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  • Michael Holder
    Michael HolderAylar önce

    I don't think ppl realize how impressive 700lbs for 5 sets of 3 reps is....keep uo the HARD WORK Brother!! Blows my mind your feats of strength Also love your details you share with us. Learn smthg new every episode

  • Luke Zece
    Luke ZeceAylar önce

    Slow it down Larry. You will feel stronger.

  • Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner
    Garage Warrior - Charlie WeidnerAylar önce

    I will miss BTC. Pour a sip. Hey, where is Eddie Hall? I was expecting to see the legend. Is that his nick name or something?

  • Karl Kindle
    Karl KindleAylar önce

    jesus larry is huge and ripped

  • Cosmic
    CosmicAylar önce

    Ok first of all he looks like freaking Edie hall! Second of all he has that huge gluteus maximus like Edie hall does. 😂

  • 1
    1Aylar önce

    37:27 😂😂 left hanging

  • reymundo
    reymundoAylar önce


  • reymundo


    Aylar önce

    So much weight on the squat for both you Larry and the guy you met, very inspiring... keep it up!

  • Łukasz Bonk
    Łukasz BonkAylar önce

    Wooow !

  • Casey Rhoades
    Casey RhoadesAylar önce

    “CMON LARRY PUSHHH IT PUSSSHHHH, POWAAAA” “ I wouldn’t invite you to thanksgiving because you’d steal all the plates” BTC IS ALWAYS THERE LARRY🦾🦾

  • Naguib Salomon
    Naguib SalomonAylar önce

    RIP BTC🙏🙏❤️❤️🌠🌠

  • Marcus Flex
    Marcus FlexAylar önce

    Do hurt ur self Larry u only human sleep is key 🙏🏾🙌🏾

  • bigbaddannyboy
    bigbaddannyboyAylar önce

    Phenomenal content as always, Larry. Thanks so much.

  • michael eagle c
    michael eagle cAylar önce

    its definitely a different ball field with athletes like this, ..being this strong, whenever you lift - you're constantly adding so many 45's in your warm up "it's crazy" for ur average athlete lifting 200-300 lbs your warm up leading up to your "sets" is a much lighter spectrum. the weight jumps in the warm up sets they're doing in this video is insane! They literally go from 67 lbs (the bar weight) to 298.5 lbs ...and so on

  • gocards181
    gocards181Aylar önce

    So the big question is American Eddie Hall always dehydrated as well?

  • Tage Che
    Tage CheAylar önce

    Rest in peace Otis BTC been watching you lift with Larry for years 😔

  • Óscar
    ÓscarAylar önce

    WOW is bleeding

  • Shubham Kaushik
    Shubham KaushikAylar önce

    Eddie hall Lite

  • petr l
    petr lAylar önce

    34:32 Larry complimenting his gym bros skincare routine

  • Todd
    ToddAylar önce

    I felt like a beast doing 6x2 at 525… now feel like a stupid dumb bitch. Thanks for making me Megan Rapinoe.

  • Alec Algard
    Alec AlgardAylar önce

    So he’s doing a “mock meet” yeah that’s dumb, I think Larry knows his best days are behind him

  • petr l

    petr l

    Aylar önce

    It's all right, as long as he does a real meet again sometimes afterwards. But I have a feeling he's not going to that. He should just try to do the big dogs meet, they have really fast moving flights

  • Strelly Kitoko
    Strelly KitokoAylar önce

    Larry has been looking shredded lately.

  • Lubega Simon
    Lubega SimonAylar önce

    I just like the way BTC used to do his deadlift definitely RIP 🙏


    Its kinda unreal that he’s gone. They are able to act so professional still that everything seems normal. RIP BTC🕊♥️

  • JB
    JBAylar önce

    This guys having a good time. Yup. Aww yehh

  • Kalil Santos Oliveira
    Kalil Santos OliveiraAylar önce


  • Clarence Frazier
    Clarence FrazierAylar önce

    Squatting with no sneakers or shoes is not a great idea but that's you great but alot of people starting to do in there gym it's crazy your a pro tell them keep banging 💪😄💪😄

  • Clarence Frazier
    Clarence FrazierAylar önce

    RIP BTC 🙏🙏🙏🙏💯

  • Kenny
    KennyAylar önce

    We love and miss you BTC !!!

  • fiq qs
    fiq qsAylar önce

    look at larry wheel face HAAHAHHA 29:45 😂😂

  • Dylan Kurowsky
    Dylan KurowskyAylar önce

    Morning paper!

