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  • Haritsa N
    Haritsa N10 saatler önce

    Genadi doesn't know what Larry have already got in him. Beware, he might be creating an abomination, which could lead into the Georgian hulk!

  • Captain ramius
    Captain ramiusGün önce

    Love the cute girl

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th4 gün önce

    I think Genadi is the only man who has beaten Levan officially. Aside from Genadi . Levan is invincible. Genadi is his Kryptonite.

  • Nika Sarjveladze
    Nika Sarjveladze7 gün önce

    Hey Larry, I just finished watching video. Credits to girl for trying to translate everything. But as Georgian I must say she struggled a lot while translating and even at some point she made mistakes. For example about bending knees, Genadi never said not to bend knees and that you must keep them straight, it was her mistake when translating and that made you struggle a lot while learning and trying to understand what Genadi was saying to you. Here is what Genadi said to you, when you bend your knees you shouldn't go under the table with your knees, and she said you mustn't bend knees which is BS. When you told Genadi that you wanted to bend your knees, he said it's okay to bend them but bend BOTH knees together at same level. P.S again I have no hate and vise versa have much respect to the girl for trying to translate everything for you. It's easy to translate normal dialogue from Georgian to English but when it comes to Armwrestling and it's terminology it requires some knowledge in Armwrestling to translate everything correctly. That's why she miss-translated a lot. So there were some more mistakes like that. If you would like more corrections no problems I could help. Much love and respect from Georgia, would love to see you one day in Georgian gym trying strength with our Armwrestlers and some other sportsmen. Peace.

  • Nika Sarjveladze

    Nika Sarjveladze

    7 gün önce

    At around 15:30 minute of video Genadi was trying to explain about side-effects of getting down in Armwrestling. I notice some unhappy expression on your face as she started to translate as I guess your heart was telling that something wasn't clear :D so here is what Genadi told you, when you bend your knees and go down it has very bad side effect, then he told you go down and I will explain it to you. Then you went down and Genadi said that when you go down then you can't keep your whole body tightened together like when you are standing, I mean your body must be tightened together from wrist to elbow and shoulder and side of your body, they all must be one, your arm must be LOCKED with your body. Then Genadi explained situation when your opponent has equal strength like you, and you aren't able to dominate him in wrist, and you aren't able to open his wrist (here she translated horribly and said you can open up wrist but Genadi was saying about opening your OPPONENTS wrist not YOUR lol). So Genadi said that when meeting opponent with equal strength and if you aren't able to dominate him in wrist and if you can't open up his wrist then you will loose 100% that fight, if you are under the table, as in situations like this when you are under the table you have no more ways and chances to fight back. Then at 16:30 Genadi said when you will get used to pull your opponent from that position then it won't be very important if you will fight your opponent standing or with bent knees. At 16:45 he said if you win in wrist him and hook him. He is ready to fight you with biceps when he is standing but if he bents knees and goes under the table what can he do? how can he fight with you with biceps when his wrist and shoulder are open? your arm must be LOCKED as one whole thing and mustn't be separate wrist elbow and shoulder... At 17:10 you said that more you go down you are becoming weaker. That's right and you become weaker when going down because you open up your arm, that's the point Genadi was trying to explain to you. she translated what you told him and here was Genadis answer "When you go down you "feel" more power but I'm telling you about professional Armwrestling, when you are down and your biceps if open you can't pull as good as you can.

  • Vioy Otube
    Vioy Otube9 gün önce

    Pretty cool. And man his friend translating was working hard, haha. Man Larry is going deep in to arm wrestling.

  • giorgi giorgadze
    giorgi giorgadze10 gün önce

    From Georgia 🇬🇪 ქართულად ისმის😂

  • the Buck
    the Buck10 gün önce

    Yo Genadi, if you want to be known in the Arm wrestling world, learn English, your YT channel will blow. It's just a fact.

  • jeremy henning
    jeremy henning11 gün önce

    Yo larry, how do you feel your arm wrestling is coming along? Do you feel like you're improving? Who would like to train more with?

