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  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person7 gün önce

    Does Larry ever rewatch these training videos. I think it will be easier for him to see his mistakes, i.e. from a 3rd persons view. When Ray and Philip explains the strategy, I see what they mean, but I think Larry often doesn't see/understand it well.

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person7 gün önce

    Regarding the match starting @25:52, Larry should watch out for fouls. Couch Ray, not sure if there's a special training to help with being mindful of fouls.

  • Kasimir B
    Kasimir B11 gün önce

    Philip weighs only 70 kg und beats Larry? How is that even possible? 😲

  • TortillasAreNotBiceps
    TortillasAreNotBiceps11 gün önce

    Everyone wishing they paid more attention in physics class.

  • Baron Stein
    Baron Stein12 gün önce

    Gruß geht raus an Mama Merkel.

  • RSKR zz
    RSKR zz13 gün önce

    im glad you got into arm wrestling larry, youre only going to get stronger

  • Zenzuu
    Zenzuu13 gün önce

    Philip is exactly my height. Great to know even small guys can give bigger guys quiet a run and can possibly be just as strong. 💪🏻👍🏻 Gives me hope. 🥲

  • Konzy
    Konzy14 gün önce

    Ermes playing with his food

  • David Bloxham
    David Bloxham14 gün önce

    It's crazy how size does not determine who's better at arm wrestling. I remember back when I was bodybuilding and some guy 155 lb from the Ukraine beat me fast...I was shocked!

  • God Druid
    God Druid14 gün önce

    I don't follow this Kind of sport but as I recall this isn't rlly armwrestling.They Are hanging whole body...

  • Tony Bravo
    Tony Bravo14 gün önce

    Invite DC!!!!!

  • Irving Brown
    Irving Brown15 gün önce

    Thanks again Larry for sharing great arm wrestling practice from Dubai! Phillip the giant killer!! Wow so incredible that such a small guy can have such strength and techniques can take down guys twice his size. Goes to show you strength isn’t everything and is not enough to be the best or beat the best, you must have that hand control as well as have the strength to keep someone from taking yours. This was one of the more interesting videos to me, if it doesn’t show you the importance of technique and gaining strength in your joints and hand and being able to manipulate someone else’s hand during the match or getting good position from the beginning. It shows maybe Levan was really smart not taking on Michael because there’s no way in the couple months he could have learned all the techniques and years of experience Michael has . Watching this makes me believe Michael would have easily beaten Levan although by next time if Levan keeps working with people on his techniques he can combine it with his strength and be a force to be taken very seriously . Thanks again Larry, I truly appreciate you taking the time to do everything you do for your channel and for arm wrestling. Take care, stay safe and healthy.

  • Jeremy Bennoch
    Jeremy Bennoch15 gün önce

    Always try to get my shoulder and wrist closer Larry is wrestling to long

  • Jeremy Bennoch
    Jeremy Bennoch15 gün önce

    Who u got larrat or todd

  • ArmFight Analyst TV
    ArmFight Analyst TV15 gün önce

    Ermes vs schoolboy who will win??

  • ArmFight Analyst TV

    ArmFight Analyst TV

    15 gün önce

    @TheJancharles yeah buddy..

  • ArmFight Analyst TV

    ArmFight Analyst TV

    15 gün önce

    @TheJancharlesis tht stupid question 🤣

  • Mario gotze
    Mario gotze15 gün önce

    According to my perception school boy he is going to win against Larry.

  • Bara Foto
    Bara Foto15 gün önce

    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇲🇦 je suis Sénégalais depuis Maroc 🇲🇦 je te suivre toujours champion vous venez à Maroc

  • Mark&Irela
    Mark&Irela16 gün önce

    Ernie said not gonna work with me xD freaking savage

  • ArmFight Analyst TV
    ArmFight Analyst TV16 gün önce

    51:56 After pull with all of them,Ermes still didn't have enough pump,he still training at the background

  • Arnab Dutta
    Arnab Dutta16 gün önce

    Philip looks like Jason Statham.

  • steve ford
    steve ford16 gün önce

    Just take the masks off already.

  • Vigilant Mario
    Vigilant Mario17 gün önce

    Schoolboy is watching this with a notepad! ...

  • Don Ali
    Don Ali17 gün önce

    Larry, please try some other sports like combat sports. Armwrestling, even its very technique based, its looks very boring and one dimensional. I would like to see you grappling. That would be nice .

  • dodumichalcevski


    13 gün önce

    Have you tried armwrestling?

  • Gus Contreras
    Gus Contreras18 gün önce

    These awesome arm wrestler showing Larry all the right techniques is great

  • Pasquale Gelardi
    Pasquale Gelardi18 gün önce

    I like they way they push through the fake mask edicts.

  • Zacharias Bonnevier
    Zacharias Bonnevier18 gün önce

    Is it face masks or beard protectors they are using? :D I would guess the latter.

