Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Coach Ray: coach_rayx
Voice of Armwrestling:


  • tony brigner
    tony brigner21 gün önce

    great arm workout thanks for the tips

  • Mehdi Zitti
    Mehdi Zitti23 gün önce

    Stop laying about weight man school boy power is insane and he beated you so much times that i lose count and yet school boy best curl or halfcurl is about 37 kg

  • Cristian Zamora
    Cristian Zamora23 gün önce

    So after the embarrassing loss to Schoolboy I hope flaws in training are pinpointed

  • Syed Hamim
    Syed Hamim23 gün önce


  • Go by Rico
    Go by Rico24 gün önce

    🤣coach ray wack trainer

  • Umbrella Mort.
    Umbrella Mort.26 gün önce

    Larry looks scared as shitt lol

  • MightyJoeYoung24
    MightyJoeYoung2428 gün önce

    What time do the arm wrestleing matches on the 28th start?

  • Kevinhillcrest
    Kevinhillcrest28 gün önce

    Difficult to trust lifting with these dudes because of Larry’s bicep tears and his friend pec tears. You are both astronauts.

  • MasTer DJ jAmes
    MasTer DJ jAmesAylar önce

    wow damn guys getting massive!

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas LittmarckAylar önce

    Cool video.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1Aylar önce

    Larry is the most docile trex trained , amazing.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1Aylar önce

    Grips huge get your grip as high as possible. Remember canada HIGH HOOKERS.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1Aylar önce

    To think larrat was doing 188lb half curls is crazy

  • Dávid Török
    Dávid TörökAylar önce

    What is this, hook training 3?

  • Ajaz Ahmed
    Ajaz AhmedAylar önce

    I like this video

  • Ajaz Ahmed
    Ajaz AhmedAylar önce

    Great training biceps video

  • Yılmaz edis
    Yılmaz edisAylar önce

    Böyle bir salon Türkiyede var mı ya.😀

  • peaceloveforever88
    peaceloveforever88Aylar önce

    LARRY is NOT joking, good job guys

    NAVEENAylar önce

    2:40 what exercise name ?

  • Kk 23
    Kk 23Aylar önce


  • Univers Magnétique
    Univers MagnétiqueAylar önce

    19:07 gogo power rangers 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • DerDiplomat
    DerDiplomatAylar önce

    On which date is the fight against schoolboy?

  • Salik _149
    Salik _149Aylar önce

    He is Curling my body weight while I can't curl 20kg

  • Эдуард Фот
    Эдуард ФотAylar önce

    К противоположному плечу надо пронатор тянуть

  • The Hitman
    The HitmanAylar önce

    Don't worry larry I'm buying the match. Give it 3 years and you will be a champion. Focus more on arm wrestling than the weights though. Table time is most important.

  • Eric Black
    Eric BlackAylar önce

    He's going to rip the other one. You see boys and girls when you take steroids your tendons ligaments bones don't grow as fast as your muscles. Which is why you see so many bodybuilders on TRloft tearing muscles.

  • David Archibald
    David ArchibaldAylar önce

    I was wondering when coach would introduce this essential training. All the top russian/georgian guys do these lifts. Larry does this and he will be snapping off Michael Todds arm soon enough

  • Adam Meldgaard
    Adam MeldgaardAylar önce

    Nice chin diaper

  • jonathan ludwig
    jonathan ludwigAylar önce

    18:53 what are they doing in the backround xD

  • Richard Jennex
    Richard JennexAylar önce


  • ninelevelsdeepful
    ninelevelsdeepfulAylar önce

    Just take off the mask if you're not going to wear it for god's sake you can read straight from the CDC website that they do not work. The most retarded thing I've seen is how people put a damn t-shirt or a cloth mask over their face and that counts as something? Look either this is serious enough you need a real mask or it's not and clearly it's not. Over a 99.9% survival rate, it's time to just drop the scam once and for all.

  • Heihachi Armwrestling
    Heihachi ArmwrestlingAylar önce

    ⁉️And at this point the question arises, it wouldn't make much more sense for Coach Ray to fight school boy⁉️

  • Heihachi Armwrestling
    Heihachi ArmwrestlingAylar önce

    ❗It's really amazing how much Coach Ray has improved his performance and strength in the past few months. The professionals know what that means.... it is PED time. ⁉️❗💪 But.... very impressive ... +63kg .

  • Sleepy Deer
    Sleepy DeerAylar önce

    Bicep tear next video

  • sergio martin duarte
    sergio martin duarteAylar önce

    subtitulos bieeeeeen

  • Ikram Singh
    Ikram SinghAylar önce

    Larry how do I order the PPV?

  • cole n
    cole nAylar önce

    Jesus Larry's physique is looking crazy and hes not even doing bodybuilding training, truly gifted

  • cole n

    cole n

    Aylar önce

    @Lagia i mean I guess I mistyped, I never meant he completely stopped I just ment jts not his priority which was my point

  • Lagia


    Aylar önce

    @cole n you said "and hes not even doing bodybuilding training" and that was simply not true. He IS doing bodybuilding training

  • cole n

    cole n

    Aylar önce

    @Lagia hes not committing his full time to it though, he's training for arm wrestling with his coach most of the time

  • Lagia


    Aylar önce

    Lol are you crazy? He hasnt stopped doing bodybuilding training at all

  • Luke A
    Luke AAylar önce

    Ray would beat Schoolboy right?

