Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Raimonds Liepins: coach_rayx
Voice of Armwrestling:
Mazahir Saidu: mazahirsaidu
Bill Collins: ultimatearm...
Sergiu Marcu: sergiu.marc...


  • Aardvark
    Aardvark13 gün önce

    That’s what you call a good ref!

  • Андрей Никитин
    Андрей Никитин14 gün önce

    Ничего не понятно, почему так много раундов?

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs14 gün önce

    Great battle

  • Mechanic
    Mechanic15 gün önce

    The second referee needs to no longer be a referee...ever

  • Xavier Mallu
    Xavier Mallu15 gün önce

    Malayalikal poratte nammuda keralayude abhimanam

  • Tony Malone
    Tony Malone15 gün önce


    MOHD ABDUL NAYEEM16 gün önce

    I think larry you don't need this coach called ray because you are far better than him and i hope soon you will beat schoolboy....

  • Jacky Lau
    Jacky Lau16 gün önce


  • B T
    B T17 gün önce

    Mazahir’s hands are 3” taller than he is.

  • Jacob Laquerre
    Jacob Laquerre17 gün önce

    I liked that this one was close huge come back for ray Everyone did great

  • Cemal Kampmann
    Cemal Kampmann18 gün önce

    Hahah andy milonaki

  • JustLucaz
    JustLucaz18 gün önce

    18:54 Tom scream from Tom and Jerry!

  • Rodeo Rex
    Rodeo Rex18 gün önce

    I think saidu's muscles got pumped up after first two pulls ... Like ikrali had against shasho..

  • V N
    V N18 gün önce

    Think their stats are a bit off

  • Shrayes
    Shrayes18 gün önce

    Next time get that scoreboard right. It was messed up throughout the event

  • Tomas Jimenez
    Tomas Jimenez18 gün önce

    Adams a secret hater kick him off the team

  • midocrimsonfate
    midocrimsonfate19 gün önce

    This was honestly the best match in the whole event. The other ones were a lil disappointing. Cool event nonetheless

  • midocrimsonfate


    15 gün önce

    @Gonorrea Gonorreo I wish rooting for devon larratt but wish Michael put up more of a fight. It was a wash

  • Gonorrea Gonorreo

    Gonorrea Gonorreo

    17 gün önce

    What do u mean dissapointing? It's the only one that was disputed if that's what u mean, i was not dissapointed by devon at all 😎

  • Sommanshu Khajuria
    Sommanshu Khajuria19 gün önce

    Armwrestling was one game but watching 👀 scorecard was another game

  • Nytron
    Nytron19 gün önce

    Thank God for footage without the announcer audio! The announcer audio made the live stream unwatchable, the audio levels were like +20dB, couldn't hear anything tableside

  • AlienSchmaliens
    AlienSchmaliens19 gün önce

    Great match !

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson19 gün önce

    Why do you have beef with Eddie Hall?

  • rohit b
    rohit b19 gün önce

    Mazahir beats Raimonds, Larry beats Mazahir, Michael beats Larry and Devon beats Michael. Mazahir is a pretty strong dude, can't even imagine how strong Devon is!!

  • MrGodofcars


    18 gün önce

    Imagine John Brzenk then

  • Abhirup Sen
    Abhirup Sen19 gün önce

    7:33 Not required to square shoulders? And Daisy's fingers are practically tickling Cars chin.. intentional coz of outside top roll, or could he have been tighter at the start

  • Irvan Mohammed
    Irvan Mohammed19 gün önce

    Can we all see Schoolboy vs Levan 😃

  • Robert Moran
    Robert Moran19 gün önce

    Larry, you have, a natural talent in boxing. Good luck with all your endevours and all the best.

