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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Newaz Sharif: sharif_2is


  • real limited
    real limited24 gün önce

    Yo his assistant/plate loader got swole af. Jeez i guess just loading all the plates for Larry is no easy task

  • Matt Durkin
    Matt Durkin26 gün önce

    Larrys secret to strength.......COOKIES!!! lol, love your channel man

  • Norman Wilmoth
    Norman Wilmoth26 gün önce

    I have a high metabolism so 4 to 5 days clean foods but atleast 2 maybe 3 days I have to carb out all day with junk food like pizza, sweets, pastas/ Italian food etc just for the calories. Getting my proper protein and fat intake daily is easy for me but them carbs/ calories eating clean is hard for me but I've learned for my body if I cheat 2 to 3 times a week I'm way stronger my pumps are crazy and strange enough I actually will look more ripped with cheat days vrs eating clean everyday. That dosen't work for my body so I guess because of my high metabolism. I'm lucky since I get to eat the foods I really like a couple times a weak and actually look and perform better. Some people have to always eat clean if there metabolism isn't crazy fast like mine to look good which sucks. Lucky me I guess😄

  • SCAR28
    SCAR2826 gün önce

    Alright Larry upload already

  • Stormy Wingz
    Stormy Wingz27 gün önce

    Sharif I see the difference brother! 💪🤘 very good my bro~ All the way Larry let's go! 😁🤘😄

  • Bob Wreck
    Bob Wreck27 gün önce

    He took the jab and don't feel good anymore. he had to to fly.

  • blax alpha
    blax alpha27 gün önce

    Try the good old fashion jail house carb diet Honey Buns

  • Alexander
    Alexander27 gün önce

    Appreciate you sharing the "sucky" sessions as well brotha. Shows people that not every session is a PR or their best but they all lead to the goal with consistency. 90% of the battle is showing up!

  • Brandon Burgess
    Brandon Burgess27 gün önce

    I know those bad days cause I've had em and it pisses me off!!

  • Hone Taylor
    Hone Taylor27 gün önce

    Larry wheels vs deep fishing

  • The Casual Bear
    The Casual Bear27 gün önce

    So even natty vegans have bad days in the gym?🤨🤔

  • Robert Obrien
    Robert Obrien27 gün önce

    When is his coach coming out? Last 2 weeks before meet? I hope he comes sooner. Maybe atleast the last 4 to 5 weeks.

  • Matthew Requejo
    Matthew Requejo28 gün önce

    I knew you had to have a recent squat video. Motivation for me right now, im trying to power through a workout right now. Wasnt feeling it til now

  • Joblow Johot
    Joblow Johot28 gün önce

    "My hole can't take it." Whaaaaattt... Larry be saying some weird shit.

  • NintendoCereal
    NintendoCereal28 gün önce

    You're not eating well because your friend BTC died recently. If I'm wrong, I apologize, but I know I wouldn't be eating well under those circumstances.

  • സ്വാമി ശ്രീ തവള പൂറ്റിൽ തൃക്കുണ്ണാനന്ദ തിരുവടികൾ
    സ്വാമി ശ്രീ തവള പൂറ്റിൽ തൃക്കുണ്ണാനന്ദ തിരുവടികൾ28 gün önce

    Sharif is wider than larry

  • Jonathan Dench
    Jonathan Dench28 gün önce

    Larrys training partners need to stop telling him his squats are in when they are high!! Saw one vid where he asked them to tell him when he was in and the were telling him to stop high

  • T Rex
    T Rex28 gün önce

    Larry you're looking small

  • SchuyFit - Men's Fitness
    SchuyFit - Men's Fitness28 gün önce

    Love your openness here man. So many people take it as a bad thing if they have a bad day or a bad workout. It happens. All that really matters is that you show up.

  • Bartłomiej Jaskólski
    Bartłomiej Jaskólski28 gün önce

    9:25 So what you're telling me is that cookies are the key

  • Ravinder
    Ravinder 28 gün önce

    The vedas is the injil in reverse. Hanuman the father of Tibet*

  • Mounir B
    Mounir B28 gün önce

    Why not go full armwrestling? Why do you still do those lifts?

  • Abdulelah Ballow
    Abdulelah Ballow29 gün önce

    Larry should be in a movie

  • Scarcearse
    Scarcearse29 gün önce

    your intro is one of the most loud things in planet earth

  • bumndrass
    bumndrass29 gün önce

    Is that a 30kg bar...?

