Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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  • Hafthor Bjornsson
    Hafthor BjornssonAylar önce

    Great workout brother! Let’s do this again soon! 💪

  • Eehla


    22 gün önce

    Bet ill see u then!

  • Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga

    23 gün önce

    best duo, love seeing you and Larry together in any sort of video

  • Shin Vongnaya

    Shin Vongnaya

    23 gün önce

    Good Look Thor, Tell us How did you do in your Body?

  • Thompson Gun

    Thompson Gun

    28 gün önce

    Yall chalk full of thor nuts . They salty?

  • W O

    W O

    28 gün önce


  • Juicebox Nguyen
    Juicebox NguyenGün önce

    You can tell Thor has a shitty grip. For a big guy like that, you would've thought he'll have his hand all over that barbell.

  • Tim Dumler
    Tim Dumler2 gün önce

    Was his home gym deadlift counted? If i deadlifted 1200 lbs in my home gym, would it be counted?

  • depletable
    depletable3 gün önce

    Schoolboy vs The Mountain. Let's do it.

  • New Horizon
    New Horizon3 gün önce

    At 0:26 Thor looks like and dances around like Zanglief from Street Fighter.

  • ATFireman
    ATFireman4 gün önce

    Thor looks like he’s wearing shoulder pads

  • Emmanuel Mattos
    Emmanuel Mattos5 gün önce

    Bien ahi mi gente!! Saludos 👋🏼🇦🇷🇦🇷💪🏼😎👍🏼

  • Joshua Lawrence
    Joshua Lawrence6 gün önce

    Larry’s laugh has muscle

  • CFL Dumpsters
    CFL Dumpsters6 gün önce

    Thor makes Larry look small, geez that guy is huge. Just massive, they add 45s 😮 like they are nothing, going up 90lbs every round.

  • Richard Turner
    Richard Turner7 gün önce

    I look exactly like Thor only older, fatter and much, much weaker.

  • Kaizer
    Kaizer7 gün önce

    At the end of the day you humans are still limited to 100yrs with a lucky few squeezing in an extra 1-8yrs 😝

  • Davros Dalek
    Davros Dalek7 gün önce

    That black dudes look like they have came out of a nest

  • Charlie Vazquez
    Charlie Vazquez7 gün önce

    My cat just saw this and became a fucking tiger..

  • Space Marine

    Space Marine

    2 gün önce


  • Alexandru Mario
    Alexandru Mario7 gün önce

    17:25 🔥

  • Alexandru Mario
    Alexandru Mario8 gün önce

    I was expecting larry to look tiny but his amount of mass makes up lmao, what a beast 🔥

  • Josh W
    Josh W8 gün önce

    Thor looks good man

  • Brajan Kuczyński
    Brajan Kuczyński8 gün önce

    I always wondered what they sniff

  • J C

    J C

    Saatler önce


  • matt sez
    matt sez8 gün önce

    501 dead lift did not break a record

  • J C

    J C

    Saatler önce

    It did

  • Tom Bean
    Tom Bean8 gün önce

    I could see larry wheels or even big boy breaking thors deadlift record..but I think they each would have a better shot if they could get their bodyweight uo to 300lbs. To achieve that.

  • AttitudeAdjusterAA
    AttitudeAdjusterAA9 gün önce

    i swear the Mountain's arms are bigger than my legs, and i consider myself to me a normal size human.

  • sandro correia
    sandro correia9 gün önce

    i dont understand, why Thor only deadlift 320KG if the record is 501KG? thor could try like 460kg right? and larry i know he can lift like 380, 400kg too

  • Moonlight Sparks
    Moonlight Sparks10 gün önce

    The smaller guy isn’t even on juice and making 200kg look like a feather.. unbelievable lol

  • Moonlight Sparks
    Moonlight Sparks10 gün önce

    My calves are bigger than Larry and I’m 70 kg… wtf lol

  • Ally ramadhani
    Ally ramadhani10 gün önce

    Damn, Steroids works😂😂😂

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon411 gün önce

    thor has lost a lot of weight

  • Rajesh Kaushik
    Rajesh Kaushik11 gün önce

    Thor really looks like a mountain..

  • Virtuoso Kayes
    Virtuoso Kayes11 gün önce

    Everyone's gangsta untill schoolboy defeats them in arm wrestling

  • Jina Parghi
    Jina Parghi11 gün önce

    Dont like this

  • Sresht Pasupuleti
    Sresht Pasupuleti13 gün önce

    Larry's got chicken legs but the power of a dinosaur in them.

  • Darron Smith
    Darron Smith14 gün önce

    Larry is a traiter come on Eddie Hall 🥊🥊

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow15 gün önce

    So is Thor retired from WSM?