  • Rahul singh
    Rahul singh19 gün önce

    Why it looks like after round 3 the mujahir's shoulder where way back and what Happened with scores and they didn't count Rey's fouls or what

  • Sahen Liyanage
    Sahen Liyanage19 gün önce

    Congrats brh. that's an amazing come back

  • kovers gamer
    kovers gamer19 gün önce

    Drunk editor

  • kovers gamer
    kovers gamer19 gün önce

    See the difference in hand position

  • kovers gamer
    kovers gamer19 gün önce

    Saidu hand position is no good

  • Jacky Lau
    Jacky Lau19 gün önce


  • Mikey Muniz
    Mikey Muniz19 gün önce

    I’ve faced a guy almost double my weight. I’m 130, smoke. He works out. I don’t. N beat him so easily. It’s just technique in the end of the day

  • Neutral Bruh
    Neutral Bruh19 gün önce

    Dumbass reffing after Mazahir went 3-0 then after that no foul calls no center line no shoulder position call for Ray

  • Karthik Ankalgi
    Karthik Ankalgi19 gün önce

    Legend comes in Dubai from india

  • Luke Köpfli
    Luke Köpfli19 gün önce


  • Pintoo
    Pintoo19 gün önce

    And Endurance Win.

  • i will jack hammer you
    i will jack hammer you19 gün önce

    Why Michael Todd's elbow was jumping off the table to an extreme it was called a few times... Coach rays elbow slides alittle and he gets a runner

  • i will jack hammer you
    i will jack hammer you19 gün önce

    Coach Ray got behind his should and kept control of the hand... The other guy was the stronger guy but when you don't do things to your advantage then you will lose as you saw here...

  • Beeye
    Beeye19 gün önce

    this was the most confusing fight i ever seen why RAIMONDS LIEPINS wins and MAZAHIR SAIDU gets points >

  • woo_rsv71
    woo_rsv7119 gün önce

    I never knew how much I loved arm wrestling until Larry started bringing us so much coverage & content, now I can’t get enough!! Larry & Devon, the ultimate arm wrestling double act! Bam bam baam! 💪

  • faateris
    faateris19 gün önce


  • Harshit Saikia
    Harshit Saikia19 gün önce

    Larry how do you feel after losing with a kid? 😂😂😂

  • Haagen Neldeberg

    Haagen Neldeberg

    19 gün önce

    They are both adults and there is only a 5 year difference.

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius19 gün önce

    2:13 6 inches

  • Junaidi Atta
    Junaidi Atta19 gün önce

    Teriak supaya apa ajir hahaha

  • А р ш а н
    А р ш а н19 gün önce

    How many rounds Yes

  • Alberto R
    Alberto R19 gün önce

    This sport Is beautiful.

  • Konrad Jacobsen
    Konrad Jacobsen19 gün önce


  • Slixbrah
    Slixbrah19 gün önce

    Why the Indian guy went for straps made no sense

  • Taavi Ladev
    Taavi Ladev19 gün önce


  • Iru Art
    Iru Art19 gün önce

    Good fight!

  • Abubakar Khalid
    Abubakar Khalid19 gün önce

    Coach Rey is the most useless person in larry squad 😂 All the time he’s like the CHampion of the world but see when it comes to prove himself he just shits🤣

  • Jose Abel Serrano Fundora
    Jose Abel Serrano Fundora19 gün önce

    To win Larry would need to know the very specific technics to Defeat his opponents, because he already has the strenght, but Doesnt know how to develop it

  • R
    R19 gün önce

    Next event should have background music not to loud though and a live announcer.

  • mahesh sony
    mahesh sony19 gün önce

    Rahul panicker ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gabriele Presicci
    Gabriele Presicci19 gün önce

    best referee

  • Shamil Elat
    Shamil Elat19 gün önce

    സൈതു ഒന്നൂടെ സെറ്റ് ആക്കി ലവനെ തോൽപിക്കണം. All the best both of you

    KIRAN19 gün önce

    Great match. Both did well. Clearly visible mazahir stronger but gassed out. Ray, fine arm wrestler with great endurance. Congrats ray

  • seephor
    seephor19 gün önce

    What the hell is going on at 12:56 Mazahir is signaling to the second coach. What kind of bullshit if this?

