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  • Boxcar Ent.
    Boxcar Ent.7 gün önce

    Larry's learning more and more.

  • Tanjiro Hashira
    Tanjiro Hashira19 gün önce

    larry wheels on the bus go round and round

  • Stoyan Yanakiev
    Stoyan Yanakiev25 gün önce

    I'm not even an arm wrestling fan but Derek Smith seems like such a nice and decent guy, extremely thorough, technical and knowledgeable, and a great teacher! Much respect!

  • Ian Worley
    Ian Worley26 gün önce

    This guy explains shit better than anyone. Love this

  • Jack Jones
    Jack JonesAylar önce

    Dam Derek is smart!

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thanks man!

  • Fri Rose
    Fri RoseAylar önce

    These guys take huge stacks and think they can come pull, shaving years off their lifespan, must suck.

  • Chris Gauthier
    Chris GauthierAylar önce

    I love Derek as a coach!! I have almost learned more with his instructions than anyone else u have brought here

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thanks man!

  • T Chu
    T ChuAylar önce

    What is the point of wearing a mask.

  • Art Zherdev
    Art ZherdevAylar önce

    Best video i have watched about arm wrestling technic ! Thanks a lot, Derek!!

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    No problem!

  • Rene's Cocina
    Rene's CocinaAylar önce

    This guy is quite the coach

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thank you!

  • aldo peña
    aldo peñaAylar önce

    13:53 Larry behind Dereck checking if you subbed already 😥

    PONORAylar önce

    0:30 what is the intro song???



    Aylar önce

    @Konny Bokestig thanks man

  • Konny Bokestig

    Konny Bokestig

    Aylar önce

    I am unbreakable - Niklas Johansson

  • Hi9hli9ht
    Hi9hli9htAylar önce

    99% of Larry’s comment section gives their confident armwrestling opinions 1% actually armwrestle

  • Literal News Headlines
    Literal News HeadlinesAylar önce

    Larry seems dumb he’s not comprehending anything being said

  • Nick Kadlec
    Nick KadlecAylar önce

    Awesome, watched lots of your vids Larry and always been a 10 from Len (like) but felt the need to comment as well. Loved the tech aspect from Derek, very insightful. Love the chan man, keep it up. Kudos..

  • Isa
    IsaAylar önce

    i wanna see derek in a little bit better form against michael ^^

  • Isa
    IsaAylar önce

    dereks style is your style i think XD

  • Isa
    IsaAylar önce

    larry you need to be the hook king

  • Isa
    IsaAylar önce

    thank you larry wheels for your great content

  • Isa
    IsaAylar önce

    derek is a very smart guy

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thank You

  • Chatham Mulligan
    Chatham MulliganAylar önce

    Man, each pro teaches as well as the last, Larry's like a traveling samurai warrior learning from these masters

  • MrSaintVehementus
    MrSaintVehementusAylar önce

    Great teacher, I think Ray and Derek did great job of showing diffrent sides/styles of armwrestling to Larry so he can chose what he feels is best for him. As for Michael Todd I think he is great in terms of training arms but not so much of technique because his style is now based off his injured arms, its basically not everyone can learn and adapt to its his own unique style. I bet Todd would be great teacher back in the day before his arm was fkd up and he wasnt doing kings move. Derek is really special with his teaching since he train newbies he seems like that great school teacher, Ray on the other hand is professor with pronator degree.

  • Angelo Mariveles
    Angelo MarivelesAylar önce

    You know Larry got stronger when he arm wrestled with the bodybuilder. 😯 Can't even move Larry's arm

  • Jose Abel Serrano Fundora
    Jose Abel Serrano FundoraAylar önce

    37:10 the Guy of the right side probably is thinking about Arm wrest Derek

  • SoftcorePleb Gaming
    SoftcorePleb GamingAylar önce

    He's taking advice from Derek lmao

  • bigboytoma
    bigboytomaAylar önce

    10/10 for Derek here, really fantastic insight and really well explained throughout. Keep up the hard work, it's great for the sport to have you getting involved Larry. Love what you're doing dude, respect.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thank you

  • Magnum Muscle
    Magnum MuscleAylar önce

    Derek is super cool! He's articulate and very knowledgeable. He's a great teacher. Impressed.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thank you!

  • Devin Kelley
    Devin KelleyAylar önce

    Biggest NA armwrestler Derek Smith? Huh? Say what?! How is he “the biggest NA armwrestler”? Wtf y’all talking bout?

    GOKU BLACKAylar önce

    One more thing its good Derek is there everyone is essential

  • little philo
    little philoAylar önce

    $2,000 worth of schooling in 20 min. Thank you Larry! Love U toob!!!

  • Dylan Costa
    Dylan CostaAylar önce

    Next bring Jerry Cadorette .

  • Jordan MP
    Jordan MPAylar önce

    This vid is not your best form LW...

