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  • AI AmI?
    AI AmI?20 saatler önce


  • Joe Stang
    Joe Stang2 gün önce

    Yo spot recovery of the year. That shit was fast AF!!

  • Guy Fantastico
    Guy Fantastico5 gün önce

    That Daniel dude pops 225 like I pop the bar. LOL

  • arthur dupont
    arthur dupont5 gün önce

    A Bench Festival !

  • arthur dupont
    arthur dupont5 gün önce

    Interesting to see the different Bench movements of these 5 Gentlemans :)

  • arthur dupont
    arthur dupont5 gün önce

    Really good video, Thanks !

  • awaken dabeast
    awaken dabeast6 gün önce

    wow dude almost decapitated himself, larry superman not on my watch

  • Ve e
    Ve e7 gün önce

    He need more equipments

  • x CR1MEZZ x
    x CR1MEZZ x7 gün önce


  • hak1 hak2
    hak1 hak28 gün önce

    Common sense tells the brain when something is a bad idea all them strap Assists should tell your brain hhhmm me thinks me can't get it up ...

  • Rafael Birkner
    Rafael Birkner8 gün önce

    What's next, exoskeleton benching?

  • J1
    J19 gün önce

    Would have been a great video without that immature Idiot in the orange top grasping for attention every minute. Stop featuring guys who can't even press 405 in these vids.

  • jarvisstephonherren
    jarvisstephonherren10 gün önce

    If it takes all that to lift the weight maybe not attempt to lift that weight 🤔

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali13 gün önce

    I thought Reptile from MK was bench pressing

  • sam urai
    sam urai14 gün önce

    Jesse is a fun dude but hearing that "woooohhh" from some dickhead on the gym would shit me off so much

  • vayahoo
    vayahoo14 gün önce

    This coach dude remind me alot of the older ufc fighters. They refuse that it past their time and get seriously hurt. Dude was so strapped up it insane. Like elbow and wrist wrap are ok but idk what he wearing. Dude got a full outfit on lol

  • ace meister
    ace meister14 gün önce

    Remind me not to lift weights with Larry wheels

  • Jimmy Alger
    Jimmy Alger14 gün önce

    Who tf is the kid?…

  • Prime Matt
    Prime Matt15 gün önce

    Stupid and pointless

  • eric leapaga
    eric leapaga15 gün önce

    Larry bro tell your coach stop ego lifting he probably can barely bench 3 plates without that damn sling shot. Be real with yourself

  • tarun thakur
    tarun thakur16 gün önce

    What a speed Larry woohoo

  • Don Donagain
    Don Donagain18 gün önce

    God i could not stand that kid with the cross earring, and his fake bench press. He just seems like a fake individual.

  • Louis Burgess
    Louis Burgess19 gün önce

    Slow Mo the guy in the orange vest caught his end first

  • Ricky Phoenix
    Ricky Phoenix19 gün önce

    That dude owes larry big time for saving his life.......

  • Just a guy trying to get big
    Just a guy trying to get big20 gün önce

    Idk why but I find the guy in orange shirt incredibly annoying.

  • Maurizio Giacomelli
    Maurizio Giacomelli20 gün önce

    Un ora di video per fare 10 ripetizioni ...

  • ivan Chacon
    ivan Chacon20 gün önce

    23:24 when you leave an electronic party drugged

  • anon86
    anon8621 gün önce

    Larry man this should go viral!! Literally a hero

  • Zed One
    Zed One21 gün önce

    That was on his NECK, Larry said team effort, modest dude, but it was mostly Larry with the save

  • John
    John22 gün önce

    Coach looking like a transformer

  • GoodCanadianBoys
    GoodCanadianBoys23 gün önce

    Not a very smart trainer in my opinion! He shouldn’t be attempting weight that he can’t do.

  • disgustika
    disgustika24 gün önce

    Nwo thats a spotter!

  • Juan K
    Juan K25 gün önce

    Stupid lil kid cares more about social media. Than learning and growing with the ogs

  • The JT
    The JT25 gün önce

    JJ & Larry are the only two that their reps were true reps

  • Nitiraj Daby
    Nitiraj Daby25 gün önce

    RIP Black Tom Cruise

  • mrcuboid
    mrcuboid26 gün önce

    That was decapitation waiting to happen,…best spotters ever. They saved his life!

