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  • DirtPoorFarmer
    DirtPoorFarmerAylar önce

    Hey Larry have you tried to get John breznk to come out there??everyone that trains with you use some example of how John does something so why not go to the source????

  • Ray Charles
    Ray CharlesAylar önce

    This is probably the best armwrestling tutorial I've seen, Derek explains everything really clearly. Fun to see the gears turning in Larry's head.

  • Typenice
    TypeniceAylar önce

    Great great stuff here Derek.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    Thanks man!

  • Pazz 92
    Pazz 92Aylar önce

    Those chins are covid safe that for sure. At my gym lowering it to my nose to breath 5 seconds get a warning 😂 Good video btw thanks

  • Jamy Lacroix
    Jamy LacroixAylar önce

    Damn these views are droping :(


    I learned SO MUCH! Derek is well spoken, articulate and a great teacher. I now understand why Devon gets fowls during the starts of matches. He is fighting for all these tiny advantages that will add up throughout the match. Arm-wrestling just became a more in depth sport for me.

  • Văn Khoa Official
    Văn Khoa OfficialAylar önce

    can you beat duong duc in viet nam

  • anupam chattopadhyay
    anupam chattopadhyayAylar önce

    Larry should also try to get John Brzenk to Dubai.

  • Nicolas Harward
    Nicolas HarwardAylar önce

    He learning from all these knowledgeable guys!!! Going to be really good!!!!

  • Andy on Guam
    Andy on GuamAylar önce


  • Remi Payeur
    Remi PayeurAylar önce

    Really like Derek , very good man!

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce


  • My Life In New York
    My Life In New YorkAylar önce


  • eldi birting
    eldi birtingAylar önce

    Khaled vs Derek at the end of the day please

  • Karl Lee
    Karl LeeAylar önce

    Wow this guy taught me lots even tho i don't arm wrestle.

  • corone2018
    corone2018Aylar önce

    Go Larry!!

  • ColdCase Ent
    ColdCase EntAylar önce


  • Armwrestling Bonn
    Armwrestling BonnAylar önce

    Love this Content

  • Generoso Vacchiano
    Generoso VacchianoAylar önce

    Can anybody tell me the gyms' name pls!

  • Man Deep
    Man DeepAylar önce

    Full arm t-shirt

  • Man Deep
    Man DeepAylar önce

    Larry bro please wear y shirt once full arm tight you will most attractive

  • HolDmyGun
    HolDmyGunAylar önce

    We want levanii

  • Andy Bouree
    Andy BoureeAylar önce

    Larry, your content is quality.

  • DogFitness2k
    DogFitness2kAylar önce

    Derek is great, but we want to see a pull where you test each other’s strength once lessons are learned and tested!!!

  • Beats Beats
    Beats BeatsAylar önce

    Larry wheel's I feel like KFC drumsticks lmfao

  • Beats Beats
    Beats BeatsAylar önce

    I feel like KFC drumsticks lmfao

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor HernandezAylar önce

    Why larry be looking lost sometimes 😂 remember larry The DeadGrip 😂💪✊🍆

  • Erik Lewis
    Erik LewisAylar önce

    Awesome video, you should get Eric Spoto next. You guys could arm wrestle them bench, that would be awesome content. The powerlifting world and arm wrestling world would probably love to see that.


    But Travis always wants the refs grip

  • Myrkrarfar
    MyrkrarfarAylar önce

    Great teacher.

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    Thank you

  • Whatever billy
    Whatever billyAylar önce

    Derek seems more informative tbh

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    Thank you!

  • Jad BouNassif
    Jad BouNassifAylar önce

    You can learn something from really good and really strong armwrestlers. But you can learn alot more from an armwrestling coach. GJ Derek

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    Thank you!

  • Daniel
    DanielAylar önce

    Larry will be re-watching this video so many times :D

  • Problem
    ProblemAylar önce

    6:30 its jerk off muscle

  • Armwrestling Is Life
    Armwrestling Is LifeAylar önce

    If clamping on stops rising then wouldn't that be the way to beat Michael todd. Probably why he had so much trouble against Khalid. His grip is so strong Michael couldn't get up on his hand

  • Godofredo Arlindo
    Godofredo ArlindoAylar önce

    Best teacher ever

  • AW Derek

    AW Derek

    Aylar önce

    Thanks man

  • Ben Gardner
    Ben GardnerAylar önce

    Really appreciate what you're doing for the world of arm-wrestling Larry.

