Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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  • crankyboiy
    crankyboiy18 gün önce

    90% of the peeps taking roids at that place

  • Sarge click
    Sarge click21 gün önce

    U didn't keep your promise Larry and where I'm from. Not keeping your promise makes you a p.o.s.

  • Mr poopy pants
    Mr poopy pants21 gün önce

    U failed ur promise 😔

  • Kumail
    Kumail22 gün önce

    Need to work on symmetry andrew👍

  • Hong Kong t
    Hong Kong t26 gün önce

    Schoolboy drops his whole body to the ground when he arm wrestles larry but Larry only uses his arms to wrestle. :(

  • Yeah Lul

    Yeah Lul

    24 gün önce

    In round 5 larry drops his whole body to the ground so stfu

  • Yeah Lul

    Yeah Lul

    24 gün önce

    Its because larry cant pin him

  • Yeah Lul

    Yeah Lul

    24 gün önce

    Its how to arm wrestling u idiot

  • E.M
    E.M26 gün önce


  • Praful Chhaya
    Praful Chhaya27 gün önce

    Yes guys Larry's training hard for school boy. But on the same token dnt forget school boy is training hard too, he was too strong for Larry in their last match, imagine how strong he must be now. Go get him Larry 🤞🏽

  • Jacky Lau

    Jacky Lau

    23 gün önce

    Larry win on the left

  • ArnoldGengFitness
    ArnoldGengFitnessAylar önce

    sir? best

  • Firefly7 fire
    Firefly7 fireAylar önce

    Larry sure is strong but with those muscle he isn t flexible at all🤣

  • Villa Noah
    Villa NoahAylar önce

    Intro on point

  • ig- Evaid
    ig- EvaidAylar önce

    Is it just me or does Larry look smaller then he used to? Like he’s still a huge guy but he looked a little smaller than usual in this video

  • Bozzy B
    Bozzy BAylar önce

    Yo Larry, stock you're store brother. I need some damn shorts haha

  • Rodrick Gilbert
    Rodrick GilbertAylar önce


  • Ayrton Owen
    Ayrton OwenAylar önce

    Everyone saying that its Andrew just has water retention...maybe from dbol who knows what else

  • Blabla Blabla
    Blabla BlablaAylar önce

    Man andrew is so round haha insane

  • Thor
    ThorAylar önce

    But can he wash his own arm pits?

  • John Arispe
    John ArispeAylar önce

    Is it me or does Andrew not look symmetrical? Larry is smaller but looks more esgicall aesthetically pleasing to the guy. Good luck larry. School boy stepped up his training!

  • Takiya Ringu
    Takiya RinguAylar önce

    Am I the only one or is Larry's arms are getting bigger and becoming more nice then b4.

  • benjamin povlsen
    benjamin povlsenAylar önce

    i have oll ways loved andrew on the channel super humble and jackt person :)

  • F My
    F MyAylar önce

    Tomorrow if he breaks in

  • Yan Lavallee
    Yan LavalleeAylar önce

    as good as he is andrew is not on the same level that the other at the olympia

  • Rathan Sherigar
    Rathan SherigarAylar önce

    Bodybuilders when they get granite hard and ripped like Andrew they become stiff. Not able to pose smoothly and aesthetically. And they are so worried of their own stiffness, they even forget the poses and transition.

  • LSK 1991
    LSK 1991Aylar önce

    Started watching hodge twins years ago now im here

  • we know his voice
    we know his voiceAylar önce

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  • Vlad B
    Vlad BAylar önce

    Andrew needs to lower HGH / Insulin levels. His head/jaw are getting a bit ridiculous...Might have a bubble gut in a year or two if something doesn't change.

  • Brian McCall
    Brian McCallAylar önce

    Larry actually looks normal compared to that guy

  • Dastan vlogs
    Dastan vlogsAylar önce

    Thumbnail Larry and Andrew and I'm ready with popcorn 🍿

  • AJ Zoro
    AJ ZoroAylar önce

    Andrew staring at the ladies lmao! Sick shoulder work out though.

  • Najfi
    NajfiAylar önce

    Did this workout and added a few things as my finisher. Crazy pump. Thanks Larry and Andrew.

  • Marvin Odhiambo
    Marvin OdhiamboAylar önce

    Andrew always wait for Larry to do his sets first so that he has a number to work with. That there says it all.

  • joey amato
    joey amatoAylar önce

    Fire vid

  • iNsane45_YT
    iNsane45_YTAylar önce

    Is andrew natural?

