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  • Obed Guillen
    Obed GuillenAylar önce

    Que Tiempo Llevas Entrenando ¿?

  • Golo Sharma
    Golo SharmaAylar önce

    You are awesome💪💪💪💪💪💪 We always watch your videos , Come again in India

  • 999 Bluey
    999 BlueyAylar önce

    Do u use sarms

  • srt8up4shot
    srt8up4shotAylar önce

    Does Anyone know how to rehab/heal/train this injury??? Not sure if it’s safe to jump back into weights or if tendons and ligaments need to be strengthened ?

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice WarriorAylar önce

    Just as I predicted and commented videos ago and was even mocked by fan clowns!! Larry has been going on non stop for two months now instead of resting a couple of here and there like he should!!! Steroids take away most of the muscle soreness pain and that's why you think you can keep on pushing but your tendons and ligaments need serious rest and recovery!!! And even worse in the case of Larry that has ridiculous heavy training with a freaking torn bicep that has one half attached to his bone!! Peak stupidity

  • Lemo Rey
    Lemo ReyAylar önce

    Hi Larry, just wondering if you do any stretching before your worm ups.

  • MegaErnieMAN
    MegaErnieMANAylar önce

    Damn Larry I freaking love your work! I just started taking workouts seriously I have good genetics and would love to train for 6-8 weeks with you to see what types of newbie gains are possible

  • Michael Rackley
    Michael RackleyAylar önce

    Mike looking HUGE compared to his arrival

  • Milo
    MiloAylar önce

    Where the hell is the tear

  • TabbyTops
    TabbyTopsAylar önce

    Title is weird, Larry didn't even tear his bicep. I think it's a miscommunicated title lmao

  • Deon Jewell
    Deon JewellAylar önce

    Who are these equipment slaves lol. Just nameless people who's job is to load bars and put on Larry's elbow sleeves lmao. Seems a little excessive

  • Eisenbieger1986
    Eisenbieger1986Aylar önce

    Amazing power on the log, but also very much unsed potenzial. Stop the video at 19:50. Ellbows are to low and the handles are parallel to the ground. This way is to much work on the bizeps. Use a 13 mm powerlifting belt, make sure that the handles show towards to the camera a bit more, so that the ellbows are on shoulder height before you clean it. Stick the log tight above the belt and use your hips for the clean. Its like uprolling it. The 13mm belt helps, that the log does not slip down while cleaning. If you do that, the clean will be much easier and you will do more than 200 kg for sure. I really would like to see that. Stay safe Larry

  • Alex Salter
    Alex SalterAylar önce

    I want to see him injure himself, what time??

  • kobe mop
    kobe mopAylar önce

    too much injuries with strongman tbh

  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel RiveraAylar önce

    Micheal to much back that’s why he didn’t make the deadlift

  • Ivan
    IvanAylar önce

    Strongman has been nothing but a trouble for you. This is 2nd time you tear biceps on strongman exercise. Maybe it's time to reconsider your decision to do strongman, maybe your body is not build for it.

  • Mystic Being
    Mystic BeingAylar önce

    Idk why larry is so worried about strongman.

  • Mystic Being
    Mystic BeingAylar önce

    Mike let’s his head defeat him. Did he say he’s never taken drugs? 🙄 actually?

  • game changer
    game changerAylar önce

    Larry work on ur calf muscles plse😭

  • Aslane Emiral
    Aslane EmiralAylar önce

    I miss the powerlifter larry

  • AKüMæ_ JP_
    AKüMæ_ JP_Aylar önce

    21:00 true unless u are devon freakin larrat (freak of nature)

  • J W
    J WAylar önce

    Helvete brossan, leave some in the tank so you dont get injured! Take Care

  • Diabetic Muscle
    Diabetic MuscleAylar önce

    This guy mike couldn’t do 5 plates a week ago now he’s at 5 and a half

  • Josh Y
    Josh YAylar önce

    "don't be filming this" then somehow has minor definition of his abs in his massive torso. This guys abs weight more then I do

  • Unkle Ruckus
    Unkle RuckusAylar önce

    The long head of the biceps acts like a shoulder flexor. Larry should focus on anterior delt work with cables and pulleys incline presses to get this better as opposed to direct biceps work. I feel that Larry damaged it with heavy bench press. There is a video with Eddie Hall and Julius Maddox where they demonstrate new effective rubber band strategies other than your standard rotator cuff.

