. I was dissapointed when his debut wasn't in IFBB pro league

  • Dallis Wilson
    Dallis Wilson17 gün önce

    Eddie hall will beat on thor like a Cherokee drum 🥁

  • Ron J

    Ron J

    15 gün önce

    @Dallis Wilson only one way to find out what drums will be beaten on the day.

  • Dallis Wilson

    Dallis Wilson

    15 gün önce

    @Ron J or Eddie beats on thor like a viking drum ... your choice man lol,

  • Ron J

    Ron J

    15 gün önce

    Nah, thor beats him like an African drum.

  • JapaneseCar
    JapaneseCar17 gün önce

    BTC leading the traps department since, whenever.

  • JapaneseCar


    17 gün önce

    14:23 good alternate thumbnail.

  • SoB 75
    SoB 7517 gün önce


  • paolo antonio
    paolo antonio17 gün önce

    I feel liike im getting stronger just watching these guys workout

  • Sorin I. S
    Sorin I. S17 gün önce

    BTC POWAAAAAAA is back on the business! 😉 Glad to see him back in Dubai! 💪💪

  • Nick Markovic
    Nick Markovic17 gün önce

    We also need thor and larret in this thumbnail and therefore we have the new avengers squad

  • J Wilding
    J Wilding17 gün önce

    Btc still the best hype man in the game. Also yet another good quality from Larry he still keeps intouch with his best pal from NYC.

  • The Dago
    The Dago17 gün önce

    The OG Black Tom Cruise missed him badly. Keeps it real everytime. Let go Larry!

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius17 gün önce

    I can eat Andrew's arm for a whole week lol

  • Ayush kapoor
    Ayush kapoor17 gün önce

    You all four or five go for wrestling please

  • MusicandGaming
    MusicandGaming17 gün önce

    I always forget how big Michael Todd actually is, since he's always next to and arm wrestling massive men haha

  • Kartik Chauhan
    Kartik Chauhan17 gün önce

    btc is a very nice person and his sense of humor is also good.

  • Luke Zener
    Luke Zener17 gün önce

    Bitcoin returns?

  • Budh Ram Hansda
    Budh Ram Hansda17 gün önce

    Lol Michael Todd is sabotaging Larry's channel.

  • Rishabh Dubey
    Rishabh Dubey17 gün önce

    Monster Michael Todd is 48!

  • Stick Man Shorts- official
    Stick Man Shorts- official17 gün önce

    I looked at BTC and read Bitcoin.

  • Rico Castro
    Rico Castro17 gün önce

    larry is looking so lean

  • Thomas MacGruber
    Thomas MacGruber17 gün önce

    Michael Todd back for the trenbalogna sammichs.

  • Manni Virdi
    Manni Virdi17 gün önce

    I learned so much from you guys thanks brother's Larry and Andrew..yes sirrrrrr🙏

  • How Now Brown Trout Tasmania
    How Now Brown Trout Tasmania17 gün önce

    I'm glade I don't have to feed these fellas.

  • Automan Lastman
    Automan Lastman17 gün önce

    The Douche Bags Gang...😆😅🤣😂😂🤣😅😆.........

  • Big Menno
    Big Menno17 gün önce


  • Automan Lastman
    Automan Lastman17 gün önce

    BTC,,,,Black Tom Cruise 🛳,,,,,,What a Joke 🤔🙄😒😏🥶🤢🤥🤐..........

  • Automan Lastman
    Automan Lastman17 gün önce

    Larry Got No Arms or Forearms???????,,,Terrible Form,,,,Douche,,douche,,douche,,,ALL THE WAY DOUCHE BAGS,,,,

  • Habeev07
    Habeev0717 gün önce


  • R M
    R M17 gün önce

    Fucking epic! The one and only spotter 🤩🤩

  • João tavares
    João tavares17 gün önce

    Wtf , lery have a bicep on his bicep xD