  • Jason Kirby
    Jason KirbyAylar önce

    Yes derek is knowledgeable but giving way to much information at once

  • 方展博
    方展博Aylar önce

    does anyone know which gym larry wheels hitting nowadays?

  • Adam Bananas
    Adam BananasAylar önce

    Derek is the first coach, that I noticed, to encourage Larry to learn how to put the strap on using his own fingers. I think everyone else just put it on themselves for the sake of just getting it on as fast as possible. Derek, I like that you also work security at a gentlemen's club. That's an awesome sounding job.

  • Vincent Do
    Vincent DoAylar önce

    Larry is literally a video game character whose already strong and now hes learning a sport for his strength. Hes in earl levels right now. What an insane anime this could be!!

  • Joel Ferraiuolo
    Joel FerraiuoloAylar önce

    Larry your limits are endless. Your my same age 25 and you have done so much compared to me. Your absolutely inspiring millions of people. Thanks for being my favorite TRloft channel been watching over a year

  • Slixbrah
    SlixbrahAylar önce

    one of the most insane gyms in the world doesnt have aircon XD

  • Haiperr
    HaiperrAylar önce

    These last 2 episode, Larry looks way more comfortable and fluent and looks strong as fuck. Awesome teacher we have here ladies and gentlemen

  • Danny Bob
    Danny BobAylar önce


  • Aidin Mohammadi
    Aidin MohammadiAylar önce

    Thanks to Larry I’ve gone from not giving a shit about arm wrestling to watching hourlong tutorials

  • numi numful
    numi numfulAylar önce

    where are the days where we just wanna grip and go. now they talk about vectors and endless philosophy. comon guys this is no rocket science. all those things are learnt through hard work and experience

  • Shablé


    Aylar önce

    Lol, there's levels to everything 🤣

  • Erector Spinae
    Erector SpinaeAylar önce

    Stop being a beta , go back to powerlifting

  • noman ul haq Khan
    noman ul haq KhanAylar önce

    Larry is like every anime protagonist...less explaining and more training plz

  • The Beast
    The BeastAylar önce

    where is some real matches..this is boring

  • MrObame
    MrObameAylar önce

    TIP: another camera angle to go along with this one

  • Robert Moyse
    Robert MoyseAylar önce

    The link for Levan's channel cannot be reached.

  • Edgar Allerman
    Edgar AllermanAylar önce

    If you don't know how to position your hand during the strap-up it looks like you're gonna loose the match before it even starts.

  • PIS YaphetS
    PIS YaphetSAylar önce

    very nice advices

  • Titan Thanos
    Titan ThanosAylar önce

    I'm soo happy that larry is actually focusing and learning basics so well! Thanks Derek :-)

  • Mick G
    Mick GAylar önce

    Where Mohammed? Are we going to watch that egotistical knob head complaining during the pull practices? 😂

  • pulse1001
    pulse1001Aylar önce

    Shout-out to Derek for constantly giving props to Travis The Beast Bagent. Lot of the younger fans don't put enough respect on his name, and don't realize how much of a problem that man was back in the day.

  • Rathan Sherigar
    Rathan SherigarAylar önce

    The videos are becoming so much more interesting. He got so much tricks up his sleeve just superb!

  • MrW
    MrWAylar önce

    Why is everyone in this gym wearing these weird chin-protections? ;)

  • Aslam Moukhtar
    Aslam MoukhtarAylar önce

    Whataa a waste of time

  • methepeoplebmx
    methepeoplebmxAylar önce

    this guy is probably the best arm wrestling instructor/coach vie ever seen, no hate to guys like ray but this guy just puts it in a way anyone can understand.

  • Felipe Roberto Ramírez
    Felipe Roberto RamírezAylar önce

    Boring little. Put some wrestling random. To much theory. Need more actions 😉

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    Aylar önce

    The footage from the latest practice will be up soon, stop complaining

  • Sean Lennon
    Sean LennonAylar önce

    As someone else mentioned, teaching is an art form and Derek is a natural.

