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Larry Wheels: larrywheels


  • Papa Nabri
    Papa Nabri7 gün önce

    Btc 😥

  • Norz Power
    Norz Power11 gün önce

    Do the Showdown Meet or US Open 🥺

  • Kilo Foxtrot
    Kilo Foxtrot16 gün önce

    Morning paper Larry! =(

  • Dylan Gonzalez
    Dylan Gonzalez18 gün önce

    feel better champ

  • Alex Fuller
    Alex Fuller20 gün önce

    and the roids are way cheaper and the police are not trying to nail me for possession 🤣

  • Frank DeGennaro
    Frank DeGennaro20 gün önce

    Love you, God bless (the God of your understanding)you don't owe us a explanation , but thank you. Only hold the love from comments, let negotiate things go. Take your time and get your head right 💪

  • heavyhitter265
    heavyhitter26521 gün önce

    You're in Dubai for the drugs and the ease of access to them.

  • UN-common Sense AUS
    UN-common Sense AUS22 gün önce


  • Wille Valle
    Wille Valle22 gün önce

    what happened to your girle?

  • notinterested
    notinterested23 gün önce

    DEATH PENALTY for drugs.

  • Shoaib Anwar
    Shoaib Anwar24 gün önce

    But Larry, what happened to your relationship with Nicole?

  • Matthew Cascioli
    Matthew Cascioli26 gün önce

    Sorry for your loss Larry. I missed you ar Eric's when you were arm wrestling in NY.

  • Lifting with Grandpa Charlie
    Lifting with Grandpa Charlie26 gün önce

    NYC has Fallen. I grew up there. I wouldn't go back if you paid me. Dubai looks beautiful. Relatives have gone there and say it's amazing. Most of my friends have past on. I've learned not to dwell on it. One of these days I'll be checking out too. So live it.

  • D Mars
    D Mars27 gün önce

    Jesus loves you❤️

  • Phil Lasalle
    Phil Lasalle27 gün önce

    See btc in couples of videos.... Miss him like he was my brother...r.i.p big boy.

  • TheClots
    TheClots28 gün önce

    I'm glad you are back where you want to be, hope things get better for you lets go Larry we are with you

  • Landon Arnold
    Landon Arnold28 gün önce

    Be strong Larry, love

  • xflex 253
    xflex 25328 gün önce

    Morning Paper RIP BTC 👑

  • Theorcman2008
    Theorcman200829 gün önce

    Dubai is NOT a free country. You are making a mistake.

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez29 gün önce

    Did you break up with Nicole?

  • Edgar Bolden
    Edgar BoldenAylar önce

    POWA the great words from BTC

  • Main Street Customs 33513
    Main Street Customs 33513Aylar önce

    We love you Larry us true fans know you’re going through a lot .. Unbelievably hard to lose some one you are close to Whether it’s a Father’s Brother Mother’s or friend It’s life-changing it takes a piece of your heart and soul

  • Irving Brown
    Irving BrownAylar önce

    The for sharing Larry! I just lost my first cousin and it hit me hard! Things like that can take you to a dark place. I completely understand you going back to your happy place!! No one benefits from being in a depressed state of mind! I know for me I decided to start working on myself and getting healthy and keep my mind busy doing what I can to be around and do for my family. Thanks again for sharing and sorry for the loss of your friend, we all do mourn different! Glad you got back to what works for you! Take care man and stay safe and healthy.

  • Simon Langston
    Simon LangstonAylar önce

    You moved to Dubia for cheap and easy attainable steroids my man, anything else you say is a lie

  • V TG
    V TGAylar önce

    rip btc

  • P A L A
    P A L AAylar önce

    dubai worst place in world

  • /\/0oBFIgHTer
    /\/0oBFIgHTerAylar önce

    You a bunch of bad luck , everybody gets hurt around you lately SMH.

  • Carlo Joker
    Carlo JokerAylar önce

    Larry how big is your shoulder + chest upper body size 🔄 in inch?

  • Rob Marsh
    Rob MarshAylar önce

    RIP OTIS sorry could not find any info on your home going. From grey to blue we stay true.

  • hm hm
    hm hmAylar önce

    rip BTC one of the most goated people in existence

  • killa kane
    killa kaneAylar önce


  • Dteaa54
    Dteaa54Aylar önce

    Feels all to familiar, time brotha, time. Do you just don't get lost in your thoughts.

  • Michael Chavez
    Michael ChavezAylar önce

    This loss will make you stronger as a person. Man you were a great friend from what ive seen. I couldnt imagine the loss youve gone through, man best wishes to you 🙏🏼

  • Orouborus
    OrouborusAylar önce


  • s13coupekilla
    s13coupekillaAylar önce

    Do whats best for you Larry. I am on year two after losing my dad and mom last year with in a month of each other.

