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  • 892965
    892965Gün önce

    Looks water bloated lol

  • cyigen85
    cyigen852 gün önce


  • Werner Bro
    Werner Bro4 gün önce

    Larry has gathered a quite few racist black fanboys hating on this guy 😂😂😂 must be the massive insecurity and inferiority complex

  • Discuss with SKAIR
    Discuss with SKAIR6 gün önce

    You guys are really so fanny and good

  • Discuss with SKAIR
    Discuss with SKAIR6 gün önce

    You guys are really so fanny and fanlly

  • Tank Hank
    Tank Hank8 gün önce

    No way dude looks to have 23 - 24" guns. That's guns in the Coleman and Dillet territory - whos arms literally DWARF this guys.

  • Johny Jackson
    Johny Jackson8 gün önce

    U can see all the oil being sweated out

  • Rob M
    Rob M10 gün önce

    morgan aste is back , so this title no longer stands

  • ch ne
    ch ne11 gün önce

    I remember when Fehd was wrestling against a small fat and chubby man and Fehd was flexing his muscles and the fat man has runned to him like an wild animal grabed him by the neck and was trying to choke him and it has looked really funny ! 😂

  • Narly HQ
    Narly HQ13 gün önce

    Man his veins are disgusting 🤣

  • skltr21
    skltr2113 gün önce

    that gym pin is like $100! absurd.

  • Legend Gaming420
    Legend Gaming42014 gün önce

    No , satnam khattra a man of India ,Punjab has biggest arm 26 inches 💪💪 I said this because I also belong to Punjab 🙏

  • Mikey Ninefingers
    Mikey Ninefingers14 gün önce

    Larry needs to be in a Marvel movie or series for sure. He has the physique, charisma and he seems like a super nice guy.

  • Slayer 61
    Slayer 6114 gün önce

    Damnn this guy has worms running inside his veins😳

  • Narly HQ

    Narly HQ

    13 gün önce

    Looks disgusting

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig14 gün önce

    What's the point in being that huge if it means horrible varicose veins and stretch marks?

  • Game Funda
    Game Funda15 gün önce

    Larry support me

  • Game Funda
    Game Funda15 gün önce

    Nice work

  • Sophia Bulgaria
    Sophia Bulgaria15 gün önce

    He is sexy!

  • Zak's Story
    Zak's Story15 gün önce

    Love the white dude personality

  • Albert W95
    Albert W9515 gün önce

    Larry's muscles have their own muscules 💪🏻

  • Fareed Haddad
    Fareed Haddad15 gün önce

    Why u still in dubai

  • Damien Locc
    Damien Locc15 gün önce

    Please call Andrey Smaev to make video of real big and strong arms!!!

  • Rashad Eynullayev
    Rashad Eynullayev15 gün önce

    2:17 the guy has shoulder cramps going on

  • Rashad Eynullayev

    Rashad Eynullayev

    15 gün önce

    or he is flexing to look better on camera

  • Night Panda
    Night Panda15 gün önce

    Not to be that guy but i think this guy's on steroids. He don't know what fatgrips are or this other importante stuff thats in workouts.

  • Pablo S
    Pablo S15 gün önce

    Wtf is that last exercise ^^ they can't even do 1 pull up lol :P

  • xtcvn
    xtcvn16 gün önce

    This guy definitely has some oil in his rear delts lol

  • MentalityYT
    MentalityYT16 gün önce

    Flex that monitor for the one time LARRY!

  • Afif Abqari
    Afif Abqari16 gün önce

    Fehd arm five inches more than big jay and five inches less than ronnie coleman

  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats16 gün önce

    Larry wheel's 2 inch calf's lmfao

  • Anoire Charmi
    Anoire Charmi16 gün önce

    Super fahde maroc

  • Abdelouahab Elouali
    Abdelouahab Elouali16 gün önce


  • Perpetual Toilet Paper
    Perpetual Toilet Paper16 gün önce

    Bigest Synthol arms in Dubay.

  • Руслан Матюхин
    Руслан Матюхин16 gün önce

    От протеина голос не родной стал

  • Craig Minnick
    Craig Minnick16 gün önce

    What exercises do you do to get the double peak?

  • Leevi Hurtta
    Leevi Hurtta16 gün önce

    Why you always when talking about kilograms say kgs. Why just not say kilograms.

  • 907AlaskanBull72
    907AlaskanBull7217 gün önce

    Dude that monitor in the beginning of thr vid is sick! What brand & size is that?!

  • Jezper
    Jezper17 gün önce

    6:48 lol

  • Joe Tosini
    Joe Tosini17 gün önce

    Larry. Get Andrey Smeav or however u spell it. Strongest person I think personally on the planet from some of the things he is doing. Breaking world records in his sleep but has 0 $ we need to help that kid. 22 yrs old.

