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Hafthor Bjornsson vs Devon Larratt:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Hafthor Bjornsson: thorbjornsson
Hafthor's TRloft:


  • Israel Campos
    Israel Campos23 saatler önce

    Crazy to see Thor’s english coming along, a lot more understandable

  • Enrico Franken
    Enrico Franken4 gün önce

    Love you guys.Please guys,get your path with Jesus right.Time is short.WAR is coming to America and the World.Also great deception.GOD loves you all.

  • Corey Wojdylo
    Corey Wojdylo4 gün önce

    Devon in strongman would have been funny.

  • Carlan C.
    Carlan C.5 gün önce

    Im loving Larry's laugh. Team Devon

  • Dave Stansbury
    Dave Stansbury8 gün önce

    Thor. I will fight you. My name is STANZ

  • Dave Stansbury
    Dave Stansbury8 gün önce

    Thor looks so at home with his boyfriend Larry. Got his little legs crossed, his little handshake and all y'all! Larry looks so tall with that fresh prince of Bel-Air hair going on. It must add at least two inches to his five foot eleven frame. I am a bit bewildered how such a nice boy like thor has all them naughty looking tattoos but comes off as being such a nice man. Thor....are those tattoos for show or do they make up for something you lack or what's the deal? Ohhh I just noticed Thor seems to be barefoot too y'all. Ohh my!

  • fredrik andersson
    fredrik andersson8 gün önce

    Man, thors answers are just so genuine and real, im liking the more content i see with him

  • Matrix101 redorblupill
    Matrix101 redorblupill9 gün önce

    Enjoy your last days Thor. No limit Will fuck you UP....

  • Kenneth Stidsen
    Kenneth Stidsen9 gün önce

    When Eddie is ready, he is going to box like Mike Tyson and destroy whoever that is in his way. Just my opinion

  • Jez
    Jez10 gün önce

    Hafthor, you are 100% correct. You cannot substitute a real fight in front of an audience with ANYTHING. He can study you till the cows come home, but it will NOT help him. You have a massive advantage by doing what you are doing. Keep it up well done. Coming from an Eddie Hall fan

  • Mr. Meanor
    Mr. Meanor11 gün önce

    Even Larry's voice is juiced up 😄

  • richard coughlan
    richard coughlan12 gün önce

    "A massive shit" lol.

  • Decrepit Spice
    Decrepit Spice12 gün önce

    Keep treating Devon like an afterthought.. please...

  • TEZ
    TEZ13 gün önce

    yeah yeah yeah, what can you bench at the moment Thor??

  • TEZ


    13 gün önce

    @J C Look, if he ain't super strong, we will just be watching a normal boxing match between two amateurs. I wanted to see a boxing match between two strong men. The only difference would be that these two boxers are far less trained than pros. Anyway, just my preference. I'd still say that they the worlds strongest boxers so that's interesting i suppose lol

  • J C

    J C

    13 gün önce

    He is boxing, who cares what he bench lmao

  • Demetrius Cooksey
    Demetrius Cooksey13 gün önce

    Awesome interview. To be honest, Thor's exhibition matches looked more like glorified sparring sessions. Having said that, Thor looks a lot more technically advanced than Eddie. Eddie just throws hard, wild punches and that's how he got injured BTW. I'm excited to see Devon and Thor's match. Not sure the Eddie bout will ever happen because he can't quit lifting heavy, he's addicted to it and it doesn't mix with boxing training.

  • Daryl Delp
    Daryl Delp14 gün önce

    Its gotta be crazy difficult for Thor to do boxing. His size would make it extremely hard to do the movements. Im impressed how determined he is to learn the sport of boxing and to get in the ring and fight.

  • Aizawl Aizawl
    Aizawl Aizawl16 gün önce

    Thor full support

  • Cranky Alexander
    Cranky Alexander16 gün önce

    Devon has no limits mate. NO. LIMITS.