  • Pöllerössen
    PöllerössenAylar önce

    why the title? you didnt tear anything lol

  • P.klambas Hoojon
    P.klambas HoojonAylar önce

    Look Larry size. And Michael size . I think Larry will beat Michael to hand. But Larry can not beat only one hand or so. This look funny video. Like I look Mr bean video?😂🤣

  • Иван Йорданов
    Иван ЙордановAylar önce


  • Brian Propst
    Brian PropstAylar önce

    I cut way back on deadlifts the older i got, 53 now. They are really hard to recover from. I like to break it up into Romanian deads, rack pulls etc instead of from the floor.

  • FiZO
    FiZOAylar önce

    god dam Larry why is it always sould out the sweet clothes like joggers hoodies on prlifestyle.. ? :( what aboute stocking up for good for once?? It benefits YOU economicly and the customers buying it..

  • Ethan Duff
    Ethan DuffAylar önce

    Ngl this guy needs a reality check, he’s old now he’s not gonna be hitting PRs

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened OneAylar önce

    *What if Levan comes back to train with Larry* 😂

  • victor torres
    victor torresAylar önce

    hey you need to get oleg on here next with his enormous forearm

  • Tate Burkett
    Tate BurkettAylar önce

    Looks like he needs to build his lat strength up.

    NEV ETSAylar önce

    Why cant michael grab the bar evenly?

  • Kyler Nevills
    Kyler NevillsAylar önce

    So where is this injury? Timestamp?

  • Clark G.z
    Clark G.zAylar önce

    Larry PRs in Injuries 🤌💪

  • Adam Hastie
    Adam HastieAylar önce

    Damn Larry..what are you feeding Michael ..looking damn strong Michael..awesome... Think your about to damage yourself Larry..I’m only 2 mins into the clip.. If so..that’s fucked..get better soon buddy..

  • rosu cristian
    rosu cristian2 aylar önce

    Best luck guys, Larry please invite sabin badulescu over there, is gonna be huge

  • Fahed Bendaif
    Fahed Bendaif2 aylar önce

    Larry what do u eat on ur diet and do u eat the same diet food u eat every day or do u switch some foods

  • xerxes A
    xerxes A2 aylar önce

    Bracing technique....interesting af

  • carlos diaz
    carlos diaz2 aylar önce

    You guys ever thought about duking it out in MMA? Its always satisfying seeing Goliaths fight in the ring

  • Helder Cruz
    Helder Cruz2 aylar önce

    larry really needs to train calves more

  • Nam Pham
    Nam Pham2 aylar önce

    Sounded like Michael exhaled as he pulled 545. Made it way harder on himself

  • Fast Code Developer
    Fast Code Developer2 aylar önce

    wish you a fast recovery

  • Darren Buckley
    Darren Buckley2 aylar önce

    Stop training for a bit if you keep getting I jured

  • Tomasz Golebiowski
    Tomasz Golebiowski2 aylar önce

    He probably ignored some little injuries and then something big came 😉 and Larry should listen Michael ,very wise man , what point risk stupid injury and won't be able to train for some time ? He doesn't train to compete ,and Larry is trying hit PR on everything, that's not the way to train for a long time ,and he is only 26 🤔😏

  • Brad Reid
    Brad Reid2 aylar önce

    Larry, do you have a public email address where a PDF file can be sent along to you? I wrote an article on curl records, but also made a connection to deadlifts, and used you (among others) as a proof to a general proposition I was communicating. If so, I'll send it over. Brad Reid

  • Beauty City
    Beauty City2 aylar önce

    195 kg failed. A lesson from this video. If it's failed not to attempt same day if it's not a competition. Better next day try. Today's injury not mentioned in the video ?