  • Slack
    Slack18 gün önce

    Where's Khaled these days?

  • AW Derek
    AW Derek18 gün önce

    Larry your strap setup at 8 min!!!! WHAT THE HELL!? Lol Straps towards you big guy! Keep killing it. Hopefully I will see ya soon!

  • Corbenya
    Corbenya19 gün önce

    I think Larry is too nice when he arm wrestles.. Get meaner or more aggressive buddy

  • Will Cox
    Will Cox19 gün önce

    Really want to see the ermes larrett match one day

  • Your Dad FeroNik
    Your Dad FeroNik19 gün önce

    Where is Sergio the second coach of Larry....!?!? I like to see the vibrator pressure...🙏😎👍😂

  • W A
    W A19 gün önce

    Great content!

  • secrated
    secrated19 gün önce

    At this point the best crossover is Larry's laugh and Ermes' laugh hahahha

  • Despond
    Despond19 gün önce

    You move like an armwrestler now, legitimate.

    BHARATH H L19 gün önce

    Bcz of Larry bicep, Larry giving his hand more to opponent side so he able to win So that's the reason u can't pull from opponent side to your side why......? Over come this where is your elbow drag technique . Larry please utilize the technique

  • Paul Retzbach
    Paul Retzbach19 gün önce

    Did I hear Coach Ray say “ you could be top 20 in the world right now “ to Gaspirini?? My opinion is he’s already well above that number!!

  • A.F.S.
    A.F.S.19 gün önce

    So you can listen to what the “media” wants you to think about RACE,,,,,or just watch what’s really happening out in the real world! A group of guys from all backgrounds acting like human beings and brothers!💪

  • carlos schirrmeister
    carlos schirrmeister19 gün önce

    30:03 is that Hank from breaking bad?

  • xaver ypsilon
    xaver ypsilon20 gün önce

    finally I can watch Stahlhofen pull some. I was curious about him since I saw him once with Devon. What a guy! I‘d say that p4p he‘s in the top group

  • Арди Флей
    Арди Флей20 gün önce


  • Ryan Beast
    Ryan Beast20 gün önce

    Oleg Zhokh 🦾

  • Hawkdaboss
    Hawkdaboss20 gün önce


  • aznfoever35
    aznfoever3520 gün önce

    dam philipp is insane

  • SuperNatural
    SuperNatural20 gün önce


  • dax daxi
    dax daxi20 gün önce

    LW has the ugliest left bicep ever!!!!

  • 8acun
    8acun20 gün önce

    Who's the super massive black dude chimes in 24:00

  • Fabian K
    Fabian K20 gün önce

    The 170 kg guy Philipp took down with ease was Dennis Kohlruss, one of Germanys strongest man. No armwrestler, but definitely no weak person

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith20 gün önce

    Larry seems like you starts with his arm open so much all the time away from his body but when he tightens it up think it's closer she looks different

  • ketz Bond
    ketz Bond20 gün önce


  • Bananowy Prutas
    Bananowy Prutas20 gün önce

    U are amazing, best regards from 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    LevelSmack.com20 gün önce

    Phillip has crazy technique skills.

  • Batusai
    Batusai20 gün önce

    Wow Larry wow congratulations for You evolution

  • Кайрат Смаилов
    Кайрат Смаилов20 gün önce


  • zGods_Clipz
    zGods_Clipz20 gün önce

    Larry you should make Andrew and Martin arm wrestle that would be an epic practice 😳😳😳😳😳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gustavo Monzon
    Gustavo Monzon20 gün önce

    Larry must keep the block closer.

  • Tony Wing
    Tony Wing20 gün önce

    i miss having friends.

  • Tony Wing
    Tony Wing20 gün önce

    when’s the new camera guy getting here?

  • Jesse Lacelle
    Jesse Lacelle21 gün önce

    phillip looking like 5ft Jason Statham lol strong dude

  • Dj Lancaster
    Dj Lancaster21 gün önce

    Ларри реально растёт,как армрестлер... Его бы моральную силу и Андрею Смаеву... Тот бы большего мог добиться, но слабый дух побеждает его...

  • Ardiansyah P.R
    Ardiansyah P.R21 gün önce

    Go collab with matt mask next to see how strong he is after training with devon

  • Sarbaz Abdulla
    Sarbaz Abdulla21 gün önce

    Just when I think I saw the greatest Larry Wheels clip of all time come out, a new one totally obliterates the last! what the hell man, this is awesome!

  • Marko
    Marko21 gün önce

    26 min ankward handshake alert

  • Bruh 57
    Bruh 5721 gün önce

    Pöööh philipp mit larry

  • Ibrahim Kopić
    Ibrahim Kopić21 gün önce

    Larry steroids Wheels is funny guy vs Gasparini real men power

  • Levi Scoggins
    Levi Scoggins21 gün önce

    That Phillip guy is a beast. Size means nothing in his world

  • Tony Wing

    Tony Wing

    20 gün önce

    leverage and angles, and adjusting to the match and opponent. he’s great.