  • Kaloyan Kireziev
    Kaloyan KirezievAylar önce

    The veins, baby!!!

  • krazy Ninja
    krazy NinjaAylar önce

    That is really scary. if you go beyond 90 degree bicep tendons will be like “is it fine I’m letting it go?👍🏻👍🏻”

  • Caesar Augustus
    Caesar AugustusAylar önce

    Best arms in arm wrestling

  • Danny Lu
    Danny LuAylar önce

    Ego lifters. Soon to visit snap city

  • Nik Zo
    Nik ZoAylar önce

    Can you beat Sarychev Kirill's new deadlift world record on the axel bar(235kg)? Try man! Or u can call the super beast - Khaled 🦾

  • Syed Faheem Zaidi
    Syed Faheem ZaidiAylar önce

    “Stay strong and love Coach Ray” 👍🏻

  • Nathaniel Mitchell
    Nathaniel MitchellAylar önce

    Larry I don't think you should strangle your assistant. I saw that video of you strangling your assistant with the leg wrap.

  • ameen mohammed mulk
    ameen mohammed mulkAylar önce

    I wonder how John Brzenk dominated in his career without weight training! 🤔

  • Daniel Bustamante
    Daniel BustamanteAylar önce

    Algun latino ???

  • Stefan Rose
    Stefan RoseAylar önce

    Awaiting the video where Larry tears off the distal bicep tendon on the his left arm to finish the job off.

  • Jesse Steele
    Jesse SteeleAylar önce

    Larry can curl what I bench...

  • vali
    valiAylar önce

    Larry Don’t have motivation

  • Mr Sir
    Mr SirAylar önce

    This guy is horrible at teaching Larry lol

  • Dragon Breath
    Dragon BreathAylar önce

    Coach ray is awesome we need more videos with him!

  • Ameen Radi
    Ameen RadiAylar önce

    Man this shit put me to sleep ✨

  • Адам Смит
    Адам СмитAylar önce

    Не люблю, когда без остановки говорят.

  • Alexander Ishere
    Alexander IshereAylar önce

    Wow... His pronator is starting to show. Nice

  • alex f
    alex fAylar önce

    All the gym work you can do amounts to little to nothing when it comes to years of experience pulling on the table

  • Skeptical
    SkepticalAylar önce

    i think larry will have a chunk of a win this time. maybe 2-6? but yeah he will definitely have a win this time. strong dude

  • Skeptical
    SkepticalAylar önce

    can't tell you how happy I'm to see a new upload everytime. armswrestling is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sean lim
    sean limAylar önce

    I don't think his muscles can get anymore ripped than how he looks now lmao

  • Zoid Burg
    Zoid BurgAylar önce

    His English is fucking incredible!

  • Hrallballert
    HrallballertAylar önce

    And now Larry can go watch Devon Larratt's Hook Training 1 and Hook Training 2 videos...

  • American Cycling France
    American Cycling FranceAylar önce

    Looks like Larry is 4 weeks out from a body building show as far as his body fat and water content is concerned. I mean, he's always lean, but this is a different level. I hope he's not intentionally losing strength before this match.

  • Austin Brown
    Austin BrownAylar önce

    No one talking about 18:59 someone’s getting railed I guess only the real ones watch the whole video

  • Austin Brown
    Austin BrownAylar önce

    19:00 Larry notices someone’s getting railed in background

  • TheC4RB1N3
    TheC4RB1N3Aylar önce

    LOL! I was doing 34kg for 5 reps.. thought I was strong

  • Austin Brown
    Austin BrownAylar önce

    Look how nervous Larry was about doing those curls that’s some scary shit. I was waiting on a bicep tare

  • Austin Brown
    Austin BrownAylar önce

    Who’s seen that video of that guys bicep being torn doing DB preacher curl this video gave me so much anxiety LARRY THE KING OF MUSCLE TEAR VIDEOS LMAO

  • ketz Bond
    ketz BondAylar önce

    Nice Hard Work

  • Jack Robin
    Jack RobinAylar önce

    Good training to beat school boy.

  • muhammad barakzai
    muhammad barakzaiAylar önce

    Omg I just got the venom 2 trailer 😭😭😭GUYS ITS LITTTT

  • stanley tanzini
    stanley tanziniAylar önce

    there has been no one larry isn't stronger then in pure power , squat , deadlift , bench or over headlift , if coach ray or ANY of the guys he has arm wrestled with , Larrys weights would crush them..