  • jonathan savage
    jonathan savageAylar önce

    Im a huge fan of European hooking 👯‍♀️

  • Ali Gaming
    Ali GamingAylar önce

    The match biggins 45:30 No Need

  • YoutubeInsistInBanningPeople
    YoutubeInsistInBanningPeopleAylar önce

    Best explanations ever..

  • Brian Cain
    Brian CainAylar önce

    Excellent explanations Derek. Very informative.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thank you

  • Nic Nac
    Nic NacAylar önce

    Bla bla bla

  • Carlitos
    CarlitosAylar önce

    Larry getting smart, that’s right g

  • Jereme Gomez
    Jereme GomezAylar önce

    Larry do some stuff with Strength Cartel. Like your vids man, keep it going. 💪😎

  • sean knot
    sean knotAylar önce

    cool video, derek needs to work on his understanding of function a little bit more but I like his ideas on keeping things simple and if that system is working for begginers and intermediate pullers then stick with it.

  • Travis S
    Travis SAylar önce

    I need ermes and smith to tie up

  • daved1113
    daved1113Aylar önce

    I wanna see derek do some lifting too. That would be cool.

  • Nobu
    NobuAylar önce

    45:37 first time Larry is pulling in the right way. Congratulations Larry!

  • DoctorHomunculous
    DoctorHomunculousAylar önce

    I'm only 7 mins into this video and Derek's info is soooo incredibly helpful

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Glad I could help

  • d efface
    d effaceAylar önce

    This guy is a great teacher, made me want to keep watching more

  • Anand Amarnath
    Anand AmarnathAylar önce

    Great teaching skills... Most of the things Derek said is insanely useful and true

  • C G
    C GAylar önce

    I'm so happy for you Larry. This guy's training style is clearly putting together the pieces for you. Keep up the good work and practice! So much potential!

  • theswayzeexpress1
    theswayzeexpress1Aylar önce

    We will need a Larry/Schoolboy rematch soon

  • No Pulse Studios
    No Pulse StudiosAylar önce

    Larry can you guys get brznk

  • No Pulse Studios
    No Pulse StudiosAylar önce

    I can't wait for that video "how to break your arm" 😆 it should be how to NOT break your arm

  • mr mister
    mr misterAylar önce

    What the fuck is the point in wearing your mask over your chin? Then all this contact....absolutely fucking pointless.

  • Thraxton Stirling
    Thraxton StirlingAylar önce

    Why you pinning yourself? Why you pinning yourself?

  • thebrassmonkey100
    thebrassmonkey100Aylar önce

    Derek is so legit and almost too nice and respectful to be a real person. Not to mention a very fucking real threat in NA once the coof goes poof a day some tournaments and events start up. Devon slide all the way down from the land of denim and black faced leaders to give derek a a try after getting shocked by him at the end oì may where Devon pulled everyone there, probably a few hundred or over a thousand guys and derek put him in check lolly I

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    29 gün önce

    Thank you

  • swedroot
    swedrootAylar önce

    Derek Smith has earned another key today, the key to my heart.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    That’s the most valuable one I have now.

  • Martin Rodgers
    Martin RodgersAylar önce

    "As the hooker" cogs spinning in Larry's head...

  • Attractive Glass
    Attractive GlassAylar önce

    Larry you’re a natural presser! I said this on Ray’s video. Once you learn to get your shoulder behind your hand and press down like Jerry Cadorette, you’ll be unstoppable! Not even khaled will beat you

  • Lord Commander
    Lord CommanderAylar önce

    Derek should have been the first trainer with Larry. These were such huge fundamentals.

  • Stephen Griffiths
    Stephen GriffithsAylar önce

    Finally! Someone explaining and teaching the basics in a easy way to understand. Larry seems way more engaged.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    the key master just unlocked larry.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    this is my favorite wheels video in a while. can’t wait for the next tier of larry wheels.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    it’s making me smile when larry aces all these tests. a+ to the teacher and the student.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    45:22 when practice and training and listening all come together, your confidence goes up. good job larry.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    The fuckin key master.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    36:10 “it’s the game” larry: “spice....pure unrefined spice. i see the truth of it now “

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    point a fan at this man.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    he’s 10 years in. he knows his stuff like he’s been doing it for double that.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    larry jumped right into doctorate level classes. he’s swimming though. props to him.