  • Beauty City
    Beauty City2 aylar önce

    Larry is inspiration for all young body builders to try heavyweight. Each heavyweight repetition I say Larry wheels Larry wheels

  • Beauty City
    Beauty City2 aylar önce

    Feeling sad to read the it happened.. watching

  • Rich Morgan
    Rich Morgan2 aylar önce

    Would like to see an informational video on how to rehabilitate a torn bicep from a bodybuilders or strongmans point of view. Can you ever get back what you had before the tear or is it doomed to surgery?

  • Sundhary 94
    Sundhary 942 aylar önce

    Larry, you know ADE RAI from indonesia?? I hope you to collabs with ADE RAI sometimes 🙏😇

  • Thomas P
    Thomas P2 aylar önce

    Think wearing more clothes would help you not tear tendons as much Lazza 🤔

  • Eoghan Doheny
    Eoghan Doheny2 aylar önce

    This feels like a sad ending to a brilliant series, hope this isn’t their last collab

  • Kenny Madsen
    Kenny Madsen2 aylar önce

    oh shit larry, you even warned yourself @2.30 :D

  • Antonio Menga
    Antonio Menga2 aylar önce

    Come on Larry, preaching about warming up in cold gyms then proceeding to do 1 rep from an empty log all the way up to 195kg...ayayay

  • Mehrad
    Mehrad2 aylar önce

    I'm glad that Mike is leaving

  • somefobe
    somefobe2 aylar önce

    CLICKBAIT! no torn bicep.

  • Conor Smith
    Conor Smith2 aylar önce

    Quick recovery dude 🙏

  • Jaap van Zevenbergen
    Jaap van Zevenbergen2 aylar önce

    Wtf i dont see the bicep tear in the video?

  • UnequalTemperament
    UnequalTemperament2 aylar önce

    Hope the injury isn't too serious and that you heal quickly and fully, Larry. Best of luck to Michael, too.

  • Armaan Singh
    Armaan Singh2 aylar önce

    Where did the tear happen?

  • Habeev07
    Habeev072 aylar önce

    Jacked Like Larry

  • Smith Hill
    Smith Hill2 aylar önce


  • Armtillery
    Armtillery2 aylar önce

    I’m confused, where is the tear?

  • Seth West
    Seth West2 aylar önce

    Where is this dude from I’m from Arkansas as well and he is crazy strong

  • Dwight in Shruet
    Dwight in Shruet2 aylar önce

    We have a strict curl video tomorrow ,looks-unknowingly at the camera

  • Lucrecia Flores
    Lucrecia Flores2 aylar önce

    U cant gain that much POWER in deadlift please larry tell the TRUTH Michael is on steroids its imposible to gain 606 lb in deadlift in 4 weeks larry is a liar and pathetic

  • chaseryder09
    chaseryder092 aylar önce


  • R.C. Just Me
    R.C. Just Me2 aylar önce

    What time does Larry rip his bicep?

  • segundajuganda
    segundajuganda2 aylar önce

    gonna miss these vids...

  • eStyle
    eStyle2 aylar önce

    why does Larry's laugh remind me of dwane Johnson's laugh

  • Wildrok Productions
    Wildrok Productions2 aylar önce

    Heal up bud.. Monster is a whole new beast. Stay positive guys.

  • Kurliss Dismuke
    Kurliss Dismuke2 aylar önce

    Larry just a reminder, these heavy weights ain’t goin anywhere, but you can. Please be smoove and take ya time and do not rush the process. Too many injuries can prohibit a lot of shit. I do not wanna see you hurt too much and not reach your pinnacle.

  • Verbal Vertigo
    Verbal Vertigo2 aylar önce

    im sorry but where does it tear lol ?

  • T Pp
    T Pp2 aylar önce

    Stop doing strongman, Larry. You gotta be fat and weigh close to 400 lbs to do it. Too many strongman gets injury, all the time.

