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  • TruLee Legendary
    TruLee Legendary8 gün önce

    That's what you get for hanging around with Larry, he's gonna either get himself or the ppl around hurt. That guy bodybuilding careers is over.

  • Andrea Bertini
    Andrea Bertini9 gün önce

    A di, si vede che vuole pareggiare la situazione.

  • Abhishek Nair
    Abhishek Nair12 gün önce

    Tenacity 🔥🔥🙏🏽

  • GlowStory Lion
    GlowStory Lion12 gün önce

    Larry just doesnt give a fuck haha

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan13 gün önce

    How this man is 23 I am 25 but looking like his kid

  • Shy Face
    Shy Face13 gün önce

    He’s now gonna tore his triceps 💀 Big respect for this man 🙏

  • Rejjan Abazi
    Rejjan Abazi14 gün önce

    Dafuq is it the other pec or the same one?

  • Faisal Al Beedh
    Faisal Al Beedh15 gün önce

    Y the theatrics use a smith you knob

  • Kartik Tomar
    Kartik Tomar16 gün önce

    You should stop him doing that as friend.

  • Julio Quinones
    Julio Quinones20 gün önce

    I think he honestly shouldn’t workout his chest until he made full recovery because when his other side is fully healed he’s gonna have 1 way bigger pec

  • Jaivir
    Jaivir21 gün önce


  • Big DeeJay Productions
    Big DeeJay Productions22 gün önce

    Lol yal post this shit for clout it seems .. stop doing dumb shit then lol hard to feel sorry 6 ads lol 🏃🏾‍♂️

  • BreyDT
    BreyDT22 gün önce

    Even if Ryan doesn't get injured, he's gonna have a horrible muscle imbalance on his arm and chest. Ryan should just stick to doing legs safely until his pec is fully healed.

  • Sasha Burnham
    Sasha Burnham22 gün önce

    Bruh he still big

  • MrJtin69
    MrJtin6923 gün önce

    Larry gonna convert to Muslim soon

  • Matt3667
    Matt366723 gün önce

    Whys he just training one side? Isnt he going to be unbalanced as fuck and then have a FUCK load of work to do on the other side to catch up which is going to increase risk of injury

  • Fat Rips
    Fat Rips23 gün önce

    Hes gonna look like quagmire if he keeps doin this

  • Jesse Fawbush
    Jesse Fawbush24 gün önce

    I’d rather tear my pec than watch this bs again

  • Jesse Fawbush
    Jesse Fawbush24 gün önce

    I didn’t see the pec tear...??? What the hell kind of title is it. Tears again! Where...? Where? When? Did not see it. Thanks for wasting my time Larry

  • HH Media
    HH Media24 gün önce

    Dude swole down like a flat tire

  • Marko Mitic
    Marko Mitic25 gün önce


  • Patrik Habáň
    Patrik Habáň25 gün önce

    wow respect!

  • Patrik Habáň

    Patrik Habáň

    25 gün önce


  • Jay Z
    Jay Z25 gün önce

    What am I even watching man 😂

  • Aditya T
    Aditya T26 gün önce

    Please Ryan .. Take it easy.... Rest for atleast 2-3 months before coming to gym again.... ... You are still very young, can build muscle easily

  • Jeremiah Brinsko
    Jeremiah Brinsko26 gün önce

    This guy is good stuff

  • Eulis Jarratt
    Eulis Jarratt27 gün önce

    Not kool Larry. You obviously only care about your brand and channel, then your friendship with this guy. I'm unsubscribing, but I wish you the best Fam.

  • Sam Vatani
    Sam Vatani27 gün önce

    this guys such a cry baby pity so hard to listen to him talk about himself

  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez27 gün önce

    Todo lo podemos en Cristo Jesús quien nos fortalece, amén y amén ❤️🙌🙏

  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez27 gün önce

    Jehova Dios nos bendiga y nos perdone en Cristo Jesús, amén y amén ❤️🙌🙏

    B ARCHI27 gün önce

    OMG i didn't just see that dude who ripped his pec to shreads do a one handed bench press at the very start of the video....... FFS man go home an rest you idiot

  • Darren B
    Darren B28 gün önce

    The man needs to slow down a little before he seriously hinders his career

  • jc 123
    jc 12328 gün önce

    You can tell Ryan is struggling mentally

  • John
    John28 gün önce

    Imagine if he gets pec tear agian

  • nurudeen amsa
    nurudeen amsa28 gün önce

    Happy to see him back

  • M
    M28 gün önce

    18:05 Larry is like "let's get a little flex in".