  • Amit Srivastava
    Amit Srivastava26 gün önce

    You guy’s are doing this with fake weight Acting is so good I love this

  • johnporterrrr
    johnporterrrr26 gün önce

    Equipped lifting is a joke

  • Valmentaja Mikael Laakso
    Valmentaja Mikael Laakso26 gün önce

    Larry has Ultra Instinct

  • chiraq
    chiraq26 gün önce

    If Larry is my spotter I would try to bench 800lbs

  • Nithin Kumar
    Nithin Kumar27 gün önce


  • RalphNaintEASY
    RalphNaintEASY27 gün önce

    Dude what’s up with Aces body wrap? That shit is so whack. I don’t get all this assisted workout shit. You can either do the weight or you can’t.

  • Christian G
    Christian G28 gün önce

    Not only does that suit look stupid af, but how is it even impressive to lift with that much support

  • B W
    B W29 gün önce

    Use the safety bars.

  • YoungIConJigga
    YoungIConJigga29 gün önce

    Anytime you need that many raps you’re not ready for that weight , respectfully bro

  • THConnoisseur
    THConnoisseurAylar önce

    If you have to wear all that to attempt a bench press, you got too much weight on the bar

  • THConnoisseur
    THConnoisseurAylar önce

    Man actin like those spotters didnt just save his life

  • Elliot Poplawski
    Elliot PoplawskiAylar önce

    funny enough shit like this happens less in raw powerlifting

  • Big Rich
    Big RichAylar önce

    The guy with the green and black slingshot is a freaking idiot

  • Selukovski
    SelukovskiAylar önce

    Its ok if it falls larry will curl it up

  • Elliot Poplawski
    Elliot PoplawskiAylar önce

    larry literally saved that dudes fuckin life

  • Deterrent Dubz
    Deterrent DubzAylar önce

    Can’t lie the guy with all the equipment seems like a bit of a clown 🤡 Glad he didn’t kill himself but what a clown


    He is not only the strongest bodybuilder but my favourite too💝👌

  • Harsh Tamrakar 💫
    Harsh Tamrakar 💫Aylar önce

    Video shows how empty vessels make much noise 😂

  • Purple
    PurpleAylar önce

    Still trying to figure out why Jesse is in this video

    TAEJIN JINAylar önce

    17:22: the lift was so good it gave him a high😂😂

  • Jhonbairon Betancur
    Jhonbairon BetancurAylar önce

    casi se queda sin la nuca

  • fercho tv
    fercho tvAylar önce

    LARRY WILLS SAVE ME PLS HEROE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • You Tube
    You TubeAylar önce

    That guy should just get some robotic arms. All that gear is idiotic.

  • A M
    A MAylar önce

    The RYJOV method will be a known method FINALLY 💪🏻

  • Shelly Ollila
    Shelly OllilaAylar önce

    Good ass spot guys!!! That was too close

  • Grant Hamons
    Grant HamonsAylar önce

    Its nice to see how willing these guys are to teach that kids whats up

  • Richard Nguyen
    Richard NguyenAylar önce

    For a strength coach, he sure still sticks to the worst of fitness. Leave the ego at the door. He may be training for an equipment meet, but slingshots, bands, and everything under the sun aint gonna help you magically lift an extra 100+ lbs

  • BiG M
    BiG MAylar önce

    some times its best to leave your ego at the door if you want to walk back out the way you came in

  • Juan Diego de Mena
    Juan Diego de MenaAylar önce

    Dude w the green shirt is so extra w them assistance things, just do your fucking weight bro like 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Clutch Gaming
    Clutch GamingAylar önce

    That’s what he gets for ego lifting with all that equipment

  • Piotr Skutnik
    Piotr SkutnikAylar önce

    wow, great spotters, larry is a monster spotter tho!!!

  • Joe
    JoeAylar önce

    Stupid all that shit. Just bench raw or accept it.