  • Cranky Alexander

    Cranky Alexander

    16 gün önce

    💩 10:25 😂😂

  • Mrinal Das
    Mrinal Das17 gün önce

    we=hen did larry get his hair transplant

  • Kenneth Serup
    Kenneth Serup18 gün önce

    Big gay Larry is back

  • Dan 77
    Dan 7718 gün önce

    Mad how Larry makes thor look small now lol

  • L K
    L K19 gün önce

    Thor is such a loser

  • Steven Cliffe
    Steven Cliffe19 gün önce

    Not strongest man

  • J C

    J C

    17 gün önce

    2018 / 2020 Haftor was 100% the strongest man of all time

  • Quizzy0000
    Quizzy000019 gün önce

    i dont think its gonna be a knock out first round devon is too smart he can drag it if he needs to not saying he will win but hes a tactical person. hes unpredictable, might be the hardest fight so far for thor cause he doesnt really know what he is up against.

  • Vive Viveka
    Vive Viveka19 gün önce

    Hafthor: I have a boxing background, and can see something in the way you throw your punches. A good coach can greatly improve the way you throw. You need to learn how to leverage the punches with your lower body and torso. You are using your arms without all that added power you could give them. Mike Tyson might be able to tell you how to do this. The power and effectiveness of Thomas Hearns' punches were improved tremendously after his coach taught him how to leverage them.

  • Kurio71
    Kurio7120 gün önce

    From strongman to boxer. What an achievement

  • Martin Rabe
    Martin Rabe20 gün önce

    cycling not jogging, u r still 2 heavy. U really don’t need to run 🏃 u just ruining your knees and hips.

  • Martin Rabe
    Martin Rabe20 gün önce

    Not wishing somebody anything bad, but Eddie could die anytime. Take a look at him, he is muscular and extremely fat now, and than cardio for only a few weeks for a fight, could be the end. First loose 70 pounds, u can’t run u can’t cYcle...... even without the fight if he doesn’t change direction I don’t give him more than 7 years.

  • thecardoski
    thecardoski20 gün önce

    Those knees are tripping me out ffs. lol

  • David Smoot
    David Smoot20 gün önce

    Lets see one of the paul brothers try to box thor! Bring it on because my boy thor here will knock both of yall heads off! LETS GO THOR!

  • The Renaissance Man
    The Renaissance Man20 gün önce

    5:59 that is FAXXX

  • Ceasar
    Ceasar20 gün önce

    That sofa seats 9 normal sized people

  • chris zarganis
    chris zarganis20 gün önce

    thor wouldnt last a round or two with even me an old amateur boxer ..hes a joke to watch boxing ..i respect people who try but imagine me filling youtube with videos as a singer and having a terrible voice..

  • Yammingtons
    Yammingtons21 gün önce

    I feel sorry for that couch =[

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson21 gün önce

    Billy Nelson is a good coach but eddy still wins sorry guys

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson21 gün önce

    Do a face 2 face with Eddie 😂

  • Georges Formon
    Georges Formon21 gün önce

    Thor vs Mayweather

  • Ozanot
    Ozanot21 gün önce

    This big guy is talking too much trash, tyson fury would beat him with one hand😆😆😆

  • The Wedo
    The Wedo21 gün önce

    No offense, but Thor seriously looks like he has had a stroke. Devon "no limits" all day long! Devon is a warrior! Should be Devon "never quits" Larrett!

  • J C

    J C

    21 gün önce

    He has bells palsy

  • 64kdwg
    64kdwg21 gün önce

    Thor is a nice good guy. 👍💪 Eddie has come across as petty, jealous, cocky, and a real jerk attitude. Like Larry says go Team Thor !!

  • mark
    mark21 gün önce

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  • Hungry Bird
    Hungry Bird21 gün önce

    Venom wheels

  • James Smith
    James Smith21 gün önce

    I think Larry has the Scott Steiner and Kofi Kingston chest issue developing.

  • T Rex
    T Rex21 gün önce

    Eddie's gonna give you a feeling you've never felt before so dont worry

  • Douglas Enzor
    Douglas Enzor21 gün önce

    Funny how Eddie guaranteed Thor would find away to get out of the fight 😂 now I know the injury wasn't Eddie's fault but still weird how that works out

  • Jermaine Allert

    Jermaine Allert

    16 gün önce

    The injury was 100% eddies fault, he's nothing but a loud mouth liar

  • Gee Gun

    Gee Gun

    19 gün önce

    Because Eddie is an abnoxious clown

  • Joseph Gwaltney
    Joseph Gwaltney21 gün önce

    You should put boxer in quotations lol I mean anyone can box , but when you have coordination as bad as the mountain does in all his fights, it's kind of disingenuous calling him a boxer.

