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  • Rob Nerland
    Rob Nerland20 saatler önce

    this is awesome, love the way larry educates and talks, it reminds me of Mike O Hearn, lots of positivity and constuctiveness while teaching the whole time

  • juan pena
    juan penaGün önce

    Ronnie could out squat anyone on the planet at one time .

  • Jacob Wood
    Jacob Wood2 gün önce

    Larry’s legs are thin but mighty.

  • paul
    paul3 gün önce

    Hahaha. “A lot of food, and a lot of heavy weights.” - and a lot of steroids!

  • Pat G
    Pat G4 gün önce

    Holy chit man. This guy is double the size of Larry. He is a hulk. Massive tree trunk body with a head. Reminds me of the bodybuilder Tom Platz. I bet this guy could carry a car on his back and run a race.

  • Juana Swanepoel
    Juana Swanepoel4 gün önce

    @26:58 there was atleast 2 more reps 💪

  • Deerbra
    Deerbra5 gün önce

    "a lot of food and a lot of heavy weights" stop the cap

  • David Cuevas
    David Cuevas6 gün önce

    Next pr athlete? 🤔

  • Grapo
    Grapo6 gün önce

    What an awesome guy the bodybuilder. Fantastic mentality and giving his 100%. I’m a fan of his approach you can tell he’s constantly learning. Hope to see home on stage!

  • Ethan Mason
    Ethan Mason7 gün önce

    Larry looking RIDICULOUS as ALWAYS Buuuuuutttt, its clear current larry is Near Natty compared to 2020 larry, much healthier tho must I add

  • CyaKyle
    CyaKyle8 gün önce

    Larry should be casted as Dwayne rock Johnson in a movie about Dwaynes life.

  • Claudio Bernardi
    Claudio Bernardi9 gün önce

    Whats they sniff before squat?

  • TortillasAreNotBiceps
    TortillasAreNotBiceps10 gün önce

    This dude is HUGE. The biggest legs I've ever seen in person was Paul (Quadzilla) DeMayo. He had massive legs. This dude's legs look bigger.

  • Wilford Brimley
    Wilford Brimley10 gün önce

    16:22 *laughs in Kern*

  • Audi 1
    Audi 110 gün önce

    Larry do arm wrestling workouts its super key. I was shocked no one showed you them in your last vid. You will accel huge if you start.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 110 gün önce

    Do a film with the old boys nick kieger and black tom cruise . You had cool films that inspired me ten yrs ago with kieger strength and coach gaglione.

  • RoyalCaoCao
    RoyalCaoCao10 gün önce

    Can we have this dude on few more workout videos?

  • SteaksNotCakes
    SteaksNotCakes10 gün önce

    doing drop sets is not power lifting larry. You know this so this is pure click bait. And after what happend to ryan this is not on man. sad act

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo10 gün önce

    The first guy is jacked

  • Xenres Leow
    Xenres Leow11 gün önce

    that was a pair of aft horse legs

  • Goratch the mule
    Goratch the mule11 gün önce

    This dude actually makes Larry look slim

  • Brian Sharp
    Brian Sharp11 gün önce

    Does Larry always look out of breath now? Should we be worried?

  • Joshua Shurtleff
    Joshua Shurtleff11 gün önce

    What a good vibe for a lifting video. Just a couple mellow guys casually chatting and lifting twice what I ever could....

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson11 gün önce

    Larry definitely has that very rare human gene! He's stronger than everyone he is bigger than and stronger than 90% of those that are bigger than him. It's scientifically mind-boggling!

  • Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson

    7 gün önce

    Also, for arguments sake, I was simply implying that Larry may have denser muscles, which is a human characteristic that isn't far fetched or made up. The disparity of the density of muscles between many peoples can be great!

  • Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson

    7 gün önce

    @xavier Magnate That isn't even close to what I was implying Mr. eristic! Read about the "hercules gene"! Not a super human, but a rarity found in humans!

  • xavier Magnate

    xavier Magnate

    8 gün önce

    There is no rare human genotyical expression that has an affinity for a superior physicsl human disposition. It's recapitulating successful training formats, a deep mental desire and drugs. There will always be slight variances but there are no super humans.

  • Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson

    8 gün önce

    @xavier Magnate If you're going to argue the point, at least give something thoughtful that's not vague as hell!

  • xavier Magnate

    xavier Magnate

    8 gün önce


  • Vinnie DeLuca
    Vinnie DeLuca11 gün önce

    Now this is a prime example of to big, no girl would be attracted to that much muscle

  • JAV3 DLC
    JAV3 DLC12 gün önce

    this guys legs are FUCKING MASSIVE

  • michael fuentes
    michael fuentes12 gün önce

    i know this probably has been said but carlos reminds me of body builder and power lifter johnnie jackson........He was big but had huge power.