  • Jack of All Trades
    Jack of All TradesAylar önce

    Sorry for your loss man

  • Sofia Ramos
    Sofia RamosAylar önce

    Buen trabajo lic

  • TheSunMoon
    TheSunMoonAylar önce

    BTC, John Meadows.. RIP

  • Dr. Crypto
    Dr. CryptoAylar önce

    Omg the sadness 😥in Larry's voice . Man those are some brothers not friends . Rip btc

  • Joe Kelly IV
    Joe Kelly IVAylar önce

    BTC saw the talent in you bro. Prayers to his family and you dawg.

  • amb3r
    amb3rAylar önce

    I'm sorry for your loss man. First BTC and then mountaindog. This year is not the year.

  • K Hans
    K HansAylar önce

    Your face lights up when you talk about your fallen brother. That's love. That's loyalty. It's rare to find these days. Sorry he isn't physically here but I absolutely respect you carrying his legacy forward for the world to know.

  • Armando Spidero
    Armando SpideroAylar önce

    I miss BTC.

  • o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o
    o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0oAylar önce

    The real reason why larry wheels back to dubai cuz he miss nicole red vagania

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew LynchAylar önce

    I'm Dubai they have to truck the sewage out of the city. Because installing sewage systems would have been too expensive and they couldn't afford to finish the "big Khalifa". lol

    BASS NINJAAylar önce

    Sorry about your loss. I actually lost my best friend in April to a motorcycle accident. We grew up together he was my closest friend. He did 5 years in prison for drugs, and i missed him like crazy i couldn't wait for him to get out. He bought a crotch rocket right when he got out and died a month later.. 32 years old😔

  • Love
    LoveAylar önce

    I’m so sorry Larry…my condolences ✨🌻

  • Murphy Blogs
    Murphy BlogsAylar önce

    DEATH will take us all someday 🤷‍♂️.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie RichAylar önce

    Covid restrictions and mandatory vaccine in New York City had nothing to do with moving back??

  • stretcharmstrong uk
    stretcharmstrong ukAylar önce

    Shit how did he die

  • Kobinals
    KobinalsAylar önce


  • safmaze
    safmazeAylar önce

    Inna lillahi wa in lillayhi rajioon. "Verily we belong to Allah and verily to Him do we return."

  • hk5hk5
    hk5hk5Aylar önce

    Larry you should buy a property in Dubai for your future with your family to stay with us in Dubai 😁

  • Smooth Eadie
    Smooth EadieAylar önce

    Thanks for telling your truth about your true friend, best of luck to you moving forward 👍🏿

  • Yg Bodybuilder
    Yg BodybuilderAylar önce

    The HGH is changing your head shape

  • Ocell White
    Ocell WhiteAylar önce

    Love Dubai no disrespect

  • Korban Dallas
    Korban DallasAylar önce

    Good for you man, I just read that in Dubai they send up drones that send out some sort of electrical current and can form rain clouds and cool the ground. You see that shit?

  • Gosheto Dimov
    Gosheto DimovAylar önce

    May God Bless Otis Perkins Soul, And May His Family Be Blessed, Amen☦️❤️✝️

  • Gosheto Dimov
    Gosheto DimovAylar önce

    May God Bless You And Your Family, Amen☦️❤️✝️

  • littlethuggie
    littlethuggieAylar önce

    No idea why anyone would want to live in Dubai. It's awesome if you like useless flashy shit and don't like freedom of any kind.

  • Top Ebenezer
    Top EbenezerAylar önce


  • Nadim Musa
    Nadim MusaAylar önce

    Real Talk 💯

  • Michael Mejia
    Michael MejiaAylar önce

    Yooo.. this man has got big stones to talk about training and his man's death. With out choking up.. im in a good place with my training and right now there is no room for softness. When I see Larry talk like this I agree, keep working baby. Plus BTC died and it's been a small minute, I'm sure Larry had to cry out 2.5lbs plates every now and then.

  • Elzy Official
    Elzy OfficialAylar önce

    You should create your own powerlifting meet and name it after BTC

  • Storm Walton
    Storm WaltonAylar önce

    I don’t blame him because America is trash these day’s with to much negativity. R.I.P to black Tom cruise. And props to Larry Wheels for being a great friend. God Bless you and Otis bro.💯🙏🏾

  • megamma4life
    megamma4lifeAylar önce

    Sorry for your loss Larry we are thinking about you and btc

  • JohnFisherChoir
    JohnFisherChoirAylar önce

    Is he still together with Nicole?