  • Dora at YouTube Shorts
    Dora at YouTube Shorts29 gün önce

    I like Larry man its like the gym is his home lift and lift everysingle day trains like a Anime Protagonist.

  • Sarbaz Abdulla
    Sarbaz Abdulla29 gün önce

    The real talk about calories and your performance was gold. Thanks Larry, Adam & Sharif for the excellent content

  • FarangDan
    FarangDan29 gün önce

    Finally someone speaking the truth about the calorie intake for intense training routines! 4/5000 calories a day entirely clean is impossible. And you feel drained as hell. Especially when you have a life outside the gym too.

  • Anil Jacob
    Anil Jacob29 gün önce

    You made your assistant to start juicing Larry.

  • Steven D

    Steven D

    27 gün önce

    He didnt make him do anything

  • Jerry Cool
    Jerry Cool29 gün önce

    I’m so glad to see you get ready for another meet. One of the only raw lifters I follow. Edit Larry you pay for expenses ill come wrap ya up cause wow 😂

  • Ice Box Chamberlain
    Ice Box Chamberlain29 gün önce

    We all start somewhere Larry

  • Muff Slayer
    Muff Slayer29 gün önce

    Larry, did you get biceps tenodesis or tenotomy?

  • James Bellave
    James Bellave29 gün önce

    "My hole can't take it..." Definitely been there!

  • Matt -

    Matt -

    29 gün önce

    Little poo pirate huh

  • Raph_speedster
    Raph_speedster29 gün önce

    Ik he don’t do cleans but if he did, he’ll be Barkley on roids

  • MrSporty
    MrSporty29 gün önce

    2:08 that's 60 kg, or does the barbell weight 30 kg?

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    29 gün önce

    Barbell has longer ends to fit more plates on, so it weighs more

  • Trust4N01
    Trust4N0129 gün önce

    Strongest 26 year old ever lol

  • Anmol kumar
    Anmol kumar29 gün önce

    Meanwhile bad day for larry is breaking some Records

  • Janardhan Rao
    Janardhan Rao29 gün önce

    A bad day is 320 squats huh..?? 😅 LOL

  • P K
    P K29 gün önce

    You will be like Kieliszkowski eating those donuts :) Polish ones rule the world... not the American ones.. sorry...

  • greggieguygood
    greggieguygood29 gün önce

    I don’t feel good today… donuts will make me strong

    REY SAADE29 gün önce


  • Zachery Houston
    Zachery Houston29 gün önce

    What’s the name of the cookies your talking about ??

  • Gen X Flex
    Gen X Flex29 gün önce

    May be totally irrelevant but when wrapping to get each limb wrapped the same should 1 be wrapped anti clockwise then the other wrapped clockwise? So see wrapped left leg first anti clockwise for the right leg to feel & be the same wrap it clockwise? Probably makes no difference or not enough for it to matter....



    26 gün önce


  • sgazzz
    sgazzz29 gün önce

    Sign me up for some PR giant cookies and/or donuts!!

  • Jon Doc
    Jon DocAylar önce

    Have a few beers Larry like the mountain during training . You would soak that up

  • naim aouamria
    naim aouamriaAylar önce

    be far from steroeds three months only and we will see the mass where are it?

  • Terry Smith
    Terry SmithAylar önce

    Shareef has put on some solid muscle.

  • SizzleFN.
    SizzleFN.Aylar önce

    larry y dont u train wid earphones or something

  • Darryl Foster
    Darryl FosterAylar önce

    Use Lactaid Milk 🥛 bro.. I use that with my Gold Standard.. you’ll be fine with that

  • Mr Xboxone
    Mr XboxoneAylar önce

    Dam it Larry give your Indian friend a dam pr shirt

    KURASAKI81Aylar önce

    His assistant on juice too. Ggs

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew WilliamsAylar önce

    I wish my crappy workouts were like this LOL.

  • Davide Pace
    Davide PaceAylar önce

    Italiano che hanno sentito “easy uomo” al minuto 3:33 ???