  • seephor
    seephor19 gün önce

    The second coach was totally bias. 100% he had money on Mazahir or knew people who did.

  • finjahs
    finjahs19 gün önce

    wow awesome match

  • Russell Supertramp
    Russell Supertramp19 gün önce

    This should have been a best of 5 series. Many champions have pulled a best of 5. Best of 7 should be saved for finals

    KURASAKI8119 gün önce

    Jesus Christ this is annoying to watch...

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th19 gün önce

    The Ref should clearly state each time: the round, the score, the fouls the running fouls, so the graphics guy and the audiences, and the arm wrestlers are not confused.. lol

  • Ahtesham Khan
    Ahtesham Khan19 gün önce

    2:09 shoulders 20 😂

  • mohammad masood khan
    mohammad masood khan19 gün önce

    Mazahir is focusing in attaching ..he also learn how to defend

  • Anubhav Banerjee
    Anubhav Banerjee19 gün önce

    Coach Ray proved to be a formidable opponent

  • tactical veterinarian
    tactical veterinarian19 gün önce

    Epic comeback Coach Ray!!! Great match from both competitors!

  • Drnknmnky
    Drnknmnky19 gün önce

    Holy fuck what a comeback

  • heretik system
    heretik system19 gün önce

    best match of the day

  • Павел Шевченко
    Павел Шевченко19 gün önce

    😂😂😂😂Купили парню победу ! Так бы подул в частую индусу! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👎

  • Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz19 gün önce

    That guy mazahir was finished after 3rd round

  • Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz
    Engr.H.M Basir Ijaz19 gün önce

    The guy on the score board didn't know what he was And that's for all matches

  • duncftn
    duncftn19 gün önce

    10:41 и на 18:07 хорошо видно, как плечо у белого неправильно выставленно. Он при старте в выигрышном положении сразу. По сути уже на руке весит. И так почти каждый раунд, просто на этих ракурсах хорошо видно. Нечестная победа. (shoulder wrong 10:41 and 18:07)

  • Александр Галактионов
    Александр Галактионов19 gün önce

    This armfight was very many rounds. Liepins have a good tactics. Congratulation!

  • anurag Singh
    anurag Singh19 gün önce

    I honestly wanted saidu to win..when he won the first half he was calm and didn't rub on Ray like a show off...but Ray on the other hand dropped like he beat levan or some shit lol..he also didn't start at the middle and a few rounds.

  • PokéFlex Pokémon Parents
    PokéFlex Pokémon Parents19 gün önce

    Epic match!!!

  • Stoyan Bonchev
    Stoyan Bonchev19 gün önce

    Everyone fought bravely and with all their heart and courage except Michael Todd who gave up like a pussy. Totally disrespecting the organizers , the sponsors and all the people who paid to watch !

  • Bikrom Biswas
    Bikrom Biswas19 gün önce

    Very nice competition.. congratulations Liepins🎉🎉. From India.😊👍

  • AKüMæ_ JP_
    AKüMæ_ JP_19 gün önce

    Wal comps are fun to watch I mean the athletes put an incredible performance but crowd was lame

  • AKüMæ_ JP_
    AKüMæ_ JP_19 gün önce

    Crowd was so boring

  • Texas Buzzard
    Texas Buzzard19 gün önce

    Score/foul/round keeping was an absolute nightmare but a great match nonetheless

  • Diggin Diggen It
    Diggin Diggen It19 gün önce

    The best footage I have seen even better than the PPV, I could hear the fighters and ref on the PPV I mostly heard the announcer

  • Jackie
    Jackie19 gün önce

    Saidu is a beast , he needs to learn to transition from only having a outside top roll and he would be cracking alot wrists around the world ... right now tho he just has his one silver bullet that's not enough against a avid puller

  • TheClots
    TheClots19 gün önce

    this match was amazing

  • Borém Nogueira
    Borém Nogueira19 gün önce


  • Plumbing Explained
    Plumbing Explained19 gün önce

    I really like Rai and hes a great Arm wrestler but Saidu is something special I think.