  • Junaid Nazeer
    Junaid NazeerAylar önce

    I see larry sweating for the 2nd time.. first it was with Jantee arm workout.. now here

  • Debojyoti Ghosal
    Debojyoti GhosalAylar önce

    And devon's 70kg curl video 🔥🔥

  • 私はクソな中国人です


    Aylar önce

    110 kgs*

  • matheus buzzo

    matheus buzzo

    Aylar önce

    80 kgs*

  • Senna Punjabi
    Senna PunjabiAylar önce

    My guyyyy I actually hope you just playing with us.. judt watched your old video with Devon 9 months ago.. I swear you looked better... transitioning from top roll into press.. insane back pressure! Now that your wrist is stronger looks less of a flow to me.. but hey just an observer

  • Paarth Neehar shorts
    Paarth Neehar shortsAylar önce

    Brother we want collaboration with The rock

  • FM - 100K
    FM - 100KAylar önce

    this training reminds me Alex from alpha destiny old days

  • Senna Punjabi
    Senna PunjabiAylar önce

    Danggg Larry looking at little discouraged!! Goodluck man hope it all clicks

  • Cristian Fit
    Cristian FitAylar önce

    Andrey Smaev its chiill whit 63 :)

  • The French Reaper
    The French ReaperAylar önce

    Sitted Larry= Coach Rey 😂

  • Anthony Roman
    Anthony RomanAylar önce

    Is it just me, or does Larry have a different hairstyle every video?

  • Fat Devons Camo Pants
    Fat Devons Camo PantsAylar önce

    Adam looking out for Larry's best interests as always!! You are a champion Adam!

  • 김치찌개
    김치찌개Aylar önce

    When the XXL t-shirt is too small for your biceps..

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack LewisAylar önce

    17:49 I used to feel disappointed when I found a weak point. The reality is that it doesn't make you any weaker - you just identified an open lane to make significant gains. Always a good thing.

  • Charlie Andor

    Charlie Andor

    Aylar önce

    Coach Ray was wise to add a "not yet" after saying Larry was not strong in that movement. He knows that it's important to keep the athlete motivated.

  • Dan Loyola
    Dan LoyolaAylar önce

    Hey new Pilipino supporter 🔥

  • MRPmatt
    MRPmattAylar önce

    Damn Larry looking lean

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick LeeAylar önce

    Always remember boys and girls: Styles make matches. Schoolboy could win. Larry could win. It all depends on if Larry can get access to his upper body strength. If Schoolboy can cut him off that ability, Larry will lose. Clearly. No chance. If Larry can get access to his strength in the strap - Schoolboy will simply be pulled over that table. Larry has the technique of a good club armwrestler and the hand and arm of a world class middleweight I guess... But his strength potential (upper body wise) is bigger than the whole armwrestling community.... Keep that in mind. 200kg, standing push press. Around or close to 300kg raw bench? Transfer those numbers into a solid press.... OMFG.

  • L Z
    L ZAylar önce

    if Larry loses to schoolboy, I hope he doesn't lose his drive and motivation for arm wrestling. its just the beginning. He's young and only has been properly training for around 9 months. Don't get discouraged

  • L Z

    L Z

    26 gün önce

    @daniel23 yh I feel like he is very demotivated

  • daniel23


    26 gün önce

    let's hope he won't quit now xd

  • Andrew P.

    Andrew P.

    Aylar önce

    @CharlesX Monkey my bets are on Larry. His loss to alexandr was purely technical and inexperienced and he's had months of coaching from great professional coaches

  • L Z

    L Z

    Aylar önce

    @Leg_s Player Dennis was aggressive when he needed to be.

  • Leg_s Player

    Leg_s Player

    Aylar önce

    @L Z Denis was humble like him

  • Strong Arm Production
    Strong Arm ProductionAylar önce

    Keep up people, love and respect !

  • Kk Aa
    Kk AaAylar önce


  • Morteza Mohebbi
    Morteza MohebbiAylar önce

    I think it was to earlly for rematch. i expect one more year for this match. larry is not ready.

  • GetAGrip Jayhoo
    GetAGrip JayhooAylar önce

    Seems like Larry is getting bored with all the diffrent training he's been in to las year.

  • Christopher Marcus
    Christopher MarcusAylar önce

    On the bicep curl, Coach ray tells Larry to go 90 degrees and only does 45 degrees himself

  • Vade Retro

    Vade Retro

    Aylar önce

    Degrees are just a number.

  • The Beast
    The BeastAylar önce

    its harder to curl with sleeves larry you idiot😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • The Beast
    The BeastAylar önce

    larry you are stupid.. elbow sleeves does not help you curl more it helps you curl less 🤦‍♀️

  • BestActionMovies
    BestActionMoviesAylar önce

    It’s awesome !! Larry’s strength ..that weight 🔥💯💯💯 When I see his biceps peek from his old injury I always hope that his bicep won’t pop or the tendon will not rupture🙏🙏

    IGOR FITNESSAylar önce

    Power video

  • Tom Andersson
    Tom AnderssonAylar önce

    going to unsubscribe this armwrestling thing is getting out of hand... this is not why i started to follow this channel!

  • Vazha Beridze
    Vazha BeridzeAylar önce

    Levan&Genadi: cute

  • logan wolstenholme
    logan wolstenholmeAylar önce

    Dont tear your bicep

  • Bilal Shaikh
    Bilal ShaikhAylar önce

    Larry's is sleeping I guess