  • Irvin Zamora
    Irvin ZamoraAylar önce

    Dude is super cool and great at explaining 👌

  • HammerMark
    HammerMarkAylar önce

    Very interesting! Eventually, somebody explained fundamental 😊👍

  • Marlon Rivera
    Marlon RiveraAylar önce

    Honestly seeing Derek explaining the fundamentals and the reasoning why those things are the way they are and Larry finally getting it is honestly one of the most wholesome things I seen in a while.. Micheal is a good teacher when it comes to making sure your body is able to work under tension. He understands the mechanics but the way he teaches is in a way that both expects you to already know it , or just naturally gets it. It would be akin to Lionel Messi trying to teach you how to dribble past 5 defenders... he could show you. But he wouldn’t be able to tell you what muscles are being used at the correct time and position... it’s all natural in their head so explaining that is hard. Levan is showing Larry what you might and will encounter in the pinnacle of arm wrestling But Derek ... Derek is here to teach the fundamentals because he understands the reasoning why those muscles fire in that specific way and he has gotten it down to a science ... it’s honestly awe inspiring.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    Thank you man. COUNTLESS hours.... like all the time. I’m such a loser haha.

  • CowboysRoute
    CowboysRouteAylar önce

    isnt like michael todd and devon larrat the biggest north american arm wrestler lol

  • Shablé
    ShabléAylar önce

    You will get it Larry, its all about processing muscle memory and tendon strength

  • Convikt88
    Convikt88Aylar önce

    Derek is UNLEASHING Larry's Hidden power ;) lets gooo laryy

  • Kool Burn
    Kool BurnAylar önce

    Derek is the man! Derek has a TON of experience in coaching because he's had so many new people come practice with his team over the years. Pay attention folks, you're gonna learn plenty from this video

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans WurstAylar önce

    Where is Devon's comment?

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy TurnerAylar önce

    Out of everyone who was there Derek explained the fundamentals the best

  • Cal Woodward
    Cal WoodwardAylar önce

    I’ve been slacking my training the last couple of weeks but Watchint this I’m literally grabbing my karate belt and weights now

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus MartinezAylar önce

    Where can i get Larry's laugh for a ringtone

  • Subie
    SubieAylar önce

    Loved this video because it seemed like Larry learned and UNDERSTOOD more in this one video than the previous weeks/months of teaching by others. Great job teaching Derek 👍🏼

  • Nicolas Williams
    Nicolas WilliamsAylar önce

    Congrats Larry and Derek...that hook looked tight

  • Arm Warriors
    Arm WarriorsAylar önce

    its good that he explains the way he amrwrestle, but thats too much man! %80 of the video is conversation.please more armwrestle rather than talk,some action pls!

  • Charlie Andor
    Charlie AndorAylar önce

    Derek is a very pedagogical arm wrestler. He has spent a lot of time clarifying these concepts in his mind. That's why he can teach it so well.

  • Rodrigo
    RodrigoAylar önce

    When Khaled vs Derek??

  • Darren Lennie
    Darren LennieAylar önce

    Adam I really hope you're getting a good translator ready

  • David Mikhael Roque
    David Mikhael RoqueAylar önce

    Been watching a lot if not almost all armwrestling educational videos and this has been one of the best ones yet. Thanks Larry and Derek! Great for the growth of the community.

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys JonesAylar önce

    Sub Dereks channel people! Lets get him the recognition he deserves... Such a knowledgeable guy, humble and loves his craft. 💪💪

  • finnsk3
    finnsk3Aylar önce

    Wow, Derek is an amazing teacher. I have been arm wrestling for 2 years but there isn't anyone in my state with any experience so this has been a good learning experience for me.

  • Kris Holst
    Kris HolstAylar önce

    Holy shit this hour of video went over soo fast!

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal KhanAylar önce

    Last video was deleted I guess

  • ODN


    Aylar önce

    yes but why. wanted to watch it now :(

  • Mr. Klien
    Mr. KlienAylar önce

    Nice explanation thank you

  • SlickLemons
    SlickLemonsAylar önce

    You never seen Blake Perry before? Man's bigger in every way to Derek ;)

  • Sör James - its a choice
    Sör James - its a choiceAylar önce

    Mr D is awsm great Energy & he knows alot 💪🏽

  • The Kauka
    The KaukaAylar önce

    Derek is an unbelievably great teacher, the way he explains and simplifies everything, damn impressed with that.

  • J W
    J WAylar önce

    What happen to your arm adam? Get healthy quick my friend!

  • Starting Tech
    Starting TechAylar önce

    i know its the dude who beat larry bc of his backwards hat and the gum lol

  • 3WOD
    3WODAylar önce

    Why was the how not to break your arm video deleted?

  • Ne1tu
    Ne1tuAylar önce

    Each armwrestler has a different masters degree and it's so epic listening to all their different twists to the sport.

  • Tangata Tuitupou
    Tangata TuitupouAylar önce

    Yes!! Let’s go!!

  • I am nice
    I am niceAylar önce

    can we get Travis Bagent in Dubai??

  • Christopher Leyva
    Christopher LeyvaAylar önce

    I think 🤔 Derek explained very well detail but in the process he overwhelmed larry with so many technicality and points of teacher so far michael Todd ...

  • GilPaulbert


    Aylar önce

    Disagree, Michael is very specialized because of his injuries, I feel like he can't show basics as good as others can.