  • Pinto
    Pinto19 gün önce

    And The last time they arm wrestled levan beat him very easily

  • Pinto
    Pinto19 gün önce

    No he can’t , he already lost to levan. So you can take out your headline and change it

    ALI HAMID21 gün önce

    Larry got addicted to arm wrestling

  • Javier Martínez
    Javier Martínez21 gün önce

    Invite Jonh Brzenk

    VV RAMU22 gün önce

    Genedi except Levon liletin all are scared of genedi

  • Bun Sereyvisal
    Bun Sereyvisal22 gün önce

    Now he can’t beat Levan anymore✅✅✅

  • Dave Pryor
    Dave Pryor23 gün önce

    09:05 such a cute laugh

  • Dave Pryor
    Dave Pryor23 gün önce

    08:10 the way she's teaching Larry LOL

  • Dave Pryor
    Dave Pryor23 gün önce

    06:37, he wants to know what's next? Boy you need to relax

  • Dave Pryor
    Dave Pryor23 gün önce

    The sleeve on Larry shirt about to explode. His circulation probably hindered by 60% LOL

  • Dave Pryor
    Dave Pryor23 gün önce

    I have a hard time repeating some of what Larry says back in English let alone another language

  • Dave Pryor
    Dave Pryor23 gün önce

    02:02 lol her sayin "my bad"

  • Юрий Уйманов
    Юрий Уйманов23 gün önce

    Они вообще не сильные. Ну в сравнении с действующими чемпионами. И видно, что бороться не умеют. Просто болтовня

  • Heyder Salimov
    Heyder Salimov23 gün önce

    I remember times when Levan had difficulties winning Gennadi

  • Best Umut
    Best Umut23 gün önce


  • rt u
    rt u24 gün önce

    i know that she is only the interpreter but it looks so weird like she is the 1 giving larry the lessons lol

  • Maximus Desimus
    Maximus Desimus24 gün önce

    It's like Larry is being taught the same thing over and over for months but he has a listening and concentration problem. He needs to focus more on technique just studying listening not wrestling he can't seem to do both at once

  • Swurv
    Swurv24 gün önce

    The girl translating is BEAUTIFUL

  • adi varso
    adi varso24 gün önce

    Genadi looks like he came straight from the old testament...

  • AuldThwaite
    AuldThwaite25 gün önce

    Larry is an idiot, strong guy but he cannot take in information 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pelle Chamliden
    Pelle Chamliden28 gün önce

    Your session with Kvikvinia is really cool! I think you need to watch the video several times Mr Wheels, what will improve your armwrestling from this is watching this and review it as much and as soon as possible to recall what you felt in your arm to improve quickly. The trick is not only techniques , its also about feedback in what you feel in your hand (hand +position control).

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey28 gün önce

    The lady needs her own TRloft channel!

  • Oskar Thompson
    Oskar Thompson29 gün önce

    Cool to see a big company like Volvo sponsoring this! Have allways loved my old swedish bricks😁

  • jake
    jakeAylar önce

    I wonder how levan is going to feel about the title of the video considering the time he spent in Dubai with Larry and now it seems as though Larry is training specifically to beat levanand if he isn't training to beat him then he is exposing the methods by wich someone could fight levan..i understand that levan being the strongest makes him the example but will he see it that way cause in some places loyalty actually means something..

  • OnlyCool
    OnlyCoolAylar önce

    💪🇬🇪 one of the best armwresler in the world respect and good luck

  • Indian Talks
    Indian TalksAylar önce

    Why these two hunk standing aside to this sweet girl.... This video is about the girl na ...

  • Yawning Tears
    Yawning TearsAylar önce

    That’s crazy, I thought Levan was undefeated!

  • C JJ
    C JJAylar önce

    Is this video about translation or arm-wrestling? Yes, she did a great job, but it's about arm-wrestling. Anyway, go and buy UWMC stock.

  • Karan Soam
    Karan SoamAylar önce


  • suncu91
    suncu91Aylar önce

    Jesus, Larry never learns. Every arm wrestler keeps correcting the same mistake Larry makes. doesn't he get bored of people pushing his hand toward him

  • Leftenant Malachi
    Leftenant MalachiAylar önce

    Weird, last time I went to the great state or Georgia nobody spoke like this.... wth????

