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  • hipalbatross420
    hipalbatross4206 saatler önce

    Cool video, just missing devon laratt

  • corey hamby
    corey hamby8 saatler önce

    If anyone is curious the 3.5 rated captain of crush grip is about 322.5 lbs of pull according to their website. Which is just insane.

  • Tbh I still don’t know a name for this lol
    Tbh I still don’t know a name for this lol11 saatler önce

    This is literally the difference between dad, Son, Uncle, and grandpa and also why am I seeing this, this only active thing I do is get up from bed

  • richard valentine
    richard valentine18 saatler önce

    He didn't put strongman in there for a reason lol.

  • Richard 77
    Richard 77Gün önce

    Does that dude not realise that if you close the grip slowly it won't fucking click

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick StarGün önce

    Omg the bodybuilder put chalk on for the number 1😂 I bet bro snorts chalk before a breathing exercise


    His voice sounds so humbling

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn NicholsGün önce

    Where was Devon??? Ya

  • Chris the cook
    Chris the cookGün önce

    Polish people are fantastic!

  • That Guy
    That GuyGün önce

    man they all look sauced

  • the cosmic one
    the cosmic oneGün önce

    Meanwhile me going to the grocery store twice to carry out 10kg load

  • Niels Kinget
    Niels KingetGün önce

    17:12 got me lil scared 😳

  • bxrys
    bxrysGün önce

    Polska za granicą!

  • Michał Bartnik
    Michał BartnikGün önce

    19:55 zegnij nadgarstek like this. Słodkie, ale rozumiem i często się to zdarza. I like this ;) AJ wymiata. Nie bez podstawy mówi się o sile kalisteniki.

  • Aaaa Aaaa
    Aaaa AaaaGün önce

    A lot of steroids.

  • CrashJackExtreme
    CrashJackExtremeGün önce

    KFD górą

  • CrashJackExtreme
    CrashJackExtremeGün önce

    AJ American polish. Tomek zabetonowany xd

  • Kevin Morin
    Kevin MorinGün önce

    Captains crush 3.5 is 322.5 lbs of pressure to close

  • kalle n
    kalle nGün önce

    all of them bitches execpt larry

  • Κώστας Ψωμιάδης
    Κώστας ΨωμιάδηςGün önce

    the best powerlifter against amateurs

  • I am Legend
    I am Legend2 gün önce

    U sometimes sound like the rock (Dwayne Johnson)

  • BuzzAkerlund
    BuzzAkerlund2 gün önce

    This was just Larry crushing a bunch of foreigners

  • Sock Cult
    Sock Cult2 gün önce

    A very high concentration of roids

  • ThanosWasRight
    ThanosWasRight2 gün önce

    Cool video, but hand size is super important when doing movements like these. Larry should have gotten lifters from each discipline that were the same height and hand size as him. That's why the calisthenics guy did so well and the bodybuilders didn't. Each guy was very strong in their own right, but at a slight disadvantage compared to Larry

  • Isaac MacKinnon
    Isaac MacKinnon2 gün önce

    ok so does anyone have the condensed version? what conclusions were drawn, like from strongest to weakest

  • MichaF
    MichaF2 gün önce

    Ooh, wiedziałem, że to polacy, tak coś mi sie wydawało że słyszałem coś po polsku i to prawda hehe

  • Jason Kerr
    Jason Kerr2 gün önce

    Where's the rock climber?

  • Scotch_ OnRocks
    Scotch_ OnRocks2 gün önce

    Guy in blue tank, 2.5 scoot up in hand for leverage and he probably would've had 2.5

  • Stranger
    Stranger2 gün önce

    2:13 sorry that just looks like torture equipment

  • Destiny 2 The fan
    Destiny 2 The fan2 gün önce

    It’s a bone in his arm that our ancestors used to climb

  • MJ
    MJ2 gün önce

    Alternate title : A powerlifter invites a bodybuilder, calisthenic athlete and an arm wrestler to MOG them infront of the camera.