  • alrc
    alrc15 gün önce

    I’ve never seen a high pull 5 mins in and learning a lot already - can’t wait to see the whole vid

  • Matt 246
    Matt 24615 gün önce

    I love how they manhandle the warm-up weights lol 500 pounds is nothing to these guys. Impressive

  • Mfia Ghostz
    Mfia Ghostz16 gün önce

    He looks small asf compared to Thor lmao

  • Ruvim Semenyuk
    Ruvim Semenyuk16 gün önce

    Dam Thor became skinny

  • Ruvim Semenyuk
    Ruvim Semenyuk16 gün önce

    Someone get the bloat lord to do high pulls with Larry

  • Noah Merriman Year 11
    Noah Merriman Year 1117 gün önce

    These mugs thinking thors gonna best Eddie lol

  • FideTrainer NET
    FideTrainer NET18 gün önce

    The Thor accent is quite annoying, if I ever meet him I will bitchslap him

  • WackyWildPotato


    17 gün önce

    huh? he'll step on you dude lmao

  • Usha Rani
    Usha Rani18 gün önce

    Hey thor .!. Have you met loki in the new series....😂😂

  • Usha Rani
    Usha Rani18 gün önce

    Thor be like...: Ha ha malum hai chal baap ko mat sikha...!!!😂😂😂

  • JTD472
    JTD47218 gün önce

    His legs especially look so much smaller. He looks healthier for sure

  • Shugd3 Yates
    Shugd3 Yates19 gün önce

    Mark Felix has lifted 505kg

  • Mr. Mclovin
    Mr. Mclovin19 gün önce

    Crazy lifts man crazy lifts.

  • Woodsman Willey
    Woodsman Willey19 gün önce

    I would rather work out at your gym over planet fitness! If I'm having trouble with something it would be nice to have pros around.

  • Charlie Ellis99
    Charlie Ellis9919 gün önce

    Hafthor looks insane holy crap

  • Alex Tibia
    Alex Tibia20 gün önce


  • Dizel Candır
    Dizel Candır20 gün önce

    What happened to Thor's mouth? Left part of his mouth looks strange.

  • WackyWildPotato


    17 gün önce

    Bell's palsy

  • Arnold John
    Arnold John22 gün önce

    12:08 my max right there

  • Colucci Cédric
    Colucci Cédric22 gün önce

    Thor have some bloodline of god Odin, because Larry look ridicule next to him xD and damn Larry is big !

  • Luis Verduzco
    Luis Verduzco22 gün önce

    Motivation 💪

  • That one Gamer
    That one Gamer23 gün önce

    Can early tell strongmen are really in a whole different league of their own.. ...all that weight thor dropped now being shredded and still did that 700lbs way better than larry..insane

  • Shin Vongnaya
    Shin Vongnaya23 gün önce

    Good Look Thor, Tell us How did you do in your Body?

  • Cristiano di tieri
    Cristiano di tieri24 gün önce


  • newby547
    newby54724 gün önce

    Gotta agree with everybody else, Thor looks a lot healthier and better leaned down

    ACE AJAY GAMING24 gün önce

    Two legends 🔥🔥

  • Geo Thompson
    Geo Thompson24 gün önce

    I think Thor should try MMA.

  • Stunner
    Stunner24 gün önce

    Larry looks great

  • Enis 1
    Enis 125 gün önce

    Thor is happy for whole time..well l enjoyed..larry amazing job

  • Dhananjaya Reddy
    Dhananjaya Reddy25 gün önce

    Lookin at how lean Thor looks, I think Eddie is gonna have his hands full.

  • ༺SEEKS༻
    ༺SEEKS༻25 gün önce

    Thor is a great advert for steroids

  • Kris Morey
    Kris Morey25 gün önce

    Larry got owned by school boy. But man Larry is big.

  • GBezy
    GBezy26 gün önce

    Wheres the 500 ? Bullshit vlog !

  • Micah Friend
    Micah Friend26 gün önce

    I work so hard to achieve strength, technique, and body build to proper cutting up. Over being only 5'10, it sucks so much to see men 6'1 and up males? easily gain so much strength in a short amount of time. I've seen it, and it's completely unfair. Pisses me the Fuck off. Like the work i achieved was for nothing. But Im happy to see such amazing athletes. Keep it up Larry! You're doing fantastic. Mr. Thor as well. Amazing.

  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez26 gün önce

    Todo lo podemos en Cristo Jesús quien nos fortalece, amén y amén ❤️🙌😍

  • Esteban Martinez
    Esteban Martinez26 gün önce

    Jehova Dios nos bendiga y nos perdone en Cristo Jesús, amén y amén ❤️🙌😍

  • Richman 3000
    Richman 300026 gün önce

    These guys are just fucking gods walking among us. Can't even imagine being in that great of shape.