  • RaymanFUN
    RaymanFUNAylar önce

    man, I'd really like to have a cookie right now. Most comprehensible and decent ad I've ever seen :3

  • Petr Herkommer
    Petr HerkommerAylar önce

    I have a bad day today - proceeds to squat 320kg

  • [F]
    [F]Aylar önce

    Thanks Larry for showing us how to squat. I hit a PR lately of 210kg at 90kg bodyweight, no straps or sleeves.

  • puncher davis
    puncher davisAylar önce

    Hey you still pushed weight you still activated fibers you are smart enough to know your body you understand when you're feeling weak and strong. I wouldn't call it a bad day I would just call it a shorter day of weightlifting that's all

  • Jake Stanley
    Jake StanleyAylar önce

    His squats are kinda like me right now. A little high.

  • Mackenroll
    MackenrollAylar önce

    Larry and his crew's work ethic is incredible. Man is a beast.

    DACHI YTAylar önce

    I was scared he hurt himself.... turns out he just didn't get enough calories😭😭😭

  • Mihael Krpan
    Mihael KrpanAylar önce

    What I love about John is when Larry starts squatting, John yells: "Tight, tight, tight... UP!!". I love that shit XD

  • Dr. Powerbuilder

    Dr. Powerbuilder

    29 gün önce

    And everyone hates it

  • Jonathan A.C.
    Jonathan A.C.Aylar önce

    Even in failure, we can learn

  • Daniel
    DanielAylar önce

    I don't know how you feel about the death of btc, but I know when I'm depressed it's hard to eat and I don't have much of an appetite. I hope you're doing okay man, I know we all miss btc and I know you miss him a ton.

  • Dave Jn Pierre
    Dave Jn PierreAylar önce

    What happen to your old gym?

  • Sus_Beatz
    Sus_BeatzAylar önce

    Hiya guys, anyone got any advice for me? Did squats for the first time for about a month and my legs were DEAD for a few days as normal. But because of my muscle growth I keep suffering from leg chaffing. I know Vaseline is good but I was wondering if anyone else suffered from this because of muscle growth

  • Ancoor Banerjee
    Ancoor BanerjeeAylar önce

    Get 1 full Biryani and that will fuel you up 😁that how i do it

  • mand saab
    mand saabAylar önce

    So nyc Larry workout

  • Seleukos Nikator
    Seleukos NikatorAylar önce

    If you want to have many good calories, go for nuts !


    Is there any prob doing workouts without knee, hand and leg bands I feel natural without them lol😂

  • Kenny Nakawaki
    Kenny NakawakiAylar önce

    Diet is everything indeed Larry. I learned that the hard way, but in a good way. For me lately, my gag reflex has just been ridiculously hypersensitive all of a sudden I don’t know why. Earlier today, literally after each spoonful I felt like gagging and it was like I was force feeding, but after that it went away and the rest of my meals were enjoyable and awesome.

  • Mr Mayhem
    Mr MayhemAylar önce

    @5:07 you're welcome

  • Katsu Yhorgimaq
    Katsu YhorgimaqAylar önce


  • Thomas Iem
    Thomas IemAylar önce

    Same, feeling like shit now too, I usually get hungry even eating 3000 calories and yesterday I got full eating 1900 calories 🤦‍♂️. The stomach just feel like shit and head is feeling like it’s going to explode any minute.

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve RobinsonAylar önce

    Good call on going with how the body feels and not getting injured. Sometimes the body doesn’t have good days, even on gear. Sometimes you just have to dial it back and do some reps and accessories. Probably not enough recovery after that intense deadlift session with chains.. At least you know your calorie intake isn’t where it should be, so you know there is a fix for it.

  • o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0o
    o0o ANABOLIC CAMEL o0oAylar önce

    0:25 larry wheels tomato face again and again 🍅🍅🍅

  • Sofia Ramos
    Sofia RamosAylar önce

    Excelente fuerza

  • neosrt10
    neosrt10Aylar önce

    Keep on lifting brother keep inspiring be safe God Bless in Jesus Christ 🙏🏼

  • Th Enlightened One
    Th Enlightened OneAylar önce

    Stay healthy larry.

  • Jenkins Gilmore
    Jenkins GilmoreAylar önce

    Larry, I want to see a video with John Brzenk man.

  • Jenkins Gilmore

    Jenkins Gilmore

    25 gün önce

    @Buffoonus Troglodytus Its all good, you just woke my inner demons is all.