  • Things
    Things28 gün önce

    "horrible...looks like a vagina" ... He like the PPs and it's ok bro! Keep recovering that muscle xd

    TUBBZ28 gün önce

    Mr. Wheels tells him his pec is fine and he literally changed his mind. You better listen when Mr. Wheels tells you its ok 😂

    TUBBZ28 gün önce

    I wish I had 1% of Mr.Wheels dedication I would be in shape and stay in shape 😔😔😔

  • Midnight Mike

    Midnight Mike

    22 gün önce

    Larry said in another vid that he can't walk for an hour

  • Tommy Foreskin
    Tommy Foreskin29 gün önce

    Nice tuna

  • Erich Raymond
    Erich Raymond29 gün önce

    I pray for a speedy and thorough recovery 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Andrey Kolobikhin
    Andrey Kolobikhin29 gün önce

    Schoolboy writes message to Larry: - 'I heard word 'vagina' in your video.'. Larry understands that boy is not that boy already and thinks how to response, but at this moment receives another message but from Levan: - '...'. Several dots. Larry tries to find out what Levan means and writes to schoolboy: '...'. - Schoolboy responses 'Levan?! 😮'. ☺️☺️☺️

  • Julian David Merchan Ruiz
    Julian David Merchan Ruiz29 gün önce

    7:15 did that guy just walk up and record larry without his consent? Looked weird as and larry didn't look impressed at all wtf?

  • Damjan Trček
    Damjan Trček29 gün önce

    nixa zizu na 2:40

  • MGIC-raws
    MGIC-raws29 gün önce

    This guy genuinely motivates me. Keep going bro you'll be back in no time

  • gianni usai
    gianni usai29 gün önce

    hello and for 4 days there are no videos why that happened.

  • gianni usai
    gianni usai29 gün önce

    ciao e da 4 giorni non ci sono video come mai che è successo.

  • Bikerbred_46
    Bikerbred_4629 gün önce

    You nearly ended his bodybuilding career Larry are you now trying to snatch the chance of him getting back into it ?

  • Amaan
    Amaan29 gün önce


    R1LDCOM29 gün önce

    Nice clickbait Larry lol

  • Ahmed Siddiqi
    Ahmed SiddiqiAylar önce

    The andrei’s tag-in 😂😂

    IGOR FITNESSAylar önce

    Good show

  • Mahyar Hub
    Mahyar HubAylar önce


  • Rambo gaming
    Rambo gamingAylar önce

    10:16 hahaha 😂😂

  • Ömazing Worldd
    Ömazing WorlddAylar önce

    that dude needs help for real !!! somebody tell him that he needs to relax and let the body heal.

  • MasTer DJ jAmes
    MasTer DJ jAmesAylar önce

    Yo Larry make sure that dude gets his toe infection checked out for reals, that is how bob Marley died he was playing soccer and got a cut on his foot and he ignored it, and then it got really bad

  • HelloYouKante
    HelloYouKanteAylar önce

    The man is fingering the incline, leave it bro take a rest.

  • Minh Trần Hoàng
    Minh Trần HoàngAylar önce

    Có ai ng việt nam ở đây k

  • Sonic the Hedgeteacher
    Sonic the HedgeteacherAylar önce

    Gle Nixe jebaca, otisao u Dubai da dodaje tegove ljudima hahahahaha

  • Sal
    SalAylar önce

    Did he get smaller ?

  • Tommy Foreskin
    Tommy ForeskinAylar önce

    Training one side while the other side deflates

  • Shawn Goddard
    Shawn GoddardAylar önce

    Larry looking bigger and bigger everyday.

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The CyborgAylar önce

    I wonder if a hot-cold treatment could prevent the injury from swelling so much. They say you're supposed to be able to make bruises disappear in an hour using hot-cold, maybe treatment 2-3 times a day could keep up with a torn pec.

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The CyborgAylar önce

    Larry is the friend everyone wish they had. There is no way anyone could ever meet Larry and walk away feeling worse.

  • Tim Blackburn
    Tim BlackburnAylar önce

    Still a massive monster

    CMLFOOTYMAD04Aylar önce

    24:50 or it’s just to heavy

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanicAylar önce

    i think this set-back will make him even better. He's gonna be world champ

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanicAylar önce

    what is the point of training only one side of you upper body? Just do you legs for few months straight and cardio. you will have huge legs and Mo Farah's upper body. Once you recover, then you do upper body for few months and no legs, until they match up. :)

  • Martin Rodgers
    Martin RodgersAylar önce

    For some reason it feels as if he shouldn't be pushing... 😬

  • FakeCreatine RM
    FakeCreatine RMAylar önce

    holy fuck that intro is cringe

  • Ryan Ventura
    Ryan VenturaAylar önce

    I really don't feel sorry anymore for this dude, just give it a rest already and focus on recovery but nooooo instead its this mentality which ruins so many.