  • Boost Kicks
    Boost KicksAylar önce

    Your so awkward when you talk

  • Matt Davies
    Matt DaviesAylar önce

    Such a sad loss to the industry. RIP. Larry you’re on that path and I hope you’re prepared to deal with the consequences of what you do

  • zrzavyorm
    zrzavyormAylar önce

    Dubai is a shit dump that manifests everything that is wrong with this world.

  • Ibidiaran III
    Ibidiaran IIIAylar önce

    RIP 🪦 BTC. Powerful man but greater human being. Wishing Larry and all BTC’s loved ones all the best.

  • Tzar Nick
    Tzar NickAylar önce

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Black Tom Cruise died?????? Damn im saltyyy

  • Thor Cleavelandson
    Thor CleavelandsonAylar önce

    Jesus Larry, you’re only 25 years old and you have the soul of a 50 year old. Stay strong 💪🏼 I support you !

  • Bridgeforth Solutions
    Bridgeforth SolutionsAylar önce

    Larry take some time for you. BTC knows your heart. The message for you is to keep striving. Arm wrestling is your thing and makes you happy. Remember the message from his family to you and keep going. Don’t put to much stress on yourself. You can carry the world 🌎 on your shoulder. Just do what you can. ✌️ peace.

  • B’s 12 WRB Limited STI
    B’s 12 WRB Limited STIAylar önce

    WTF BTC passed 😢 my condolences to all friends and family!

  • Jason Blueblah
    Jason BlueblahAylar önce

    Are you learning Arabic or most people speak English there?

  • EVIL QTip
    EVIL QTipAylar önce

    THE ROCKET LARRY WHEELS !!! GOOD FOR YOU BE WHERE YOU ARE HAPPY... NY is way cooler..... DUBAI is baking hot..

  • kainoizking
    kainoizkingAylar önce

    We want the break up story!

  • Shawn Dayvis
    Shawn DayvisAylar önce

    Do you !!!!

  • Emmanuel Bahena
    Emmanuel BahenaAylar önce


  • Egor Vrokos
    Egor VrokosAylar önce


  • Corey Lambrecht
    Corey LambrechtAylar önce

    New York has become a communist state so we definitely understand why you and thousands of others are leaving.

  • Home Gym Hero's
    Home Gym Hero'sAylar önce

    Kinda wierd

    RKMC_MINDLESS _Aylar önce

    Imma miss him man😪

  • raptorgod77
    raptorgod77Aylar önce

    What really he was so close to collab with btc again damnnn that guys a legend nobody’s gonna forget that guy wished I met him in person was in my bucket list

  • Aaron Lo
    Aaron LoAylar önce

    Miss the old gang. Only know about Larry from nick gieger and btc

  • Marcos Soto
    Marcos SotoAylar önce

    My condolences Larry kee up the good context and work.

  • Klyde D
    Klyde DAylar önce

    Also easier access to juice.

  • Clifford Harrington
    Clifford HarringtonAylar önce

    Is Larry still with Nicole Drinkwater?

  • Uriel Aguiñaga
    Uriel AguiñagaAylar önce

    More like: why do I like to get attention.

  • Young Kwak
    Young KwakAylar önce

    Steroids kill you in the next 10 - 20 years all of these youtube juice fitnesd people are going to have massive complications from over eating and.enlarged orgams

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anmlAylar önce

    God sent you to NYC bro, he knew BTC was getting his passport to the better side. Head up, big dawg.

  • Zain Mughal
    Zain MughalAylar önce

    Love you too 💕 ustad g Kesy g thk ha jnab kesy ha Bhai

  • Collins O'Connor
    Collins O'ConnorAylar önce

    You mean, that close friend you lost to STEROID use?

  • Your Mothers favourite
    Your Mothers favouriteAylar önce

    Rip btc the goat

  • J Sutton
    J SuttonAylar önce

    You will be missed B.T.C !!!!

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Aylar önce

    easyer to get gears in dubai

  • oil bum
    oil bumAylar önce

    Come out the closet already

  • Alex Tabares
    Alex TabaresAylar önce

    I always shout "Power" like BTC to my friend when we lift, I'm gonna miss seeing him on videos

  • Mark Pereira
    Mark PereiraAylar önce

    Why anyone would talk in a disrespectful tone after such a serious topic makes no sense. That shouldn't be the way it is online fuck you no good trolls that have nothing better to do than to talk shit. My prayers go out to you to stay positive and do you brother. That's all that matters. How you deal and continue to remember nothing but all the loving memories you have of black Tom Cruise.

  • BMW S1000RR
    BMW S1000RRAylar önce

    For BTCs legacy 🙏