  • Dick Nasty
    Dick NastyAylar önce

    I have a duffalo bar too. It's actually 57lbs not 67lbs.

  • Shaun Roach
    Shaun RoachAylar önce

    Remember that time Ed Cowan put on a powerlifting meet as the only lifter!! He set numerous PR’s and records taking his time between lifts at his own convenience 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Oh ya that never happened!! Larry strong 💪 and fun to watch but this bs of bringing in his own judge and doing the 3 lifts by himself and calling that a powerlifting meet is hot garbage. The whole thing about showing up at a meet is you don’t know how many flights there is, who might show up and lifting against your competitors is what it’s all about!!! This nonsense of bringing in a judge as you lift by yourself at your own convenience between the 3 lifts to maximize the numbers you want to hit can’t be called a powerlifting meet sorry!! Larry fun to watch and strong but doing this then claiming records, common basically this will be setting new PR’s!!

  • petr l

    petr l

    Aylar önce

    Yeah it won't be the same

  • Brian Gemmet
    Brian GemmetAylar önce

    I lost a friend as well from a car accident, it’s really rough cause it’s so sudden, I saw him like a week earlier and then he was gone 😔

  • Kuuttipää
    KuuttipääAylar önce

    Going thru the comments I heard that "Animal products and cooked food are toxic and deadly."

  • E.M
    E.MAylar önce

    RIP BTC.. u r missed

  • Sean
    SeanAylar önce

    LARRY PLEASE! I'm competing in the meet you originally planned on competing in and I was so stoked to see you there too! Will you still be there as a spectator or something?

  • Achie
    AchieAylar önce

    You should make an armwrestle video with phil heath😂 his forearms are crazy

  • Dr.Monkey-Kong
    Dr.Monkey-KongAylar önce

    I think you mean brachioradialis

  • Everyday Back's Broken
    Everyday Back's BrokenAylar önce

    Larry is so strong, but sadly no calves.

  • treverbettis
    treverbettisAylar önce

    Thats the walmart Eddie Hall lol

  • Rob Barber
    Rob BarberAylar önce

    Oh what the hell I thought it was real Eddie Hall collab not this bootleg Eddie Hall LoL

  • IG: Kingfritz11
    IG: Kingfritz11Aylar önce


  • Yung Whurlin
    Yung WhurlinAylar önce

    Would like to see Larry, Kiger, Oak, and SSJ Bobb link up in honor of BTC for one video. Doing BTC's bread n butter lift...deadlift.

  • Governor Decay
    Governor DecayAylar önce

    That intro makes him look like a superhero

  • 1bigimpact
    1bigimpactAylar önce

    that sorinex back attack is dope but 4200 dollars holy shit

  • Arthur Guillaumenq
    Arthur GuillaumenqAylar önce

    Hey Larry you should check Pavlo Nakonechnyy and train with him ! He's on his way to try and break deadlift WR. 23years old and absolute UNIT ! Always great content :)

  • Jshh
    JshhAylar önce

    u dont like eddie hall bcs ur a snake and then u use his name in the title lol

  • Alisha Banks
    Alisha BanksAylar önce

    Larry when will you guys post the video with the other half of your squats?

  • Space Marine
    Space MarineAylar önce

    Awesome work👍

  • madj0hn
    madj0hnAylar önce

    stupid clickbait title

  • Vasu Saini
    Vasu SainiAylar önce

    Add also your daily diet

  • Nikita Rathod
    Nikita RathodAylar önce

    Where is the video with jamal.

  • Jace R
    Jace RAylar önce

    Was really looking foward to you doin a full meet in btc name

  • motekk motekki
    motekk motekkiAylar önce

    Eddie Hall is strong

  • Kiki Raindeer
    Kiki RaindeerAylar önce

    that dude begind them at 0:24

  • Denis Ivanovich Tsciplenkov
    Denis Ivanovich TsciplenkovAylar önce

    My Man BTC shouting POWER for Larry from heaven ☝️

  • JoshMan Strong
    JoshMan StrongAylar önce

    RIP BTC🙏

  • אופיר גילת
    אופיר גילתAylar önce

    Definitely do more reps. It's difficult to accumulate volume doing singles all the time. Looking strong , keep it up.

  • elcapo555
    elcapo555Aylar önce

    btc in heaven, rest in peace➕️

  • Mind Blown
    Mind BlownAylar önce

    After everything that’s happened, and your absence from specific powerlifting lifts, I think a little extra time is for the best. BTC will be shouting “powaaa” in all our hearts.