  • Sasha King
    Sasha KingAylar önce

    DUDE this guy is so clear and easy to understand and not complicating things this is the first time im actually understanding the different techniques involved in arm wrestling and ive been watching larrys videos for ages on this with mike and ray and i feel like larry is understanding better from Derek not taken anything from mike and ray ofc great at what they do sometimes people learn differently from other people

  • Shablé


    Aylar önce

    Thats because Derek is a arm wrestling coach, he isn't just a pro puller, he teaches this stuff on the reg, thats why he worked on the base first and built up to the fingers. Foundation is just as important to access the pecs, lats, and shoulder without sliding on the ground, leverage between table legs and support gives 15% more, like the handles do when used correctly. The strap talk was only needed when Larry had a very good grasp on the lingo and techniques of toprolling, inside/outside hooks, and posting, and elbow sliding while transitioning to and from each, thats where ppl lose power and get caught. The strap game is just another level on top of all that, but he needed time to process the muscle memory so its natural, so Derek knows which speed to show him, and explain it in relation to Larry's current understanding of everything. Imagine if Derek stayed for months and taught Larry, that would be scary 😳

  • Jared Larson
    Jared LarsonAylar önce

    I can hear Devon screaming "just say go man"!

  • Martin Alexander Swiss Champion of Losing
    Martin Alexander Swiss Champion of LosingAylar önce

    Levans TRloft channel not working, does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Norman
    NormanAylar önce

    I can’t unsee the guys spinning around on the useless machine on the left...

  • Smitt Smitty
    Smitt SmittyAylar önce

    Every video I feel like someone should actually take the time to teach Larry instead of trying to teach TRloft.

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    Aylar önce

    ?? The guy is getting one on one tutelage and the camera just happens to be on lol, they've been teaching Larry the whole time

  • Robin Slätt
    Robin SlättAylar önce

    "A Beast look like a Beauty" text at top. That get me thinking about Gary and Travis show 🤘😎 Derek is a very good teacher. Also because you one of best like Michael, Levan or Devon do not mean that you are a good teacher. That is a different area. I look forward to see Larry armwrestling in different tourney.

  • Spencer Lewandowski
    Spencer LewandowskiAylar önce

    Wow Derek crushed it again by dropping important nuggets of knowledge 👍🏼 what a great teacher/mentor to help Larry evolve on his journey in arm wrestling

  • WisdomAndChaos
    WisdomAndChaosAylar önce

    Derek is just Top Notch.! >'

  • Ste Sta
    Ste StaAylar önce

    all this strap info is fucking gold.. take notes boy'z!

  • Alexmdrfull
    AlexmdrfullAylar önce

    I wonder, how is larry's brain after all those informations learned in such a short time period ?

  • Sean Mapley
    Sean MapleyAylar önce

    Thanks for these videos Larry/Derek. I'm new to armwrestling and Derek's explanation on how to toproll is really helpful, gonna hopefully put some of these tips into practise tomorrow :D

  • sommo
    sommoAylar önce

    For the toproll ermes is arriving 😏

  • NorrinRadd22 - Matt Creamer Audio
    NorrinRadd22 - Matt Creamer AudioAylar önce

    This channel is the mecca of arm wrestling now. How on Earth did Larry pull this off!? In any case, I am on board! Great instruction, Derek!

  • coolbeans
    coolbeansAylar önce

    If Larry continues armwrestling like this, im convinced we are privileged as we are whitnessing the rise of a world class armwrestling beast, and ofc this is has been Larrys goal for some time already.

  • Anthony Pickett
    Anthony PickettAylar önce

    Why does everyone have a mask but not wearing it? lol..... fucking stupid.

  • VoicesOfAustralia
    VoicesOfAustraliaAylar önce

    WheelCoin 2021!

  • Saweet
    SaweetAylar önce

    It's nice to see Derek, someone without a massive ego that he's not worried about getting pinned in training and looking bad on cam, just teaching

  • Unstoppable today

    Unstoppable today

    Aylar önce

    @Shablé Mike onel

  • Shablé


    Aylar önce

    Who r u referring too w ego and can't be pinned on cam?