  • Buffoonus Troglodytus

    Buffoonus Troglodytus

    25 gün önce

    @Jenkins Gilmore damn man I was just joking didn’t mean it like that sorry

  • Jenkins Gilmore

    Jenkins Gilmore

    25 gün önce

    @Buffoonus Troglodytus Thats fair, I dont even wanna see myself sometimes you know?

  • Buffoonus Troglodytus

    Buffoonus Troglodytus

    25 gün önce

    Jenkins, I don’t even wanna see you man

  • john balding
    john baldingAylar önce

    Did some hiking in Yosemite, worked muscles I never knew I had. Made my squat go up a easy 30 pounds once I recovered. Stabilized muscles from head to toe.

  • Its A Madness
    Its A MadnessAylar önce

    raw meat is the answer

  • maximusX45_1911
    maximusX45_1911Aylar önce

    time to eat some cheeseburgers and pizza

  • Mohamad Hijazi
    Mohamad HijaziAylar önce

    He’s is playing around with 320kg on his bad day

  • D Money
    D MoneyAylar önce

    Should link BTC go fund me in all videos until it’s reached it’s goal.

  • Texas 325
    Texas 325Aylar önce

    Your hole can take it larry ice cream protien shake

  • El Jake
    El JakeAylar önce

    Are you feeling down? I know you lift like a machine, but you are human and you just lost one of your best friends. My point being think about your emotional health too and perhaps that's why you are having trouble with your appetite. Just know there are a ton of people who care about you as a man even if we came to love you for being a beast in the gym! Keep playing it smart and do what you need for yourself.

  • Southside 609
    Southside 609Aylar önce

    *This wokout sucks*

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioanAylar önce

    Bafta Gym

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioanAylar önce

    Hit Video Clipurile America Gym Lary

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioanAylar önce

    Lary America

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioanAylar önce

    Campion Gym

  • Harry Nutsac
    Harry NutsacAylar önce

    Larry, sounds like you need some Super Food, the Old School Emergency Boost Meal, before you get your shipment in........"Gyros with Fries and a Cheese Cake". Guaranteed to Up your Testosterone by 200 points and increase your lifts by 10%.

  • Matt Emmmanouil
    Matt EmmmanouilAylar önce

    he squats 705 on a bad day easier than I squat 275 on a good day.

  • Boris Konyukhov
    Boris KonyukhovAylar önce

    Try lacto free milk or non dairy milk for the shakes

  • Majid Almulla
    Majid AlmullaAylar önce

    Larry!! I’m living in Dubai as well, we should meet up at Cheesecake Factory so you can get in those calories you need!

  • Artyyyy
    ArtyyyyAylar önce

    might be ......depression? he might not realise it but deep down..."his best friend just died so..."

  • jupenau123
    jupenau123Aylar önce

    * m'wheels, you dropped this one. 🙈

  • Robin Banks
    Robin BanksAylar önce

    5:05 same larry same

  • Nords DARKLORD
    Nords DARKLORDAylar önce

    I was a power lifter for 25+ years-i always thought that if you dont have an occasional rough workout,yer really not pushing it!Larry is a stud he'll bounce back from this and come back stronger!

  • Nords DARKLORD

    Nords DARKLORD

    22 gün önce

    @ELMEHDI BOUMADIANI Ye to stay that big and keep strength,i have to keep the fat % higher than normally needed.And honestly in power lifting if yer not pushing yer body to breaking point-yer not really doing it.But yes now that I'm in the twilight of this thing-i'll have no choice but to lighten up a bit.Carrying 400=lbs. is taxing.



    22 gün önce

    @Nords DARKLORD 462 lbs (that I know a lot of it is fat) on a 6'6 frame seems like you were pushing your body a little bit too far, now that you're no longer competing, I suggest you lose a lot of weight

  • Nords DARKLORD

    Nords DARKLORD

    28 gün önce

    @radiorakim I never completely stopped-i still train for recreation -I use the Westside Barbell method.I'm 6'-6" 462 lbs.,but I'm 50 years old so my comp years are over.I'm currently on a mini break between 13 week training cycles.

  • radiorakim


    28 gün önce

    Why did u stop?

  • Jake Simmonds
    Jake SimmondsAylar önce

    I'm gonna have bad days when the gyms reopen because I'm stuck in shitty lockdown.