  • Matty costa
    Matty costa21 gün önce

    Guys been boxing two minutes and already thinks he could fight Tyson fury mund you I'd love to see that fight

  • Rory Ó Muirgheasáin
    Rory Ó Muirgheasáin21 gün önce

    Love how chilled this interview is, Larry does a great job listening and never interrupting. Great job, thanks.

  • Kokopelli
    Kokopelli21 gün önce

    Hafthor’s hamstring is insane

  • Bushcraft and Handcrafting
    Bushcraft and Handcrafting21 gün önce

    why does thor sit like a girl?

  • ThePatternForms85
    ThePatternForms8521 gün önce

    Dear god his legs, lol

  • Antouan Dissyio
    Antouan Dissyio22 gün önce

    thor has a meaty ass ham to quad ratio. looking like a big ass piece of bison meat. LMFAO

  • Houdini
    Houdini22 gün önce

    Boxing has become a joke nowadays

  • Prashant Khade
    Prashant Khade22 gün önce

    Larry you are nice person because Your attitude Very Humble. 👌👌👌

  • brutalbrital ‘painless’
    brutalbrital ‘painless’22 gün önce

    Boxer huh? And I’m the worlds strongest man rofpsml

  • Keith Evans
    Keith Evans22 gün önce

    Devon will kick butt and take names sorry Thor

  • Lee Skoch
    Lee Skoch22 gün önce

    qualitytime watchin this

  • MFH-Immo e.K.
    MFH-Immo e.K.22 gün önce

    I love the combo Larry and Thor. I also liked the format very much - Larry is a good interviewer

  • Mario I Caraballo
    Mario I Caraballo22 gün önce

    Lo ciento mucho yo no inglis pero todo mi repeto por lo gue acen yo creo gue son lo mejores cuidanse

  • CrossPatriot
    CrossPatriot22 gün önce

    When Eddie wins what will his excuse be then? Will he claim the refs are cheating him like he did in strongman? When in fact he was the one cheating on the reps.

  • Mr totorro
    Mr totorro22 gün önce

    huge fan of devon but he is dead

  • I Tell You Why
    I Tell You Why23 gün önce

    Thor looks so much healthier and is way more mobile. Being the sie he was before must have been uncomfortable and restricting.

  • pontiva
    pontiva23 gün önce

    Thor is getting beat up. No chance of winning. I don't think getting beaten to a pulp will be good experience for him. Thor should stick fighting people that are paid not to hit him back like his previous fights

  • Rico Castro
    Rico Castro23 gün önce

    larry’s so unnatural, he forgot how to pronounce “natural” 💀, love the conversation my moneys on thor.

  • Richard Wariner
    Richard Wariner23 gün önce

    He is not a boxer, that is an insult cause if he ever when up against a real boxer it would be lights out!!

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg23 gün önce

    Larry and Thor are still one of the best collaborations on the Internet.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C23 gün önce

    Team Eddie

  • mattyone78
    mattyone7823 gün önce

    Regardless of the outcome of any of Thor's fights, his approach to it is intelligent.

  • Mike Demi
    Mike Demi23 gün önce

    Thor is super slow. Terrible fighter

  • TheUpliftingGuy
    TheUpliftingGuy23 gün önce

    Maybe after boxing arm wrestling is next for Hafthor :P

  • Brad Gritter
    Brad Gritter23 gün önce

    Great questions, Larry!

  • Habeev07
    Habeev0723 gün önce

    17:00 is true. He has done it all and his health is his main thing right now. Hope to see a massive Thor years from now going for some world record though ; )

  • YouTube Connolly family
    YouTube Connolly family23 gün önce

    The problem Thor has with those exhibition matches and I have boxed for for five years so I know a little bit. Is he’s not going against someone that will even be close to what Eddie is going to bring. Walking to the ring being in front of a crowd that will be experience but going against a opponent experience wise that’s not helping. That’s just my two cents. Plus Eddie and his coaches will have a crap load of tape they can use in training. Eddie on the other hand has a training partner who is just as tall as Thor and is a actual professional boxer. So now that partner of Eddie’s can pretty much study the tape and come at Eddie with what Thor is going to do.