  • run g19
    run g19Aylar önce

    Man just dont feel the same without BTC

  • Matt Henslee
    Matt HensleeAylar önce

    “I feel like a spring chicken today” is an understatement.

  • Adham Koa
    Adham KoaAylar önce

    i was like "there will only ever be one eddie hall how dare he" and then the look this guy gives you at 3.26 was eerily familiar!

  • gunlap
    gunlapAylar önce

    Even a heart of stone can shed tears. The positivity and acceptance for his passing is there but I could imagine how hard it is everyday to keep this positivity without him...

  • Jakob Hall
    Jakob HallAylar önce

    DO a colab with Daniel ryjov

  • ex-vegan 'logan'
    ex-vegan 'logan'Aylar önce


  • ex-vegan 'logan'
    ex-vegan 'logan'Aylar önce


  • Cody Jones
    Cody JonesAylar önce

    Nic was so chill seems like a genuine guy

  • Jakob Hall
    Jakob HallAylar önce

    Larry is doing all his lifts for BTC

  • Sagar Singh
    Sagar SinghAylar önce

    If BTC watching this he would be like excuse me sir Rip bro 🙏

  • Szymon Taylor
    Szymon TaylorAylar önce

    "It's good" -Nic Stone

  • HaverOfBigPP
    HaverOfBigPPAylar önce

    looks like eddies son has grown up very fast

  • Dipanshusingh rajput
    Dipanshusingh rajputAylar önce

    Happy friendship day 😘 bro

  • XMuffinMuncher
    XMuffinMuncherAylar önce

    Nic seems like a real chill dude and a absolute unit.

  • Cavon Hazen
    Cavon HazenAylar önce

    BTC will live on in the hearts and memories of your fans larry

  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper ŁabuzAylar önce


  • BeamerBoy999
    BeamerBoy999Aylar önce

    What’s the point of squatting with a bended bar like that?

  • leontek20
    leontek20Aylar önce

    RIP BTC. Will never be forgotten. Keep hitting PRs in his name🙌🏽

  • Tanya Loves Titties
    Tanya Loves TittiesAylar önce

    9:37 Eddie Hall junior!

  • knowwe
    knowweAylar önce

    Hmmm. . . .

  • cyborgar15
    cyborgar15Aylar önce

    RIP BTC..

  • Howford Li
    Howford LiAylar önce

    Always a good time with Nic, love it haha

  • Jacky Liu
    Jacky LiuAylar önce

    The title 700*15 is misleading. It's not done in a single set.

  • Antonio 156
    Antonio 156Aylar önce

    You will be the world's greatest Larry! For BTC!!

  • RebellionX
    RebellionXAylar önce

    damn you look just like dwayne johnson

  • Luis Nunez
    Luis NunezAylar önce

    R.I.P BTC he’s up there looking at you Larry .

  • gabriel hallman
    gabriel hallmanAylar önce

    35:25 aye camera man focus on the lift man😳

  • Jerome Bout
    Jerome BoutAylar önce


    SIERRAHPBTAylar önce

    phenomenal strength for a guy working himself into contest shape.

  • gloat
    gloatAylar önce

    nic stone is like a mix between eddie hall and action bronson lol, seems like an awesome guy

  • Aesthetics Empire
    Aesthetics EmpireAylar önce


  • Eric D. Jarman
    Eric D. JarmanAylar önce

    Larry do take the time to mourn your best friend, Otis ‘Black Tom Cruise.’ It’s sad that he isn’t with us any longer but we won’t forget him.

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony JacksonAylar önce

    Wow. He'd definitely win an Eddie Hall look-alike contest! lol

  • John Nicholson
    John NicholsonAylar önce

    RIP BTC, all love big man. POWER! 🙏🏾

  • Brian Propst
    Brian PropstAylar önce

    Larrys neck bleeding??

  • john agustine
    john agustineAylar önce

    Looks like Eddie Hall

  • Sal S
    Sal SAylar önce

    “That’s a lot of FORCE” - BTC

  • WardenGordon
    WardenGordonAylar önce

    Jeez that is impressive. Hopefully one day I can do it once.

  • Hunzla Imran
    Hunzla ImranAylar önce

    Me: Mom can I get eddie hall Mom: we have eddie hall at home Eddie hall at home:

  • Senad
    SenadAylar önce

    Squat has to be the hardest exercise