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug GeniusAylar önce

    Well damn the algorithm isn't on Larry's side, so as usual commenting for 1000mg of algorhythm: LArry WHeels, Levan, Michael Todd, Devon Larratt, pubg, pewdiepie six pack, t series, ryan bowen, rvj, trump, blm exposed, robert byrd joe biden hillary clinton, John Roberts Epstein island, lockdown, Mr Beast, Derek mpmd, finasteride vs dutasteride

  • Ketan Kadam
    Ketan KadamAylar önce

    Pro arm wrestlers must be cursing Derek for letting the secrets out!

  • Portiegrootte Verbeteren
    Portiegrootte VerbeterenAylar önce

    idk why but larry looks so much happier than the last couple months and i love it

  • Kevin Kohoutek
    Kevin KohoutekAylar önce

    Question , Larry wheels did you have a how not to break your arm video loaded up ? I saw the video and went to show my kids and I couldn’t find it . If anyone knows if it was taken down or on Derek channel which I couldn’t find there either , was just asking for the info Thank you

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    Aylar önce

    Yeah it's definitely gone

  • kkm kkm
    kkm kkmAylar önce

    hey larry i wanna see u fliping cars. keep on training

  • Mark Williscroft
    Mark WilliscroftAylar önce

    Larry "The Strap" Wheels

  • Tangata Tuitupou
    Tangata TuitupouAylar önce

    Such great content! Arm wrestling is so complex.

  • the Buck
    the BuckAylar önce

    Fucking arm wrestle fur God sakes! I'm falling asleep over here.

  • EnviroPro!! !
    EnviroPro!! !Aylar önce

    Dont forgot his FINGERTIPS BRO

  • Max Douglas
    Max DouglasAylar önce

    Derek is a great teacher and coach and not exactly small, I don’t imagine he has too much trouble at the “Gentleman’s club” he works at. I love that both him and Coach Ray are giving you and us broad range of knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed your series with Michael, and he gave you great advice but this guy is giving all the foundations

  • TooniMe
    TooniMeAylar önce

    Feeling boring 💤 Bring other guys of the gym and make Derek vs others 😪😪

  • Gurangel Kalhar
    Gurangel KalharAylar önce

    I can get what he’s teaching. Great teaching 🙏👍🏻

  • JasonDXX
    JasonDXXAylar önce

    I can't wait for Vitaly to come there.. He'll probably toproll the entire gym... Also really interested to see him in thr grip dungeon.. Also, can't wait for Genadi as well!

  • Dis is Truth
    Dis is TruthAylar önce

    1 word AMAZING! great teaching session I leard alot ty

  • Irvin Zamora
    Irvin ZamoraAylar önce

    DEREK is giving him the KEYS 🔑 😂

  • Dicky Feb
    Dicky FebAylar önce

    I think U need a water Derek, U talking an hour :V

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    Aylar önce

    Sweating for an hour too

  • Brice Spell
    Brice SpellAylar önce

    Derek has so much knowledge. Definitely an arm wrestling nerd

  • shanky19921
    shanky19921Aylar önce

    damn, this guy is the best teacher

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    0:59:30 does that make sense? larry: hell yeah.

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey LupkesAylar önce

    Most of this stuff devon and others have already told him, little tips in the straps others havent told him yet cos he has yet to understand the basics. - just addressing ADAM thinking other armwrestlers are trying to hide stuff from larry

  • Glenn Gee
    Glenn GeeAylar önce

    Derek is really providing a great amount of analysis. He has a lot of insight on the techniques. I wonder if he could look at Larry's past videos and point out what Larry has done wrong in the past and of how other champions have exploited Larry's weaknesses. This could go from Schoolboy, Devon, Michael, Levan, Coach Ray, and others. Maybe Adam could "clip" the videos to provide the films for Derek to quickly analysis.

  • Glenn Gee

    Glenn Gee

    Aylar önce

    @Rory Douglas Rory, you have a good comment there. I am thinking of being able to see past mistakes and seeing improvements. The viewing of tapes could help his progress. As Derek (and others) have pointed out, some of the other pros have been arm wrestling for years. Larry is a super raw talent, about like having a 7 footer, who didn't play basketball until college. Since it is hard to "teach height", it is now about learning the game. We are on his side to learn and improve.

  • Rory Douglas

    Rory Douglas

    Aylar önce

    I don't know if that would be as productive as simply showing Larry the ways to do it right and then have him practise that. I don't feel like showing him every match and saying "wrong wrong wrong" would help as much.