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  • Jacky Lau
    Jacky Lau4 saatler önce


  • Jonathan Cardenas
    Jonathan CardenasGün önce

    Camera man needs a raise Larry

  • FairleysWastedTime
    FairleysWastedTime4 gün önce

    she's fucking hilarious

  • Akash Soni
    Akash Soni5 gün önce

    I think very soon u guys gono Marry each other ❤️👍🙏

  • DR. OS
    DR. OS5 gün önce

    12:44 yeah

  • Razomir
    Razomir5 gün önce

    I don't think I heard anything Larry said in the intro....

  • kiul44
    kiul445 gün önce

    not much glutes on her.. no wonder she's weak af.

  • Troy Cote
    Troy Cote6 gün önce

    And just like that 1 million more followers!!

  • T 670
    T 6707 gün önce

    She is part of the Long Neck Tribe

  • Ayaan Fakih
    Ayaan Fakih7 gün önce

    Nicole is hilarious

  • Amal R Pillai
    Amal R Pillai8 gün önce

    Why she always exposed

    KILL DOZER8 gün önce

    oh god lmao

  • XDanime
    XDanime8 gün önce

    What Larry Said: it’s very British What Larry wants to say: Its very hard

  • Nate Gidley
    Nate Gidley8 gün önce

    Larry gave her the demonetization barrier for the RDL’s, good man.

  • Brewed
    Brewed8 gün önce

    Im so into Nicole right now.

  • MrKiwi4lyfe
    MrKiwi4lyfe9 gün önce

    Sorry Larry I like her chest compared to yours lol

  • Chuck Painter
    Chuck Painter10 gün önce

    She has some Huge glasses.

  • Jonny Bingham
    Jonny Bingham10 gün önce

    She may as well be topless. What is she thinking?

  • Raul Tăurean
    Raul Tăurean10 gün önce

    You can also hear that Andrei Deiu is training hard😂💪

  • Hefipale Burp
    Hefipale Burp10 gün önce

    "This is turning into another video"

  • Valve Od
    Valve Od11 gün önce

    Next time two piece swim suit.. Now thats ascended.12:40

  • 脑洞不动就不懂
    脑洞不动就不懂11 gün önce

    13:15 you will not regret

  • M1CH43LL
    M1CH43LL11 gün önce

    7:17 Even Larry couldn't resist to look 😂

    IRON RIDER-9712 gün önce

    Is it just me or even you guys want another video of Larry with her. It was fun to watch the chemistry between them.

    IRON RIDER-9712 gün önce

    She must be a 5.11" (180cm) Cos Larry is 6.1"(186cm)

    IRON RIDER-9712 gün önce

    I dont normaly ask this question on YT but (I do on certain questionable websites) *Who is she?*

  • Ma Balyam
    Ma Balyam13 gün önce


    OG S1MPSON13 gün önce

    Leisure suit Larry

  • Jean-Paul Tremblay
    Jean-Paul Tremblay13 gün önce

    She had 2 plates in her easy.

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg14 gün önce

    that was not really a proper hip thrust, most of the weight was on her thighs, you need to take Larry's body weight and put that on a bar.

  • Daniel Krasnopoias
    Daniel Krasnopoias14 gün önce

    cute couple

  • sébastien
    sébastien14 gün önce

    a smooth and relaxing video, thank you

  • Jackson harper kaleb
    Jackson harper kaleb14 gün önce

    I definitely like Nicole better than the last girl lol

  • Diante Watts
    Diante Watts14 gün önce

    Larry's got to be mad at the cameraman he's just zooming in on her checks lol

  • Matt A
    Matt A14 gün önce

    Larry wrap guy is looking jacked

  • Ron Sexton
    Ron Sexton15 gün önce

    Illustrates how different workouts can be. For her, the shoulder pads are not fully on her shoulders like they are for Larry due to body dimensions.

  • MasterChef 117
    MasterChef 11715 gün önce

    Larry warm up is my dream PR 😂

  • alfredo Magallanes G.
    alfredo Magallanes G.15 gün önce

    i didnt know she was British

  • Lvl-3 bot
    Lvl-3 bot16 gün önce

    0:06 wtf is that goofy ass laught 😂

  • kbc
    kbc16 gün önce

    Her have 10/10 body but face 2/10 xD

  • Killua_135i
    Killua_135i16 gün önce

    Doesn't larry have a girl

  • Bratelog
    Bratelog16 gün önce

    What if nicole does not drink any water??

  • Kevin McGinn
    Kevin McGinn17 gün önce

    Larry is naturally shy, and she is naturally brash and outspoken. Hes all wholesome and nice and shes all 'my dick is hard'. They are perfect for each other. Got that yin and yang shit going on. Makes me smile to see two people who naturally offset one another so well. Hope it works out for you two. :)

  • Veyron Veyron
    Veyron Veyron17 gün önce

    9:00 larry seems very concentreated🤔

  • Jared Cimabue
    Jared Cimabue17 gün önce

    What type of shoes are you wearing?

  • feisal mohammad
    feisal mohammad17 gün önce

    Nice entertaining video.we need more of these!!