  • Adam Moulin

    Adam Moulin

    23 gün önce

    Eddie’s sparring partner has had 2 novice fights lol he’s not a pro. & Eddie can study ‘tape’ all he wants but he’s a complete novice he can’t execute a complex game plan to target Thor’s weaknesses.

  • Chris Stonee
    Chris Stonee23 gün önce

    Thor gunna get knocked out in first round

  • AlienSchmaliens
    AlienSchmaliens23 gün önce

    Please don't hurt Devon too bad Thor! Thanks for sharing!

    FUCK WAF23 gün önce

    Let's get ready to rumble 😊🇩🇰💪 Devon wins on points💪🇩🇰

  • Ben Bruni
    Ben Bruni23 gün önce

    Only Larry could say he was 200 lbs at 16 and he was slim and small 😂

  • Tommy Nielsen
    Tommy Nielsen23 gün önce

    You truly are great Tor💪🏼☺️

  • Mektek19
    Mektek1923 gün önce

    Yoooo Thor cut down like crazy. He's looking good.

  • JasonDX2
    JasonDX223 gün önce

    Damm.. Hafthors legs look like freaking tree trunks!

  • The Last Natty
    The Last Natty23 gün önce

    Fight Logan paul

  • Goenie
    Goenie23 gün önce

    Larry is such a relax cool dude. Even doing such an interview is not only boosting his stock, but at the same time providing a platform for exposure for the people featured in his videos! Great job. And of course hafthor, please shut Eddie up, whenever you guys will fight!

  • J&O Journals
    J&O Journals23 gün önce

    "Tell me when you're ready and I'll fight you" That's as real as it you can get.

  • prod.toojé
    prod.toojé23 gün önce

    Thor's leg has a leg

  • Just Some Guy with a Mask on
    Just Some Guy with a Mask on24 gün önce

    Let *Thor* and *Khaled* spar in boxing!

  • Shine Onn ENT.
    Shine Onn ENT.24 gün önce

    He gonna fuck someone up

  • Derek
    Derek24 gün önce

    “I didn’t shit myself. I was able to get my gloves and run to the toilet to take a massive shit.” - Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

  • Mark Llewellyn
    Mark Llewellyn24 gün önce

    Thor is gonna get hurt lol

  • Robert Suhrer
    Robert Suhrer24 gün önce

    Don't underestimate wild and crazy Devon. He gets high on the thrill of competition. And who knows what kind of training he's had in the special forces. They are trained in endurance and fighting skills. Just using his hands as in boxing will be very formidable. Also notice Thor's huge, unreal knees....

  • 73r41vao
    73r41vao24 gün önce

    when the worlds strongest man has to cross his legs to accommodate Larry's manspread.

  • samppi7
    samppi724 gün önce

    LOL "a massive shit"

  • TheFrankybody
    TheFrankybody24 gün önce

    24 min of Hafthor sitting like a lady...

  • MLG 5had0w
    MLG 5had0w24 gün önce

    But boxers lift weights, i dont Get why he isnt

  • Wafting Human -ûl
    Wafting Human -ûl24 gün önce

    Thor become stutter for no reason

  • Donald Savage
    Donald Savage24 gün önce

    I have a high respect of Thor's method of preparing for a fight, sparring in the ring is different from an actual fight.. (For Example) it's a lot like "after" military basic training, (preparing for war) "next" sent overseas to fight, (there was no referee) it was real "alot Real" USA🇺🇸 forever.

  • Donald Savage
    Donald Savage24 gün önce

    Wow! good questions, Great answers = excellent video!

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez24 gün önce

    Man I bet before Thor began training for boxing after he got the record for deadlift he wouldn't have been able to sit like that.....

  • Neus
    Neus24 gün önce

    Thor is getting leaner 😰 but,he was good when he was a huge guy I miss that guy

  • Frankie Coffeecake
    Frankie Coffeecake24 gün önce

    He is NOT a boxer. He's a big stiff bodybuilder who tries to box