  • Sporaticz
    Sporaticz2 gün önce

    Just shows how strong your arms and grip gets from calisthenics

  • teja ash
    teja ash2 gün önce

    That dude looks ( a bit ) and sounds like "Dwayne the Rock Johnson"

  • Galaxy of Tech
    Galaxy of Tech2 gün önce

    Larry is so humble person

  • Sandip Daw
    Sandip Daw3 gün önce

    Mike's having a shity day

  • Nyok
    Nyok3 gün önce

    Calisthenics just different ngl

  • Wannes Debruyne
    Wannes Debruyne3 gün önce

    ...Walk into a gym... SIPPIN' ON THE CAPRI-SUN! lol

  • James Gray
    James Gray3 gün önce

    god i hate being skinny and tall as fuck ="( would rather be short and stocky luke a dwarf. bitches loves dwarves. (the gimli kind not an actual dwarf)

  • Animekun17
    Animekun173 gün önce

    The correct answer is the mechanic

  • npaprika1
    npaprika13 gün önce

    Larry has strangely large biceps for a powerlifter

  • White T- Poison
    White T- Poison3 gün önce

    They must be doing face pulls to be thst strong.

  • Corey Lamb
    Corey Lamb3 gün önce

    Wait...WHO is the bodybuilder again? lol

  • HD8
    HD83 gün önce

    This is just shameful!

  • Giovanni S
    Giovanni S3 gün önce

    The bodybuilder can do nothing 🤦‍♂️

  • Steve Alameko
    Steve Alameko3 gün önce

    More like 4 steroid users walk into a gym imo

    AMEYA SHETYE3 gün önce

    Larry should include climbers like magnus mitbo for such kind of grip strength videos and compare against them

  • DoNotSpeak H
    DoNotSpeak H4 gün önce

    Am I the only one who would turn the squeeze tool the other way around to get the force applied on it?

  • Vegan Vegeta
    Vegan Vegeta4 gün önce

    Larry got that thanos laugh

  • Brian Newsome
    Brian Newsome4 gün önce

    I think a powerlifter will have the strongest grip strength😎😎💪💪

  • Tucker Niemi
    Tucker Niemi4 gün önce

    Get a heavyweight wrestler in there

  • johan jimenez
    johan jimenez4 gün önce

    4:00 wait that's not normal? I have the same thing.

  • Gabe M
    Gabe M4 gün önce

    “calisthenics guy” yea right

  • Martin Allan
    Martin Allan4 gün önce

    Bjørn Dunkerbeck would beat them all ‼️ His underarms are like logs..

  • My comment is invalid but
    My comment is invalid but4 gün önce

    Calisthenics and Larry wheels bigger than the body builder

  • OSGamer
    OSGamer4 gün önce

    ik larry paid an annoying camera man

  • OSGamer
    OSGamer4 gün önce

    was this video gettin headed or was that just me, i bet these guys had a fued off camera after this, larry respond if im right

  • Spencer Thompson
    Spencer Thompson4 gün önce

    I feel bad for the bodybuilder. He's like a farm chicken😅 big and buff but no stamina and power.

  • Noah
    Noah4 gün önce

    Leonidas would crush this

  • Trevor Risley
    Trevor Risley5 gün önce

    Arm wrassler has an oversized ‘palmaris longus’ muscle, which most people don’t even have anymore! As in, quite literally, we are evolving away from being born with this muscle.😳

  • MRTundraGuy
    MRTundraGuy5 gün önce

    I have that same weird muscle/tendon thing in the wrist/forearm as the arm wrestler. Freaked a guy out when he noticed it. I always thought everyone had it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Pondjumper1
    Pondjumper15 gün önce

    Mark Felix.... ‘nuff said!

  • Matt
    Matt5 gün önce

    For the CoC gripper, the coil has a straight side and a curved side, you want the straight side on your palm. Everyone had it backwards haha

  • fokion20
    fokion205 gün önce

    1.99 m is 6’6

  • Andrei Flore
    Andrei Flore5 gün önce

    Houston Jones is the strongest!!!