  • Muhammed Aboobacker
    Muhammed AboobackerAylar önce

    So simple

  • strong guy
    strong guyAylar önce

    ამ არხზე ვინც ქართველები ხართ თქვენ გენეაცვალეთ🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  • Jd murfreesboro
    Jd murfreesboroAylar önce

    Larry’s being taught by the best in the world for a while now An still seems this is his first lesson

  • zhizhi
    zhizhiAylar önce

    იმ გოგოსთან დამაკავშირეთ ინგლისურის მასწავლებლად მინდა 😜😜😜😂😂😂

  • Ted Davis
    Ted DavisAylar önce

    Dave smoked this guy like a blunt.

  • Armwrestling Argentina
    Armwrestling ArgentinaAylar önce

    Alguien que lo traduzca al español

  • Sinking
    SinkingAylar önce

    Genadi and Levan...Such gentle humble giants. A real credit to Georgia, representing their people so well.

  • John Dock
    John DockAylar önce

    გოგონა ძალიან მიეხმარა, მაგრამ ცოტა არეულად თარგმნის გარკვეულ მნიშვნელოვან დეტალებს და ცოტა არ იყოს თავის აზრსაც უმატებს.

  • Mosquito Bowen
    Mosquito BowenAylar önce

    Lets wait for Mosuito Bowen to steal this content for free again and make an analysis video out of it.

  • Rafeeq J
    Rafeeq JAylar önce

    Who's Genadi? Why's Genadi?

  • Joshman Vegasman
    Joshman VegasmanAylar önce

    Please do a video on Nadia !

  • Lincoln Munger
    Lincoln MungerAylar önce

    Someone teach Larry how to speak with a translator... lol

  • Simone Giuliani
    Simone GiulianiAylar önce

    I have somehow the feeling this guy really knows something the others didn't mention. Shame he doesn' speak english. The translator is amazing by the way

  • Demetrius Cooksey
    Demetrius CookseyAylar önce

    Larry is THE renaissance man of strength.

  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong NguyenAylar önce

    To me if I were to learn arm wrestling, I would just do the pushkar bull rush.

  • Wipez
    WipezAylar önce

    Seems she already knew a lot about arm wrestling

  • Elpapi
    ElpapiAylar önce

    Its like the image meme of white and black strong arms shaking hands

  • John Dock

    John Dock

    Aylar önce

    I have not even notice a difference in color until you underlined it.

  • Bill
    BillAylar önce

    Impressive coaching and translating, but damn, look at that beard!

  • Wilemba
    WilembaAylar önce

    I think Genadi can beat him.

  • Claes Mårtensson
    Claes MårtenssonAylar önce

    Awesome Larry! You should let Genadi show you guys MASWRESTLING! He beat Denis at that and hes really good.

  • Andrea Girolami
    Andrea GirolamiAylar önce

    Hello Larry! I was wondering: why not call John Brzenk for a technical counseling? I mean, he is the best, probably he may give you the most useful advices to make the difference in this beautiful sport. Cheers from Italy!!! 😊🇮🇹🍕🍝🪕

  • gertuxxx
    gertuxxxAylar önce

    Looking forward for next video title like THE MAN WHO BEAT LEVAN SABIN BADULESCU :D

  • Dallas Coryell
    Dallas CoryellAylar önce

    22:50 Genadi: Hkmjhhrdddjllmnhuusartcmopiyhbdf Translator: He is saying sometimes your grip good and then sometimes becomes like ten year old boy first learning to tug his babushka.

  • ციფრული ოთახი
    ციფრული ოთახიAylar önce

    Genadi is head coach of Georgian Armwrestling Team so...

  • steffe689
    steffe689Aylar önce

    Larry get John Brzenk over, he might know something about armwrestling and he is an awesome dude.

  • tekepenguin1981
    tekepenguin1981Aylar önce

    The transfer of knowledge, especially via translator, in armwrestling appears to be a real crutch in the sport. Really shines a light on how well guys like Derek Smith and Brian Bowen do it.

  • Baki Kurt
    Baki KurtAylar önce

    i wanna see ermes vsgenadi

  • The Truth
    The TruthAylar önce

    Genadi is a fucking beast.

    VV RAMUAylar önce

    Upload other videos from can't wait

  • Ryan Holliday
    Ryan HollidayAylar önce

    Look at their hands....this is why SO many thought and were confident why MIchael Todd would beat Levon. Kinda how he beat Denis. Michael is in better shape than he was when he pulled Denis too. I’m a huge fan of Devon but that doesn’t mean I don’t have immense respect for MIchael Todd.