  • Matthew Decloedt
    Matthew DecloedtAylar önce

    Jesse: “This is better than drugs” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Akshay Ak
    Akshay AkAylar önce

    Accident is common when u train with larry

  • Str8Shooter
    Str8ShooterAylar önce

    Does anyone else notice how much Larry Wheels looks like and sounds exactly like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson , it's crazy that he could make so much money being a stunt double for "The Rock" or is it just me. Thanks for any input

  • Krisztián Kulcsár
    Krisztián KulcsárAylar önce

    The green t shirt guy is a clown🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 6packonly ripped
    6packonly rippedAylar önce

    Better than drugs mean will they injection steroids lol

  • Dean Obeidallah
    Dean ObeidallahAylar önce

    This just proves equipped bench is a bad idea. And you also look really dumb doing it.

  • Brutus 632
    Brutus 632Aylar önce

    Coach John...."Someone please help me attach my bionic arms after the straps and sling, I'm going for a PR!".....LMAO LMAO LMAO

  • Michael Wallace
    Michael WallaceAylar önce

    now I mean no disrespect... But does anybody else start thinking to themselves, as he's going through the weight, etc etc. "Dude needs all of this gear, and contort his body to get the weight up... Nobody else was like, "dude.. probably not the best of all ideas...". (shrug). Glad he's ok... But damn green.... It was likg watching a train wreck... nothing you can do... Just got to watch....

  • Joel Armour
    Joel ArmourAylar önce

    that was in his neck deeeeeep

  • Jomain asdf
    Jomain asdfAylar önce

    they should have put safety pin there

  • Zyn To Litt
    Zyn To LittAylar önce

    Look how fast he snatched that amount of weight up......

  • wacko 76
    wacko 76Aylar önce

    Orange vest guy (tit)

  • Enrique Acosta
    Enrique AcostaAylar önce


  • Claudio Vagnoni (RealCoach)
    Claudio Vagnoni (RealCoach)Aylar önce

    Stupid as F*** 🤣 Taking a big risk for a video? Men really have a deficit… Take Card dudes

  • ruggeri skimask
    ruggeri skimaskAylar önce

    21:00 😲😲😲😲

  • Jan
    JanAylar önce

    Looks like Larry is spotting but he is just deadlifting while people make bets on laying underneath 😂😂😂

  • Tylor Stephenson
    Tylor StephensonAylar önce

    Did that old guy get lipo or something?

  • Alex Chang
    Alex ChangAylar önce

    why not just have safety bars? i dont get it. legit. so fucking stupid to bench heavy without safety bars

  • Robert Acosta
    Robert AcostaAylar önce

    Thank lord he was not injured!!!

  • jigc23
    jigc23Aylar önce

    Forget about the suicide grip this is dope

  • fitness misfit & free spirit uk
    fitness misfit & free spirit ukAylar önce

    Joking with weights, what might be light to you may be a set or heavy to someone else 🙄 and you can build muscle with any weight actually

  • scott fay
    scott fayAylar önce

    Holyshit that was 600 stuck on the throat. Good thing they have huge spotters on point!!

  • fitness misfit & free spirit uk
    fitness misfit & free spirit ukAylar önce

    Are they even trying to build chest muscle or just numbers 🤨

  • Robert Dozeman
    Robert DozemanAylar önce

    Fudge... That was almost the first decapitation by bench press! How the hell did u reverse that weight in the nic of time?

  • Lekker Prûven
    Lekker PrûvenAylar önce

    Seeing the increase in weight over the last years it's about time safety isn't just relying on a spotter. It's time people really start thinking about their own safety and use hard safeties or cages.

  • Thor1486
    Thor1486Aylar önce

    Extreme pucker factor there!

  • noob master69
    noob master69Aylar önce

    Love it when humans get hurt trying to lift heavy weight to show how “strong he is “ haha

  • Ricky Dominguez
    Ricky DominguezAylar önce

    20:56 what you came for 👍

  • Be Seeing You
    Be Seeing YouAylar önce

    Why is the skinny kid in orange so impressed with himself for bouncing the bar off his chest back on to the rack.

  • Matthew Requejo
    Matthew RequejoAylar önce

    Is that gayish looking kid the kid that was in Dom Mazzetis last video?

  • Kinda EasY
    Kinda EasYAylar önce

    That green guy is a dummy , i bet he will not be able to bench even 150kgs without those straps and shit