  • Kaisar Zaher
    Kaisar Zaher21 gün önce

    I am so glad that Larry is enjoying AW, his laughs all the video explains it all! Keep it up, Wheels :3

  • Jose Solis
    Jose Solis21 gün önce

    The Italian is in other level definitely. Is a beast in this

  • CryptoUpdates
    CryptoUpdates21 gün önce

    Larry's improvements are really showing now, still think schoolboy is a little too omptimistic but deffo going to give him a much better battle this time round

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy21 gün önce

    Thanks man

  • pr4nk5tr
    pr4nk5tr21 gün önce

    My name is Monsieur Musculature

  • Terrell Spivey
    Terrell Spivey21 gün önce

    That arm is looking shredding Larry!

  • pravin kumar
    pravin kumar21 gün önce


  • Chen Weizman
    Chen Weizman21 gün önce

    Working with Philip is priceless.

  • Nate Bulger
    Nate Bulger21 gün önce

    What is your strongest lifts and I bet you can lift me and curl me with one hand

  • Chen Weizman
    Chen Weizman21 gün önce

    Ermes is looking HUGE! Mat is in for a war, I think

  • Himanshu Vikal
    Himanshu Vikal21 gün önce

    I want to see Philipp vs Rahul Parikar.

  • Riesen Esel
    Riesen Esel21 gün önce

    He should invite John Brzenk.

  • dbachartechz
    dbachartechz21 gün önce

    learn wrist + side way u ready. ray: rewatch philps move and learn larry counters

  • Nismo Z
    Nismo Z21 gün önce

    39:50 Holy shit morgan 😂😂

  • Opus Dei Leviathan
    Opus Dei Leviathan21 gün önce

    All day 💪🏽

  • Van darkholm
    Van darkholm21 gün önce

    looking good

  • Su0h
    Su0h21 gün önce

    49:25 holy shit that mass in the bg

  • Ryan Showalter
    Ryan Showalter21 gün önce

    Looks like Larry isn't rising much when he could/should. If he gets the hang and timing of it, that would be a level up.

  • Su0h
    Su0h21 gün önce

    45:36 That look when someone is levels above

  • Su0h
    Su0h21 gün önce

    24:44 Ermes expression though 😂😂

  • TTime685
    TTime68521 gün önce

    Looks like you should start strengthening your left hand pronator

  • cute baby
    cute baby21 gün önce

    Already watching 5time good job Larry

  • 청각장애 보디빌더 훈피티 Deaf Bodybuilder Hun
    청각장애 보디빌더 훈피티 Deaf Bodybuilder Hun21 gün önce

    It’s great. I’ll see you when I have the next opportunity. I’ll cheer you on.

  • Alexmdrfull
    Alexmdrfull21 gün önce

    Coach Ray going to sleep Coach Ray close his eyes "hear Hermes laughin in every nightmare"

  • King Bryant
    King Bryant21 gün önce

    Someone knock the shit out of Adam for roasting that guys hand 300 times. Fuck you Adam you have baby hands 😂😂

  • Alex Wurst
    Alex Wurst21 gün önce

    Larry try to use your whole body like Phillip. But it's a bodybuilders mistake that they train only separate muscles their whole life. Because of that they are so stiff.

  • caleb keanu
    caleb keanu21 gün önce

    Really want larry to win against school boy

  • Tomas Torasen
    Tomas Torasen21 gün önce

    larry fights so much with brute strength supinated, up his pronation strength and technique and he will blow away many good arm wrestlers.

  • Logan87_
    Logan87_21 gün önce

    And it also all depends on how far Schoolboyy has progressed😂. Sometimes the one that seems most hidden, is the most dangerous (Schoolboyy)😅. Ermes should arm-wrestle him and see the talent of that boy as well. And that’s it, just a boy (seid for Schoolboy). ☝🏻

  • Charles Picard
    Charles Picard21 gün önce

    Seeing this and how raw Larry still is, I’m giving the edge to School Boy. Larry has potential though being taught by all these guys, just has to be as aggressive as when he’s going for a deadlift PR

    KALI PIANA21 gün önce

    when are you going to collab with Kyriakos Grizzly larry ?

  • Logan87_
    Logan87_21 gün önce

    Larry = Progress. But?, level of Ermes (competitions). Other level. Maybe in teen years of training. Ermes is the other level. Honestly.

  • Stayhumble
    Stayhumble21 gün önce

    Remember Larry wax on, wax off, and be like water, if you put water in a cup it becomes the cup, and y'all know the rest.. 💪🏽

  • 152011daniel
    152011daniel21 gün önce

    I can see a gasparini vs kaled

  • Erntehelfer


    21 gün önce

    Dont be silly

  • xXegox
    xXegox21 gün önce

    Armwrestling here we go!