  • Joao Pedro Melo Peet
    Joao Pedro Melo Peet26 gün önce

    Fuck. Thor looking good

  • Daniel Pratt
    Daniel Pratt26 gün önce

    Thor is going to get knocked out by Eddie 💪🏻 his “yes” men won’t be able to help him. Wouldn’t surprise me if Thor the big baby is thinking of excuses when he loses by KO already!! He truly is one of the most un-sportsmanship man alive

  • J C

    J C

    Saatler önce

    You have absolutely no how wrong your comment is on so many levels

  • Alexander O'Hanlon

    Alexander O'Hanlon

    25 gün önce

    Is your real name Eddie? 🤣

  • András Szepesi
    András Szepesi26 gün önce

    Thor has that Tom Stoltman physique now

  • Ghosty 88
    Ghosty 8826 gün önce

    Thor is a giant 💪

  • Jayson B
    Jayson B26 gün önce

    Thor stronger than Brian?

  • gnarghh fps
    gnarghh fps27 gün önce

    Thor lookin slim but massive at the same brain hurts because slim and massive should not go together

  • Rocket Science
    Rocket Science27 gün önce

    Larry need to stop skipping leg day

  • Pascal Goetz
    Pascal Goetz27 gün önce

    Larry why are your arms bigger than your legs ? Just perspective or ?

  • Goofy Poofy
    Goofy Poofy27 gün önce

    I wanna see Larry chill out and talk to us after eating edibles

  • Capt. Smeralda
    Capt. Smeralda27 gün önce

    Pulling that deadlift like nothing lol

  • Ecogardener huerta y jardin
    Ecogardener huerta y jardin27 gün önce

    What he smell or snif befor the workout?

  • Kris Morey

    Kris Morey

    25 gün önce

    Smelling salts, which I believe are derived from ammonia.

  • QuaussieMoto
    QuaussieMoto27 gün önce

    Just in case you don't know, Deadlifts improve your physique more than any other single exercise! Just make sure you do them with a straight back and drive through your heels.

  • Panda
    Panda28 gün önce

    theres so much growth hormone in that room

  • W O
    W O28 gün önce

    Thor would be Ivan Drago if they made Rocky 4 today haha he’s a machine

  • ᚨᛉᚨᛉᛖᛚ
    ᚨᛉᚨᛉᛖᛚ28 gün önce

    Thor looks so much younger. He looked at least 40 before

  • Avel Anorve
    Avel Anorve28 gün önce

    *Damn... Hafthor lost some weight*

  • Daily Dose Of Reel
    Daily Dose Of Reel28 gün önce


  • VeloCi_KrT
    VeloCi_KrT28 gün önce

    19:53 Thor just realized, he and Larry should do a planet fitness video.

  • VeloCi_KrT
    VeloCi_KrT28 gün önce

    Dude commenting the high-pulls giving creds to the oly-lifters. Olympic style lifting is hella hard, but so damn fun and sooo rewarding once the technique starts to click with you. Also it's clear he watched Torokhtiy :'D

  • Ciprian Botolfs
    Ciprian Botolfs28 gün önce

    Romanian deadlift, finally we made it to the big leagues

  • Dan Golden
    Dan Golden28 gün önce

    those RDLs were somethin sweet

  • anonimo papa
    anonimo papa28 gün önce

    What happen with Larry calves??

  • FredT34
    FredT3429 gün önce

    Please improve this mic!! Sound is awful

  • Grabarz
    Grabarz29 gün önce

    Ow and a wee scotty is the video

  • The Great Convergence
    The Great Convergence29 gün önce

    Larry Looks like the UPS guy in all that brown

  • Bryan Moser
    Bryan Moser29 gün önce

    Larry's biceps are bigger than his legs

  • Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner
    Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner29 gün önce

    serious question: I have been trying to teach myself Olympic lifting, but I am scared to use figure 8 straps because I don't want to be stuck to the bar in case I have to bail. How come you guys are using straps for this? Is it just because of the repetition?

  • Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner
    Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner29 gün önce

    Lord have mercy, I cannot believe how small you appear compared to Thor, especially considering that you are twice my size, hahaha..... I would probably look like a hobbit or something of that nature.

  • Uzumaki Barrage
    Uzumaki BarrageAylar önce

    Why Thor doesnt have much vascularity? Deos usage of steroids increase vascularity?

  • Ailan Krohn
    Ailan KrohnAylar önce

    17:31 Larry had a little brain freeze there😂

  • xXSeak
    xXSeakAylar önce

    Did his left side of his face improve? Looks like he might get rid of it over time? I read it is possible.

  • WackyWildPotato


    17 gün önce

    maybe depends which each person

  • DoggoZA
    DoggoZAAylar önce

    I'm suprised Larry could do those high pulls. Very simple movement to a power clean so now I'm curious as to what he can clean/hangclean

  • Fueled By Caramel
    Fueled By CaramelAylar önce


  • Vitor Gohsev
    Vitor GohsevAylar önce

    501kg isn't really a record break should of done atleast a 505kg. Eddie will always be the deadlift champ.