  • Brother Big Dawg
    Brother Big DawgAylar önce

    Why in the comments does everybody keep calling Larry so humble I'm not saying that he isn't but it seems to be a theme in the comments

  • Veteran Wolf
    Veteran WolfAylar önce

    steriods vs MUSCLE no hate every man is hard working may the best man WIN

  • Anshuman Vyas
    Anshuman VyasAylar önce

    10:06 Turn on CC...

  • Dank Enlightenment
    Dank EnlightenmentAylar önce

    Andrew looking like a tall Flex Wheeler!

  • TherealJJones 98
    TherealJJones 98Aylar önce

    Everytime I watch your videos it motivates me to lift

  • Payton Chalstrom
    Payton ChalstromAylar önce

    Andrew’s legs at 2:40 though

  • Zeke's Rc
    Zeke's RcAylar önce

    Larry got alittle more mucle mass sense working with andrew it looks

  • Ray Dizzle Ma Nizzle
    Ray Dizzle Ma NizzleAylar önce

    You heard it people. Larry promising the win. Don't let us down

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim AliAylar önce

    Hey Larry, i want to see you in action movies

  • RyZeD
    RyZeDAylar önce

    let's be honest he'll never win arm wrestling against a pro arm wrestler

  • Marley Marz
    Marley MarzAylar önce

    It's gonna be really interesting to see how he compares to the other Olympian competitors. I bet he's gonna look freaky because of his height. Like Paul Dillet.

  • Skeptical Brother
    Skeptical BrotherAylar önce

    Andrew in Elite Pro this year.

  • Blas Barbosa
    Blas BarbosaAylar önce

    Larry: Ama promise you guys.. I’m getting the win *loses again to School boy*

  • oplix
    oplixAylar önce

    Schoolboy will debut his 2nd form.

  • Ethan Scaman
    Ethan ScamanAylar önce

    Larry got hooked up with the clean fade

  • DF Workshop
    DF WorkshopAylar önce

    Larry is like a real super hero in real life omg

  • Grate Adventure
    Grate AdventureAylar önce

    Still used to Larry having a shaved head

  • Eddie spagetti
    Eddie spagettiAylar önce

    When ? Andrew is huge sure but lacks many bodyparts. Mainly calves and forearms are way behind. Andrew may never win Mr o just because genetics. Being jacked huge don't mean your a contender ,even if he gets to Mr o stage he has great big body but I'm sorry to say genetically he is lacking . Some men's genetics prevent all muscles to be proportional and andrew is built this way with huge chest arms but small valves and forearms and other muscles out if proportion. Sorry Andrew your huge and big but you don't have mr Olimpia genetics. Just the way bodies are

  • Jared Erickson
    Jared EricksonAylar önce

    You got this Larry crush school boy please.

  • Candice & Blue Sloan
    Candice & Blue SloanAylar önce

    Watching AJ throwing big shoulder raises with heavy DB his shoulders looked like they swelled up to size of b balls

  • The Bomber
    The BomberAylar önce

    I'm thinking how long before his heart gives way

  • Frank Del prado
    Frank Del pradoAylar önce

    Andrew is jacked as shit and has an amazing physique but he would get destroyed on stage. On stage it’s just not about how jacked and big you are, it’s also about symmetry and proportionality.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob DoleAylar önce

    Larry needs an ironic nickname like, "Tiny", or something like lol.

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-ManAylar önce

    You guys are fucking beasts, mad props to both of you.

  • medicatedjay
    medicatedjayAylar önce

    Larry look like the rock but with hair 😂

  • Daryl Delp
    Daryl DelpAylar önce

    Andrew looks like he wearing one of those muscle costumes from Halloween. Insane muscle fullness.

  • jdmfan 818
    jdmfan 818Aylar önce

    deep, deep all the way in, all the way inside. lol

  • Ana Salminen
    Ana SalminenAylar önce

    You win arm wrestling, Larry💪🙌👊👍

  • joey amato
    joey amatoAylar önce

    Keep that as your intro thats fucking sick

  • Ana Salminen
    Ana SalminenAylar önce

    Andrew is huge centleman, YES SIR👍👊🙌💪

  • steven budman
    steven budmanAylar önce

    Larrys skin is looking much cleaner and healthier compared to before

  • Wise Old Man™
    Wise Old Man™Aylar önce

    You got this match my NY brother! 💪🏾👊🏾

  • ZachCICM
    ZachCICMAylar önce

    Dude looks like Kurt Angle when he was an olympic wrestler with that haircut

  • mario rivas
    mario rivasAylar önce

    Andrew's come a long way, but he's clearly one or two steps behind the elite, there's no way that anyone can compare him to Big Ramy, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson and rest.