  • kgotso Thanos
    kgotso Thanos17 gün önce

    Ayyy yooo Larry where can I get the belt

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire17 gün önce

    Bro she’s tall lmao. She’s at least 5’10

  • Verum117
    Verum11717 gün önce

    She reminds me of Bayonetta

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z17 gün önce

    I am waiting for that pegging video still

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav17 gün önce

    You guys look cute together 😄

  • Clutch Gaming
    Clutch Gaming18 gün önce

    12:40 aye y’all saw this to 👀

  • jintao wu
    jintao wu18 gün önce

    The didactic siamese importantly queue because team decisively soak till a obsequious scarf. placid, impossible sister-in-law

  • Ben 9
    Ben 918 gün önce

    "She shows me how it's done..... .......and then I get her injured"

  • Samuel Robert
    Samuel Robert18 gün önce

    That is the shittiest safety squat bar I have ever seen in my entire life

  • Splootan
    Splootan18 gün önce

    Somebody please tell this Nicole person that less is more. Jeez 🙄

  • Jacky Lau
    Jacky Lau18 gün önce


  • Jacky Lau
    Jacky Lau18 gün önce


  • poul poulsen
    poul poulsen19 gün önce

    not often i touch myself to one of Larry's videos.. but daaayjuuum

  • Filip :D
    Filip :D19 gün önce

    Film o robiacej przysiady babie a z cycami na wierzchu. Helo, great video Larry!

  • Oscar Zamorano
    Oscar Zamorano19 gün önce

    How boring

  • seema thakur.

    seema thakur.

    19 gün önce

    What's booring

  • skynard83
    skynard8319 gün önce

    Easily replaceable, and she's got an Only these broads make it too easy on us guys to replace them. Cannot take them seriously..Definitely not wifey material

  • Jaylan M
    Jaylan M19 gün önce

    i need her ig 💀

  • 1234 Dos
    1234 Dos19 gün önce

    Petition for Larry to keep the hair he looks way better like that than bald bro no 🧢

  • Hashir Farid
    Hashir Farid19 gün önce

    lol the mask is a formality at this point

  • lucasdoggyBR
    lucasdoggyBR19 gün önce

    I think this is the safest workout I've seen here lol

  • Nosey EastLondon
    Nosey EastLondon19 gün önce

    😂😂😂Nikki got strong legs to be able to hip thrust big diesel

  • Donald Bitsinnie
    Donald Bitsinnie19 gün önce

    Larry: my hero lmfao 🤣

    GIGANTICDONUT19 gün önce

    Pegging PR video when?

  • Guist Magik
    Guist Magik19 gün önce

    hey Larry, just yesterday I got a paper cut on my finger reading a book... can you shout out a Go Fund Me account.... thanks

  • Fraymer imanol Ovalle Dominici
    Fraymer imanol Ovalle Dominici19 gün önce

    Nicol "bebe agua" xd.

  • FN
    FN19 gün önce

    12:37 in case you missed it thank me later 👍🏻

  • thechugdude
    thechugdude19 gün önce

    She's never dehydrated

  • Cheems Cheemson
    Cheems Cheemson19 gün önce

    God she's vulgar. Oh she's British. Nm.

  • fran.j.s.m
    fran.j.s.m19 gün önce


    MAXI WILD19 gün önce

    21:00 he want to broke is legg to?

  • А р ш а н
    А р ш а н20 gün önce

    She hate bras

  • Erfan
    Erfan20 gün önce

    i can't focus....

  • Jaron Cendana
    Jaron Cendana20 gün önce

    Damn that squat machine looks sick, pads in the bar near the neck and handles for more stability holy shit good work

  • Damien ptsd
    Damien ptsd20 gün önce

    13:34 larry cant decided what he wants to look at

  • Damien ptsd
    Damien ptsd20 gün önce

    bro larry wants to hit that so bad

  • bobo flex
    bobo flex20 gün önce this Larry's squeeze..?..or just a fill in for the next ten days.. ..he should go to some hardcore gym in the bronx..or lower manhattan ..and bring the African dude with him that does all the crazy gymnastics

  • E Ar
    E Ar20 gün önce

    For perverts its 20:45

  • Raoel Dawson
    Raoel Dawson20 gün önce

    if you look closely you can see larry.

  • Yaazi
    Yaazi20 gün önce

    "Hahahaha" - Larry Wheels

  • official vegthenx
    official vegthenx20 gün önce

    Notice how she put the shirt on for SLDL . hiding those tiddies is a crime

  • official vegthenx
    official vegthenx20 gün önce

    Hip thrusts don't count if the weight is on your knees

  • Mazen Marie
    Mazen Marie20 gün önce

    them juggs

  • Sameul L Jacson
    Sameul L Jacson20 gün önce

    Am I right in thinking this is similar to a front squat without the pressure of the weight in the front?

  • Memphis clay
    Memphis clay20 gün önce

    Wrong youtube larry 😂

  • kornkobb420
    kornkobb42020 gün önce

    Larry couldn't help himself, had to push up on that tighty.

  • Ivan
    Ivan20 gün önce

    Tattoos are so ugly

  • düsünen deli
    düsünen deli20 gün önce

    Titi show:)

  • Moe Moe
    Moe Moe20 gün önce

    Things are getting comfortable

  • Amrit R
    Amrit R20 gün önce

    ONLY came for the FANS comments

  • Snags
    Snags20 gün önce

    Larry looks old af with his hair not completely shaved off

  • John Mc Millen
    John Mc Millen20 gün önce

    That was a chest day disguised as squat day no?

  • Salvatore Feragamo
    Salvatore Feragamo20 gün önce

    Я так понимаю, что их тренировка потом продолжилась .. ))😉😁

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi20 gün önce

    she's dressed like that in Dubai, mind you