  • CODaily
    CODaily19 gün önce

    Nice comeback Ray 💪🏼

  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper Łabuz19 gün önce


  • Bikash Bikash
    Bikash Bikash19 gün önce

    Coach Ray is of my height

  • Chauhan Shab
    Chauhan Shab19 gün önce

    After losing 3 round COACH RAY give some money to mazhir saidu to save him self respect.🤣🤣😂🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁😅😀😅😀😅

  • Kamal P R

    Kamal P R

    19 gün önce

    Epic comeback bro at first I thought ray would break his arm

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf19 gün önce

    I think the missing chalk element should really have been added. That was a factor in the match. I love the dialogue. Would be good to have another camera on the other guy, even if it's just for post production, to see what they are saying, too. Might even be able to have an athlete audio only, version, and also a commentary version. That would be interesting. Unless both can be put together well, but you often miss what the athletes are saying and little things. Or optional subtitles prepared straight away, so as we can at least know what they're saying, even if it can't really be heard properly. It would also be cool if the score was on a screen there, even like a manual one that a ref controls, so as the athletes can know what is going on better (then also the digital score people can just copy that, if they are confused). Also microscopic elbow fouls suck. They just ruin matches. Anything that you need a microscope for, and are inconsequential to the match, should be ignored. Don't turn it into PAL/WAF where it gets decided on microfouls that the athletes can't even control most of the time. They don't even know what happened.

  • Anandhu J
    Anandhu J19 gün önce

    Gg Mazahir 💯 you were a beast 🇮🇳🇮

  • M1LL3R T1M3
    M1LL3R T1M319 gün önce

    2 runners, the elbow off before pin, was that 3 fouls in round 4?

  • Larris Liew
    Larris Liew19 gün önce

    Coach Ray won because he channeled the bloat lord Kyriakos Grizzly and mogged Mazahir at 16:03

  • joel rivard
    joel rivard19 gün önce

    Coach Ray looks a bit like Jeremy Rener. In my mind his nickname is Hawkeye.

  • Gassan Behno
    Gassan Behno19 gün önce


  • Boxman_Ninja08
    Boxman_Ninja0819 gün önce

    I didn't notice this watching it live, but almost all the starts were way on Ray's side from center. Don't know why Bill didn't bring it to center.

  • Mingma Sherpa
    Mingma Sherpa19 gün önce

    Mazahir gassed out.. And I guess he hurt his muscles.. He was applying pain spray

  • NintendoCereal
    NintendoCereal19 gün önce

    Mazahir won. In round 4, Ray incurred a running foul before the slip (7:36) and a second foul before a reset (8:32). Ray then pinned Mazahir (9:05), but Sergiu consulted with Bill and Ray was issued a third foul (9:17). Sergiu actually cited two fouls when consulting with Bill. That's 3 or 4 fouls. Ray should've been issued a loss.

  • Jingeleg Jingelek

    Jingeleg Jingelek

    19 gün önce

    @NintendoCereal I think in the end it was all fine in 4th round sergiu called a foul and Ray was not off the pad sergiu was confused him self the ref called a foul from mazahir and sergiu was thinking he means Ray he was influenced by that in the end of the day it was a great match mazahir won the first 3 rounds even he was off the pad that was the then he gassed out and it was rays turn a good close fight I think we should have a rematch at the next event!

  • NintendoCereal


    19 gün önce

    @Jingeleg Jingelek It's hard to tell from the one angle. But if we assume that Bill and Sergiu made valid calls, then Mazahir should've won.

  • Jingeleg Jingelek

    Jingeleg Jingelek

    19 gün önce

    I was kinda confused by the decisions like two of them fouls were called from sideref on ray he didn't look like he was off the pad but in the first round you could see mazahir was way off the pad before he pined Ray so

  • Alex the GordonHighlander
    Alex the GordonHighlander19 gün önce

    Coach Ray is a cerebral Bulldog! What a fight! What a show! 👏💪