  • Trevor Murphy
    Trevor Murphy2 aylar önce

    Looking properly jacked Larry 💪🏼

  • snorlaxcom
    snorlaxcom2 aylar önce

    Timestamp of bicep tear?

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies2 aylar önce

    Most frustrating man on TRloft freakishly strong but trys training for too many sports strongman bodybuilding strict curls arm wrestling and he gets injured no surprise at all!!!!

  • Mangar
    Mangar2 aylar önce

    So no strict curling for Larry?

  • Sör James - its a choice
    Sör James - its a choice2 aylar önce

    Its impossible to be safe when pushing 💯💪🏽

  • Madeeha Vlogs
    Madeeha Vlogs2 aylar önce

    Nice video new here in your channel

  • tobias prehn
    tobias prehn2 aylar önce

    can anyone tell me what exactly happen? i´m from german and cant understand all

  • Devyn Wiesner
    Devyn Wiesner2 aylar önce

    Damn it

  • vietnameseloempia
    vietnameseloempia2 aylar önce

    I've been very entertained by you both working together, you're a great team and I hope you will be collaborating a lot in the future! And of course a quick recovery from injury!

  • alfpolo29
    alfpolo292 aylar önce

    4:24 is the beard that continues?:))) Ok Michael next step going to estheticians to epilated this forest! P.S. Nice sixpack !

  • Colton 1236
    Colton 12362 aylar önce

    no pls no dont be real

  • Quest For Shreds
    Quest For Shreds2 aylar önce

    Low body fat and powerlifting don’t mix folks. Pick !!!!

  • Declan Mahon
    Declan Mahon2 aylar önce

    michael is so annoying

  • Dan Hammarström
    Dan Hammarström2 aylar önce

    These past weeks of seeing MT and Larry hit it in the gym have been a highlight in a otherwise shitty winter.. 😂

  • Noodles
    Noodles2 aylar önce

    Michael's last pull moved so shitty because he literally let out his entire brace as soon as he started pulling like he completely exhaled and let his hips shoot up

  • SergeantJouke
    SergeantJouke2 aylar önce

    Ehm so when did he tear his bicep..?

  • Tom Mulford
    Tom Mulford2 aylar önce

    Damn i've really enjoyed the last few weeks with Michael. Sucks he's leaving.

  • Se7enS


    2 aylar önce

    Know what else suck, well I don’t know but I will watch this episode everyday until I will smash MT into the pad!

  • Richard Gerard
    Richard Gerard2 aylar önce

    Gone are the days of Larry posting PR videos

  • Trill Billy
    Trill Billy2 aylar önce

    Michael Todd comes off as an a$$h*le most of these videos. Boohoo I'm not as strong as I used to be, and boohoo I couldn't get back to where I was in 6 weeks. Stop crying like a baby and just man up. You're either never going to be as strong as you once we're, or you're going to have to give yourself more than 6 freakin weeks to get stronger. Stop expecting instant results. You're a horrible example for young people watching, who are already expecting results faster than they should because of the internet.

  • Erick Giovanni Meza Cota
    Erick Giovanni Meza Cota2 aylar önce

    Increible!! Larry! I've been following you since I saw you in Arm Wrestling videos! you have come so much in such a short time. facing the strongest! you have potential and unique genetics and strength! I would like to see you become Champion of America, and then see you compete with the greats of Europe! I will follow you and inspire me to train hard! Larry when your pronation and wrists get used more, no one will be able to stop you ..

  • Head Shot
    Head Shot2 aylar önce

    Larry should take rest somedays

  • Iron Shaft
    Iron Shaft2 aylar önce

    Just when Larry reaches peak muscularity, he suffers an injury

  • Cayce Phillips
    Cayce Phillips2 aylar önce

    As an active military mbr and former athlete I know injuries are no good. Adrenaline is amazing but it often makes you able to do stuff your muscles aren’t okay with in the moment. sorry about your injury bro