  • JK Bonez
    JK Bonez12 gün önce

    low bar helped me up my squat a lot.... thanks Larry

  • Pablo Herbman
    Pablo Herbman12 gün önce

    You can't be this big and have bicep veins , hope this guy isn't claiming natty

  • Pablo Herbman
    Pablo Herbman12 gün önce

    1:23 and a focking pharmacy worth of PEDs yes

  • Pablo Herbman
    Pablo Herbman12 gün önce

    1:09 Jesus Christ on a pony . 100 focking pounds in 3 years

  • TheRealTruman
    TheRealTruman12 gün önce

    Larry even be teaching when the man he’s talking to is double his size lol.

  • Mike Hammer
    Mike Hammer12 gün önce

    Larry! You’re looking healthy? What are you weighing ?

  • Carter The Savage
    Carter The Savage12 gün önce

    carlos never skip leg day

  • steve smith
    steve smith12 gün önce

    I didn't know Larry was from the bronx. I'm from Brooklyn.

  • Trill Billy
    Trill Billy13 gün önce

    On those leg extensions, dudes quad lookin like it growin another quad on top itself

  • Amir M
    Amir M13 gün önce

    me getting home my dog behind the door: 29:38

  • clubadi
    clubadi13 gün önce

    Would it be possible to add conversions to kgs and cms also from the discussions? Just a quick text to somewhere on the screen. Would help a lot! For example ”adds at least 50 pounds” -> had to pause and calculate. Appriciated! Great vid

  • le kiet
    le kiet13 gün önce

    tập nặng chưa chắc tốt nhất :)) điển hình là sự khác biệt của cặp đùi

  • Fredrik Strand
    Fredrik Strand13 gün önce


  • Dwight
    Dwight13 gün önce

    These guys are freakishly strong

  • strongsick286
    strongsick28613 gün önce

    dude has some of the biggest leg I ever seen

  • Anabolic Nerd
    Anabolic Nerd13 gün önce

    Just used this clip to go through my squat workout 🤘🏻

  • Eddie Lim
    Eddie Lim13 gün önce

    Holy quads batman!

  • adrialm_58
    adrialm_5813 gün önce

    Carlos has more esteroids than Carlos

  • AloneNo More
    AloneNo More13 gün önce

    Y they staring at one another like that fucking relax stupid asf make money

  • hume1234561
    hume123456113 gün önce

    These men are like walking encyclopedias when discussing the anatomy.

  • Fitness Quest
    Fitness Quest13 gün önce

    beast mode on

  • Jeffrey Thompson - DNR
    Jeffrey Thompson - DNR13 gün önce

    Shit, not even the top power lifter in any class now. But got rich. Jamal will kick his ass

  • Nick Van Tinteren
    Nick Van Tinteren13 gün önce

    Dude loves nurling

  • Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC
    Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC13 gün önce


  • Dr. Daddy
    Dr. Daddy13 gün önce

    Larry looks small standing next to this guy😢😢😢

  • Steven Corry
    Steven Corry13 gün önce

    And I think he has a secret

  • Steven Corry
    Steven Corry13 gün önce

    Larry's fucked ....... he's not handling it

  • REDA Rashwan
    REDA Rashwan14 gün önce

    alot of food and alot of training and lot of heavy weights.. lol.. seems something missing man??.. lol..

  • Rich Dillinger DBM-MUSIC
    Rich Dillinger DBM-MUSIC14 gün önce

    27:11 🤣🤣🤣 Larry Lost respect for him.

  • Dashawn7020
    Dashawn702014 gün önce

    Go in the bucket. Anything else is uncivilized

  • Thomas Gerszewski
    Thomas Gerszewski14 gün önce

    Carlos Thomas kinda reminds me of Johnnie Jackson. Like big bodybuilder. Yet strong as fuck.

  • Kevin Riley
    Kevin Riley14 gün önce

    Carlton got swole

  • Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong
    Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong14 gün önce

    Maybe after gaining 100 lbs of muscle due to food and lifting heavy he needs to sleeves for support not because they help him...

  • purifiedworks
    purifiedworks14 gün önce

    so, do you inject before or after the workout ?

  • AZ
    AZ14 gün önce

    Larry.I am sure u train your calves, but it is so small if we have to compare to all of your body part.Can u train them harder ,and bring up these calves to normal level?

  • Rory Douglas
    Rory Douglas14 gün önce

    11:08 Hi Coach Ray lol

  • Wuzzle Wuz
    Wuzzle Wuz14 gün önce

    A lot of steroids 😬🤣

  • wildcard749
    wildcard74914 gün önce

    larrys a fuckin monster

  • Bob Bond
    Bob Bond14 gün önce

    Without sounding to critical, Larry may be very strong but seems to lack in cardio endurance. He needs longer periods of rest.