  • Lee Sanders
    Lee Sanders17 gün önce

    Hi Larry my name is Lee I’m 17 and I’ve watched your channel for a long time and have been a long time subscriber! Unfortunately yesterday I got into a bad wreck, I broke my arm and my wrist and my 12,000 car that I got from my dads life insurance was totaled and they only gave me 3,000 dollars for it. I was wondering if you could do a go fund me or something to help and if not I understand. PS: you make every day of my life easier seeing you be the amazing guy you are! Keep being awesome!

    DONNIE GRANDE17 gün önce

    Back workouts without deadlifts lol

  • Ashik Md. Rashid
    Ashik Md. Rashid17 gün önce

    That doesn't look like 23 inches.

    NEV ETS17 gün önce

    Careful with this one larry, Cant just keep breaking them and getting new ones

  • jc cc
    jc cc17 gün önce

    Larrys arms look much better shaped than that dudes 23 inch blobby sausage looking arms

  • adam weiss
    adam weiss17 gün önce

    23 inches and no triceps thats impressive

  • giurcas
    giurcas17 gün önce

    Hey I guarantee those are not 23 inch arms. He looks like he's got the same size arms as Larry. And Larry is got 20 inch arms. Now Levan has 23 inch arms and this guy's biceps is not even as big as Levan's forearms.

  • Kenzo Herdiandra
    Kenzo Herdiandra18 gün önce

    Ha ha ha ha ha his laugh is legend wkwk

  • Kuan God
    Kuan God18 gün önce

    mans veins are like mustard on a hotdog

  • RM-Z 450 InjectiON
    RM-Z 450 InjectiON18 gün önce

    superfehd ?! ca fait plaisir !!

  • Thakur - Sahab Gaming
    Thakur - Sahab Gaming18 gün önce

    Biggest arms in dubai With Too much steroids .....Joki uske biceps dekh kr lg rha ki Usne kitna use kia h steroids

  • InkMask
    InkMask18 gün önce

    Biggest monitor in Dubai, wtf is that Larry? 😂

  • nanquan491
    nanquan49118 gün önce

    Ewww dafuq... dude has varicose veins on his arms *barf*

  • Ace
    Ace18 gün önce

    His arms remind me of Callum vonmoger arms, yeah they're big and vascular but zero definition, you can't even distinguish the biceps from the triceps.

  • ALBerto
    ALBerto18 gün önce

    Fuck that skill share shit !

  • Abbas Hussain
    Abbas Hussain18 gün önce

    His got them Paul Dillet veins! - but they are not 23 inch

  • Dan Pridemore
    Dan Pridemore18 gün önce

    never any nutritional advice, just lifting same shit

  • Matthew
    Matthew18 gün önce

    Those veins look healthy

  • Philip Backlund
    Philip Backlund18 gün önce

    You should bring This Guy back again. You have great chemistry

  • Ralf Buron
    Ralf Buron18 gün önce

    It‘s Synthol - you can see it at the shoulders. There is no seperation. The same with the biceps.

  • Paull
    Paull18 gün önce


  • minimale100
    minimale10018 gün önce

    I would have paid for the Michael vs Devon match but only credit cards ????! Come on Larry this is 2021. Add PayPal !!!

  • INDIAN Powerlifters
    INDIAN Powerlifters18 gün önce

    Must be dubai oil in arm

  • Gym Pin
    Gym Pin18 gün önce

    Delighted to see you using our products Larry!

  • Gym Pin

    Gym Pin

    12 gün önce

    @IRON RIDER-97 our channel is gym pin



    12 gün önce

    Is it your official channel?

  • Remy Mimou
    Remy Mimou18 gün önce

    larry how's your friend?

  • Okan Altintop
    Okan Altintop18 gün önce

    Hey guys. I just uploaded my natural body transformation. I hate advertising myself too, but if you could help man out in the beginning of his journey would be really appreciated! thank you

  • Kyle uses his brain
    Kyle uses his brain18 gün önce

    Dude's veins are insane

  • doloman77
    doloman7718 gün önce

    Please don't injure these guys Larry

  • mat stach
    mat stach18 gün önce

    big guy but these veins disgust me

  • RaozSkillz
    RaozSkillz18 gün önce

    'Biggest Arms in Dubai' when Levan isn't there yeah maybe XD.

  • F Vi
    F Vi18 gün önce

    Je savais pas qu'il était Français jusqu'au "you know Judo ?"



    18 gün önce

    lol ;-)

  • A Farrley
    A Farrley18 gün önce

    Those veins are horrible

  • Colton Cape
    Colton Cape18 gün önce

    My mans shoulder was sending Morse code at 2:08

  • stefan yordanov
    stefan yordanov18 gün önce

    Biggest arms in Dubai? maybe afters Andrew Jacked arms

  • Jason Vidal
    Jason Vidal18 gün önce

    Super nice guy but arms look like water balloons.