  • lila bahadur budha magar
    lila bahadur budha magarAylar önce

    Brother your new hair cut makes you younger then before

  • Sebas Ghione
    Sebas GhioneAylar önce

    Larry, you are getting stronger every day and bigger and your technique has improve 100%, but don't forget to REST, if you don't rest School Boy will destroy you. You must rest at least 1 week before a match.

  • memes bang
    memes bangAylar önce

    Who think schoolboy is gonna win LIKE larry wheels COMENT

  • The Cable Lad
    The Cable LadAylar önce

    Larry:- I need content. Andrew:- Yes Sir.

  • IMA Knock Em OUT
    IMA Knock Em OUTAylar önce

    Wish we can bet on this

    BIGNESHOAylar önce

    Let’s go win! 💪

  • Himanshu HR
    Himanshu HRAylar önce

    Jacked is future mr olympia

  • Francisco Cano Esteban
    Francisco Cano EstebanAylar önce

    Larry power

  • Ion Wallace
    Ion WallaceAylar önce


    ILLUMINATIAylar önce

    Bro Sergi constance and Andrei deiu is in Dubai please make a challenge of arm wrestling❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • Joe Felony
    Joe FelonyAylar önce

    Wth, Larry has grown a lot!! Andrew used to be quite a lot bigger but now they are pretty much equal. Don’t kill yourself Larry.

  • Debojyoti Ghosal
    Debojyoti GhosalAylar önce

    Larry is already looking quite big and defined then before..


    Andrew's head is getting huge, it's the growth hormones and the water retention

  • hulk gaming
    hulk gamingAylar önce

    Larry wheel have so many bodybuilder friends have 💪💪🙄🙄

  • Justine Owera
    Justine OweraAylar önce

    So fuckin hyped up with this match.

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The CyborgAylar önce

    No offence but Andrew's iPhone footage looks WAY cleaner just because it's 60fps. I'll give Larry's video the edge on color grading though. And shallow DOF definitely benefits this application.

    SASA VITALEAylar önce

    BOOOOOM two unleashed beasts never stop great always gasss at full throttle adrenaline to the max💣💯🔥💪🏋️‍♂️

  • liverspeed
    liverspeedAylar önce

    Spelling error in the thumbnail just alerting you.

  • Younes Alhosni
    Younes AlhosniAylar önce

    andrew is the kid from ronnie coleman

  • Pallanti Rohit
    Pallanti RohitAylar önce

    Larry : You have anything else to say for the video Andrew : "Yes Sir" 😂

  • Elijah Newland
    Elijah NewlandAylar önce

    Bro Larry the intro is 🔥 my guy killing It respect 🙏🙌💯


    Hi Larry. I'm sure you gonna win, we believe in you. Big fan since 2 years ago. And by the way, you look amazing with the new haircut keep going man.

  • LayzeeTV
    LayzeeTVAylar önce

    Larry braking up with Nicole did the right thing she was so dumb and empty inside lmao

  • PirumKH
    PirumKHAylar önce

    Let's go Larry 😉💪💪💪

  • Muscle Majesty
    Muscle MajestyAylar önce

    0:52 💙 gyno kicks in hope my boi's high on tren💙

  • Aj Farello
    Aj FarelloAylar önce

    Hey Larry love the content. You and Mr Jacked should do a colab with the great Kia Green.

  • Michael Rizzo
    Michael RizzoAylar önce

    Nice I didn’t know Todd and larrett were having there match same night my moneys on Larry but I think larrett and Todd is going be a war and very close either way it goes

  • Zeke Odima
    Zeke OdimaAylar önce

    Larry good shiit but how is Khalid not on the card?!?

  • andrea scala
    andrea scalaAylar önce

    he has no calves up to the rest....chest and legs aren't the same level of shoulders and arms and back has to improve

  • lala vlogs
    lala vlogsAylar önce

    Is Andrew off cycle ? His loosing a bit of his gains 👀🙌

  • BestActionMovies
    BestActionMoviesAylar önce

    Two strong Athletes 🔥. Awesome workout !! 👍💯 Yes sir

  • Stoyan Bonchev
    Stoyan BonchevAylar önce

    Andrew is too tall for the Olympia. They like dwarfs there ...haha

  • jedd
    jeddAylar önce

    Sick new intro !

  • MsRushank
    MsRushankAylar önce

    Why dosent he consider gaining weight.