  • Cacaseshid pom
    Cacaseshid pom14 gün önce

    I bit this guy is stronger than larry .

  • J. Sign
    J. Sign14 gün önce

    looks like larry wheels got dwarfed

  • Hugh Graham
    Hugh Graham14 gün önce

    3 heads could fit in that...and i mean human heads

  • PoundfoPound Rodriguez
    PoundfoPound Rodriguez14 gün önce

    Looks like MJD’s bigger brother 😂

  • DavidR Dixson
    DavidR Dixson14 gün önce

    Larry you being the beast your are being too lean can cost you cause you dnt have that extra mass that cushion those joints so be careful my dude I dnt want see you out of commission over something simple. Much respect for you bringing other people to shine just as well as you do each video salute bruh 😎 1000 wow

  • Kal Ruggs
    Kal Ruggs14 gün önce

    I have never seen anyone wrap a knee to the inside

  • jackcakeblack
    jackcakeblack14 gün önce

    Larry he makes you look small in Arms Legs,and chest!

  • Peanut
    Peanut14 gün önce

    The hairstyle fits u man.

  • Zakariya Wyatt
    Zakariya Wyatt14 gün önce

    Last time you tried making a bodybuilder do powerlifting things it didn't go too well...

  • omg ynay
    omg ynay14 gün önce

    Ronnie legs were 36 not 33inch lol

  • Remrem007
    Remrem00714 gün önce

    Drop set super set. Dom would be proud

  • Dial Freight
    Dial Freight15 gün önce

    My brother legs are out of control wow keep up the hard work 💪

  • ilyas namozov
    ilyas namozov15 gün önce

    The Carlos leg training remained me a Tom Platz. I think he got inspiration from Tom's training style. A lot of respect for both!

  • J J
    J J15 gün önce

    That bodybuilder is strong as fuck

  • Don Sells
    Don Sells15 gün önce

    that was great wow i just did what 295 in squat other day 3 reps working my weight up on the squat slow pace.

  • Mark
    Mark15 gün önce

    Whatever his gear routine is and dosages I need to know, he’s my height so maybe I can achieve his physique to a certain extent

  • Anthony Bourdes
    Anthony Bourdes15 gün önce

    Bro, this man is huuuuge 😆. Larry looks tiny next to him xD

  • T H E K I T P L U G
    T H E K I T P L U G15 gün önce

    5:30 Larry's right forearm looks much larger. I guess he is going hard with the arm wrestling training.

  • Khaled Al-zaheri

    Khaled Al-zaheri

    9 gün önce

    the camera just expands things a lil more at the side

  • No Name Found

    No Name Found

    10 gün önce

    Only fans going hard.

  • Pablo Herbman

    Pablo Herbman

    12 gün önce

    @Mattstack 911 lfmao was just about to say

  • ThunderAly


    13 gün önce

    Btw when is the arm wrestling

  • DeityGaming


    15 gün önce

    @Mattstack 911 LOL

  • Andria Apakidze
    Andria Apakidze15 gün önce

    he forgot to mention a lot of capri-sun juice 1:14

  • Seamus Richardson
    Seamus Richardson15 gün önce

    This really felt like two bros hangin out. Sometimes you took the lead and sometimes he did.

  • Gym Rat
    Gym Rat15 gün önce

    This is a great bodybuilding channel- no petty gossip, no skits, no BS. Straight business and factual information. I’ve learned so much here, I hit that bell thank you!! 👊💪

  • we know his voice
    we know his voice15 gün önce

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  • Big Raffo
    Big Raffo15 gün önce

    Them quads are massive the guy is a different level. Both seem like genuine guys. He's a waking tree trunk.

  • robbe bruers
    robbe bruers15 gün önce

    Larry looks like a teenage boy next to this Guy

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee15 gün önce

    His leg size is the same as a normal dudes waist lol thats crazy

  • Hugo D
    Hugo D15 gün önce

    Larry: Cant believe you gained a 100lbs in 3 years Armguy: A lotta food, a lotta training Me: Jokeman 🤣🤡 lotta roids

  • Handstand Push ups World Record
    Handstand Push ups World Record15 gün önce

    larry looks 5 years yunger withhair

  • buttaman33
    buttaman3315 gün önce

    This dude muscle is so dense. Thickness. How do you get the body to that point.

  • Jonathan abraham
    Jonathan abraham15 gün önce


  • Koen Tromp
    Koen Tromp15 gün önce

    Aaaaaaand a lot of juice

  • presto1
    presto115 gün önce

    his arms bigger than his head dang son

  • ChroniclesofAB
    ChroniclesofAB15 gün önce

    larry looks 100% natty next to this guy

  • thomas hall
    thomas hall15 gün önce

    Should the bar height have been lower for him? Maybe couple inches?

  • Midhun Ms
    Midhun Ms15 gün önce

    Larry has a chicken legs🤣