  • Cloud Cata
    Cloud CataAylar önce

    Just another problem with steroids, muscles get stronger, tendons and joints can't handle it

  • Erick Giovanni Meza Cota
    Erick Giovanni Meza CotaAylar önce

    Gracias Larry por tanto apoyo a los Atletas, me da gusto tu sencillez con los grandes! y como ayudas a la recuperación de tus amigos guerreros Gracias ojala ganes el match! ya eres un Campeón (Y)

    SUPERSTROKEAylar önce

    This guy prob did not graduate at the top of his class

  • Kristijan Eftoski
    Kristijan EftoskiAylar önce

    Brate sta ovaj niksa zuzu radi snjim

  • neeraj Sharma
    neeraj SharmaAylar önce

    This is by far the dumbest thing anyone has ever tried.. stupidity at its level best 🙂

  • Matrix Power Deluxe
    Matrix Power DeluxeAylar önce

    Larry Wheels look so boring!

  • Quran with Urdu translation
    Quran with Urdu translationAylar önce

    Ahh I understand now You also need an injury on your left chest You due to this you’ll get your recovery faster I got your point man you’re genius You crazy man go and rest don’t prove yourself right now lol

  • Apollo creed
    Apollo creedAylar önce

    Boy Ryan needs to stretch his muscles to prevent injury. His ROM was terrible before he tore his pec.

  • Rocco Stiff
    Rocco StiffAylar önce

    I mean how stupid can you seriously get?????

  • Sal S
    Sal SAylar önce

    Damn he’s lost a lot of size. Still a U N I T tho

  • meangene1980
    meangene1980Aylar önce

    Ryan looks like he lost 50lbs minimum.

  • Stocks Heim
    Stocks HeimAylar önce


  • Vukasin Beric
    Vukasin BericAylar önce

    nixa u pozadini

  • Buttery Peanut
    Buttery PeanutAylar önce

    Tears pec, still does bench. Deserves it all

  • Mrdealx
    MrdealxAylar önce

    295???....more like 195.

  • upbeatrawfish
    upbeatrawfishAylar önce

    Only losing gains on one side he says.

  • BIG T
    BIG TAylar önce


  • L Y F T
    L Y F TAylar önce

    Larry out here ending careers.

  • Daniel Purdy
    Daniel PurdyAylar önce

    This man is a moron and Larry is for letting him do this exercise.

  • Fr Tho
    Fr ThoAylar önce

    Sikk inntro Larry 🔥🤟

  • Kyle Rickenbaugh
    Kyle RickenbaughAylar önce

    Love that new intro! 🔥

  • Sourabh Nagoria
    Sourabh NagoriaAylar önce

    Please someone tell this man that muscles will come back But this recovery period will not

  • sl1me
    sl1meAylar önce

    poosh babey

  • Mind Blown
    Mind BlownAylar önce

    This is really not a good idea. Training one side hard whilst the other is injured is only going to further exacerbate differences in strength between the injured and non injured sides. Plus you cant recruit and stabilise the same, so youre asking for more injuries. You should instead train very easily, mainly to keep blood flow and stop atrophy, then work to the RoM and strength limits of the weaker side once its healed enough to train.

  • Email Email
    Email EmailAylar önce

    I’m dealing with a chest injury myself right now….The guy needs to REST and do light cardio…He’s enhanced, he’s not gonna lose much, and whatever lost comes back quickly !!

  • Danilo Raicevic
    Danilo RaicevicAylar önce

    2:32 Nixa Zizu

  • D Underwood
    D UnderwoodAylar önce

    Ryan looks FANTASTIC, bless up from Brooklyn NY 🙏, thought for the day, Be kind to people you've never met, Larry Wheels kind

  • Paxton Wade
    Paxton WadeAylar önce

    You can tell Larry is just offended by this guys delusions of grandeur to be hitting up a stage in like 4 months time

  • nick bedolla
    nick bedollaAylar önce

    Larry your really a good guy An to call a friend

  • Abdallah Shamil
    Abdallah ShamilAylar önce

    I wont be able to feel sorry if he tears something again.