    *This guys are big Motivation for others in fitness field ! 🔥*

  • Nicolas Duguay
    Nicolas Duguay5 gün önce

    I would so much love to see Yves Gravelle crush you all guys

  • O Lakz
    O Lakz5 gün önce

    11:11 BegMAK

  • ahmad wex
    ahmad wex5 gün önce


  • aurelio vargas
    aurelio vargas6 gün önce

    There arms look fake

  • Paul John Agustin
    Paul John Agustin6 gün önce

    Thats a calisthenic guy? He a gymnast right?

  • William Adams
    William Adams6 gün önce

    I just stopped by too point out. That is NOT a powerlifter. Thanks.

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma6 gün önce

    if he's 199cm he's 6'6'' lol 23:04

  • Blake
    Blake6 gün önce

    No surprise that the bodybuilder has the weakest grip

  • Different Makes
    Different Makes6 gün önce

    Dude 😂the way they got mad not being able to grip it right

  • Live A Body Building Healthy Life with Endri
    Live A Body Building Healthy Life with Endri6 gün önce

    He is 2 metters men, for him is more easy than a shorter guy to pull that

  • Trap or Doom
    Trap or Doom6 gün önce

    Lmfaooo dude cheated and he said “told you he’s half American” 😂😂

  • K Paone
    K Paone6 gün önce

    If someone taught Larry how to set a gripper hed close the 3.5

  • ya boii
    ya boii6 gün önce

    Thumbnail shows the "calisthenics" guy holding weights lol and Larry without any haha

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart6 gün önce

    not really fair for the guys with smaller hands, that makes a massive difference

  • Gregory_Adam
    Gregory_Adam7 gün önce

    Check out Larry wheels getting smoked by School boy in arm wrestling. Yes, I get there are many variables involved in arm wrestling outside of pure strength but it’s impressive all the same.

  • EveryMinuteAsuckerISborn
    EveryMinuteAsuckerISborn7 gün önce

    It's not pushing or pulling power. The calisthenics guy isn't stronger than the arm wrestler I'm sure. He has bigger palms and longer fingers. Gives leverage

  • at balone
    at balone7 gün önce

    Larry gaming them and telling them were to grip to get the worst mechanical leverage "higher , almost right up against it" @14:05 XD

    HARDIK LOHIA7 gün önce

    That bodybuilder looks like old brother of joe lindner😂😂

  • Dimitar S. Aleksiev
    Dimitar S. Aleksiev7 gün önce

    The callisthenics guy is pretty annoying

  • Tela de Joir
    Tela de Joir7 gün önce

    The guy that shoots the most steroids

  • Drey Dark
    Drey Dark7 gün önce

    3:47 Larry,this is not a deformation on the forearm..I'm 75kg and I have the same structure on my forearm..this is not abnormal..I'm 18cm on my wrists..and I have the exact structure on my forearm..it's just genetics,and strength! ;)

  • JAMin Motors Car Talk
    JAMin Motors Car Talk7 gün önce

    The one on the most juice Larry with good genetics. lol....

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal7 gün önce

    Then Brian Shaw walks in and destroys all of them...

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke47 gün önce


  • Coldinar
    Coldinar7 gün önce

    greetings from Poland/Germany :D

  • 100TOPAZ
    100TOPAZ8 gün önce

    Brian shaw crying laughing

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu8 gün önce


  • John Agudelo
    John Agudelo8 gün önce

    I appreciate y'all showcasing the physique at the end, the moneyshot poses lol gotta do that more often

  • Demetrie Alger
    Demetrie Alger8 gün önce

    Rock climbers

  • Karan Sharma
    Karan Sharma8 gün önce

    Tomek Szewczyk Looks like Brzenk!!!

  • franklin phan
    franklin phan8 gün önce

    It is because the dudes finger is too big

  • Lincoln D'Epagnier
    Lincoln D'Epagnier8 gün önce

    The answer is climber

  • Dab Vacuum
    Dab Vacuum8 gün önce

    that guy pretty humble 199cm is 6foot6 lmao

  • Vegan Space Scientist
    Vegan Space Scientist8 gün önce

    Compare all 4 with a climber next time 😛

    CHROMATIX8 gün önce

    Larry sounds like Vin Diesel!