  • TheS50b30
    TheS50b30Aylar önce

    I think Levan is untouchable at the moment. There is an awesome vid of these 2 sparring and its pretty obvious. Great people both of you and probably the strongest of the world Congrats!

    CIREKAAylar önce

    Georgia ❤

  • Crit
    CritAylar önce

    Why does genadi feel like hes the devon larrar of Georgia xD

  • pedro pedrao
    pedro pedraoAylar önce

    Pense num arrudeio da porra kk

  • Holiday Production
    Holiday ProductionAylar önce

    Translators for everyone,exept Levan! Georgian giants,respect!

  • graydon Sutherland
    graydon SutherlandAylar önce

    everyone telling larry how they armwrestle, but larry needs to learn whats best for him and his strengths

  • Eric Singley
    Eric SingleyAylar önce

    This dude has Dwarven strength. His power comes from his beard.

  • Flex Coleman
    Flex ColemanAylar önce

    0:21 this song name?

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel DiazAylar önce

    she looks so small haha anyways she did a fantastic job translating

  • #Dark #
    #Dark #Aylar önce

    bayrak asanlar gelmemiş daha

  • Marius Jacobsen
    Marius JacobsenAylar önce

    its good that people learn from this episodes, but for us who can, it starting to get really boring

  • Yves Laurent
    Yves LaurentAylar önce

    Larry is supposed to know pretty well basic arm wrestling techniques. I don't understand why he has difficulties to master the most basic move in armwrestling.

  • Nigel Bews
    Nigel BewsAylar önce

    Your bicebs are huge Larry 👍

  • Julian
    JulianAylar önce

    That is some flawless translation right there.

  • Murat Cavaklı
    Murat CavaklıAylar önce

    6.00 dan sonra arkaya bakın Türk bayrağı ve 10. Dk da arkada konuşanlar türk

  • richardmg9
    richardmg9Aylar önce

    I think Genadi is just trying to steer Larry away from kings move. West vs east trying to control what style style Larry uses.

  • Rodrigo Andre Espinoza Ponce
    Rodrigo Andre Espinoza PonceAylar önce

    No men!!! David Chafee is the best !!!

  • Werner Bro
    Werner BroAylar önce

    You need to get andrey smaev. Hes got insane absolute and relative strengths. Reps out pull ups with mlfe than 150kg added, and he weighs 115-120kg. A poor guy living in russia, he said all he could afford is d-bol snd cottage cheese for protein. Theres a interview on youtube.

  • Werner Bro
    Werner BroAylar önce

    You need to get andrey smaev. Hes got insane absolute and relative strengths. Reps out pull ups with mlfe than 150kg added, and he weighs 115-120kg. A poor guy living in russia, he said all he could afford is d-bol snd cottage cheese for protein. Theres a interview on youtube.

  • Martin Pettersson
    Martin PetterssonAylar önce

    Damn larry your arms is bad ass huge😎😎

  • Levan Kaulashvili
    Levan KaulashviliAylar önce

    want more videos with genadi ;)

  • Iri Ghibradze
    Iri GhibradzeAylar önce

    სიამაყით ავივსეთქო რომ ვთქვა, გადაზედმეტებულად ნათქვამი არ გეგონოთ! ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  • VRJ
    VRJAylar önce

    Don't "bend the knee" Larry!

  • Дядя Вася
    Дядя ВасяAylar önce

    ничего не понял, но лайк автоматом

  • Garbage production
    Garbage productionAylar önce

    Take a steroid injection every time larry looks at the cameraman

  • Tunahan öztürk
    Tunahan öztürkAylar önce

    Türkiye ❤

  • muhamad muhaimin
    muhamad muhaiminAylar önce

    Devon larrat need to do a match with this beast

  • Red Back
    Red BackAylar önce

    @Larry Wheels we need denis cyplinkov and Oleg zokh we have to support zokh to be stronger again ... please larry ... like guys so larry can see this

  • Hammad Majid
    Hammad MajidAylar önce


  • Michael Todd from the future
    Michael Todd from the futureAylar önce

    This is Michael Todd from the year 2051 sending a message through time travel, the King's move is still going strong!

  • leezo212
    leezo212Aylar önce

    Arm wrestling getting more and more popular thanks to numerous people especially Larry 💪