  • peaky fookin blinder
    peaky fookin blinder18 gün önce

    big arms small nob

    YOUENNNN18 gün önce

    27:04 : Larry doesn't know what is Judo ? Here in France the sport is so popular it's like if you ask "Do you know tennis ? "😂

  • ADAndrew


    17 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD I rate that



    18 gün önce

    @ADAndrew on an 8hours flight, got plenty of time :-)

  • ADAndrew


    18 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD you’re commenting everywhere😂, love it lmaoo



    18 gün önce

    yes Judo is one of the most famous sport in France

  • lloyd hepurker
    lloyd hepurker18 gün önce

    Ha ha midd-set, how's that ? ( it's heavier)

  • Stahlen1
    Stahlen118 gün önce

    he's big but damn thats a very unappealing physique

  • Michael Rizzo
    Michael Rizzo18 gün önce

    To me he looks more solid and better conditioned then Larry but Larry’s arms look just as big as his and I think Larry has bigger traps but his back chest and shoulders are insane Larry definitely finds more guys that look like this then anyone else on u tube for sure



    18 gün önce

    At the moment Larry is leaner, he looks very good, thanks for the nice words bro

  • Dj Randle V2
    Dj Randle V218 gün önce

    good collaboration, really enjoyed Fehd, he's engaging and has a nice vibe about him... be good to see more

  • Carlo Joker

    Carlo Joker

    14 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD ...the black panther!



    18 gün önce

    thanks bro :-)

    ENZO GUADAGNO18 gün önce

    Tonton fhed en action !



    18 gün önce

    toujours :-)

  • Info Create
    Info Create18 gün önce

    BSV is the one and only bitCoin, BTC is a copy

  • chhayank gaming
    chhayank gaming18 gün önce

    My gym Trainer have 22 inch natural biceps 🔥🔥🔥 but he can't speak & listen

  • Clark G.z
    Clark G.z18 gün önce

    Larry looks 20 years younger when he grows it out compared to shaving it haha

  • Gully's Garage GYM
    Gully's Garage GYM18 gün önce

    What was the weight on the stack

  • Lalvensanga Hniarcheng
    Lalvensanga Hniarcheng18 gün önce

    Johan's rep was so smooth..respect



    18 gün önce

    @Antn E always bro, even when it's heavy

  • Antn E

    Antn E

    18 gün önce

    @SUPERFEHD suuuper controlled



    18 gün önce

    thanks bro

  • Sam james
    Sam james18 gün önce

    Always making up title names

  • filosoldier 24
    filosoldier 2419 gün önce

    Why do I feel like Larry is a ego lifter with the lat pulldown

  • Rafli Besa
    Rafli Besa19 gün önce

    Never stop again

  • Piratu_
    Piratu_19 gün önce

    This dude s bicep vein went 🐍

  • official vegthenx
    official vegthenx19 gün önce

    Stop leaning back on the pulldowns.its a vertical pull for a reason.i know you're strong as hell and it would be boring to see you do less than the whole Stack.but seriously

  • ViolenceCSGO
    ViolenceCSGO19 gün önce

    Andrews biceps look way more impressive

  • BSL79
    BSL7919 gün önce

    How tf can all these guys be on some much gear but keep their hairline

  • 9ball Joe

    9ball Joe

    18 gün önce

    Medications, shampoo, microneedling, cycle designs etc. Check out "more plates more dates" for more information about self care. (Especially on gear)

  • Z6LI
    Z6LI19 gün önce

    Crypto Larry!

  • RagZ420
    RagZ42019 gün önce

    if larry wants to compete as a bodybuilder he needs to work on form and fuck the heavy weight.

  • josh waterman
    josh waterman19 gün önce

    Does this guy use synthol? Kinda looks like it in his chest and biceps

  • Roll Roll

    Roll Roll

    17 gün önce

    Shoulders, gives them the capped look

  • Walmer Setta
    Walmer Setta19 gün önce

    I like when you do bodybuilding training!

    TM MEHEDI19 gün önce

    His army could be 23 inch but that is not good looking like Andrew jacked 🙂

  • Eren Jeager

    Eren Jeager

    18 gün önce

    He is in his off season. Maybe once he's shredded af they'll look more amazing

  • Kooky_ Mazda
    Kooky_ Mazda19 gün önce

    Larry is my hero seriously

  • Krishna
    Krishna19 gün önce

    Larrys bicep looks like its gonna come off any minute...

  • Frankie


    18 gün önce

    He teared it

  • K1ng Dav1d
    K1ng Dav1d19 gün önce

    big stuff